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>Look at accepted applications to big name art schools like Calarts, SVA, and Sheridan
>It's all women, unironically

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If you aren't a le quirky brown girl or tranzpyrson, it's unrionically over.

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If my art career doesn't pan out, I can always marry a rich woman.

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Most of the girls were white or asian

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Women really love to pretend they're still being persecuted, and that every industry must push to have more women... even if said industry is dominated by women.
I swear women are the majority of the arts now, and have been for some time, and yet they still pull shit like "women visibility in arts" days and such - it's such a crock of shit.
It's well known that men are completely dropping out of universities and education, where are the men only scholarships? Where's the push for men?

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Women have it easy in life.

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Because m*n have privilege!

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As >>6922010 said, all higher education has been increasingly dominated by women as men have either been forced out, or are smart enough to actually weigh the risk of going into lifelong debt

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Women can tell colours apart better they are quite literally superior to us it's quite over does estrogen fix this

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moid thread

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scrotes make threads like these on /ic/ then say women are the whiny complaining emotional gender

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world's smallest violin

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>It's all Women, unironically
And that's a good thing, we need more sisterhood and girls being gay with each other.

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Vile tranny.

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>men have either been forced out, or are smart enough to actually weigh the risk of going into lifelong debt
LMAO can you make it more obvious that you just can't cope with men naturally underperforming academically as compared to women, noooo reeeeee it's cause le men have been forced out, underachieving dysfunctional ass gender lmao

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so true bestie

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Foid detected, go back to the...

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kek the man thinks it's 2005, this doesn't work anymore on the internet bussy boy

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>men underperform academically because they are TOO SMART and also i don't get bitches because i am TOO ALPHA

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No. Women were just born with eyes different from men.

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Women always get irrationally butthurt about gender stuff. It's been scientifically proven that in general, women get their feelings hurt when you criticize women more than men get their feelings hurt when you insult men.

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>Women like women more
Science wins.

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They do this in writing too (lol) the complaint being that they don't all make as much money as Stephen King.

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More women apply.
Let's be honest here. Art is generally a low paying, low stability, high flexibility career. Animation even more so on the first two. Men, as providers for themselves and others, tend to go into high stability fields, and don't value flexibility and satisfaction as highly as women do. Men who do choose art tend to be highly motivated and independent individuals, so they are more likely to be self-taught.

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To any of the skinny art girls ITT can I please be your chair for like, a day?
For inspiration, of course.

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Unfortunately real life women are nothing like anime.

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imagine being such an incel that you unironically become gay.

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And what job exactly do you have that just lets you see accepted applications to art schools all over the country/world?

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going to school for art is economically insane, can't imagine the mind it takes to do so

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>women like women more then men like men
what's the problem? obviously women like women better because women are better. why would a woman prefer men, the fuck? it makes no sense.
you are conveniently forgetting that men get their feelings hurt over gender shit as well in other contexts, just look at incels and religionfags. you are objectively more violent and emotional, you are the gender that mass shoots people over your sexual frustration and kills people over your jealousy. literally subhuman.

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>why would a woman prefer men, the fuck?
Obviously you have never seen the movie "The Terminator", that robot dude was so cool. I've never seen a woman be so cool.

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i preferred this one <3

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Men have wisely stopped going to college in general and art college in particular

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How many do you think are actual women compared to trannies/shitposters?

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smallest dick on /ic

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Cringe and Derivative-pilled

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Where are her cool muscles and sun-glasses? Lame.

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Any art girls that look like the girl in that gif want to do this to me?

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>tHeRe aRe nO wOmEn On tHe iNterNeT
pathetic that moids have so few interactions with women irl that they can't even conceive there are XX chromosome human beings on their ukrainian basket weaving imgboard

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Can I be your girlfriend?

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It's very simple, they found a betabux or a "papa'' so they can spend their lives doing it without money issues.
And (you) anon, can ou find a betabux or a ''mama'' for yourself?

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Awesome thread everybody. Very cool and fruitful debate.

Now let's see those drawings!

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t. roon

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You are an anonymous poster. For all we know you could be an advanced bot. Larping as female here is just sad.

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Idk. I got accepted to SVA with a portfolio of 90% observational drawings, only a few of which were women.

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you're not even trying

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Shit, if I had the freedom to spend time on a degree that's almost guaranteed to be a poor return on investment while not teaching me anything I couldn't learn on my own with the knowledge that there's always going to be some simple waiting in the wings to take on my debt for me I'd probably be less pragmatic about higher education as well.

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Drawing is mostly a feminine hobby, almost every woman you know has a few old sketchbooks full of random shit she drew when she was 14.
Usually only men were autistic enough not to give up and turn this into a career but nowadays with the internet and the rising demand for entertainment more and more girls look at their stuff and start thinking they might actually make it.

Also every other day there's an interview of a female mangaka, I'd bet those side notes on the back cover of Beastars drove more women to pick up a pencil than any feminist outreach program ever did.
Just look at twitter, at least 4 drawfags out of 5 are female if you start counting the nobodies and /beg/s, and there's no way they're ALL trannies.

