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It's over, digibros...


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Lmao, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n1VybvjzaK0&source_ve_path=MjM4NTE&feature=emb_title

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>she's hotter and shiny now :)
I'm not even against AI, but these faggots are getting downright clownish

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Taking a photo of a landscape isn’t impressive. Painting one like a photo is. But to say the camera does all the work is still wrong. The user has freedom to use the camera how he chooses in order to get the result he wants. Same with AI tools. Obviously if you take the time to learn the tools you will create better results closer to what you’re trying to achieve. I’m still just not impressed by AI art though. That’s all there really is to it. Do it all you want. Get jobs with it whatever. But nobody respects you like artists who do it themselves. But respect doesn’t pay the bills.

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Are these idiots delusional? It's the AI getting better not them

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I’ve tested out various AIs. You can just type in prompts but there are also other things that AI can use. Like poses or depth maps, masks, and all sorts of other shit that do more than just describe in words what you want. My guess is they’ve learned these extra features and are using them. Where as at first they were just typing prompts. This second AI picture isn’t any more detailed or accurate than what I remember seeing last year. My guess is most improvement to AI art will be fingers, toes, eyelids, stuff like that it was fucking up before.

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That guy is jazza's brother?

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This has to be a fucking parody.

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Draw this

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Yeah, that’s all shad is known for

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I've also used those extensions. And NO, it doesn't take any skill to produce anything. The AI generate everything the only human thing is copy pasting prompts, clicking buttons and sift through 500 generated images.

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I read his comments and he seems like an egotistical asshole. Sure it takes "skill" but so does counting to 10. It's not hard to learn and any braindead retard can do it, even those who have 0 patience.

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This guy honestly sounds like the tripfag for how retardedly he wants to keep shilling for AI
>he even keeps using same arguments and has that fucking AI enhanced my drawing pic

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The the level of delusion this guy has is sad as hell. He’s worse than any other ai shitter with that sad behavior

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> And NO, it doesn't take any skill to produce anything.
That’s funny please quote where I said it did faggot. It requires knowledge of the toolset. Silly Billy.

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Anons, need your opinion. What cat would you prefer?

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Wow what an absolute faggot

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If you use layers/ctrl+z you're a fake artist.

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Beat me to posting it, though honestly it's funny how bad some of the AIniggas will call anything it does as an improvement

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stop being emotional ai user.

what knowledge does one requires? Downloading, installing, clicking buttons?

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I have no idea who these people are

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Lmao I'm dying

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The orange one.
Teal-purple is going to feel so generic very soon.
Make a viridian-cream variation.

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The skirt on the left looks pretty good. I wonder if he drew the patterns on it or just used blending mode

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its really sad, i used to watch his video about the architectural features and functions of medieval castles, which helped me a lot when I needed to work on designs associated with those type of settings. Its disheartening to see that importance of intentional craftsmanship seems to have been missing from his reasoning, which is weird because it looks like he does draw.

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it takes skill he says... I'll download SD and install it let's see what I can generated with it within a few hours. Hope this thread is alive by then...

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>modern art iz duck tape banana!!
I swear there's just this huge segment of the populace that has zero interest in even looking at genuine art and sincerely welcomes this new oligopoly IP-franchise hell we're living under, and there's fucking nothing you can do about it. They're obstinately determined to remain in blackening ignorant darkness. There's not a single thing you can ever do to bring them out of Plato's cave, so long as the shit-stream of Marvel movies with McDonald's product tie-ins and Netflix originals keeps flowing.

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What is Shadiversity such a retarded faggot?

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It's how the Roman elite managed to sedate the plebs with bread and circus games.

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Also, acclaimed photographers are extremely rare. They're generally not the ones who take the most beautiful photos, but the ones who take the most important photos, like Pulitzer-winning journalists.
And even then, most of the focus tends to be on the subject. The fact that it's a real image that actually happened.

I think it's telling that no matter how good an AI generated picture is, people are always only impressed with how much technology is advancing.
Nobody ever thinks to congratulate the prompter on typing those instructions so well, because everyone recognizes that if anyone counts as the "artist" in this situation, it's the machine.

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He does draw, but he probably never worked hard enough on it, and his brother being the artist of the family made him extremely jealous and delusional, watching >>6882200
makes me almost pity him. Dude has deep-rooted issues, and his larping as an artist on Twitter is just a symptom.

