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What do you think about AI improving old, unappealing art?

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First pic drawfag wanted to show loneliness in 40s american life, the composition helps a lot, second pic is souless "animu pretty colors" bullshit

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unbelievably shit bait

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At first I thought this person was a textbook example of AI idiots but he's just a troll

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>instead of the time of day and mood I wanted, it's a completely different one, then it went ahead and moved the people without my intention
>it also completely changed the perspective and composition. it's much better though, trust me bro I'm an artist at a professional level

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first, the image is supposed to be lonely and set nigh time, yes this also means it wouls be less detailed and easier to draw but that was not the point it wasn't Norman Rockwell, it was supposed to be like those "liminal" pics of today.

Second, AI art is made at MINUSCULE small Instagram-like resolutions, or else you get a bunch of nonsense blotches everywhere, it sucks at upscaling, I can´t believe we have machines that somehow are capable of symbol drawing, something completely abstract yet we don't have any decent upscalers yet.

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I really couldn't have said it any better myself. The person performing these "improvements" completely missed the point of the painting, I would go as far as to suggest they are behaving in a willful and deceptively ignorant way. It seems blatant that they are making statements they know are completely wrong, and making posts that are intentionally inflammatory to bait engagement.

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>he just threw the fishing rod right into the water
>Anons still taking the bait

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Fuck this fucking technology. I can't stop jerking off to this shit. I fucking hate stable diffusion. You know what I would do to cultivate subservience and strip expression away from a population? I would probably do something hilariously dystopian like automating the production of art. I hope Faust is burning in hell.

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Or they just didn't get it. Maybe they're autistic and they don't understand that paintings can convey a message or emotion; they might just think it's all pretty pictures.

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lets just stop replying to this garbage b8

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>I can't stop jerking off to this shit.
you should genuinely just kill yourself if you find anything about that image appealing.

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He's a troll, but the train of thought he presents is a pretty accurate distillation

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delete the thread now OP

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Hyper overrendered bs is ugly as shit. Soulful paintery brush strokes with intent will always matter.

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Why even do this? just get a rise out of people? but why? do you find it fun or amusing?

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>What do you think about AI improving old, unappealing art?
What else do you expect other than massive seethe about AI? Of course the second one is better.

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I know the guy is trolling but damn, it's working. It's really working.

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reminder that AIgolems actually believe this shit

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You people actually notice all these shit-threads in the pas few days since tripfag were collectively shat on, right?
What a spiteful little faggot. He's so lucky mods don't give two fucks about this board.
AI is still shit, you mongoloid inbred

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I don't care anymore, AI is able to steal and output far better furry porn drawings than autists so it's over for art as far as I am concerned

fuck pretentious faggy paintings my phone has a camera
>woah this painting show le deep sense of dread and loneliness in modern society so deep
a bunch of circlejerking over the most generic shit you can think of, the unabomber manifesto counts more than that piece of shit painting

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there's nothing more faggy on this site than the occasional schizos who start rambling about noticing posting patterns of whatever

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You don't have to oust yourself like that

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>He thinks AI is going to fuck over modern-artfags

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getting 20k followers doing poor tranime imitations on X doesn't mean you made it

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thank you for confirming like a good little attention whore.

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you should be embarrassed enough after posting a troll this enormously shit to never touch a keyboard again. it's genuinely beyond pathetic

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couldn't even keep consistant to the theme, can't even prompt right

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you're genuinely sad.
and a genuine shizo

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The suicide is always a viable option for you. Never forget that

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are you sure you should be telling me that?
do i look like a retarded AI doomer?

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You will never be human, trannie.

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you will live in despair trying to attention whore on X with amateurish scribbles of generic subject matters if not straight up tranime fotm trend hopping in a world where all the engagement is taken by generative models, but hey maybe someone will buy your flower painting at the flea market

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Modern "art" theorists already believe you don't even need to draw (or have any actual technical skill) to make art just making other people do it for you is enough. Hell you can even outright plagiarize from "low-brow" artists and it becomes "high-art" . They are way ahead of us.

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But anon when will 2pac, and gangsta rap be considered "high art" then

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Not a doomer, but you do seem like you have some disorders, man. I wouldn't call you an outright schizo but you reek of social issues.

