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We bringin' this bitch bad for good.

Previous thread: >>6584442

What is /ALT/?
If you're looking for a place to post your cartooning then you've found the right general. This is /ic/s 1st and only merged hub where both Eastern and Western stylization can coexist peacefully, hence the double title.
>Rules & Guidelines
(1) Any form of cartooning is welcome; so submit and receive feedback from others. (2) Please resize your images before posting. (3) Share your knowledge and (4) Remember to not be afraid of asking for critique. Most importantly, keep discussion at a civil level
>I came for anime. Why does the image OP say cartoons general?
To distinguish from the anime study thread (janitor supported). Please post your studies there and personal work goes here.
>Community Resources
>Tag the OP if you want a resource included here.

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Finally an actually good general

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just realised i made a mistake in the OP.
i meant "We bringin' this bitch BACK for good.". off to a great start.

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no, you had it right the first time

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Hell yeah, my favorite thread in the whole /ic/ before /cfsg/ was a thing!

Here's to a successful revival.

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It died because you fags all ignored eachother instead of engaging with the posters in the general. Splitting the handful of users from /draw/ is dumb.

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very cute, anon!

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I liked her old version more, the poofy swirls just worked better as a bob, the long ponytail just makes it look awkward.

Maybe if you made it poofy the whole way down it'd feel more natural.

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>It died because you fags all ignored eachother instead of engaging with the posters in the general.
I do remember that from the older threads, not just from me, but from other posters as well, people just dumped art and very few replies happened. We're a few for a start, so I guess we could make the most of engagement instead of leaving posters without feedback. At least Im going to do my part.
Appreciated, dear anon.
Aw shit, I should've clarified, this is not a redesign, the right character isnt even mine. That was a styling study I made based on that character I found (and instantly fell in love with). I thought that was clear, my bad.
BP is still BP, so dont worry about it (unless you somehow mean her old design, but she hasnt had a ponytail since two redesigns ago).

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my bad, thought you were redrawing her to the right, that explains a lot.
Well I like yours more then.

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>It died because you fags all ignored eachother instead of engaging with the posters in the general
I honestly believed that was normal practice in threads like this. Even in critique focused threads some Anons are lucky to get a one word response. Some level of silence seems to be something artists should expect, though they're rarely told to expect it.

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painting i did

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This. It's probably gonna die again.

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Don't you realize this thread is totally useless now? Old /alt/ was filled with mostly anime style and some furry crap and now both of those things have they own generals.

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>Well I like yours more then.
Funny, cause I see more charm on the one of the right, personally. Maybe Im just biased since Im so used to my own blondie, it happens.
This is very cute, I love how the colors contrast and the styling is sweet, it kind of reminds me of some old elementary school books for some reason.
I understand you guys have little to no faith on reviving this general, but dont you think it would be more ideal to contribute to the thread rather than just complaining or calling it a lost cause?
Also /fag/ and /asg/ existed while /alt/ and /salt/ also did and /alt/ did have a healthy amount of styling, not just anime or furry, idk where you're getting that from.

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>be me
>give up making new /alt/ threads after years of resuscitating them back from the dead
>decide to let /alt/ fade into the ether and our memories
>cry about no /alt/ thread everyday for months
>feel lost and unwelcome in every other thread I post in
>cry more about the death of /alt/ that I brought about single handedly and the absolute state of ic invaded by children.
>go on vacation for a week
>first day away from drawing supplies
> /alt/ has returned!!
>can’t draw monster milk titties in front of my in laws
Why live. I shouldn’t have given up on you /alt/ I regret it so much I can’t put it into words. Stay alive buddy, wait for me until I come home.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I won’t let you die again.

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I enjoy the styling of the characters here. Is the Angel in the image answering a prayer, or considering what he should do for the woman?

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>This is very cute, I love how the colors contrast and the styling is sweet, it kind of reminds me of some old elementary school books for some reason.
thanks :^)
thanks, and this is supposed to be a painting of the annunciation of mary
>whining instead of contributing
you are part of the problem

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Trying to turn this into something
Redraw? Very Glinesesque. Definitely play up the blacks like that, really makes it pop

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i really like this

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Reminds me of Sally Face.

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That is really disturbing like two little girls are wearing anime girl masks. The bodies are too good and the faces too simple. If your goal was to make a cute scene that hit the uncanny valley button just enough to make it unsettling, you did good.

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I like the first one better too. The face proportions with small cheeks and big eyes look more unique and cute. The newer version has calarts face syndrome. Her face seems more expensive in the old, her body language is actually more expensive too with her hips swayed far to the side. It seems like you want more small subtle body language but your work really shines with that more expressive and big cute pose.

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They need some kind of bar/saloon door at their back slammed open with a crowd of goons turning around to see what fucker just walked in. Cyberpunk? Western/classic Japan crossover? You could do a lot with their design and plop them in any creative world.

