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>Have display tablet, phone, tablet, and 2 monitors
>the same picture looks different on every one of them

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>I don't understand something as extremely basic as color calibration
frogposters genuinely deserve execution.

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Reminder that no matter how perfectly you calibrate all of your monitors, your entire audience will see your drawing's colors differently no matter what.
Be it someone who fucked around with their color settings or someone viewing it from a $50 chinese smartphone with a blue-light-filter turned all the way up and a color space that doesn't even come close to your top-notch monitor, it will always look different. You better cope now and stop giving a shit about this entire topic.

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color calibration is basically only useful if you're going to convert your digital media to physical prints of some kind.

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>spend 36 hour calibrating all devices
>audience uses an 19$ philips and a Motorola Moto E

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I wouldn't worry about it if you calibrated your stuff using regular tools (you don't need a 200 dollar spyder) . Half the people using computers and phones nowadays have some sort of filter cranked to 11 for their eye health or their gamma is fucked so they can rip Escape From Tarkov 6 hours a night. If it looks right to you it probably is.