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These retards think that they'll finally be a Tolkien. That THEIR world will finally be fully realized and be appreciated by all. Cementing their names in history. The reality being normies, thinking the current quality is "good enough", will just go into their own little world and never come out.
Future's bleak.

If this trad rightwing swordfaggot, who probably at least has SEEN a real painting, can't tell that these >>6882232 >>6882189 are complete garbage. Then what fucking hope do normies have?

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His brother is one of the most famous art teacher out there, and even if he's probably not the best, he could have just asked to teach him, not a lot of people has opportunities like that, but instead he decided to make ai trash probably after finding out that you actually need to learn how to draw.

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I'm gonna be honest here, I think Shad knows it's garbage, but just doesn't want to admit it.

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Who is the better artist?
Shadman or Shadiversity

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jazza is absolute trash. he has no respect for the materials or the craft. he tries out these different medium only to show how ignorant he is on very simple matters.

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Shadman is both the better and worse artist because Shadiversity is not an artist.

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I don’t use AI stop projecting and argument that doesn’t exist towards me you latent homosexual

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never watched his videos, his target audience always seemed too young for me, but this at least demonstrates that being ignorant runs in the family, there's a reason if almost every other sword youtuber distanced themselves from shad, and his videos reach 50k views, even before this whole ai talk.

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time to make an AI copy of his youtube channel coupled with voice, face and see him make a 180

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Will the AI version actually make the giant carbon fiber sword?

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>I don't use AI I'm just weirdly invested in defending AI and people who use it for zero reasons.

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never heard of an eraser and light table? fag

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I pointed out that someone with knowledge of the toolset can churn out better results than someone who just types words. Try harder. You’ve got nothing.

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>I'm easily at a professional level.

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hmm nice i can make realistic porn of my husbando, how do i do this?

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at least the AI fixed the super short deltoids

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>the future is symbol drawing
Looks like the time of the /beg/ is now.

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>this is his MUH PROCESS

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Anti-pan Woman to the rescue.

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total artist death

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Ctrlzigger detected

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wich one is AI?

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Least delusional AI proompter

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looks like haruhi

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Shad is a medieval wespons fetishist who parades around as a medievsl era expert. Jazza is an art youtuber.

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You just described some of the people in my circle by accident.

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I've never used ai before, it really is easy as shit. what is this guy on about?

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Cyan and Pink color scheme is overused even before the troons hijacked it

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it's literally just random art words and push go.

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he's malding the skills he has developed are now useless with more recent updates

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AI art is so hard you guys! never let anyone tell you otherwise, not even santa.

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Must be. I had a look in dalle threads last week and saw SD users malding in a similar fashion.

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Care to elaborate? What's going on in the sword youtube scene.

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it's not like they weren't warned a year ago that they're being used for beta testing

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Antz lookin-ass

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The more "art" becomes nvidia RTX graphics the less "art" it is.

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The fact you need 100 extensions to output what a real artist can do all in one tool (pencil) and brain (something AI isn't) proves this NFT grift isn't going to replace anything but techfags too far up their own ass to realize it.

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kinda funny how even after AI, nothing changed and you crabs are still out there shitting on artists worse than yourself.

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>Leave the artistically challenged alone!!!! :(

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check his twitter. Is not parody, is just a manchild with some serious problems.

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Yeah, so I redesigned it

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>I-It's like literally diffusing right before my very eyes bro..
>my face when, trending on artstation, Nvidia showcase, high detail, realistic, in unreal engine 5, photo realistic, Canon lens aperture xyz, painted by Craig Mullins, high detail, mouth agape, onions consumed, in belly, luscious scraggly beard, pointing backwards, realistic game graphics, post processing, bloom, RTX: ON, Marvel movie screen grab, highly detailed

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Redeem the rope sir!

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Good morning sirs

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Hello Shad

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>I-It's like literally diffusing right before my very eyes bro..
you have no idea how accurate this actually is and it's honestly funny seeing you make fun of this exact thing.
because it's at the core of what antis don't understand about how AI works.

do you hear the indian accents right now?
just don't piss yourself as soon as i start arguing again.
go on, make more greentexts.

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Cope. There will simply be less jobs for regular artists going forward. Not what I want but I’m not willingly blinding myself to the reality that exists.

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Some people use their left brain dominantly, some people use the right.

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There's also people like you who use none of their brain

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Fresh IA out of the box. Playing around with prompts a bit and the functions of the UI. This shit easy AS FUCK.

