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OP got completely shit on in the comments for this, why does coom art upset people so much?

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Cause we are people unlike you are.

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you just know that was a roastie who posts ass to her insta errday.

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what site even is this?

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Christ what an unloveable sexless cunt

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Incredibly cringe critique. If tbe artist wanted to draw a hot ass he wouldve drawn it differently and even if the motivation was spot on it still wouldn't contradict the message one bit

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wheres the lie tho
it is objectively, obviously not done for anything but ass. Why do coomers gets so upset when people call them out on their pathetic, thinly vailed porn

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There’s nothing wrong with panting asses the commenter wants us to live in a sexless society where people are only allowed to enjoy the human body in a pornographic context.

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lol he's actually right your piece is just a lazy study what do you expect retard?

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>Why do coomers gets so upset when people call them out
did the artist get upset? I only see the comment you posted from someone who got offended by the title

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and what if he's not into ass, and painted it for the critique/vanity commentary? there are lots of assumptions made here.

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>it is objectively, obviously not done for anything but ass.
t. Nodraw and/or roastie

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NTA, I’m the op (of this post, not the Reddit one.) and looking at the post, the op (reddit)doesn’t give a fuck about the comments as he hasn’t responded to any and even has more coom art on their page, which is honestly really good

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This kills the d/ic/klet. Also post more examples of people blast op or else you are just a sensationalist faggot.

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I’ll stand by that assumption that he indeed does like ass, it’s the focal point.

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Seems pretty obvious that he's making a commentary on e-thots who are addicted to social media attention, the simps that prop them up, and maybe implicitly criticizing the culture that creates this environment.
If that's your artistic intention, are you NOT supposed to accurately depict what said thots factually DO? Where's the hypocrisy?
This, by the way, isn't necessarily an endorsement of the artist's message. I jack off to thick hos too. This is a simple analysis of artistic intent. If you think an ass shot is *inappropriate* in this context, it probably hit a nerve and you're unable to think clearly about it.

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> If you think an ass shot is *inappropriate* in this context, it probably hit a nerve and you're unable to think clearly about it.
Hit the nail on the head

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The art is really well done and I saved it, but it's retarded to call the piece "phone addiction". It does reek of trying to force a message after drawing a pretty young woman with her ass out.

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The title is undeniably retarded, very lazy from the op’s end. Had they been more upfront it might’ve gotten different reception

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I mean who could possibly get off to this? Have you seen the demented shit coomers ACTUALLY spank it to?
This is a woman's idea of what gets men horny

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I didn’t even see the title I was too busy looking at that HOT ASS

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my eyes where drawn to the shadow under her shirt by her hand, the focal point/area of highest contrast.

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Skill issue

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call him a puritan or anti-woman and be done with it

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for you

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It’s ok to be gay

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Looking back at it most people are mad at the op for the title, wonder how they would’ve reacted had they just titled it “woman with nice ass on phone” or something

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are these muslims? you see more skin at the beach.

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I disagree. I tire of this meme too...

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Titling paintings is stupid anyway. All my file names are like stupid_cunt001.psd

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Nobody cares

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OP only reaffirms the fact that Foids do indeed have a narcissistic fixation on themselves
>Be kidnapped
>Continue to be glued onto the phone 24/7
>Gotta update my tinder!

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>Be kidnapped
>not texting everyone you know that you've been abducted incase you never see them again
You haven't seen the sun in months have you, retard?

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I find it amazing how people just will not put the phone down in any given situation.

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Is a shit, pure bullshit

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Lmao I just looked at this bitch's post history and there is not a single work posted. So much for lazy and boring.

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I think you're on the wrong site, r*ddit is two blocks down

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The title is stupid. That's all there is to it. If it wasn't there no one would've given two fucks. >>6880772

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You're a faggot and faggots aren't people either

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You are a faggot, get a life and stop jerking your wiener to pictures on the internet, zoomers you are insane.

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do women pretend they dont like being beautiful?

