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no drawing skills whatsoever, what should I do to reach this level

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read sticky
go to beg

start drawing
you need to draw for at least 500-1000 hours to get to intermediate skill level

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since you're such a dumb fuck you're only option to reach that skill level is to go back to sleep

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Draw and study drawing for 5-10 years. If you are more talented it could take you less time, if you don't have a lot of it, then it could take you longer.
Good luck.

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>500-1000 to get intermediate
its a bit more optimistic, int is 200-300 hours. the equivalent of spending an hour every other day on art for a year or 3 years attending an art class regularly

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>he says with posting her work

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first thing is to familiarize yourself with the correct terminology, that's a painting not a drawing

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I guess it depends on what your idea of int is

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no, you're nowhere near /int/ with those numbers

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nah mate, not gonna cut it with just 1 hours

I think in 3 years if you're a highschooler with a lot of free time painting a lot

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Art is a holistic skill that’s comprised of smaller skills like measuring, values, and understanding of form
All you gotta do is break everything down into smaller and smaller chunks while taking notes on your observations and having proper study habits. Each skill will take a minimum of 20 hours to acquire(not master) and from there when you acquire a new skill apply it to a piece that will implement all the skills you’ll want to acquire depending on your goals in art. If you’re starting at zero and you don’t know anything, and then you learn about value, try to draw a whole ass person even if you don’t know anything else but value. It’ll suck but trust me it’ll help you apply those individual skills to the gestalt of a figure and make unconscious intuitive connections for later

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>hat should I do to reach this level
have you tried drawing?

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on /ic/ int often seems to be entry-level pro, like you could work at a studio as a junior artist or something. 10x your numbers.

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>you need to draw for at least 500-1000 hours
You know what I would love?
For my drawing software to log how many times I'm drawing.
Is that so hard to implement?
Not just with the software open, but exclusively when the pencil is drawing, just record that.
men, I would even take being able to connect my photoshop to steam just for a rough estimate, even if counts just the software open

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paint over a 3d model/reference. it prob take a week or two to learn. try ctrl paint or some free digital sludge pipeline course.

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If your fr.. Do figure drawing and learn to oil paint, learn composition. Also learn some basic color theory. Once you've become alright at all of those start planning out ideas for paintings, draw them out, then transfer them to canvas and paint them. good luck.

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I do this manually using the toggl plugin

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that’s like 2 weeks to a month
even the 1000 guy is way off base