I can only generate 3 image at a time though because of my GPU limitation. I gotta say this shit requires 0 skills. Here's some of the generated shite. I just had the idea of a purple tentacle witch thing and try to write a prompt around it.

as fun as this is... it's not something I would use to make art. You can't make your own art with your own creativity without being part of the process from step 0. Writing prompts is fucking easy it doesn't require any skills other than being able to write. Non of you have any part in creating those generated image. Any creature that can operate a computer can do this shit.

0 skills 0 creativity

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He's one of those faggots that thinks AI will end woke media by empowering the based right to make their own work. His interest in it is purely political. There's this growing group of retards out there that genuinely think this goyslop generating tech will liberate them from woke shit, as if AI was designed to be anything other than another tool of control for the globalist regime.

Artists out here panicking about AI images as if that's the end game. The whole point of this is to refine image recognition AIs and force platforms to adopt them. All of these AI companies are working together and sharing data. It's all part of a feedback loop aimed at developing internet wide censorship algorithms for image, text, video and audio, and to continue evolving the Chinese collectivist model of social control. These companies and governments have near infinite resources to throw at this new AI powered internet. Shad and these other autists think that the ability for the average person to make a conservative movie depicting traditional gender roles with AI is somehow going to be worth the price of this dystopian nightmare, so they're trying to normalize AI in the hope that it destabilizes the current system and puts power back in the hands of the people.

Shad's a shortsighted retard pointing a loaded gun at his own head to own the libs. A brave and useful idiot. I hope he enjoys his new life as a mindless drone that has to prompt AI 14 hours a day to spit out an endless stream of videos to stay relevant, all for minimum wage and fake chatbot engagement.

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he made a video...


this guy is delusional

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hilarious ending
>it went from this (ai genned crap)
>to this! (90% same ai genned crap at higher resolution)

>> No.6882571

>My strengths are anatomy and character
>I am an artist. I've developed a very keen eye for proportion and detail.
This made me realize that I've never seen an actual competent artist try to keep desperately claiming "I AM an artist" or "I know anatomy." In my experience, the actually skilled artists just let their work and knowledge speak for themselves. This guy has a very insecure and desperate attitude about passing himself off as a good illustrator.

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AI fags still love to say that they use these programs to achieve their vision, and still they keep showing that the generated pictures don't match the anatomy, hair, or clothing of their original visions.

>> No.6882587

Guys like this are failed artists, and deeply un-original. The AI update matches his original "vision" insofar that his greatest aspiration was always to be an Artgerm copycat, and he couldn't hack it being a hack.

>> No.6882588

maybe its for the best that we don't see his vision from now on... use AI shad, save our eyes.

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>AI generators democratize art! Art should be free! No longer will art be gatekept by those with time and skill!
>...wtf? Why did you steal my AI generated art and not give me credit? I should start signing my images
>man this takes me SO MUCH time... I deserve to be compensated. Please pay me for my AI Art
>actually making AI Art is a very advanced skill, I deserve recognition for the amount of effort I've invested into developing my AI Art talent
Funny how quickly that whole democratizing art, making art free, removing skill barriers to art creation, etc thing was dropped in favor of using it for clout, money, and claiming it as a demonstration of supposed skill.

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Can't believe I used to like this guy

>> No.6882608

>literally chsnged the entire outfit so it only barely resembles the original

>> No.6882612

Oh wait, you must be Makimafag.

>> No.6882616

Its even more blatant when they continually seethe about actual artists charging for muh twitter coomissions, but completely ignore all the AIfags settings up Patreons and Fanboxes for their shit. I know this is trite, but it's very clearly rooted in jealousy of actual artists. They saw AI as a way to knock those damn dirty artists down a peg, but as soon as they realized that they could try to use it to turn themselves into a so-called artist, they immediately did so.

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What’s a good regimen to improve your prompting skills? Is there a “copy Bridgman twice” for AI-assisted art?

>> No.6882686

Create a Bridgman LORA and declare that you have replaced and effectively surpassed Bridgman's skill as an artist.

>> No.6882707

>using something created by leftists to pwn the leftists
That sounds so retarded that it's on brand for them.