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100% accurate.
This is what happens when brainlets try to virtue signal deep meaning with their art. The piece isn't bad as a study, but the problem is that your IQ is so low that you thought that bullshit title would give it "meaningful significance".
And that critic on reddit (which was 100% fair and on point) got you so butthurt that you came here trying to get support from the other crabs.
You're a smooth brained simpleton that tried to pretend to be someone he's not stay mad and rope dummy.

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this says a lot about society

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What's wrong with jacking off once in a while? Seriously what is the problem of getting home from work and rub one off to a nice photo or drawing if you're single?
Don't impose arbitrary rules on others just because you can't get hard anymore

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Dude, I’m not that Anon lol. You can go to the post and see that the Anon didn’t even care enough to respond to any comments. If they didn’t do that they wouldn’t care enough to post this either

You make some fair points though, and I agree with you in the title being stupid and trying to communicate something the piece isn’t. However a lot of the redditors seem to be calling him things along the lines of a creep, lazy/boring, shallow, lame, etc. and that just isn’t necessary imo, considering the most offensive part of the post was the title. It seems to more than anything be anger towards how openly he is about what he likes

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Nta but it robs you of drive if you do it too much

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That is true, it's important to have some cooldown time

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Link the subreddit, retard.

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r/drawing. Just didn’t want the post removed for showing too much info

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>It seems to more than anything be anger towards how openly he is about what he likes
I wonder what the reaction would be if the poster of the image revealed it was a self-portrait.

Everything robs you of drive if you only or almost only do that thing, but that's a problem of compulsive behaviors in general, which in turn are indicative of a deeper problem.

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Regarding the title, I got the impression that the artist was talking about themselves. The painting is clearly a study of a random thot, and only a phone addicted "artist" of the modern era would find something like this and think "yeah I'll paint this dumb cunt's butt, this is noble use my limited time on earth." It's a self own, a statement of his own personal failure to rise above his addiction to the phone through which he finds pictures of phone addicted girls who take pictures of their asses to share online for phone addicted artists to draw and share with phone addicted redditors who in turn share it with failed artists on /ic/ who will look, gawk and comment about the redditors who looked, gawked and commented, instead of working on their own worthless drawings of asses. It's a fractal of bitch asses and bitch ass niggers showing their asses, it's the same bullshit forever, iterations within iterations within iterations of abject social, intellectual and creative failure on every possible level.

I hope we never learn from our mistakes and our worsening depressive symptoms drive us all to suicide. We don't deserve to be here we've squandered the gift of life.

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Yeah what kind of dumb faggot would reply to obvious botted Reddit troons?

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Not bots, redditors are really like that lol

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They were brainwashed by troon mods hence the bot comment.

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Normalfags really detest people who depict phone users in a bad light because they are unironically addicted phonefags. I'm assuming they feel attacked in the same way as people who are called violent because they play videogames with violence on them, with the difference being people do attach their identity and sink their free time in their phones (and in social media in general) more than they really need to, no place on the inernet is free from this.

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you're on 4chan retard...

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ask /a/.

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>no place on the inernet is free from this.

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lol what a cunt

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One wonders if these people are people at all, or instead soulless golem.

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same with people who play female characters in wow: "I don't wanna look at a dude's ass all day!"
coomers are coomers for a reason

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Nobody would give a shit if she wasn't hot.
And I suspect the phone addiction being criticized is the terminally online redditors going on a crusade against an inch of ass cheek presented in an enticing manner, not the hot chick browsing.

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>t. wants to see man ass running around all day

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AI is God's punishment for pretentious faggots.

>> No.6881172

She's completely missing the point of the art by criticizing the blurring of the face

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pyw faggots

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Redditors are so coom-brained they are unable to separate the inherent beauty of the human figure from pornography.

Picrel is porn to the average Redditor. They never see or fuck women IRL so they can’t fathom contemplating a woman’s beauty without wanting to sex her.

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No pussy no work.

>> No.6881246

Anon you are on 4chan

>> No.6881254

stop word think, look at picture

>> No.6881255

What a faggot piece of shit

>> No.6881268

Mobbing, unironically.
They actually like the pic but have to go out of their way to hate it in big histrionic tirades because they've been conditioned that people who like this or that subject get harassed en masse.

