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some people will disagree with watching videos while drawing, but if youre someone who does watch stuff while you illustrate, what do you watch?

I'm looking for something that doesn't bore me or excessively ask for my attention

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>watching anything
mutually exclusive activities. you are either drawing or watching something.

i recc audiobooks or radio. that doesnt distract your visual attention so you can actually draw.

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I have tried listening to various things while drawing so I could save time. First it was audiobooks. Then when I couldn't focus I turned to something simpler like podcasts. Then video game streams. Then music. I finally realized that the dude from that animator book was right and if you want to take art seriously, and really improve, then 100% of your brainpower should be dedicated towards your current task and you should listen to nothing at all.

Maybe it's different for other people or if you're a pro drawing something routine you've drawn thousands of times before.

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>Maybe it's different for other people
The only time audio distracts me, is when I'm thinking in words. I don't think in words while drawing so there's no interference. If I'm writing something or lying in bed verbally reflecting on a day's work, that's when audio becomes distracting.

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I usually watch a series or something when I'm doing lineart so I don't feel like dying while doing it.

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I don't think I have the same ability you do. If I'm doing mindless rendering or copying/studying then I can allocate one part of my brain to listening to text and the other part to drawing and be fine. But if I'm composing or doing one of the many micro-self evaluations and corrections that I do when putting a piece together and drawing it then by the time I am done I find I have completely missed out on listening to a large chunk of the audio I was trying to listen to. And on the flip side if I come along an interesting part in the audio my hand stops moving and I stop drawing and then I find it difficult to regain drawing focus.

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Well I won't say that I retain all of the audio content, just that it doesn't interfere with the drawing. I put on The Great Gatsby recently just to fill the air while sketching (observation/imagination). It wasn't important that I catch every word, and I'd also already read it over a decade ago. Usually I just listen to music though, don't need to retain that.

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I heard an interesting perspective on listening to music while drawing once. The idea was that drawing alone is tiresome, one could do it for a few hours at a time, but if you add music, one could draw for much longer

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Streams. Background noise. I have asmon in the background all the time

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I do pause when I'm doing something that's more intensive. I was someone that used to need complete silence when studying or drawing. But now I've found that certain things allow me to get into a flow state better. Having background noise from a long stream that I don't care necessarily about missing out on particular parts of is one. Another is a curated music playlist, all non-lyrical.