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first attempt at solely painting. i made a crappy sketch, used it as a sort of "outline" for the painting and added lighting and shading as i went along.
i want the final product to look better, so i feel like it's very much incomplete, but i have no clue how to "proceed".
that's where anons who wanna help come in, how do i proceed and improve this specific painting? any tips on general painting?
i want to be able to do stuff like (see next post)

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i know the tools used are different, i know the skill here is better, but i want to learn to get to this general level aesthetically.

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I think you could benefit from learning about values. A "value" is how dark or light a color is. Values are a relatively easy thing to research and grasp, so I suggest starting with that. Good luck!

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why tf did someone who is not me bump this?

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all i gather from values videos i see on the internet is that it's a complicated way of saying "learn shading and lighting".
basically, ass in more shades and tints of similar hue to her face to better show where the light comes from.
if that's not right, explain it, because youtubers seem to just want to show off that they understand value by showing their art with no actual proper explanation.

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I am not the best at explaining things, but I will try.
Basically, an image should ideally have diverse enough color values that it is readable and looks good/interesting even when on zero saturation. The viewer will not see your drawing in zero saturation obviously, but it is a good way of checking the values without being distracted by the colors.

The Chucky image you posted has pretty good values. Even in black and white, his face stands out against the darkness and the knife pops against the black rectangle. Also, look at the brighter stripes on his shirt. There was no need to make them brighter than the rest, but making some of the stripes lighter added a bit of visual interest. The blood also stands out more against the hands, since it is darker. It would still be readable if it had the same value, since it is red, but it would look a bit less interesting.

In the image you posted, the brows have a similar value to half of the hair, which has a similar value to the hat. In the original doll picture, the hat and hair also blend together into one value, but the difference is, that in that image, both the hair and hat are hidden in the same shadow. In your drawing, it is not dark enough to achieve that "hidden in the shadows" effect, so the values are just too similar for no reason.

I am not an expert at painting, but I would suggest adding in that dark shadow on the hat and hair, darkening the darker part of her hair in general and making the inside of her mouth a darker value than her lips.

I hope this makes sense. I think you will get some understanding just by converting your drawings to black and white, changing the values to be more diverse, and then seeing what looks better to you.

If anyone here can explain this better, please do. I admit, this is a bit harder to convey than I thought

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Here is a quick edit to demonstrate what I am talking about

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so what i gathered is that i basically need to aim for more realistic lighting/shading mainly through diversifying the colors used. this will help make things like the hair and the hat stand out and be separate from one another and be interpreted as such more easily by the viewer (better readability). enhancing the readability helps direct the viewer's eye to keypoints in the picture. and add to the interpretation of depth and overall lighting/shading of the picture.

am i right about all that?

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Yeah, that is basically it. It is all about readability + illusion of depth + interest.

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ok then, i think i got it. the issue is just learning it in action. i'm used to changing saturation a lot and value a little when choosing shading and lighting, but mainly stick to the same color.

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The /beg/ leading the /beg/.

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Hey Anon, I did a super quick paintover

I think the biggest things you should work on are:

- As other users said, the values, do some still lifes on some dramatically lit objects. Also, white backgrounds do not help painting a lot, it's better to have some kind of midtone or dark color as the base (this will help "ground" you to a midtone.

- Your colors should look like they "live in the same world" (more technically, like they are surfaces illuminated by the same color light). Warm lighting is most common for drawing people since it's the most flattering on all skin tones. The way you do this is by mixing in some light, low saturation orange with all your colors. Making things look good under super neutral white light is difficult and colored light emulates a lot of natural conditions (even sunlight, since it tends to look warm despite being white)

- Use color theory a lot, and never just use white or black when shading, remember to hue shift and to adjust the saturation respectively, hue shifting and decreasing saturation as you go darker will emulate physical paint

- And of course, keep working, do a ton of painting studies from observation and keep painting the things you like! You'll find your way around your materials quickly enough.

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Ah there's the designated crab reply

I was wondering why this thread was filled with so many nice anons

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thanks. saving this stuff in notes. i'll try to apply it later

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you need to learn to draw first