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I... I need to sit down...

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But that looks beg.

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but that's just generic anime

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The finished pieces look amazing

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show me

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no rules
only tools
you fucking fools

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>catalog is filled with nothing but allbeatnik garbage threads like this one

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They always do, anon. Multiple characters interacting with each other? It's traced 3d. Complex perspective? It's traced 3d. Both at the same time? It's 100% traced 3d.
The japanese understand that the only thing that matters is the end result.

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Holy shit I sincerely want you to kill yourself already.

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why are you mad that some people are smart enough to utilize technology and optimize their workflow?

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Trad or die

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It looks like shit. Probably a case of OP liking something for the concept well enough to be blind to all the flaws. I see no indication that this piece is going to improve, even if this was just a 'sketch' to get a feel for the details, there's an apparent lack of know-how to take it further. That face on the side character is hideous, looks like a goddamn mii with no sense of dimensionality. The neck is already hugely problematic, just a line dropped down without consideration for the tension going on in the sternocleidomastoid, back of the neck is worse, so much worse.
There's a lot of areas of uncertainty or they just flat out don't know how to resolve because pose programs won't give you every solution.

There's a difference between using a tool, and being overly dependent on a crutch. Knowing the limitations of your tool and how to overcome means using them to their fullest.

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it doesn't look like the composition shown in OP.

I think the coloring and inking looks great, but I think the artist has not fully compensated for the short coming of his 3D models.

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A lot of artist use tricks. Some of my favourites turn out to use heavily photobashing (without making it obvious with a lot of overpaint), or create 3D models as a value base, and then ovepaint colors on it.

Not to say this is negative, just don't feel bad when you see good stuff you compare yourself to. Maybe the artist has used every kind of trick to get the job done

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Anon you know that art takes time right? In these times, twitter algo heavily favors engagement over the I make 1 good thing/month type of artists, not to mention the competition. Time is the most precious resource in your life.

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>favorite artist
>some beglet coombrain shitter
jesus christ anon, go look at more artists please.

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The result is shit that looks like traced 3D. Don't equate all use of 3D with that. Coping.

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why did the retarded janiggers delete my post? this isn't a blue board

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>tfw you've learned how to draw from imagination without using reference
>tfw the only time you do use a reference is for a specific characteristic like drill sidelock hair strands and the sorts
>tfw you "just draw"

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I dont know, maybe because you posted loli??????????

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>barely any posts
>barely any followers
how is this guy your favorite artist

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is there not literally 2 generals for that shit?

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>you can only like artists with 100k+ followers or else you're just trolling

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Anon his art dates back to September and frankly looks like dogshit. It's probably just op advertising his shit a-la-beatnik.

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Retarded zoomer

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I'm mad that sub-human scum like you have easy access to an otherwise exclusive discipline. Better cut your hands off techno cuck

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kek. you 2d purists are the cutest lil niggas. *slaps your ass* ganbare!

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what discipline are you referring to specifically and how is it exclusive?

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Kek, keep coping while me and other chad 3d users use our time EFFICIENTLY and get those sweet PATREON BUX, you'll still be grinding BOXES and LOOMIS HEADS. U mad bro?

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How do you get patreon bux if you're drawing drawn child rape.
What is the secret? Subscribestar?

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just accept it, technology is evolving very fast, the old ways are long gone, its either we adapt or be left behind

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I'm copying bridge man too.

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And here comes the Indians.

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here are better anime artists example with proper time-lapse

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He likes it because the artist does pokemon pedo shit it's not hard to figure out why that dude like this garbage

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>pokemon pedo shit
a lot of people do that. he just does it poorly

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with a 10 image and 112 followers why is your favorite?, is only another westoid anime style

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lmao what a fucking hack. But then again, the majority of /ic/ does the same nowadays, just look at the Anime Tracing, I mean, Anime "study" general and at the /beg/ one too.

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This board is so embarrassing

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i think you're stupid

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guess who also use 3d model as base

fan no hitori

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>second vid
The "I used Blender to help with background" is a cover for using 3D for drawing the girl, isn't it?

>ITT: anons discover Asians are actually bullshitting a lot.

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a lot of digital art is trying to bullshit your way into making something that looks nice using bullshit techniques and tricks
the reason AI art gets dunked on despite this is because AI looks like shit and takes the wind out of people's sails when they see it, and generally the majority of a piece. someone using 3D models is still thinking about composition, angles and details

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Had zero idea who the fuck that was
Googled them
This shithole never ceases to amaze me with just how bad some people's taste is.

There are thousands upon thousands of porn artists saturating the market, and you choose this shit to spank your dick to?

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nta give some good taste porn artist that made it for example

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>this is his favorite artist

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lol it really is true that nsfw artists and its "fans" are bottom of the barrel morons

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The dolls one would be good if ending wasn't so shit.

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did he ever draw one where the girl needs semen to keep them from turning into a demon/ zombie and as she's riding cowgirl she shoots a zombie in the head? I swear it's by him but I never found it again

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>favourite artist
Pfft. Get some better taste anon.