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>I have a terabyte of porn on my phone so I'll compensate by bitching about big boobs and ass in other media.

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Yeah and I fuck

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It's just the queers and fatties that hate the idea of men being attracted to women.
Beautiful women revel in their appearance.

>> No.6881459

A lot less hate comments, that's for sure

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the roastoid is unironically right. If you're gonna draw coombait, don't try to justify it with pretentiousness. Draw it because you want to.

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I assumed it being called "phone addiction" while depicting phone addiction but also looking like the type of instagram booty shot that phone addicts endlessly scroll through was intended to be meta.

But I don't know shit about art.

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you got it right pue people too cronically online to use more than 3 neurons and get outraged about any little lthing

>> No.6881488

>They never see or fuck women IRL
who told you that's a requirement for being in society? women?

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Yeah that was a very easy read.

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I agree with both sides, though I find the artist's side more palatable:
- Naming the piece "vanity", like it's a social commentary on the woman's sexuality, whilst also drawing it in such a way as for us, the audience, to leer at her ass is pretty fucking stupid. However...

- Getting so bent out of shape over it is equally fucking stupid. Perhaps the artist just drew a good study and decided to give it a "deep" name to give it meaning? Perhaps he didn't think of the sexuality, and was only naming it based on the phone?
There's also her critique on him not drawing the face, despite all the features of the face being there, albeit draw lightly.
She wrote a fucking novel to critique this dude/dudette, but at the same time calls it boring? Sure had a lot to say about a 'boring' piece, dipshit. Speaking of boring, they're entire argument is essentially based on the quote they wrote up-top, so their argument isn't even really their own... and they call other people boring? How lazy. Fuck off.

And I just realised after writing all this, the artist didn't even name it 'Vanity', it was called "phone addiction", so was the artist even making a commentary about sexuality at all? Christ! What a dipshit!

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this is the most reddit thing I've ever seen

>> No.6881596

I have a wife

>> No.6881597

>I have a wife
how dare you mention relationships, the discord trannies gonna get too mad

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you fucking retards, it doesn't have any message.
it's just silly post title of a picture of a girl looking at her phone.

>> No.6881605

people need to grow up
isnt sexuality empowerment? huh? isnt that what people been pushing?

at least conservative ideals ar emore consistent, these midwits virtue signal and gaslight without an once of logic behind their actions

>> No.6881607

youre asking too much of cronically online midwits

>> No.6881648

>cronically online
There's nothing more chronically online than regurgitating that self-aggrandizing insult on this Cantonese comic book forum.

>> No.6881687

It's a piece called "Phone Addiction", this framing gives it some meaning ya low IQ faggot.

Pot and Kettle I suppose.

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He's right.
The comment comes off a little bitchy, but he' still right.

>> No.6881699

the piece is bad but not because of "muh sexism" it's because "phone bad" is such a boring, boomer thing to piss and moan about

>> No.6881703

You know what they say. Those who can, do. Those who can't, talk about it.

>> No.6881704

shut up midwit

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Covering or blurring a face turns a specific portrait into a non-specific symbol or archetype. It would be unwise to just copy the specific facial features of the ref and turn it into someone specific when you want to adress something general.
While I agree the overall idea is kind of boring, no one shits on some no-name artist on Reddit because the art is boring, but it is because they are triggered political activist types and want to show how morally superior they are. Beautiful women, ass, tits will never get old in art, I am sorry. What will get old are the hags that are whining about it.

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Well I'm rubber and you're glue... You're also a faggot.

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>"What should I call my art of a thot taking a pic of her ass?"
>Thinks for 5 seconds
>"Phone.. uhhm... Addiction. Genius."
>Clicks upload
>Instant seethe

>> No.6881788

this is less of a crit on muh sex bad
and more just some jealous permabeg

>> No.6881790

Someone make the same post with a painting in the same-ish pose but an unattractive tumblresque hairy legged "woman".

>> No.6881861

I only want to see men's asses. No homo.

