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Too much fucking content on this board is about anatomy and lineart


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those toes dear jehovah

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>>6942230 without anatomy you are just polishing turds

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noone fucking cares outside of the board autist who aren't good at drawing that anatomy in the first place.

Rendering studying general /rsg/ when?

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I love her design so much

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useless with AI

don't reply

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who is the loomis of rendering?

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hozure is an insanely good artist, but if you want to do shit like that I would suggest studying his work. he doesn't do lineart, it's all just a painterly style.

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Normies don't care about anatomy or good underlying lineart. They see realistic rendering and it overwrites all their abilities to recognize an erroneous anatomy. Whenever I show people irl a sketch painstakingly done they are just meh, but once I slap some colors and aftereffects on they lose their shit and think it's the greatest masterpiece ever, while in reality it's just a shitty softbrushed anime style. The same reason aitards think their wonky images are "pro level"

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literally name one successful renderfag with actual bad anatomy

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Uh... Sakimichan?

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here u go

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>Uh... Sakimichan?
you forgot the hundreds of copy cat clones sakimime has she is special though no other renderfag can match the sheer amount of slop she spits out on a consistent basis.

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CSR is legitimately horrible at drawing but all is forgiven because he sloppily jizzes vague insinuations of tonal form onto his monstrous anime women. It's insane, really, how little people care about strong drawing.

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this nigga thinks i can read bug script

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>CSR is legitimately horrible at drawing
you have some proof he's terrible at line art? i find it hard to believe you can renderfag this well without at least being semi competent,

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imagine being an archaeologist and unearthing this absolute unit of a skellington

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someone post the ruanjia sketchbook

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Like...just look at any of his stuff. It's just wrong in a bad, not stylized, clearly rushed way. This is always the reaction though, incredulity, makes me feel like I'm in a Twilight Zone episode. I'm not comparing him to begs ofc, I'm comparing him to any other reasonably competent porn artist - the drawing and painting skills are simply not there in his work. It's barely even rendered desu, it just looks like it is.

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tldr; do bargue

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He made it up

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damn I like some of his drawings but this looks really bad

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this one?

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Yeah, it's fucked
He symbol draws every bit of anatomy, but they're not studied symbols or simplifications. The shoulders, breasts, ass, abdomen, feet all look flat, warped, and shitty here. There's no sense of the clothing having any real form, just symbolic flattened folds, the sense of the flesh being squeezed upon by the clothing is weak. I'm pretty sure he's never photo referenced a single completed piece.
Good porn draftsmen: riz, robaato, ataruman, bingo tarte, balak, cessa, hews...to name a few
That's the minimum standard, sorry

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fuck me i'm a retard just realized CSR is an abbreviation for cute sexy robutts you are correct he's the embodiment of everything wrong with coomslop.

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His anatomy is dogshit but his linework is fine
This is also like 5 years old

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Why do people here like to downplay his skill so much? Is it jealousy?

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Being able to discern mediocrity in others' work is a prerequisite to being able to do the same in your own work. I'm as critical of him as myself.

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>Why do people here like to downplay his skill so much? Is it jealousy?
skill/=/taste know the difference anon most coom artist are good on a technical level but are essentially human image generators they bring absolutely nothing unique or interesting to the table and are as such just more slop on an already oversaturated market flooded with copycats and cloutfags.

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Yes obviously.

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Oh wow, what an incredible piece of coom. It looks almost like 99% of all other pieces of coom I've consumed only the lines are shitty it has no appeal is utter devoid of sexual excitement, the brushwork is generic and without personality and it expresses nothing of the artist other than their overwhelming blandness as a coonsumer cow.

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>dog shit
lol you faggots are delusional. It's like a board populated by stereotypical catty homosexual men

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>criticism so broad it's fucking meaningless

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lil homie, are you pretending this is good? That specific drawing is shit.

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I love CSR for the sheer amount of seethe he causes here, like this

Unbelievably retarded crabs are so amusing to read posts from when they see a one of their own actually made it out of the bucket.

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>that foreshortened little t rex arm and those mutant goblina tits lmao
It goes to show as long as you can draw a pretty face you will have filtered 90 percent of the human population.

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Yeah, it's crabbing. Nothing to do with personal taste at all, it's definitely jealously. Nothing at all to do with the fact that anime coom is garbage and its fans are subhuman trash that have ruined the landscape of an art world that used to interesting, no it's just crabbing. i would NEVER hate something authentically.