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Never heard of it, I'm intrigued though
That's close, thank you. I was thinking of more of a Mad Max/Dorohedoro kind of setting, same kind of grimy underclass vibe. That combined with Brian Wood's sick illustrative graphic style

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Not OP, but I'm sure those ARE people wearing masks. I can drop the actual term for it, but I doubt you would like looking it up.

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Animegao kigurumi?

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Anon, have I mentioned I adore your stuff? The way you use shades and blacks gives a funny sense of volume that just works really well, that, along the sharpness of your lines adds up a lot.
This gives me an odd sense of nostalgia I cant really describe well, something about how broad the shading looks, kind of reminds me of "Papers, Please". You're going to places with that, so please keep it up!
Kek, I already mentioned earlier >>6943530, that one was just an art style study based on that one blondie I found.

But you know, that critique of yours, as well the other anon's critique, I feel like I can get something out of them regardless, art style wise there are some points I can focus on, like keeping body language expressive and polish some other styling choices. Also you guys unintendedly showing more appreciation for my blondie rather than the other one makes me lowkey happy, specially because I was thinking mine wasnt as cute as the one on the right.
Thanks, you two!

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Krenz inspired

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No idea who or what Krenz is, but I think you'd benefit greatly from using a hard brush with higher opacity instead soft/airbrush with lowered opacity.

The look of the character is decent enough but the muddy rendering drags the entire thing down imo.
Doing some lighting studies would do wonders for you as well.

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General question then if anyone can answer it.
How do people do minimal shading without it becoming boring?

You see it a lot in animes artists where they use extremely minimal shading or details, being mostly flat but with a few hints of shading here and there, but it still looks filled out instead of flat.
Is it really just all lines and implied forms and I'm too stupid to perceive it?

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the use large highlights and shade the center mass of objects u fucking moron.

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hows this look? How would you improve it?

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Thanks for the feedback! I guess I’m afraid of hard edges a bit

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The hairline on top is a little too thick but otherwise I wouldn't change a thing

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Her gaze doesn't cut in to my flesh deep enough.
Jokes aside. I'm assuming her anger is meant to be cold and reserved, maybe with a hint of disgust?

>> No.6946578

Ah gotcha thanks

Yes!, your assumption is what I was going for, how would I make it cut deeper?

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Np! I'm not surprised to hear that as that's often the case.
Using hard edges will help improve your confidence in your brush work and make you less anxious about making mistakes.

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She looks more annoyed than angry in that. A simple furrowed brow and a more pronounced frown would improve it,
If you are struggling with getting natural expression on simplified forms, consider looking at both videos and photos of angry faces to incorporate the scrunch and stretch of the facial muscles.
Obviously, you'd want to abstract down to fit your style.

I like your style and use of textured brushes, although the values are a bit flat as well. maybe play with the levels or curves to increase some of that contrast to bring out that texture to highlight stand out more.

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character im working on... for god knows what maybe a comic

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Try adding a redder more saturated shade along the terminator, the border between lights and dark. It will make the skin look more lively

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yah i thought about that, a friend suggested the same. making the lines also a bit red adds to it. but thats why i'm kinda like bouncing around to see if i like the mute colors

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silly doodle

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Regardless it already looks pretty good this way, the other thing I could nitpick would be the dress cross contours look a bit flat, try wrapping them around her arms more.

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I still want to do more with this, like a stacked character composition kind of thing, but I'm getting sick of looking at it too. I can't tell if I even like it right now. Might just need to step away and reset.

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Thank you both, I wanted to go for something more subtle but it' good to practice o I made her angrier

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Study anatomy and proportions. Even though you stylize a lot, some parts are still just mistakes on your part.
The hands on the right figure, the elongated face on the left figure, the displaced neck and alien cranium on the portrait.
Love the values and gesture.

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>muh anal toomee
grow the FUCK up, FAGGOT. this is not your autistic loomis thread

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Will do, I'll study faces and hand more

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What character is this? Seen them in other places

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for today

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What is wrong with this anatomy wise?

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Been for about 2-3 years now, wanted to test out my grasp on perspective, move out of my comfort zone more often

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redraw attempt

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it's a sperg drawing their OC and posting it on every board. Probably an attempt to force a meme or something.

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Holy fuck /alt/ is back

This from yesterday

This is really nice, pleasing to look at. I will echo what the other anon said about the cross contours on the arms

I like

This would also benefit from harder shadows/edges, do some shadow distillation studies to get over the fear I guess

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Posting my lizardman to keep this general alive

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File: 2.18 MB, 1243x1056, jawn_operation2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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different pants for today

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welp? this looks great @_@
very nice char/clothes, is this for a comic?