>> No.6882709

I'm actually not against AI on a fundamental level, it can be one hell of a tool for learning and small error correcting.
But when your AI assisted end result is so wildly different from your original work, you're not getting an AI assist, you're getting an AI picture from scratch with some guidelines basically on par with just prompting it.
This is shooting yourself in the leg really fucking hard, because your works are just getting standardized to the model's output without any original style.
And because the artistic skill is so bad, these guys can't even really tell if the AI is even giving them proper results or just some Frankensteined piece of shit.
AI use should be reserved for people who can already draw on a decent level, because they're not going to get fucked by major style changes when error correcting and can also use it as a learning tool.

As AI use gets more mainstream, I bet we're going to get a whole lot of these folks who used to draw, never got anywhere beyond early 2000s Deviantart level and now think this is finally the answer to giving them "real" creative ability.

>> No.6882711


It's not about prompting alone retard it's about textural inversions and embeddings and hypernets and checkpoint models and loras. It's so complicated it takes almost hours to learn and days to master. Stop shitting on us, we work so hard to bring our visions to life.

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I took 10min out of work to test some prompts, this is what I have so far after 7 tries (takes me like 40sec for each pic)
>8k, cinematic lighting, lens flare, realistic, detailed face, realistic face smiling looking at viewer, focus on full body frontal view, blonde supergirl costume, floating mid air, full body, red cape, red skirt, city background with skyscrapers at the distance with clouds and the sun
I can probably get his result in like, half an hour of more testing
guy is bonkers with the "shocking amount of work"

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You know what else is evidence of ai defenders doing all this due to insecurity or grifting? The fact that they still do generic pose portraits instead of character interactions or different non-neutral expressions like shadiversity's comic pages shown in the video.

>> No.6882724

I'm confused, you didn't add British in the prompt so why are her teeth crooked?

>> No.6882734

I gen at low resolution and don't bother to hires fix or upscale

>> No.6882739

Yeah, you also have to scour the internet to find and tag the works of outdated horse-and-buggy artists so you can train your LORAs using their data.

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"I had a vision but reality happened" is what being /beg/ is about. If my shit looked exactly how I hoped it would when I started drawing it I'd belong in an asylum for the criminally retarded.

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How is AI a tool for learning? Small error correcting? AI is the one that needs correction

>> No.6882781


Come on now use your imagination.
The applications are practically unlimited in that regard.
For example draw a picture, slap some lighting on it and run it through the AI with a good model.
You're going to get your picture with lighting applied past your own skill level to implement it, showing how you could actually pull it off in your pic. Works extremely well with environments.
You can treat it practically like an automatic red liner, but in a far more complex sense than just showing you correct poses.
Yes AI needs a lot of help in many places and will often give you a bad or wrong results, which is why your eye needs on an okay level to not get fucked by it.
But to discount AI entirely as a tool because AI bad as people here tend to do is just plain stupid. It can be used in a very beneficial way for improvement.

>> No.6882783

>But when your AI assisted end result is so wildly different from your original work, you're not getting an AI assist, you're getting an AI picture from scratch with some guidelines basically on par with just prompting it.
>This is shooting yourself in the leg really fucking hard, because your works are just getting standardized to the model's output without any original style.
this is only when making certain assumptions about the workflow.

>AI use should be reserved for people who can already draw on a decent level
uh... why?
because bad art is offensive or something?

>As AI use gets more mainstream, I bet we're going to get a whole lot of these folks who used to draw, never got anywhere beyond early 2000s Deviantart level and now think this is finally the answer to giving them "real" creative ability.
does it matter what they think if they still suck anyway?
these kind of people should be the least of your concerns.

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You're going to get wonky dipshit results that'll you'll incorrectly learn from without even realizing. You need proper guidance from actual artists and refer to actual pieces of art that does things correct, you know, how people have always learned

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To add to this, there's also no better piece of art to refer to than nature itself.

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>because bad art is offensive or something?

No, because it will completely fuck you out of your personal style if you start using it too early.
Let's say your personal style gravitates more towards some stylized Euro comics. None of the models will give you even close the kind of a result you should be going for.
Instead the AI will be spitting out standard American comic style pictures and if you "fix" the pics with that, you'll begin to gravitate towards that result, your personal style will become the style of that model.


You won't get wonky dipshit results if you already know where to fundamentally place the lighting in your pictures.
AI used with low denoising setting will just refine what you already put in there, it won't be changing the fundamentals, which is how you can use it to learn by getting refined results.
If you don't understand fundamentals then you can't use it to learn.

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i've perfected my technique

>> No.6882835

what does his wife really like like?