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its the usual
>shit on eceleb and then start calling everyone a jealous crab thread
>those who call everyone else a crab never post their work
What do you shitposters even get out of that?
(you)s will never fill the void

Csr 's coomslop is bland shite but it fulfills the purpose of wowing the normies by having the soft colors and the epic anime girls with abs and shit
Same as sakimishit, irrya garbage and all the other hacks who do nothing but the same thing over and over and have been successful with it, exactly because it is bland therefore it has mass appeal

i won't reply

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>le enlightened centrist take

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normally a fetish makes you willing to tolerate absolutely horrible art just as long as it hits your kinks but csr's rendering style is just so offputting for some reason that it doesn't do it for me at all even when he draws brown musclegirls that should be absolute sexo.
crabbing aside though i'm really glad that he's made it as a lateshit and gets to rake in the coombux despite being incredibly mid

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I know what you mean. It's like when I see his stuff my coom brain goes "I should jerk it to this," but there's just this overall vibe of *something* on it that I can't look past and I can never get hard. There isn't a single image of his that's even given me a chub. I feel left out.

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His art is too artistic to give me a boner desu. It's not just mindless coomslop, despite the subject matter seeming like it's exactly that.

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I think it's very important to learn anatomy and linear but I am also a huge renderfag so..... /rsg/ when?

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Anatomy is easy to critique so everyone does it

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I could get off to artistic stuff.

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Look into scene-referred painting. Keep in mind though that "realistic" is neither better nor worse, but simply a stylistic choice that works sometimes and doesn't work other times.
Obviously. But inversely, even the best anatomy can only carry your art so far. You shouldn't neglect the power of rendering and the flexibility it gives in "nudging" the vibe of a work to a particular desired feeling. Making good use of both can elevate your art far beyond the sum of their parts.

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It's macabre how disgustingly good your draftsmanship skills need to be to impress someone as much as some cel shaded doodle. Literally forget about being a sketchfag. Even some terrible cel-shaded doodle will get you more approval and money than a high quality sketch

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>It's macabre how disgustingly good your draftsmanship skills need to be
How good?

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I do not understand how that is anatomically wrong except maybe the arm, which looks like he didn't know where it was supposed to be. It's a minor flaw though, it seems to have a fine anatomy overall.
Do you expect artists to have a photorealistic anatomy to a minor detail nailed down? To a level where most artists cannot even tell that there is anything wrong about it?

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You're expecting refined taste from consumers, Anon.
Pretty colors = good

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Looks weird but still better than 99% of /ic/

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you're not as good as csr

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A lot of people on here love to obsess over correctness and rules because it's all they have. They'll never post anything they made because they know there's a hundred neurotic cases like them who will tear them apart over the most minor thing being not in accordance with what things look like in reality, and then a hundred more to obsess over line work. CSR's drawings and renders are often off and/or rough-looking but they work for their purpose. /ic/ regulars' drawings rarely ever work, if they exist. See: any time someone crabbing on someone else actually does post their own work.

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that forearm bothers me a lot

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Being a renderfag has become obsolete since AI. Take the cel shading pill. I used to be a renderfag, not anymore.

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i mean if your specialty is drawing muscular women then yes having autistic anatomy knowledge beyond the superficial muscles is sort of expected.

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your cel shading will always be mid until you learn how to render desu. they aren’t mutually exclusive skills

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many such cases u_u

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Anatomy and perspective are important yes but colors make your art professional-looking. It is what it is.

Cel-shading is rendering.

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AI changed nothing, and your picture looks like shit

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csr is basically a cuckold, whose entire existence is to make easy money for shexyo

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You're right, I'm better ;)

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>CSR's drawings and renders are often off and/or rough-looking but they work for their purpose. /ic/ regulars' drawings rarely ever work, if they exist.
Their purpose being mediocre porn drawings meant to get twitter teens off? It's incredible to me /ic/ can't even reach this level. I guess it's pointless to argue about it with anyone for whom this is impressive.

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intesreting, could you elaborate/??

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"Without anatomy" is the crab's way of saying "Without references"

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NTA but all the qualities of good cel-shading are found in the initial block-in of a painting, good separation from dark to light in organised masses and well-chosen shapes that describe the form. It's basically the same process, it's just with more detailed rendering you slap on all the other nuances of midtone and reflected light and shit.

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why do you people think that being good at rendering and being good at anatomy are mutually exclusive