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Why do superhero comic book artists love gore so much?

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Shock value. It's the most guaranteed way to provoke a visceral reaction from the viewer.
Also infantile tactics for an infantile audience.

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Came here to say this.

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>ai slop
Its all so tiring

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Why did the artist give cyclops a crudely drawn whore mouth?

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He's supposed to gritting his teeth I think but yeah, I also saw it instead as big lips at first and an emotionless face. He should have differentiated the colors more or add more lines around the mouth to make clear what it's supposed to be.

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Because violence are gore are cool.

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Yes. It's "le goofy thing" to draw, because it's hard to draw something stimulating and is not coom or gore. they only know how to do le Marvel/DC costumes.

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the real answer is that superhero comics have been so ubiquitous in American comic media, to the point that to many people “superheroes” and “comics” are basically the same thing. You end up with people with niche tastes and interests being corralled into this specific industry, becuase they wouldnt be able to make money otherwise. thats how you get gore-flicks and forced political themes and suddenly gay superfaggotry. the concept of the “superhero” and by extension the cultural icons associated with the genre are being constantly remade over and over to act as life support for a dying industry. and while the core aspects of individual characters remain the same, the writers and artists do not.
had the artists and writers had profitable avenues to create and promote their own series, then we likely wouldnt be asking questions like this so often. the gorefags probably would have went off to create their own series and captivated audiences for different niches, as would the political activists, gays, etc.

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Cyclops was made for sucking cock, obviously.

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As a comic book artist, it's something I don't often get to draw, that is also creative
It's a lot of bits and pieces and it moves and have lots of little details that adds to it
Drawing spiderman suit is a chore
Drawing spiderman suit and being torned is awesome and a treat to the artist, same thing.
Every superhero has a chore to draw and some treats.
For example Spawns cloak is GREAT and really fun to draw. But for some reason, some retard gave him chains, and chains are a bore and a drag
Gore is always fun to draw
Unless you are demanded to do anatomically correct gore, I guess that would be a chore

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no gore in manga (not that i would have a problem with that)

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in vertigo (dc) there's a character that are literally living guts

and constantine fucked with it

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I love these threads that invent problems to complain about. Keep 'em coming.

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After 5 seconds Wolverine regenerates and mutilates that cuckold cyclope

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Comics/Graphic Novels aren't a "media" in America, they are the "Super-hero genre" and thus when somebody makes a comic book that isn't super-hero genre they have to label it something else "Alternative" or "Independent" heck, the fact that terms like OEL-Manga and Manga-Influenced Comics are used by publishers just show you how much 'Muricans don't see something as a "Comic" unless it's about Super-Heroes.

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why didn't you say cucklope

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Because it's fun.

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Americans are comical

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>Destroyed the skeleton

Ciclops CANT destroy adamantium, that draw isn't hecking respectful with the source material.


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>I mean, crap man, look at that. that's like his stomach plug on the ground back there, you don't see that everyday

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Because they like physics, and gore is the biological equivalent of sparks flying or explosions. It shows that actions have had an effect on the character.

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>He's supposed to gritting his teeth I think

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they're definitely just lips. the shape of the mouth makes no sense for that to be gritting his teeth.

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Agree, I just wanted to draw it

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my bad imagination

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This, just crudely drawn, like most of the other facial details.

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Just a few lines make a huge difference.

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Sjw clowns go read your fanfics. Trash.

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Whats fucking different? Dude?

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Comics need more of it retards. You slice of life sjw fags are what are making superhero comics suck

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It's not teeth. That looks retarded

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comics suck

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Comic Sans (You)

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Who asked?

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Yes they are, it looks even more retarded if Cyclops just blasted Wolverine with no expression, ridiculously full lips and looking like Handsome Squidward.

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do you draw? you can tell by the line weight and the cupids bow that it's intended to be lips.

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"'Tis but a flesh wound..."

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You're wrong, the lips are not symmetrical as one would expect from a neutral expression that closed lips would imply and the artist is not going to do minimal detail face, like no chin or nose details and then decide to to do fully drawn lips.
It's clearly a mouth gritting the teeth.

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why'd he color the teeth the same as the surrounding skin tho? it's far more likely an artist would leave teeth white. who's the artist? that will get to the bottom of this.

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*Oh look. I'm right and you're (>>6887594)
wrong neener neener neener
this artist just loves giving male superheros plump lips bro.

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Well hell, I just lost a lot of respect for this guy. He draws blank emotionless faces for no reason. I couldn't see why he would give Cyclops no expression after what he did but apparently that's just his default, expresionless. Now given that he did a very poor job with the lips in making them incredibly lopsided.

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why my peepee reacting to this? The hole looks erotic...

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cause youre a gurofag

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you're just discovering new fetishes
>usually it's a also a symptom of chronic masturbation

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Gore is one of those primal thoughts that creep into people's minds. Its the mature carnage that artists believe makes cartoons seem mature or grown up.
This goes especially for cape carnage so it doesn't feel as much like grown men/women drawing people do what they wish they could do like a kid playing with dollies.

I guess sex is the same thing. Just look at a lot of the 'adult' cartoons that are more childish than shows made for family entertainment(kids).

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It's a jewish thing, you wouldn't understand.

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I didn't mean to hurt your feelings lol.

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bro those are lips. it's clefted at the top.

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because of 90s edge

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this is actually the real answer