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File: 3.03 MB, 1660x1660, Superbooba.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stand aside you promptlets!
This is how it's really done!

>> No.6882871


>> No.6882931

>AI puts light all over the picture
>AI copy paste a portrait photo in the art's head
>Look how good AI is
This can't be real my fucking sides are hurting.

>> No.6883003

Digibros we're safe

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>the guy who made an hour long vid defending AI is also a permabeg using it as a crutch >doesn't take any criticism that even the other guy just gave up to tell him straight up
>"muh anatomy and characters"
>"if it has photorealistic render = good"
What a massive faggot
hooooly shit

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File: 3.34 MB, 200x200, michael-jordan-laughing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's over, digibros...

People reject AI, no one likes the images it generates, too saturated with boring and static shit.

>> No.6883125

Cope, the old AI images were generic and shit but with the new technology that came out recently you can't even tell the difference between AI and real digital art

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faggot is getting owned, soon to have a direct meltdown

>> No.6883131

i do, normal people can, just don't have a smooth brain

>> No.6883149

How much are you paying a month for your AI subscription?

>> No.6883163

That's because you're looking at the old art, retard. If you're so confident then bet your entire family's life that you can distinguish between the 2 100% of the time and I'll test you. You won't though

>> No.6883181

Nah, you're coping if anything.
You can tell if a piece of art has been hand drawn or generated and it is something so subtle no ai can ever achieve to replicate.
The obvious tells are the composition.
Same as any artist can tell if a worked is traced/photobashed or not.
>but normies can't tell
Yeah, no shit, but normies also would eat their own feces if the government told them to.

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your chimp brain can't tell the difference between a donkey and an elephant.

>> No.6883196

>that amount of cope on display as he shits on his artist brother
This is fucking embarrassing to watch.

>> No.6883221

Everything makes sense now.

>> No.6883222

English, please.

>> No.6883338

We're not shitting on him because he's worse than us. He is worse than us, but that's not why we're shitting on him.
We're shitting on him because he's delusional and has absolutely zero intent to improve.
He's the peak stereotypical AI "artist" who cares more about being considered an artist than actually producing art.

He's worse than a /beg/ because at least a /beg/ might get better.

>> No.6883348

Yeah, I used to find his videos about medieval weapons pretty interesting, but seeing him be so retarded about a subject that I actually know about makes me wonder if he's just as retarded about medieval weapons and I simply didn't realize it.

>> No.6883366

You can't even tell the difference!
It passes perfectly as cis art, honey!

>> No.6883374

I get this feeling that he's the type that regurgitates information from other videos by actual experts. He also strikes me as the type who spergs about how fantasy weapons are "unrealistic".

>> No.6883430

He's every insecure midwit who retains a lot of information but isn't particularly clever or creative and knows it. I've known tons of these kinds of beardfat nerds and they're infinitely jealous of artists. They honestly might have an inability to form mental images. Like really born ditch-diggers but cushioned by a wealthy family. I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a un-self aware cunt and had an obvious grudge against talented geniuses and can aspire to nothing better than talking about the deeds of better men.

>> No.6883626

Jazza is too nice to his deluded brother.

>> No.6883628

I wonder how he'd feel if his wife started spamming him daily with AI schlop she generated of his blubbery fat ass face with the body of Superman saying "This is how you look to me darling, this is my ideal vision of you darling you are so perfect honey mwah"
Reckon that'd really flatter him

>> No.6883651

i find it curious that while he can't tell that the sketch is bad, he ALSO can't tell that the resulting rendering is bad as well (since he is showing it off in his video and all). even though it has a sense of realism to it that should make the errors stand out like a sore thumb.

it is genuinely weird to me that people can have an artistic sense that is this bad. and in a robust way too lol.

>> No.6883803
File: 310 KB, 720x599, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its just like 99% of AI shills. When you give powerful tools to morons who dont have an ounce of skill or understanding they fail to produce something of worth even when they have the means to do so...

>> No.6883817

>dumb kyoukoposter
when you say shit like this you're basically admitting that AI is valid and will help and be useful to artists especially.
and yet you tards keep sperging out over "AI shills".

and i keep reading stuff like this. where you're basically dunkin on non artists using AI and saying that artists will be able to use it better whlie at the same time being thoroughly anti AI.

>> No.6883822
File: 865 KB, 2544x4000, 1224aeft495dff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah bro. My casino roulette is also a ""skill"". Just this time, just this one time I'll make it.

