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>craig mullins looking for work
It's over isn't it? AI won.

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>Expecting to get anywhere painting boring old Men
Riddle me this /ic/, why can't somebody like Crab Mullins paint big tiddied animays on canvas and capitalize off coombux?
>Muh tegridy!
No Artist has but their integrity over putting bread and butter on the table first. So why doesn't he paint anime titties? Is it because he is unable to?

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He gave up his integrity by making NFTs and now God is punishing him. He get what deserve unfortunately.

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An Artist? Looking for work? This literally never happened before AI. It's basically unprecedented.

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Isn't this boomer shilled for goyslop image generators before?

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That painting looks nice and all but why would anyone commission something like that?

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he just paints well, no real ideas
he should just go trad

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Yeah, I'm sure that if one of the most prolific concept artists in the world has to beg for work on twitter, then the industry is totally fine and isn't on the verge of collapsing when faced against big AI cock. Everything's fine. Nothing to worry about.

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He's a good craftsman but his "concepts" and "art" are boring.

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He invented digital painting pretty much and is largely considered the GOAT. He is very likely your favorite artist's favorite artist.

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>this man admtis that ai has defeated him
It's over

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Christ Almighty I unironically have more respect for coomfags
Good riddance

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i think this guy's main problem is having little confidence

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He's realistic. There's nothing he can do that ai can't replicate

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My theory: Craig probably hit the ceiling of what AAA games and Hollywood movies are willing to pay for concept artists, and given that these industry are now a 24/7 Pajeet slop factory they probably don't see any point in getting the "best" when the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. best will do in his place. Especially now that the economy's shit. This actually happened to some comic artists in Marvel and DC in the 70s and 80s, where they got so good their page rate got too high for the bean counters to want to pay and they ended up getting less work.

The intelligent move is to just start pivoting to fine art like Phil Hale or Alberto Mielgo did. He's definitely a painter's painter so it seems like a no brainer to me.

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great artist but utter retard

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Anything short of saying that is putting a target on your back for people to come out of the woodwork and start harassing you with "it's over" posts. The fact that he still posts his art is evidence enough that he doesn't really believe this, otherwise he'd switch over to just prompting.

But in reality, yes, I imagine a lot of cheap jews think "do I pay Craig Mullins $50,000 for his assistance with this project, or some Pajeets on fiverr $10 to use a Craig Mullins Midjourney bootlegging device to come up with something that's 'close enough' in a fraction of the time"

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>Master Mullins sempai uwu
I don't know how anybody can stomach this level of brown nosing without going off and telling them to fuck off.

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Saying anything negative about ai on twitter is like announcing you don't believe trans women are women

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It's fucking over for promptards.

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I will never upgrade from SD 1.5 so that means nothing.

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They don't even need to do this. AI generated images are already being rescraped back into data sets to train AI generators. They are basically feeding themselves their own errors and reenforcing them.

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>He is very likely your favorite artist's favorite artist.
Okay you're way overselling him
Do you guys really think everyone's super into artstationcore?

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Right, I keep forgetting /ic/ pivoted from concept art to coom art. This statement would have been true 5 years ago though.

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I tried using this but It wanted money from me

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He's one of the artist who dismiss artist concern about AI.

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>he invented digital painting
okay relax or else youll get tmj from all that ballgagging

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>nftgrifter praises the new grift
what a fag

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oh? it's released? link?

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>someone types my handle into midjourney trying to mimic my style
>overly rendered pictures of goatse appear

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The thing that always bugged me about "concept art," is that it's just a shitty reheated slice of a much larger illustration, comic book, and anime pie. If it's not orcs & elves, space marines, military-style mecha, and sexy cyberpunk girls in neon-drenched alleyways it bombs on ArtStation. And it's always excessively focused on technical virtuosity and realistic representation over expression.
So yeah AI is gonna blow it the fuck out shortly, unless you're an original like Ashley Wood, who barely has his foot in that world

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>If people don't want to look at it, it bombs
Huh, that's weird. I like diary doodles as much as the next person but AI can do that too; I don't see your point. Concept art isn't derivative, there's literally no limit, but without and idea for it to belong to then it's just a pretty picture and not much of a "concept."

