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am i undercharging my prices?
pic is my current comm sheet
should i charge more?

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Are you too much of a pussy to post your own work OP?

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>faggot pretends to be someone else so they can get hate on an artist they don't like and have decided to target
What a deceptive, passive aggressive pussy you are. Disgusting piece of shit.

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I think it is ok prices. Especially since AI. Handmade exclusive products are always pricy. Don't really understand the division to lineart, basic color and full color. I think it is in your own interest to make every commission look as good as possible

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>OP nigger is still spamming ic for 3+ months now
qrd on OP, he's a gigantic faggot who believes he's entitled retweets for drawing shit art and spams in hopes someone commissions him for his overpriced garbage. He's been spamming /ic/'s catalog with bait threads (like this one!) where he shills his own twitter.
Sage and report this thread or else it ends up like last ones all reaching bump limit:

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I understand sketch vs color vs full rendering, but I don't understand lineart tiers. Like doing lineart can be one of the hardest parts, so once you've done that, you might as well spend another few minutes throwing down some flats so you have something more presentae and which seems more worthy of a higher price.

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>I understand sketch vs color vs full rendering
And what's the purpose? Produce bad pieces? Better make a single fixed high price. I wouldn't waist money on art done by someone who will intentionally not give a fuck about end result if I don't pay high enough. It feels like jewish pro/pro+/pro++omega subscription tactics

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Let's expand the QRD right now!
Allbeatnik, also known as "Maldraw" and "Malaysian Mike" is a permabanned schizo that has been acting up around several boards over roughly a decade, some of which being /v/, /pol/, /trash/ and /aco/. He is a delusional guy that constantly shits up threads with his nonsensical takes and abuses samefagging so blatantly to make the illusion of people agreeing with him. He also makes stuff up about people he dislikes and vendettafags against them, aided by his samefagging.
Needless to say, avoid like the plague.

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>Allbeatnik, also known as "Maldraw"
WHAT THE FUCK. It's been him all this time?! No wonder I was getting some familiar vibes from his work but couldn't quite recognize it as him wow.

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thinly veiled self advertising

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i dont think anyone is retarded enough to pay $340 for a single char art commission in a market where the average price is $30 per full color

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>self advertising
I can't think of a single fuckin person who'd pay that much for shit like OP. I can get a sperg at the same level to do it for a third of that. Maybe even less.

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>in a market where the average price is $30 per full color
You mean the /beg/ westoid market.

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Had this faggot gotten a commission since the last time he was posted?
Trash tier art btw

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$30 was always too low

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Ah sweet an allbeatnik bait thread

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Link to thread archives? Sounds like a funny drama

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Can we turn this into an actual commission thread? I could use some advice

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Nobody is paying $120+ for low /int/ tier art, be fucking realistic

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seconded, I would love to know the dos and don'ts of setting up a subscription service, kofi/substar/patreon etc, can someone point me in that direction or have any advice?

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>allbeatnik is Malaysia nigger
deep lore

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>Chilean Anon
I was there among the group of autists, we all had good fun.

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>it's malasya anon
i remember seeing a malasyan shitposter in every /pol/ thread constantly getting shit on
shit makes a lot of sense now
>mikufag still hasn't gotten any better since 2015
>actually has gotten worse
damn, mikufag-kun

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Yeah for $340 that's not the kind of "BG" action I would be expecting

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Rule of thumb:
You should AT LEAST earn 20$ an hour!
If the artwork takes five hours to do, the price should be 100$ (or more, depending on difficulty)

Your artwork is worth more than you think! and it's a job for many, so it should pay like one too

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if an artist from NA or EU wont do it for $30, someone from the philiphines will.

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Those Filipiniggers could've charged 70%-80% of first worlder's prices, undercut western artists and still live like a king back in their home countries though. I don't understand why some of them refused to take advantage of coomers.

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tableguy could only WISH he could charge these rates without being made fun of

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fucking lmao

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it all makes sense
it's been over 7 years and he still draws the same face with the same retarded round cheekline, it's amazing really
>inb4 it's just my style

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>its the guy that had a twitter meltdown because popular accounts didnt retweet his stuff
i guess these prices are normal for coomer stuff, but are sfw artists able to survive off just comms? Even if you do overpriced coomer stuff it seems like you have to do a lot of them just to over rent which means less time for original art

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I recently joined some discord servers dedicated to art commissions and it looks as if it's nothing but <20 year olds looking for $5-15 beginner comms. Obviously I can't compete with those prices, but if it's that or nsfw comms, where are intermediate sfw artists actually getting their clients?

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You'll get them if you're good, they'll come to you, hell even beg for one to the point that it gets annoying. If you're a dumb ass begs trying to charge 10 times what other begs charge, you'll never get one. Get skill first and people will pay any price you set.

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You probably can't survive solely off commissions if you live in a country where the primary currency is the USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, and maybe a few other currencies, whether you're drawing normal art or porn.

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>his art is still better than the majority of what I see posted on /ic, and that's not even taking into account that 90% of /ic posters think their art sucks too much to even post at all
Really makes you think