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>Drawing is mostly a feminine hobby, almost every woman you know has a few old sketchbooks full of random shit she drew when she was 14.
Pretty strongly disagree with this - though I won't deny the gender ratios are swinging more and more towards women for drawing, and writing is almost completely women. However, I don't think it's because the arts are more feminine, I feel like there must be something going on in regards to our culture that is turning men away from many of the creative pursuits; not quite sure what though.
Might even be the mindset that drawing is a mostly feminine hobby... so what I'm saying is its your fault anon.

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Guys have stopped attending college and have actively told other men to stay away from them because you don’t need to go to college to make money.

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As long as we're on the subject - cartoons today are so fucking BORING. Everything is slice of life happiness and rainbows and friendship now, there's nothing even slightly edgy or dark. And when I mean edgy I don't mean like edgelord shit, I'm talking more like something like Grim Adventures - cartoony but also with a more sarcastic sense of humor.

I don't know what it is, if it's management, the people they have heading these shows, or animators just not studying writing anymore, but they're just not funny.

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do you really think there are no women on /ic/. half of this board is fujos. wake up male you are not the default gender

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>dark-ish ideas
watch hazbin hotel

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>feel like there must be something going on in regards to our culture that is turning men away from many of the creative pursuits; not quite sure what though.
At least growing up in middle / high school for me (Born in late 90s - Arizona), there was a lot of pressure to "conform" within a lot of mostly-male friend groups. Everyone played COD/Battlefield, or other extra-curriculars. There was a sense that "All the cool kids that were smart care about STEM" and so focused their school energies on math and science classes instead of art. In fact, I remember there being only one guy in the high-level art classes (not me).
If I had to hazard a guess, it'd be something like "There seems to be a big push from parents to make their (male) kids go into STEM, and anything not done in pursuit of that is frowned upon". Or even "Anything that isn't guaranteed to make money is frowned upon". At least that's the vibe I got a decade ago.

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That show was closer, but it was independently made so they seemed to have more creative freedom.

From what i remember that show was a little too FUCKSHITDILDOINMYASS for me. It kind of reminds me of the humor I'd find funny in middle school. I'm probably just not the demographic. I liked the character designs tho.

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Adding to this, I think GLITCH productions has a couple of good indie animated shows. I think network heads in general don't give a shit about western animation, since "Cartoons are for little kids", with only a couple of shows even being allowed to have dark themes (The Owl House is a recent example of a "kids" show with an overarching story, depictions of depression, etc...).

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Arizona bum here too, I hate this fucking state. It's so hot and you have to drive everywhere. As for me, I'm moving to Tokyo.

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Male is the default gender yes. You are male until you prove otherwise and the established protocol is tits or gtfo and since you won't you are a male.
Simple as.

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>it's not hot in Tokyo

Nobody tell him

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It's not 110 degrees hot

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>tfw your morbid curiosity has forced you to save an image of somebody actually delivering a timestap tit pic from /ic/
I'm looking at them right now.

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Yeah it's 30 degrees

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No tits? It's a dick.

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If by forced out you mean the newer generations are fucking stupid than yh sure, I work at a collage and the guys have become basically illiterate over the course of the last decade. Significantly stupider at the start which wasn't such a problem before because people get the hang of it, but now they never do and just drop out instead.
Men are lazy and have no drive compared to the women, at least in chemistry

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>Art appeals to women more because emotions
>Women go to college more than men in general
>Men would rather learn a trade or drop out
>It's easier for women to go to college because of things like exclusive funding for women and minorities, sugar daddy, Onlyfans, etc.

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are you 12 or stuck in 2008?
just shut up you should not be representing men in any way

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no dick? it's a bot

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in what world do you live in?
There's like a billion sugar babies to 1 daddy and it's exactly the same chance of making money on OF with a billion other mediocre thots who can't scrounge up 3$ a week

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It's proven women are actually more likely to physically hurt others. But they only hurt people weaker than them that they have emotional dominance over, like their kids, elders and lesbian partners.

Men do one big lash out at strangers, ofter other men who can defend themselves.
Women do hundreds of little abusive acts at people who can't fight back.

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>you should not be representing men in any way
This is the keystone issue.
You can't get a man you want, so you throw histerical shitfits at "inferior" men. Never taking a second to realize you are one of us.

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>and lesbian partners.
There it is. kek.

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If Wahmen so superior then why Muh Poor Wahmens Victimz... checkmate Womantheist

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Women literally have the mind of a child.
Further evidence: this thread.

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women -

men -
>god yes kill me you sexy bitch here I'll give you all my money

women -

Please. I need to be killed by a girl for an art piece I'm working on...

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>This is the keystone issue.
You can't get a woman at all, so you throw histerical shitfits at "inferior" women. Never taking a second to realize you are one pathetic little unfuckable midwit.

kek retard

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this you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sMQpWCNTQw

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>types like a child
>acts like a child
>"ArE YOu 12??"

You can tell this is a female by their blatant lack of self-awareness as they attack other posters and derail threads for attention.

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Got a source that isn’t the tweets of the 19 year olds you hate-follow online? Or did you see three posts and call it a day?

Unironically a fucking idiot.

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If you're a white male, you are going to have to figure it out on your own and/or turn to alternative institutions. I went through college and grad school (not art) just before the full takeover but right in time to get fucked by DEI in corporate and government sectors.

We are going to go through some bad times economically for white men. It's better to get a trade right now or find a way to make money on your own doing art.

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what does your unwashed virgin ass know about women retard? go back to your porn folder you lonely dummy.

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nta but tits or gtfo