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It's pretty ironic that the "pantheon" of artists that concept artists look up to (Katsuhiro Otomo, Moebius, Syd Mead, HR Giger, Ralph McQuarrie etc.) did mostly other work before stumbling into concept design, mostly as a byproduct of the work they were already doing. And yeah, the best designers are always those with a wide range of interests beyond just video game franchises and capeshit.

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>And yeah, the best designers are always those with a wide range of interests beyond just video game franchises and capeshit.
This is it. You put my exact gripe with concept art into the perfect combination of words.
In theory, concept art isn't a "genre" and is inclusive of any imaginable subject matter. In practice, it's like the anon quoted above said. Rehash central. It's like how indie music in theory is independent music, but in practice it's upper middle class art kids strumming on guitars and ukuleles (as much as I love it).
If AI kills this lame shit off, it's just killing off an artistic dead-end, a cleansing fire

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>the best designers are always those with a wide range of interests beyond just video game franchises and capeshit.
the best designers are in Graphic Design fields, not Concept Art. Concept Art is just a fancy word for illustration, there's no meaningful distinction between the two. Even the best illustrator would never say he's a better designer than a professional graphic designer.

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Most graphic designers can't even draw lol. They're fancy typesetters and webpage makers. You're interpreting the word "designer" in a too literal way.
>Even the best illustrator would never say he's a better designer than a professional graphic designer.

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didn't he take a break from traditional AAA jobs to focus on nfts/patreon/schoolism/raising his kid? idk if he's even been putting himself out there for a couple years

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KWAB. realismsissies utterly mindbroken

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>burns bridges to focus on grifting nfts
>nfts die comes back to art
>no longer getting hired
>pajeet thinks it's because of ai and not because he made himself persona non grata
Every day you get more retarded.

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>rehash central
Everyone can be original. Doesn't mean it's good. You're confusing original with good.
>look at this hodgepodge of kooky ideas that looks like a vat of LSD threw up on it but drawn well
>giant mecha towering over a mega greekopolis staring down a gianter white ominous orb but drawn well
Also, people don't like stuff because it's pop. It's pop because people like it. One is indie band cover art and the other is sparking imagination in someone who's probably on AS looking at concepts to be inspired in their own passion: creating pop art.

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>burns bridges to focus on grifting nfts
Kek. Really?
Is he stupid or something?

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>Everyone can be original.
Not really, no
>look at this hodgepodge of kooky ideas that looks like a vat of LSD threw up on it but drawn well
Feels like you're willfully misinterpreting my point to defend hackery for some reason
Originality =/= cuh-razy stoner art
If you only want to do shit that's been done 1000 times, cool, but I'm not into it, and the truth is, people only want the same thing, until an artist comes up with something better and expands what's possible
Concept art needs to grow up or die off, but that would be asking it to stop being what it is (ghettoized illustration), so whatever. Human illustration isn't losing to the robots, what's losing to the robots are tired algorithm-core ideas.

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Artists love it and I'm not joking

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Damn, all artist really have issues seeing the value in their own work, even the masters. But I think I'm better than ai, I mean I am, but that's in part due to being a pixel artist...

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He really did though. He just happens to be the guy.

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Craig who???

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*John Knoll, creator of Photoshop told Craig to try to create a painting entirely in Photoshop, as a novel challenge, it wasn't a thing to do before that. Thus spawned a new era.

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Craig Mows your mothers' asshole 3 times a day

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oh thats great because im totally looking to hire someone who draws old men with hairless chunks of flesh grafted on their arms for my next project!
and this only took him a few weeks? amazing wow

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Craig Mullins has a very easy style for AI to copy, there is no difference between his work and that of the AI.

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I bet Craig is the Og pajet Bing poster shitting this board for the few last weeks fr no cap on god.