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yah so to speak, not entirely sure yet. and im dumb as hell, i misspelled default on the image. also cute drawing

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Your version looks great and I especially love how you did the expression and make her back look more relaxed. My version still has a pretty dramatic back curve but I lessened it some based on how you did it. This is not a very important panel in the comic and I've spent a ton of time on it, so I have to move on to the next. Your redraw helped me a lot and I'm grateful.

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Good luck with the comic!

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why are clothes so hard to render??

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You are that guy who drew the Bulbasaur women

>> No.6951104

Left hair shape/face/everything is so cool. Gib blog.

>> No.6951107

no sir, i dont draw pokmons

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Hey guys general is cool but it does kinda bum me out that /draw/ is so slow. Is splintering again really the right thing to do?

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Cute toes! Stripes are kind of uneven, but maybe that plays to her character

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Ya theyre an hour or 2 sketches so perfecting things dont feel like they add much, but thats just me

>> No.6951618

Who's going to say by doing this, it will have the opposite effect from the expected? Especially in this hellhole

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>tfw you managed to get commissioned your own character
Life is beautiful.

Styling shows promise, shading as well. Not my tea of cup, but great work nonetheless.
Wouldnt know how to answer to that, sorry.
But that's a very cute draw if you made it, I love it!
Lovely character! For having just blacks and whites, the design is pretty distinct. Why dont you try adding a very little bit of color somewhere like in her eyes? that'd be interesting with all that monochrome.
Man, have you struggled with this pose... and for no less, it looks like a real pain in the back! Great work so far, though! Keep up the good work with the comic!
Interesting coloring technique, it's very well done. Faces are a little strange, though, more so on the first one.
Very cute, I like the faces and styling of both!
Beats me, but those are some really sick clothe designs, I love the one in the left specifically. Great hair and face.

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peach cum

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busts for today, not very good with expressions but trying

>> No.6952507

her name is mono afterall heh, i have two other characters that will have a bit more color

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thank you anons.
>Gib blog
blog is @slurponaut, i post very sporadically.

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very cute, bottom most one is my favorite.
perhaps silliness is proportional to art skill... i need to be sillier.
thank you anons.
>Gib blog
blog is @slurponaut. i post very sporadically.

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thankss,i like the hair for the character in white

i did one last one before clocking out

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I don't know why draw and /alt/ needs to be split in the first place when neither offers any radically different than the other. Just made a draw+alt general and be done with it

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Your thoughts? I really like it but I'd appreciate some advice on the polo/folds

>> No.6953385

nigga thats one hell of a straw

>> No.6953398

I kind of think that is the whole point. Draw is super slow, like sketchbook style, serious drawings. Alt is a little faster with more fun drawings that take themselves less seriously but still maintaining quality. Both threads are incredibly slow. /beg/ int is just drawing on speed with super low quality

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I like this one a lot

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Pretty much

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File: 722 KB, 2198x2570, eucaly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

redrew an old character of mine

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blog? i would like some more christian themed paintings in this style, it's delicious

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>> No.6954947

these days i'm posting mostly doodles from my sketchbook because i'm too "busy" with "uni" but here it is https://www.instagram.com/jojojojojojoje/

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nice drawings

>> No.6956634

How much do you guys tend to actually do a lot of blending and fine mixing, as opposed to just using more general shadow shapes and cel shading esque techniques?

I really suck at coloring/rendering, but looking through images I do like things seem to look mostly cel shaded, however there's almost always somewhat of a gradient throughout the solid portions that I can't see but color picking clearly picks up on it.

>> No.6956640

does this mean we can post our own original stylized work here?

I also drew Yuno as a sith lord if that's more on topic.

>> No.6956896

thanks :^D

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>does this mean we can post our own original stylized work here?
yes, newfriend

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I fucking love Alternative Stylazion Thread aka /AlT/

>> No.6956979

Yuno deserves better than what her author gave her.

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File: 3.09 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_4214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lots of good stuff in the thread, nice to see everyone posting

>> No.6957380

i like those, you should spend way more time and effort on the eyes though, they're really important
Good eyes can make a bad portrait work, bad eyes can completely break a good one

>> No.6958704


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File: 2.18 MB, 1243x1056, jawn_operation22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just fixed the eyes for the second one a day or two ago (thinned the bottom lines of the eyes and added more weight to the top lines)... gonna work on that first one. I really struggle with making good looking eyes, so I appreciate your crit a lot! Thanks anon!!!

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File: 1.63 MB, 1218x1856, 1534472514064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6961275

I think the overall mood is interesting and I can see you're pushing yourself with the anatomy there so good job with that, but the face and certain facial features stand out too much because they're bland.

Do you have any artists you look up to? Don't actually answer me but you would greatly gain from taking the time to go through artworks of men you like to get your mind to become more conscious of details and stylistic choices. The eyes are one of the most important parts of a drawing because that's what our gaze is naturally drawn to.
The mouth isn't bad but it looks like a sticker with the teeth aligned as such.
A second point I want to convey is regarding perspective: it doesn't look like he's standing straight. I recommend to flip your canvas regularly, it'll help you fix symmetry and perspective issues.
Last point is I think you should try to be more bold with contrast given the style you're going for.

