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What's the best social media platform for posting purely nsfw art? Twitter shadowbanned the shit out of me and I'm looking for alternatives.

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lol get fucked loser

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There is nowhere. The future is corporate and corporate does not like nudity let alone sex.

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>hello yes I'm a pornographer
>which public square can I set up my kiosk?
All coomers should be segregated into an internet red light district. No exceptions.

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He's asking for where that red light district is

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He won't go there anyway because then he can't post his coom to the public

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Is there a reason why we don't have a "pornhub" for nsfw artists yet? I feel like there's a million bucks just waiting around for someone to claim it after 30 minutes in dreamweaver. The demand is clearly there, just have to create the supply.

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>Twitter shadowbanned
literally not real, people just dont like your work. when you make good work, people want it on their followers' feed so their repost it and it circulates like that naturally.

as for appearing in RANDOM feeds, yeah you are retarded. do you think twitter not showing your disgusting porn to kids is a shadow ban? jesus

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the shadowban he preferred to is simply a way of Twitter to mark you as a sensitive account (new account got it some how) all porn accounts got marked as it
there is a bit of limitation but not really that much

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Because pornhub's owner is a literal rabbi with friends at mastercard and visa's management offices who help him sabotage independent porn ventures.

Business don't hate porn, they hate people who they don't control being able to produce and sell porn on their own.

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A non retard answer would be a place you're probably already familiar with, PIXIV.

Yes you have to conform to japanese censorship laws but that's literally the one downside. You're unlikely to be banned for anything other then that rule. And even then, they give you multiple warnings first. This is assuming you're not one of those hyper realistic AI/3D pedos.

Depending on what kind of nsfw artist you are. Your options vary for other sites. I'm sure you've seen people suggest mastodon instances and they're a good place to post uncensored stuff if you decide to use pixiv. I'm not too learned on others because there's few places left. Damn near non existent if you draw more extreme shit.

The golden age of pre 2011 is long gone. And it turns out not every website was/is profitable. So the rush to corpo shit up for AD bucks is strong right now and as a porn artist you aren't welcome there lol. Yes shadow banning is a thing on Twitter and I've experienced it and talked to others who've also had it for a bit. Despite that porn artist can still make a living and even thrive. It's just harder.

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Pixiv fan box? There's a bunch of artists who have a fan box or patreon and no social media so you can't even see whats in there

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These people have a pre established fanbase somewhere. This is literally hard mode

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I can give you an invite link to bluesky but you'll have to give me a blowjob first.

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Because it's scary and difficult in this society, credit card companies will literally slit your throat if you make a porn site. If a new porn friendly site comes out it'll be like with OnlyFans that originally wasn't meant as a porn site (and still doesn't refer to itself as one) but the porn came in so swift and en masse that it is now too late to change.

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Hentai Foundry is what you loosers are searching for, no need to thank me, newfags.

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same as recommending newgrounds or other niche sites, not enough people visit them, it's incredibly difficult to build a following there, there's a reason why peopl still use twitter.

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Red light districts are public spaces, anon. And he's still essentially just asking for directions to them.

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Doesn't hentai foundry have some dumb ass screening process and limitations on what you can make? Fuck that noise, shit recommendation anon.

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What exactly do you people even want?
You don't want twitter, which allows you to post anything and get attention based on people liking your work. You don't want HF, which has a screening proccess to keep begtards out. Do you just want some site where you can post garbage substandard art, have millions of people see it and throw money at you? What the fuck is this thread even. If your work is good and appeals to a fanbase or whatever you will INEVITABLY blow up.

I'm fucking kekking at how you care so much about building a following, yet not enough to actually produce quality work for said following.

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Remember, anon. Coom is low effort and ez gains. The screen will fliter the vast majority of coom artist. If art station had something like that, it would be more manageable, since the average sfw artist are more skilled

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I'm not the anons whining about Twitter. I'm the guy who suggested pixiv.

And I agree with this post. I just came to shit on hentai foundry. Maybe it's because I got hard filtered in my beg years.

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Hentai foundry.

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Reddit is the only good option you mentioned and maybe rule34

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Set up your own website, profit from ad networks

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minimal exposure gains, almost no one look that site compared with any social media.If i had to recommend any website/platform that would be one of the last, is like i dont know, suggest discord where the interaction of people searching for drawings is minimal.

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this board is becoming shittier and shittier by the day, I'd prefer if it was less active but with relevant posts than whatever this is.

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This board is shit because we are telling to get good instead of bitching about some social media algorithm? Lmao

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Yeah, PIXIV is good and doesn't rely as much on new content to drive all of your growth as Twitter, where if you don't get a rush of engagement in the first couple hours the post is effectively DOA. Pixiv submissions on the other hand can be slow burns, where it takes it a while to get bookmarks/likes, but then after a few days will start to jump up, because while of course it still has an algorithm for displaying your art in peoples' suggestions, it being a gallery site with tags means that your art will stay alive for a while after the initial post as people browse for specific things.

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I like to post my drawings on my mom's fridge.

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>this board is shit because they wont affirm my victim complex and agree with my schizo conspriacy theories about why my art is actually being repressed by elon musk

This is retarded. I've had posts get zero attention until one retweet makes them blow up. You people are seething at algorithm boogeymen instead of examining your own work and why people don't like it.

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At the moment I'm using Pixiv and Mastodon as my main art posting sites (I also use Newgrounds and Bluesky... Which you currently need invite codes for)

You won't have as big of a reach with these sites, but I think it's still possible to build yourself decent followings in these places. Personally I like these sites more than Twitter (except for Bluesky, still way too new for me to judge it)

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Anon is right, I got fined for showering naked like a slut

Only suggestion is to start your own website like it's the early 2000's

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Literally rule34

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No, I was agreeing with you and complaining about how most of the threads in this board are useless and not relevant, like this one.