It do be thicc

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He should have drawn a mirror with her taking an ass shot of herself and a cat in the background licking its own asshole.

That would have made the holes even madder lmao

>> No.6881894

he's right, he's a faggot too pussy and afraid to admit liking coom so he hides it behind a layer of irony

>> No.6882978

le pseud's attempt at claiming there is no corelation between sexuality and beauty standards

>> No.6882996

Damn this a whole discussion

>> No.6883009

On ass

>> No.6883059

Where is the lie in this comment though?

>> No.6883064

>Seems pretty obvious that he's making a commentary on e-thots who are addicted to social media attention, the simps that prop them up, and maybe implicitly criticizing the culture that creates this environment.

But then why focus on her ass?

>> No.6883072

Because you will. Then you will feel called out and need to make up an excuse.
If you didn't, you wouldn't mind.
It's not porn until your porn-addicted brain makes it porn.

>> No.6885768

its like a retard congratulating another retard "he got shit on bro look how much shit"

but really coom is hated because its so popular. everyone likes coom in one form or another. people who refuse to draw it shit on those who do cause theyre literally jealous of the clout cause its "easier".

And you know it's jealousy because all art has been beaten to death. None of this is special, just has a lil coom in it. But because your boring ass fanart doesnt get as much attention as ethot paintings, you look down on it.

its like feminists bitching about popular video games haveing sexy females. It doesnt involve you whatsoever and you arent the target audience.

>> No.6885803

Oh my god who cares just enjoy hot tight lady ass.

>> No.6885814

Based. More people should care less about what random people, redditors especially, think.

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Spectacle and awe, my friends. Spectacle and awe.

All of it is a distraction.

There is only drawing. The reactions, feelings and beliefs of others are ephemeral, substance-less noise and static from lands afar, and lands to which you will never travel. None of it has any lasting reality in the here and now of this moment. None of it can touch this moment. None of it can touch that ass.

Your imagination and the intimate relationship you have with drawing asses belong to you.

Twitter does not own you. Reddit is only a thought. What is real is this moment. What is real is the ass.

Draw the ass. Draw the ass you want to see. Draw it bare. Draw it draped in translucent silks. Draw it in a thong. Lose yourself in its form, feel its form, become the ass, subsume yourself into the ass. Draw it from below. Draw it from above. Draw it from within, and from without. All of this time you've wasted, you can never have it back. Was it well spent? Did you really want to spend it in this way, or were you desperate to escape from the duty the universe assigned to you at the moment of your fated birth? In the end, we all die alone. This tiny slice of time and space is all you have.

Get to drawing. Close /ic/. Resist the addiction, you know it doesn't serve you, it doesn't serve the holy communion with drawing. Please. Please draw. For the sake of your eternal soul... draw.

>> No.6885848

>Artist makes butt super detailed compared to rest of painting
>it's obviously YOU


>> No.6887333

>I only ever learned to paint ass because I can't control my horny level
>oh shit I gotta justify my paintings some how or people will think I'm a pervert
>what makes art good? idk uhhhh something about social commentary?

>> No.6887351

I enjoyed this faggy drivel LARP, very close to what he'd say.

>> No.6887385

Literally butthurt.

>> No.6888275

I don't wanna live in a sexless society I want to live in a society where coomers admit their degeneracy insted of being little bitches
see >>6880798

Nothing wrong with the OP nor the comment he got, he does coom and she is right in her observations - her opinion and anger on it are just that, her shitty opinion along with the shitty opinions in this thread pretending that this is somehow not about ass but higher art

>> No.6888278

so you wouldn't be calling your friends or family? just die in the shadows I guess I'm calling my fucking mom

>> No.6888283

that'd be more in line with "phone addiction" imo than the original where you barely notice the phone

>> No.6888287

Someone tell this woman it's ok if she uses her phone a lot no one is judging her.

>> No.6888348

why do women say boring as an insult? Its obviously not boring because it got her so heated, that's the opposite of boring. It elicited a strong response from her.

