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I've tried doing it, I set up Daz and everything, but painting over was more difficult than I thought it'd be. At the end of it, I found it easier to just use the 3D render as a reference and paint normally. But gosh darn it, I like the way painted over 3D models look like.

What's the process of painting over 3D models like? Any tutorial would help.

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One of the most souless users on /ic/.

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Post your work.

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glorified photo filter

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is there a single artist here to answer my question or has this become a bitching-about-AI board?

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artists are busy drawing and learning the craft, not painting over 3d models.
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The anons here can be so puritan about what they consider acceptable art creation methods. I think the method gives interesting results too.
Anyway, I think just knowing how to digital paint is really all the skills you need, but maybe there are "paint over" tutorials out there.

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>Anyway, I think just knowing how to digital paint is really all the skills you need
you think wrong. I can draw and paint fine at a decent level, but to paint over is not the same process.

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>I can draw and paint fine at a decent level

Yeah, I know, you will find some excuse as to why not.

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Jama's tutorial should help.
But do consider: you don't need it unless you want to do it in a few hours. Even then, you're probably not skilled enough. You either need really good renders or a lot of know-how about digital painting.

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It will lul you into a false sense of skill when in reality if you cant draw that on your own, you will always need daz.
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Sigh.. If you cant even copy a reference of any kind, no matter what tools you have, you will never be able to draw

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