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>guess who also use 3d model as base
At this point - everyone
AND THAT'S A GOOD THING)))))))))))))))
It comes in handy when you have dealines or a lot of work, and it helps to build coplex scenes faster, so why not
The question is could you do it without 3d if you had to

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why are animeniggers so tasteless?
this permabeg shit is your favorite artist, jesus fucking christ.

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i just love how the animeniggers on ic are like "waah construction bad, constructoid!!!!" then their permabeg faggot twitter artist idols literally trace fucking 3d models, they dont even reference 3d they outright fucking trace it.

also imagine learning to draw in an artstyle that was literally designed to be easy to copy for the purposes of underpaid slave tier labor in a manga/animation sweatshop. AND also imagine having an artstyle that is so painfully abundant that it literally gets replaced by AI because the models have 100s of thousands of analogous, homogenous anime drivel to learn from.

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>>6911047 looks good and clearly knows construction, even if they are tracing 3D. op less so

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>the old ways are long gone
Not to mention that Rockwell (and countless other trad artists) used a projector for their work.

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Don't tell me he actually needs models for basic poses.

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I only use posemy to look up the pre-set poses to see how things look at certain angles and such. Trying to set up the poses yourself when you have no actual idea what are realistic limits of body parts is a horrible idea imo.

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This is actually emberassing

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I think you're genuinely too stupid to even understand what you're trying to be smug and mad about

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ignore this type of post

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I now know how you feel anon...owari da...


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>reconstructs everything except the torso
come on now

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True troonery is having to trace 3d models for a fucking profile view

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That seems to me more like using it to help on tough angles because you can see how not tied to a rigid model it is and the deformation that puppets can't recreate.

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This is such a simplistic art style, how could you possibly need 3d help?

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I'm about to do it just to stop wasting hours drawing hands.

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Honestly yeah, why the fuck not use a 3d model to draw hand

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Using 3D brings me back to the "bases" that people used in the old days of the internet. Talentless losers adding Jaír and clothes to a pose, same shit.

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style is separate from consistency, design, proportions and perspective, among other factors. I'm a pre-beg and can't draw the same thing twice ever unless i trace my old work or a 3d model.

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>why the fuck not use a 3d model to draw hand
Like literally everything else, sometimes hand pose/proportions should be exaggerated/accentuated to make a piece better. If you can pose shit quickly, there's no reason not to create your own reference poses with 3d software though. Just don't trace it 1:1 like a fucking retard.

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wild beastly west is his best

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>check the artist
>Inkhaiku, not that good
>wtf this artist already follows me on pixiv
>im not gonna follow that shitty artist back

TIL /ic/ is absolutely shit at art and has absolutely shit taste

on a serious note: git gud

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>he didn't know...
even professional Japanese commercial game sprites are using 3D models to maintain the consistency of the character look.

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Nothing like trads, right, above-human pal?

It's a tool, you hate it because people are being cheap with it. There are people who can """"get away with it"""" because they know what they are doing. You don't hate technology, you hate inexperienced artists

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Holy crap, you guys are so pitiful

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Tracing is a tool.
Referencing is a tool.
Copying is a tool.
Prompting is a tool.

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If you couldn’t tell this artist was using 3D you’re permabeg like genuinely. You have no eye for it.

>> No.6913528

I’m just flabbergasted that anon couldn’t tell the clear skill gap between the horrible line control and 0 form understanding and the rigid male mobs traced over badly posed models.

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buy an ad

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You are a tool

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the backbone of all art is proportion, without it your art ALWAYS looks like shit, and its the hardest thing to really nail down.

a 3d model side steps this part of the process.

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its not faster once you are actually good at what you do, granted I would never really not use reference, but someone drawing from reference will do it faster than someone who needs to fuck around with a 3d model every day, and at the end of the day, when we get 3d models that super impose themselves over reference well enough to not fuck around it just becomes reference.

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Based and end result pilled.
While you fags worry about your impostor syndrome chad 3D users have sold 9 elf loli x orc doujins. Y'all ngmi.

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post your doujin nigger

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the fuck, the head looks like garbage and scrolling through this guy always has problems with his faces
did you just post your own twitter account?

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that seems decent tho

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>sculpting your subject on your own from imagination to use as a REFERENCE
>using a pre-made model that you literally trace over

how are animetoddlers so delusional holy shit

>> No.6916984

NTA, but I assume by "made it" you mean is employed professionally

She's one of my favorites and started out doing hentai doujins
I also like Asanagi and Sumiyao

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kek his art looks like shit

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So what's the problem? How is it any different from using a mannequin? Today /ic/ discovered OP was a faggot.

>> No.6919119

This is OPs favorite artist?

>> No.6919140

>This is what 3d assets give you
oh no no no no.......

>> No.6919189

using 3D can work, you just need to actually be a good artist. incase does it quite well. but incase is someone who can actually draw and not a braindead animetoddler.

>> No.6919548

Gonna be devil's advocate here and point out that it would probably be much worse if he didn't use 3d assets. There's clearly a skill issue at the heart of the issue.

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Basically what >>6919189 said, 3D models won't bail you out of mistakes, having a good grasp on fundies prevents this
Funny seeing the shitters coping with "muh pros" but they actually can draw.