>> No.6889430

>post on reddit hating on OP
>post on /ic/ hating on the comments
Holy the samefagging is next level psycho.

>> No.6889445

unironically it'd be a better painting if she were naked

>> No.6889483

Go back to your trash site you retard woman

>> No.6889486

Because ethots want you to focus on their ass.

>> No.6889487

It's an ethot getting ready to take a picture of her ass and send it to her simps inbox. These must be retarded woman who hate this and don't understand

>> No.6889490

This lmao

>> No.6890125

Draw lewd stuff, but don't be so fucking pretentious/insecure about it.

That being said, the Redditors are still probably more outraged by the sexual/nudity aspect of it more than anything, knowing those morons

>> No.6890146

That's literally not what vanity means though.

>> No.6890498

bro it's some dumb e-whore's ass. why are YOU so invested in it? who cares.

>> No.6890502

>all day

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Reddit bullshit aside WTF is this.

>> No.6890528

Mostly are roasties and male feminists. There are also chinks who pretend to be white and act puritanical for public opinion control.
Muslim are forbid to engage since art is haram.

>> No.6890531

How do I make cool brushwork like OP?

>> No.6892230

The seething is cringe, but it isn't completely wrong. Sex sells. For all we know the dude could be a fag.

>> No.6892239

You can make any type of cringe art and people, even if they dislike it, will have the common sense to not be too harsh on it and not shit on the artist. As soon as a hot girl is on the artwork then it has become acceptable to completely pile on the artist. I am not sure what to think of this, it's just on observation. There is literally no cringe theme I can come up with that people will be so openly mean to the artist.

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You're just too stupid to get it.

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File: 715 KB, 828x1413, IMG_3087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>As soon as a hot girl is on the artwork then it has become acceptable to completely pile on the artist.
Retard, the opposite had happened as well. It really just depend on the community you’re in. I seen pic rel way more than op pic.

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File: 62 KB, 514x495, 1684627371347557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know why you guys have to complicate everything.

Kill the shallow coomer artist, kill the raging feminist redditor who's butthurt about it, BAM!

World is way better now.

>> No.6892297

To be honest, she could be updating her location so it can get locked to her account in case jew hackers can track that to know where they are kiddnapped, or updating aswell to put her bio about being kidnapped and people seeing her profile can report by distance between the guy and where she's placed.

Or yeah, she's a woman of course she was updating her Tinder to activate the heigth limit approval to 6'2 for match

>> No.6892337

Retard, the opposite would be a man, not another girl.

>> No.6892367

The opposite of hot is ugly, dumbfuck

>> No.6893852

>all these replies
jesus, I didn't know there were so many buttblasted grifters on /ic/, I thought you guys cared about art for its own sake.

>> No.6893926

hes right you know

>> No.6894243

artist is retarded for giving a generic photocopier study a name like "phone addiction"

commenter is retarded because they're ugly and facial features would be the easiest thing to paint in this painting, they need to post their work

everyone calling it coom art is retarded because if you haven't seen a woman wear this you live in Iraq or you don't see women often

>> No.6894592

God I wish I didn't see women dressed like this in public.

>> No.6894887

Nowadays that's dressing modestly

>> No.6895112

It was posted on reddit, what did you except from those faggot loving nigger welcoming feminist simping retards?
The only thing good about reddit is that it's perfect to troll faggots and liberal whores.

>> No.6896856


Wouldn't call that artist coomer necessarily, that critique does have a point tho. OG artist just wanted to draw ass, and there's nothing wrong with it, just admit you like some juicy ass dammit.

Anime AI on other hand is peak coomerism tho, it's shit specifically generated just for cooms and it's so brain dead it's not even funny. I'd rather have 100 people draw 100 asses rather than one AI generated ass being passed around. Some threads on /a/ get completely shitted up with AI generated crap, you can't escape it.

>> No.6896877

based and correct

>> No.6898236

because people are into lolis now

>> No.6898494


it's actually a great piece and title. just because the main subject holding a phone is the title referring to her? Or is it about the artist or the viewer? I mean I could open any social media app on my phone and see ass within 2 minutes.