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artists, do you care about views? do they motivate you to draw? or is it something else?

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the third planet is sure that they’re being watched
by an eye in the sky that can’t be stopped
when you get to the promised land
you’re gonna shake that eye’s hand

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A percentage of views can be converted to sales. Follow the money.

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I've been working to change my mindset concerning why I draw and what I intend to do with it. I have found that drawing and hoping to connect with people that way does not provide the proper fuel to keep drawing. Art is not just the work that goes in to it, it is communication, and some people just won't connect with what you have to say, or what your believe in, or what you like.
In order to keep drawing without praise or social acknowledgement as a motivator, I had to consider what drawing is and what I could use it for personally, even considering that I merely enjoy the act of dragging a pencil on paper. It is in this place where I feel I will find the right fuel to keep me going and refining my craft, a desire to see what I can do with this skill without it being tied to the whims of popularity.

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Views are like caffeine. They motivate then you crash when your post falls out of the algorithm and the dopamine drip stops. Gotta be self aware of this and focus on your own goals. Simple as.

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I've been drawing way more since I've stopped sharing stuff so idk anymore

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That is a good analogy.
Also social media will only validate a very narrow spectrum of easy-to-consume images. If you only chase that it will distort your art and dilute your long term goals.

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symbol drawing is painful

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I did, until someone here said something along the lines of "try to remember a popular social media artist from 3-5 years ago, can you remember any? Are they still relevant to you?" and I realized that I completely blanked on any and all popular social media artists of the past due to how little I truly cared about those works, even if they were visually appealing and had high view counts for the time. Just empty calories for the eyes really.

It's a pretty standard statement to think about now in retrospect but it was pretty impactful to me then; now I don't really care about views anymore. I just wanna make what I wanna make and I'm good with that.

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I want to tell stories, and someday I hope to hear from someone who had enjoyed mine when I had a webcomic for over 10 years. I think through their creation wisdim can be stumbled upon.