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>I wouldn't call you an outright schizo
I would

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>AI was just one big op by bigart™ to make the majority of people consider shit like piss christ and "le banana on wall" as real art because everything else can be done by AI

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Yet another imbecile who doesn't even know what modern art is.

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i'm fine with who i am and where i am.
it's you people who have resorted more and more to attacking my person lately.
and you believe the dumb shit you say too. that one particularly mentally ill shizo believes that i'm responsible for all the AI posting on the board and have a discord behind me too.
lol. but that doesn't really have anything to do with me. it's merely your own shizo delusions.

all i'm seeing is that i'm starting to live more and more in your heads, rent free.

i asked this before and i'll say it again: when artist slowly start accepting AI more and more, will you blame me? or was i just saying the obvious all along?

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>pay attention to meeeeeeee

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holy shit the spergout you need help lmao

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>behaving in a willful and deceptively ignorant way.

no anon, people really are that stupid. Remember those reading comprehension classes from elementary? Most people couldn't pass them today. Its a brainteaser for them to figure out something is automatic in you.

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>that one particularly mentally ill shizo believes that i'm responsible for all the AI posting on the board and have a discord behind me too.
No homonigger, you just been making shallow spam threads out of spite for past four days.
ai is still shit, you're still a faggotattentionwhore

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the funniest part? he thinks it's one person. he's the Skinner meme incarnate

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Even AI shits on this take.

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I know what it is, I should have said Contemporary art but I was too lazy to do so since the terms are used so interchangably and the original comment uses "modern" too.

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what the fuck

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I like the bitch talking through the glass. Fucking women

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you are genuinely sad.

that's literally what you people are doing lmao. you assume i make these threads and i am the same sort of mentally ill, dishonest sperg as you people.

the funny thing is i don't think it's one person, even if i suspect it, precisely because i'm not a low IQ retard who runs off with their assumptions and delusions. like you tards.

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>mentally ill, dishonest sperg

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Honestly if you don't know the history or story behind a painting, and you claim to improve it just because you think the visuals are boring pls kys. Nothing is fundamentally wrong with Hoppers work, the person who thought they made it better is fucking retarded.

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accuse your enemy if what you are guilty of. thing is his no u came after, part of the victim narrative, you know?

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You're the sad one. You're in every thread constantly shilling AI on a board that really does not care for it in a pathetic attempt to try to change peoples opinions on it to better suit yourself which you've admitted to multiple times. And yes you're shilling otherwise you wouldn't be posting an AI related image or clip with every post. It's pathetic and you're just exposing yourself as mentally ill for keeping it for as long as you have. You got unequivocally told to fuck off last thread yet you're still at it like the sperg you are.

1000 Masterworks is a pretty good show for learning about such things.

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i am posting them because i know they will change perceptions. many people don't even know that AI can do stuff like this. most people don't even fucking know AI is a lot more than just text-to-image generation. just like a lot of the other misconceptions people have about AI, like thinking that it steals images, or that it is an image collage tool.

and what do you think you're accomplishing by calling me a shill? by telling me to go away? the fact that this is all you people have left to say now is already telling.

you should probably take a good look inside youself and ask what exactly your issue with me is.
if you genuinely are stupid enough to think it's because "i'm a shill", then further ask yourself what that even means in the first place.
because here's a secret: i am not in fact making these threads. these videos aren't made by me either.

how long can you pretend it's all me? how long until you realize that it's AI that is here to stay, not me?
> You're in every thread constantly shilling AI on a board that really does not care for it

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Imagine being this much up in own ass

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>"it's not all me"
doesn't need to, looking up the tripcode is enough

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>can't see the issue is him being an annoying spamming fag

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>Le realism is le good.

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lol how fucking soulless and generic

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lol "making art is now dead" because ai can generate realistic looking furryshit
no offense but literally kys then

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>i know they will change perceptions
actual personality disorder, christ. no wonder you chose a mongolian basket weaving forum and use trips.
>i am not in fact making these threads. these videos aren't made by me either.
who are you quoting. you are indeed in every thread getting assblasted every time someone mentions it in a light that triggers you to the point where you get an actually disturbing need to interject with your autistic wisdom about what it akchsually is, does and how it's the future every time when that was not even the point. Imagine missing the memo this bad.

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The digital succubus is real.

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notice how such a thread dies when there isn't a nigger to bump it

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