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>/beg/'s can't get "industry jobs"

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1.no one said that
2.begs can't draw anything in the picture you posted

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>SuperMan as an effeminate twink
>Token brown guy
>Lesbian being manhandled by a twink
Is this the crap what's passing through Adult Swim nowadays?

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You’re right they should do more cuck twink MCs in some isekai shit

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Animated by South Koreans retard.

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Superman/Clark is still ripped because girls/women still want Chad.
>Deathstroke on the other hand, I shit you not: this is Slade Wilson.

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all of you are so bitter and unlikable damn

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He looks like he's going to be my rival in the next Pokemon game.

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He gets Thundershocked.

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I'm getting real tired seeing pseudo-anime shows with their thin lineart

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What's the problem?
The bad guy is handsome like the guys who bullied you at school. Isn't this a win for uggos everywhere?

And Slade has always been hot, motherfucker has made at least a couple super-heroines flip sides with the power of DILF.

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how is this art style called anime? the nose and head to body proportions are still wectoid. the eyes looks like the typical cap shit cartoon from the 2000s with a single highlight on the iris.

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Jimmy Olsen nigger??? Pure shit

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He can be hot without looking bland and featureless