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>Concept art needs to grow up or die off
>I'm not into it
Somehow you seem to think this has given you some kind of outside the big picture edge. You're complaining about people who outskill you and are demoing their skills using familiarity
You're literally describing nothing but acting like you're bitching over something specific. People aren't in some imaginary competition to be original and they aren't losing to machines for it lol. What the fuck are you even talking about?
>needs to grow up or die off
Everyone should like what you like because you're obviously so big brained you can't even express yourself properly on 4chan's /ic/ board. No one is allowed to like cool robots or cyberpunk. They must do... WHAT? Grow up? lol
>not really, no
Now who is being willfully obtuse? You're really fart huffing. Everyone isn't doing special concept art that you like and won't explain therefore they should die off. You sad crab.

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>What is impressionism?
>What is extensor carpi ulnaris?

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stop telling the story of your life

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looks like an AI made tumor to me

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false alarm
He got cucked by Tencent chinks. You can go back to drawing now.

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Damn I really touched a nerve saying "do something different" in the context of AI thread, huh? Like it's really NOT an out-there and it's got you bleeding out of your ass. Maybe reflect on why, or make more epic robot pics, idc your choice

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Because his contract ended and he's hustling to get his next contract? should he stay silent and just expect clients to come to him? I see this all the time, even before AI became a thing.

I'm not a fan of this dude's stuff based on OP's image, but I still think it's better of the vast majority of what I've seen from AI. Even the simplified featureless guys in the background are abstracted in a logical pleasing way, rather than the horrific husks that AI likes to make.

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I agree, you have to have an interest and appreciation for things besides popular media to feed your design intentions.

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It's not a tumah!!!!

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>I got him with my projection!
There are artists doing something different. You're swimming in country music complaining you don't like it. Look for it, you stupid fucking retard.
>n-no, all I said was
>ghettoized illustration
your brain must be saving power for all that awesome art you're doing

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been a while since we had some real conceptartist drama, the metoo shit was boring

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Is that what you think when you spot your belly in the bathroom mirror too?

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Ok Mr 40 BMI

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>There are artists doing something different. You're swimming in country music complaining you don't like it. Look for it, you stupid fucking retard.
I'll look for it outside of fartstation thank u very much

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>I've never seen my own muscles
Actually can't tell if you're that actual anon or someone making fun of him lmfao

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People starting pointless arguments stemming from his ambiguous social media post all the while this is what probably happened. Hilarious.

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I was wrong, lol.

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why do AIniggers hate progress? do they also hate it when antiviruses get made?

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It caught on as an online portfolio for high-tier artists to showcase their art so they could be offered jobs. Of course people are going to showcase their ability to do work an employer might be looking for and of course it will pool all the artists together.

You're not sitting on some grand epiphany with this idea that art on Artstation "looks the same and should die." There's a reason it all looks part of a brand and that's because the audience (project leads, directors, etc) is generally looking for something they can work with in a style they prefer and the artists know that. It isn't even that people are only making stuff that they think will sell. A lot of the artists are clearly inspired. Derivative or not, whatever. You're looking for a site that doesn't exist and because of what I am explaining here it will turn into Artstation again, maybe different, but then you'll complain that artists are being artists until another site comes along and boom the same thing.

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I don't like everything looking like the same hypebeast cybersludge Nike sportsdrink ad for over a decade now, I don't like websites instantly bombarding me with paid advertisements and features. I'm pretty sick of the movie game look in general. The truth is I don't want ArtStation to die, I'm more indifferent to it.
The only reason I brought it all up is because AI is likely ushering in a paradigm shift in regards to production art. Originality is an ideal to aspire towards, in whatever ways you can, however small or big. Won't guarantee you a job, but it's looking like a better proposition nowadays than trying to be yet another clone who paint gud. Most people could just try a little harder, is all, maybe then there's one less gay boring unimaginative Netflix original.
But look I get it, it's work for some people, it's how they pay the bills. And like I said not everyone is even capable of being original. Offer whatever you can, then.

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What are you? A luddite?

>someone types my handle into midjourney trying to mimic my style
>overly rendered pictures of goatse appear
So what would appear after using the data poisoning?

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>and now I'm off to paint some anime tid

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You couldn't draw that even if you spent a year on it.

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>who draws old men
idk i draw old men and getting hired quite often anon...

