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I want to do a comic but I'm not good enough yet, so in the meantime what are some profitable fetishes coom that I can practice on and get paid? The thing I'm worried about is spending energy on a non profitable coom topic and also I am worried about violating obscenity laws. Like if I draw big sweaty booties farting isn't that gonna be considered obscene and I get into legal troubles? Anyways I've thought of sexy wrestling, farting, but not much else. What are some ideas?

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You won’t make money drawing coom lmao

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you wont make the comic or the coom

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You won't get better at drawing comics if you don't draw comics, anon

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So no ideas huh?
For what? I said I'm not good enough hence the thread.
I've thought about that but I'm concerned that I'll use up all my good ideas on practice comics. Thoughts?

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>For what? I said I'm not good enough hence the thread.
People need to understand how good you are to give a advice.

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what comic is this?

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>I've thought about that but I'm concerned that I'll use up all my good ideas on practice comics.

what the fuck, you mean you don't want to spend time being shit at drawing because you being shit at drawing might use up your current ideas?


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>I'll use up all my good ideas on practice comics. Thoughts?
1) Your ideas are likely not as good as you think they are
2) You will likely gain a lot more ideas as you start actually creating and not just daydreaming about it
3) You learn a lot about visual storytelling along the way and can always go back and revisit and refine old ideas

Don't get me wrong, you can definitely hone your art skills without working on comics, but comics are so much more than just the art. And even the artistic aspect of comics may differ from what you'd draw for coom. Becoming a great pin-up artist doesn't make you a good storyteller and you will struggle with simple things such as panel composition and drawing backgrounds. So if anything you'd do a lot better practicing illustrations, but even then you're missing out on writing, paneling, typography, etc

If you want to draw comics, draw comics. And start with one-shots. If you can't tell a story in 6, 12, 24 pages you won't be able to keep up with a long running comic. So start with small projects, get better at drawing comics and maybe even build the foundation for an audience. If your comic is genuinely good people will read it even if the art isn't your strong point.

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Pic rel 26 mins
This is good advice, I'll think about it some. In your opinion is it better to start with some throwaway ideas or just start working in the worlds I already would eventually like to do?
Your phrasing is diarrhea but yeah I'd like my real ideas to be more polished so I've put them off.
No, I've only made a couple comments over the past several weeks, probably 3, complaining about how vague the obscenity laws are.

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It's fine

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>comics are so much more than just the art
You can make comics even if your art is absolute dog shit so don't waste your time with other types of art if your goal is to make comics.
>wanna make coom for $
Then make coom comics, they can be extremely lucrative and if you don't believe then just check it out nsfw comics on patreon, there's people there making 6 figures from nsfw webcomics.

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>I'll use up all my good ideas on practice comics.
You don't have any good ideas yet. You might think you do, but you just haven't realized why those ideas are no good yet. Like he said, you won't get better at drawing comics if you don't draw comics.
And if comics are your ultimate goal, you are better off making them even if it's unprofitable. Otherwise you'll wind up in a situation where you made coom pinups your income and have no energy left to make comics, and that "meantime" will become "forever". If you must, then make coom comics. The point is to practice comics however you can, because you won't ever make comics otherwise. Many, many people have tried to follow the path you're thinking of, and basically none of them actually follow through on the comic part.
Comics might seem like the same thing as drawing pinups and illustrations, but in practice it's a whole different beast and it's not uncommon to learn this the hard way.
t. pro comic author

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Yeah, it makes sense what you and the other guy are saying. Thanks for the comments.

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That is a great point, and yeah, I could see how that'll be an issue now that you point it out.

Sounds good

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>You don't have any good ideas yet. You might think you do, but you just haven't realized why those ideas are no good yet.
As far as this point, yeah I'll probably just work on getting those ideas out of my system now then.

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Not true. If he can write good characters and story

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gabe thread

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>In your opinion is it better to start with some throwaway ideas or just start working in the worlds I already would eventually like to do?
Draw stuff you want to draw, write stuff about worlds and characters you find interesting. Just keep it managable and do some one-shots, it literally doesn't matter where you set them as long as you are invested and motivated to finish them. Sometimes I wonder why you guys overcomplicate art that much.

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Art matters as much in a storytelling medium such as a comic or manga as much as it does in coom, which is barely. Some of the most popular anime are adapted from manga that look like absolute dogshit.

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You can never be safe from obscenity laws since there isn't a strict definition of obscenity and it's decided at the court level

In theory everything is legal but if a court deems your work obscene then that's it however it's very rare for this type of stuff to go to court, you'd need to be a mediatic case

That's also why articles like to throw around the "X might be in violation of obscenity laws" since literally anything could be in violation of obscenity laws of a us court decides it

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lmao what is this swiper no swiping?
I might be newfag for asking this but who tf is gabe?

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That is kind of how it has been looking. It's deliberate imo. Just frustrated because when I was a young lad I thought we can just draw anything but learning about these laws over the past several has been messing with my ability to create stuff freely.

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There has been a big case of a guy that drew like stylized comics that were meant to be super edgy and offensive and got to jail a few years back

The US has garbage laws and we all gotta deal with it, other countries have it worse, a few have it better

I'd say draw what you want, obscenity laws are pretty much never applied and your stuff sounds safe

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He won’t.

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You're not going to make money with art. Comics are the best way because you have your creativity to sell. You have all of the established Twitters with established reputation to compete with. And those people pay a group of 5 other artists to spit out a new drawing every day.

Get a job doing something else. Practice and work on getting better for your comic during your time you're not working. Practice drawing your characters, landscapes, backgrounds, and study these art books for professionals. When you are comfortable with your art skills, set up a subscribe star account, webcomic website, or Kindle book with the first one free, or whatever way by then in your life is the most popular and lucrative way people read comics.


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make comics with random ideas and not your main idea. You'll practice persistence and hard work, because you'll quickly realize just how hard it is to make comics purely going off how many lines you need to actually produce. Even if the art is shit, it will still take a long time, so practice your workflow and consistency by drawing shitty comics. Even if you were godlike at drawing, you still have to learn how to stay motivated and work when unmotivated.

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Thanks for the perspective.
This is good advice. I had forgotten about subscribestar.
This is also good advice.

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Not positive, but the art looks like uchiyama aki's, and the runes say "aki". Early 80s loli artist who sometimes drew cool stuff when he wasn't obsessing about diapers and other weird shit.

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I am sorry but.... this will not make you money at coom art
Making money at it requires at least high beg and you are low beg and mid beg on your best day

Do a side job and practice art for 2 hours a day in your downtime (not actual downtime because you obviously rather would be doing other shit than practicing for 2 hours but otherwise I swear to god with no time investment you are ngmi since art is hard as fuck)

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I will never be good enough to draw my Yuri robot girl post apocalyptic rom com