I hope it's of any help. Keep it up.

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ayyy I thought /alt/ threads were dead. Glad to see this one comeback

>> No.6961517

Really cute but the hair and face really seems to lack any depth making it oddly flat against her body which is pretty well filled out

>> No.6961863

can styles be criticised objectively? art criticis critsise style all the time, but nowadays... style is subjective and immune from criticism?

>> No.6961873

Yeah, you can stylize in various ways but appeal is still more or less universal and you can point out when someone is drawing something that looks ugly.

But most the time bad style is synonymous with also just being bad so it’s both bad style and badly drawn

>> No.6961887

> but appeal is still more or less universal
This is false right on the face of it. The issue with style is that it IS subjective. What's being rated isn't an established law of beauty, but how the piece speaks to the audience. It's why there are plenty of technically competent images that are either regarded as boring, or outright hated.

I don't believe Subjectivity is a shield against criticism. Rather, I think it's best for people to just be honest about how a piece makes them feel, or how it speaks to them. You don't need the authority unless you're talking about a more technical aspect of a piece. Get beyond "it's good/it's bad".

>> No.6961892

I don't like the emotionless face much. Nice shadows though, can you show me your process?

>> No.6961896

T. special snowflake socal art school graduate

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File: 202 KB, 855x855, EETb7X_W4AA-d6R.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Thanks, anon!!!
I really appreciate you going through the time to give me such a thorough/detailed crit!!! Really helps because it tells me where I should focus on improvement-wise!!!

I'm gonna screenshot this crit so I can continue improving!!!
This helps a lot!!!

>> No.6961901

Then tell, without saying "beautiful" or "cute", what is the objective standard that everyone agrees on?

>> No.6961929


>> No.6961954

>what is the objective standard that everyone agrees on?
Has to get 50k likes on Twitter. I know because 50k likes on Twitter = almost everyone

>> No.6962172

I want to do a cool pose but how can I avoid overcomplicating it?

>> No.6962334

Much better result

>> No.6962340

Post it first?

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File: 603 KB, 950x1278, B68351F9-766D-45DF-BA92-F6B552AEE889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very nice work

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File: 604 KB, 665x775, IC crab cartoony brushy style.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6962808
File: 1.37 MB, 2300x1200, new deformed style, old OCs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been whittling down ideas for a style over the last few months.

>> No.6962985

I haven't done anything, I can't choose

>> No.6963108

I'm going to ignore all of you again and leave. You guys don't follow me on Xshitter.

>> No.6963178

Then why complain about something you haven't even done? Post the pose.

>> No.6963186

You are just making it a self fulfilling prophecy by acting like this btw.
THIS mindset is why it probably died. You come into into thread ready to hate, being petty and spiteful.
Just share your work or give your two cents to others' work if you think it's warranted. Or don't. It's not that serious.
I swear you faggots are STARVED for indignation, every little interaction needs to be petty.

>> No.6963231

Go to the salt general to see real angsty stuff, this thread is very tame and civilized in comparison

>> No.6963497
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FFUUUUUUCCKKK finally I have an idea. Thanks/ic/

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Failed attempt at getting myself in the mood to draw.

>> No.6964039

Look likes shmorky

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>> No.6965077

This is quite nice anon

>> No.6965230
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thanka you very much anon
cute, but that side profile gives me heebie jeebies...

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>Nice shadows though, can you show me your process?
I'm just drawing in my spare time so I don't have any cohesive process to speak of... and probably wouldn't learn anything from my ramblings: I just color shadows by choosing darker colors than my current brush and painting over wherever it seems necessary. If I feel extra fancy I go the extra step by choosing an airbrush, create a new clip layer(overlay or multiply, whichever looks better), and try to smoothen the transition from normal color parts to shadowy parts. Yes, I am a brainlet but this is honestly all I do to color stuff and probably shows.
Also if I'm coloring something unfamiliar to me, like that scythe part in my previous post, I just search Google for photos and basically copy by eyeballing it. For that specific image though, I couldn't find a photo of a scythe that was to my liking so I searched for pictures of daggers instead. Hence the blade kinda looks like a comically oversized knife.

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adding on, maybe try something like this for side profiles? i dunno if it'll fit with your style though

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I definitely made the back of that that character's skull a little shorter than I think I should've (which doesn't help in my eyes, anyways), but I get the chin complaint.
Ironically I started messing around with this because I wanted to see how far a face could be reduced to a circle shape without making circle-heads. Looking at it now, dropping the chin out entirely is too much.

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I think that wapeach thread died, i cant be bothered to find it.