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Do internet artists have fun drawing?

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are you retarded?

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it's all fun and games until you draw an eye wrong, and then wrong again, and again, then you sweep bangs over that eye and call it a day.

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Maybe I do want to draw boobs all the time.
>And that's not okay.

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Allbeatnik thread

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I want to bash telepurte's head in with a sock full of pennies.

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this but with hands and hiding them behind a character's back

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He found a formula for drawing comic rabbits:
This formula for drawing comic rabbits paid.
Till in the end he could not change the tragic habits
This formula for drawing comic rabbits made.

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I do but I get sand when the idol I simp for doesn't see it.

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>and that's okay
Anyone who types that out should be shot, no questions asked. And that's okay.

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>coomwhore is begining to regret his artistic decisions
It always happens

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I think any smart coomer artist has an alt where they can actually draw and post whatever they want without alienating their fanbase

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>coomer artist

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I wish I had a giant following so they could bitch at me about the color of a character's skin and I couldn't care.

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I assume that this is problem unique to popular artists as they probably trying to keep up the popularity. A person who isn't as popular still has the creative freedom to do whatever they want as they are still chasing the algorithm.

Artists who gained popularity outside of the internet are an entirely different story.

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if he really did feel this way he wouldn't be making attention-whoring tweets like these. literally nothing stops him from drawing whatever he wants, especially since he has a fuckton of money now

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Somehow through a string of coincidences I recently managed to land a couple official jobs on older brands of kids media after drawing coom’s of many of the same types of shows! Unironically take the propill

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>have idea
>try to draw it
>2 hours later still failing horribly
>miserable because I can’t draw the things I want to draw

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the answer is no from the start with artists like this guy
he chose popularity and money
could still pivot out of it, but that requires a sound mind. hes a mentally ill coomer that got a taste of attention.
the most he will do is make more corny self-pity posts, because he will never commit to risking his popularity and money for the long-term mental investment of only drawing what he wants

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Unironically no

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i dislike teleputure for being a COOOOM but i feel his pain
this too

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>i feel his pain
Why? He can literally draw whatever he wants at any point. He loses respect from me for trying to get milk sympathy.

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Of course.
What I hate is posting it and remembering nobody gives a fuck. It's a constant state of euphoria brutally crushed by reality checks.

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why are you advertising this retard?

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>"no pls i also want to draw non-coom. Am i not relatable, fellow artists and people who dislike porn? pls engag laik n subscabe"
said the guy who built his whole success on it

You can delete the thread now OP

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Damn, I can feel that

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That's a familiar pain. All the effort, only to throw it in an ocean of apathy.

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do prostitutes have fun sucking dick?

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I love breasts

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Same. Hate how big titties are demonized while everybody cheers for fatasses.

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If they did, they wouldn't need to post their art on social media for validation.

>be coomer artist
>make patreon, subscribstar,
>charge for comissions
>mostly just people requesting specific characters they like naked
>charge the coomer $100
>making money
>not smart

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As someone who has shared a closed discord group with the guy for several years he was never aiming to become famous.
He liked animating and so started doing the animated dailies that got him all his followers later on.
He's a good little guy, pretty cringe too but hard working nonetheless.
Stop assuming people sell their souls to become famous while it's but a result of hard work and luck just because you want to be famous so bad.

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>liked animating
>never properly learned

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>just animate
and look where that got him lmao
keep it up with the bouncing balls and flour sacks champ!

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he has the freedom to change at any time, more freedom than the overwhelming majority of mid artists

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dude, I work in the industry, fag like this aren't useable in a team in any meaningful capacity. just doing straight-ahead quick shit won't get you anything besides clout on twitter

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true, ive seen a fuck ton of talentless sva grads who are literal beg tier in figure drawing and perspective applied to objects and people but they could animate fire, lightning, draw backgrounds in perspective, etc. because of their education. Probably more hireable than the op

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Hi Telepurte

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>people publicly interacting with others on discord never actually say it how they think
>stop assuming people sell their souls
>guy literally sold his soul
>just work hard
Why were you in a discord with the guy anyway?
No, no, i totally believe you and sure, i am jealous because you were epic friends with the epic now e-celebrity, god i am so seething, so don't bother posting it i already did it for you.
>because you want to be famous so bad.
Irrefutable solid argument. Fuck, you are smart.
We're all just albino pol crabs, anon.

Man, if only i were willing to peddle porn to children for money and attention on social media.

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>willingly and intentionally milk the addiction of millions of people for years for fame and profit
>WAAAAAAAA I can't believe I'm being LITERALLY FORCED AT GUNPOINT to keep drawing coombait slop in order to maintain the cheaply earmed fame I have amassed WAAAAAAA
Boo fucking hoo, utterly pathetic, absolute tool, pathetic hack with no self awareness, eat my fucking pants

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now you know the story so,
think twice before adding camel toe.
your inbox dings you heard that bell,
100 bucks to draw anime inflatable.

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>ITT: We complain about someone's actions to compensate for our lack of action
/ic/ is a great reminder that, if I want to reach my goals, I have to work for them instead of wasting my time complaining about other people's success.

Im going to do something productive for my future as an artist now. Thanks, /ic/.

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>ITT; nobodies yet again whiteknight for the big account by insisting that any all critical/negative opinions are "complaining" as if it were irrational
>they always follow it with a personal blog post about themselves or snark about how other anons are seething and jealous because everybody MUST WANT to be rich and famous on twitter like they want to
Kids, women and trannies really should be banned from using the internet.
You can't talk about shit but
>OMG UR SO JEALOUS AND COMPLAINING Is always what they fucking default to

god fucking lizard people putting chemicals in the water
how do you niggas not accidentally kill yourselves by getting curbstomped by the wrong nigga you tried to told off when you're being this effeminated 24/7?

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Nice blog post tranny

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>instant effeminate response
Nigga, i just finished saying this shit.

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>anime img reply
You're not fooling anyone you tranny lmao

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>filtered by anime
Your mom's a tranny

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And there you go claiming trannies are capable of giving birth, how surprising

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I dunno, can a woman who transitioned to male still give birth despite being a tranny?
literally shut the fuck up, you tranny spawn

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>I'm totally not Telepurte at all I swear guys
>Hi Telepurte
It's nice to know that Telepurte is here with us I know that BBC-chan, Sakimeme and Vivziepoop all comment here and on /a/ and /co/

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>women and trannies really should be banned
I agree and that's why you shouldn't comment anymore Fujoshit-chan I know you're a woman pretending to be a man because not only you post an anime boy instead of a girl in your picrel but you talk about this:
>Man, if only i were willing to peddle porn to children for money and attention on social media.
I never see a straight man talking about this dumb shit, it's only w*men and troons that use that as an argument.

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>draws coom, complains about how its not fun to get easy cheap attention, draws more coom
>not after attention
i hit the mark perfectly with your miserable ass, youre not fooling anyone

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>defensively uses western cartoon image after being shit on because anime


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Source of this Nero?

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drawing isn't fun until the 10k hour mark.

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I love it when I draw the pussy and it looks like a real pussy, but it's not a real pussy, it's a fake one, and I made it from my own imagination, and by jerking off to it, I am engaged in coitus with my own imagination. It's the ultimate act of narcissistic self-absorption.

So yes.