Do pajeets really?

>> No.6883835

Yeah man, i’m sure scratch is useful for programmers :^)

>> No.6883838

well anon have anything to say except use the lastest (insert product here) or AI.

how many prompts are people making that basically are trend hoping or what if capeshit but anime or game but other as game... or just porn.
>what "new ideas" are actually being shown that isn't saying look AI
>they're practically wojak pointing as well

>> No.6883839

Is not really about AI itself, but who is using it.I still shit on people who delute themselves saying shit like "skill doesnt matter, only your vision does", then you see their vision and is either 1. the most beg slop imaginable or 2. the most devoid of personality shit you have seen. I dont see high caliver artists using AI to boost their "vision" as you like to parrot about, my nodraw fag, as much as you like to clam >pyw is not an argument, it is because it tells me who is the kind of person I'm talking to.

>> No.6883874

i already posted art on demand for an anon. check the archives.

and the OP itself is proof that vision matters.
you can see him change random things about the AI output in PS and better artists would have done the same, but the difference is a better artist would have never used that output and also made changes that are more high quality as well as adding things to align with their vision.

trends have to come from somewhere, have you considered that? it it comes from people experimenting and sharing. other people copying that doesn't actually say much about AI.

i guess you don't think they "deserve" but that's just gatekeeping and cope.
if the tool has the capability and they can use it, then it is what it is, no matter how much you don't want them to have or use it.

>> No.6883897
File: 710 KB, 2037x1165, a3o4vt13vxbb1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright nigga do you like nature though, learning how things work, politics, history, fashion, actual science and the scientific method not just blindly saying trust the "science" from any BuzzFeed like article

or will giving me shit that's Mario but 40k, Zelda but zombies, and random property as porn. Or do just do look at this but AI

>> No.6883906

> but the difference is a better artist would have never used that output
better proompters you mean. And again, your vision is as good as your skill is, and Shad is proof of that.

>> No.6884032

>giving an attention whore what he craves

>> No.6884045

matt easton of scholagladiatoria (english hematuber) backstabbed shad with a cinquedea by outing him as a racist, sexist, anti-lgbt bigot after turning down a collab at a UK sword event with an all-star lineup of larptubers because it happened to include shad, as well as finding shad's other channel (knights watch) which expresses opinions that matt finds highly offensive towards certain people. matt made the long post without really naming shad but everyone in the hema/swordtube community knows it's about shad. shad is a practicing mormon.
skallagrim (noweigian-canadian hematuber who tests weapons) also distanced himself from shad due to his videos on social issues.
metratron (italian medievaltuber) is backing the struggle session that shad is being put through because shad helped him and his family out when he had his own struggle session against him. sargon claims that metatron is also afraid of being called alt-right because of association as a mutual friend to shad, but metatron say no.
>Brother, you have my shield.
-metatron to shad

>> No.6884051

when will he accept his own irrelevance? he was only good for "this week in stupid" and stopped that 6 years ago

>> No.6884076

what are you even saying...

>your vision is as good as your skill is, and Shad is proof of that.
yeah i agree.

>> No.6884112

this is professional by western comic standards. especially for australians.

>> No.6884130
File: 561 KB, 1920x861, insist-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

alright produce something similar

>> No.6884388
File: 847 KB, 2502x2218, 1685783920875254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gave it a shot.
these can worked with i'd say

>> No.6884537

how is the guy who swings swords for fun more out of shape than the guy who spends most of his time sitting in a chair and drawing

>> No.6884733

I mean, yeah.
Eventually, it probably will.

>> No.6885143

Q: What would you do if you see a complex D3 image, without the prompt being public?
Guessing the artists references, style, era(is it something Greek?),etc
What is the general technique like deducing where the main reference image comes from?? What kind of subtle things you can do manually?

>> No.6885239

These are just noise. There's thought and storytelling that makes the original far more interesting.
If you can't see that ngmi but enjoy your shallow pretty picture generator.

>> No.6885281
File: 666 KB, 512x768, 1683425616562390.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i picked these specifically because they have the potential to tell a story. i even edited the first one for that purpose.
but sure, whatever you say.

>> No.6885411 [DELETED] 


he's not even hopeless. his art is unappealing and ugly but its the scribbles of an autist.
he'd probably improve if he spent as much time learning as he does larping as a knight

>> No.6885415 [DELETED] 

*but its not