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anime culture is just as guilty in fact

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There is something to be said about these artists kneecapping themselves by ensuring they remain as one of the visual grunts rather than the leader when designing the visuals. If your work looks like everybody else's, they're hardly going to hire you to help define the initial visual style that makes the game or movie unique - they're going to hire someone with a distinct and unique visual voice.

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what field isn't guilty?

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>they're hardly going to hire you to help define the initial visual style that makes the game or movie unique
wrong, they don't want unique for the vast majority of projects. they want safe.

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literally all professional artists advertise on social media when they don' have work lined up and they like instantly get some. No shortage of people wanting to hire one of the best artists available, and people who are far less skilled find work fast.

Not that anybody here would know but they are friends with and follow ex-coworkers and fellow artists. Who do you think sends their advertisement forward? Retards the lot of you, and this goes for all you cunts who replied to an AI thread and don't have even the slightest idea of how working works yet run your whore mouth

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*most AAA concept studio moodboards are plastered with the work of other projects and of artists not working at the studio and the leads say "make it like this"

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I was typing up a response but this >>6903269 and >>6903272 are pretty much it. Like I said before the audience for AS is really the project leaders, directors, etc.

Someone told me long ago that there was basically a teacher's pet and all the artists had to match him because if they didn't then they would be asked to.

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Can confirm, was once on a big project where they wanted photo real photobashed stuff based in reality, but the mood board and design brief was full of imaginative, painterly and unique scifi tech.
Big suits are unironically as retarded as people meme them out to be.

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I think it depends on the studio, but as I was typing that I realised that, yeah, the most prolific (and probably most well paying) studios are all quite bland visually.
Meanwhile the most interesting studios tend to be very small indie affairs, so they're hardly hiring outside of themselves or their close group of friends.

Not to say there isn't interesting studios out there, but they're definitely not the norm. Guess I'll take the L here.

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big if true

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one could say he played hard to little get

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Here's your (You), now kill yourself.

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am I supposed to know who Craig Mullins is?

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because up till now he's worked for triple A studios as a concept artist for bare minimum $100 an hour. That's way more money than anyone can make from Patreon coombucks with the exception of Sakimichan.

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>If your work looks like everybody else's, they're hardly going to hire you to help define the initial visual style that makes the game or movie unique
Maybe if you're lucky and get to work the next Borderlands/Wildstar.

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I can't really blame him for that, he's friends with Ben Mauro and a way better artist. Imagine a close friend and colleague of yours who was always far below you in skill and in career success suddenly becomes a multi millionaire over night through this new technology you don't really understand and he tells you that you too can do it. Wouldn't you at least try? I mean, obviously now we all know that NFTs were a scam, but back then I can't blame any artist for at least trying.

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To be fair he only ever did two NFTs, remember Jaime Jones did like three that all sold for a bunch

>> No.6903449

Looked him up, no reason I should know who he is. Yeah he's good technically, but his art is boring as fuck.

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Good. Mullins might be a legend in the industry but he's an utter fucking retard. Spend 5 minutes on his twitter.

>> No.6903462

5 minutes? I couldn't even spend 30 seconds on his Twitter

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AI already lost
even my normie friends are getting annoyed at how much AIslop gets posted and started recognizing the patterns subconciously

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>AI lost based my anecdotal evidence

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Nothing else matters

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I think he sort of did

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>AI won based on my anecdotal evidence

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never change, /ic/

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fr fr

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>Craig "NFT" Mullins
Don't care, death to nft fags.

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in what year? 2005? maybe?

>> No.6903611

Nah mid 90s

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What's wrong with NFTs? Money laundering? Why do you care?

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There has to be one (1) at least ONE of these notable industry guys with a secret anime titddy account. I refuse to believe such a thing doesn't exist.

>> No.6903624

Zero depth in the painting, it looks like the archer is standing in front of a photo wallpaper.
Wait, is Mullens ngmi?

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Only the government gets to run pyramid schemes. Anyone else doing it is unethical.

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Tim Löchner/hks on xitter worked in AAA game dev as a concept artist before his animu patreon took off, only game I know he worked on was the first Horizon game but he's worked on atleast a few I reckon.