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This guy started drawing at the same time I have, yet he's so much better. My process has been so inefficient in comparison to him. I have never been more humbled this badly in regards to art.

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Same when I found out several of David Finch's students became professionals already. Erick Grove, Tomic Art, and that one kid who was on Dave's livestream all reached professional level art within 2-3 years.

Truly, the biggest thing that holds people back is the lack of a good study method. That's why people who are mentored by pros, people who attend a good school (Watts Atelier, Brainstorm, CDA), or people who are in their 40's and have lots of life experience, are the ones who can learn a skill the fastes

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Just checked his channel and he draws an awful lot. Even if he goes through a lot of subpar material (proko, draw a box etc), it's basically impossible not to improve drawing this much and actually being mindful about it.

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anti-constructionists, our response?

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ah, I thought I saw some tom fox in this pic>>6848674
turns out he used his book.

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Not Japanese

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>has begun drawing at the age of 38
>mogs /ic/ memes "Am I too old?", "b-b-but neuroplasticity" , "construction is a meme" in 2 years
>This guy started drawing at the same time i have, but he's so much better.
Maybe has he been drawing 4 hours a day and you 1 hour a day or less?

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Middle aged people actually have the discipline to follow through with a course and stick to the boring basic exercises. I remember seeing a blogpost by a guy who studied Loomis and became a professional within 2 years, at the age of 40

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Middle aged people cut a lot of bullshit and stick to drawing. They already know they're ancient, they don't spend sulking in sel doubt and making threads on /ic/ asking if they're too old to start.

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i have a terrible ocd so i have an excuse for my lack of practice and crippled motivation

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>draws alot


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If we were to average it up it would likely be 1.5 - 2 hours a day. But its nuts how bad my study habits are.

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This is my struggle. I self learn, I'm sure as we all do, but I lack direction bad. I draw, find my weakness, work on those, draw again, and it slowly gets better. But damn man I'm trying to improve faster and this is too slow. The grind can suck too, always make time for fun drawing, as always.

Any recommendations welcome

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Pick up a book/course, in addition to what you do. But it's normal for the progress to be slow

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I got multiple books, not many courses though. Started drawing like 10 years ago but took like 6 years break because of some (totally not worth it) pussy. Grinding through Hampton, some Will Weston, Vilppu, which all has helped my gesture and basic forms. But I will say since picking drawing back up after such a break, I've improved a bit faster than when I started

I guess I'm trying to make up for lost time

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Honestly, if you have some of the basics down already (aren't a day 1 beginner), do what David Finch tells you here to do.

David Finch Study Streams:
Frank Frazetta: https://youtu.be/ZqJ2h4Jw5nU
Claire Wendling: https://youtu.be/7ukExmlSRWU
Simon Bisley: https://youtu.be/Z2CZKX089w0
Travis Charest: https://youtu.be/ko7H8FGwks8
Carlos Pacheco: https://youtu.be/jFkqUtJ4mRM
Kevin Nowlan: https://youtu.be/ni30Hp72aeY
Joe Quesada: https://youtu.be/atXd2HbHYO8

These streams made me realize Master Copies weren't just a one off thing you did when going to an atelier or museum, but is a daily routine that you do to improve your work, much like figure drawing. I'm telling you, copying my favorite art, then redrawing it from memory, over and over again, made me improve so much

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if you've got your fundies done it helps to watch a course to get an idea of how other artists have their workflow setup, brainstorm and thumbnail, and how they problem solve and push through to a finished piece. self learning is a double edged sword because you can fall into a trap without knowing it, this is where getting crit or help from someone you trust can help. to finding a group that looks at about or above your skill level and get active with the.

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drawing a lot and being mindful about it is hard...

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I never said it was easy. Just that it's guaranteed to have you improve.

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it helps to have a list of questions to shift through
if you don't know what questions to ask yourself when drawing, find an artist who does

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>Kevin Nowlan: https://youtu.be/ni30Hp72aeY
this is pure gold thanks for sharing

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>Frank Frazetta
Based, thanks for the advice, he's one of my faves

I agree, I need to do more masters for sure. I do some here and there. My issue is I get bored with the over-well-done stuff, maybe I need to more masters that align with my vision. Thanks bros

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He mentioned in a video he is a remote worker (He doesn't admit it, but he draws during work).
It's still impressive how good he has gotten working full time with kids

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So....when did you/him started drawing?

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>copying my favorite art
How do you copy? Do you try to construct first or start with contours?

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>just draw a lot!

I can't draw more than an hour a day without getting headaches and needing to disassociate for 14 hours to recharge.

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watch the first 30 minutes

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I hate to be that anon but fucking christ man. Watching a professional breeze through a warmup and yammer about how cool and helpful it is is not useable for me

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he was answering the question on whether you use construction or not. If you watched it, that should answer your question.

And why the FUCK would you not find it useful? Go get art (you) admire and do the same thing on it. Copy it, then draw it from memory

Dumb fucking beginner

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Not all construction is the same nor can seeing means i understand it, wannabee jackass

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If you don't understand what he's doing, do this guide:


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>or people who are in their 40's and have lots of life experience, are the ones who can learn a skill the fastes

>common knowledge that brain plasticity runs out at 30 years old

which is it?

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>he fell for the plasticity meme

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oh i'm gonna ngmi, but not for the reason you think

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OP, what's your IQ?

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Ahh, man, I love this guy! He's nearing middle age has a full-time job, a wife and kids, yet put the time in and he proves he can get results.

There's a video on YouTube where he goes through all his /beg/-tier drawings till now. It's really inspiring.

He's a really cool guy, too. He frequently answers people's questions.
Also you'll notice in his videos he's really positive even though he does talk about his frustrations with art. All you see on /ic/is constant negativity and doom posting about 'Never making it' and 'MUH neuroplasticity' memeing playing on people's insecurity so they have extreme analysis paralysis, instead of getting on and just drawing.

You need to become a glass half full person, rather than the glass half empty person in order to improve.

Drawing is a skill like any other and you can master it at any age.

You just need to stop sabotaging yourself and start believing in yourself.

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Do you remember the link?

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How is this possible? How did they teach a nigger to draw?

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BPD roastie detected

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>leddit spacing
opinion disregarded

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Please stop posting this garbage

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uber-based dude. dispels numerous /ic/ memes at once. will throw his link to all the whiner threads.

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>doesn't understand David Finch's construction
>doesn't want to follow David Finch's roadmap
I can't understand why permabegs are like this

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Reduced plasticity is less of a problem than having zero discipline.

I started learning a 5th language this month, as a 32yo, and it's going smooth as butter because I know the process after learning other shit. I'd say my 22 day progress is 6 months, a year for the average joe trying to learn a language.

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The human male peaks physically at 30 and mentally at 40.
>t. Aristotle I think

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There are always exceptions to standard rules, and living-conditions can drastically affect the outcome: if you're 40 but barely have anything to eat, you're not likely to have the opportunity nor will to learn much.

I wonder how much of the so called plasticity issue is but a rebranding for "lazy" or "unmotivated".

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Awesome, I've started learning to draw at 31. I've made a rule that I film every time I draw, to eventually put into a year-long timelapse. Makes for good motivation to draw every day.

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I think a lot of it is just whether you've had kids or not. Having kids, especially when you're young, kicks the shit out of you. Grinding through any task for years is easy in comparison.

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>I wonder how much of the so called plasticity issue is but a rebranding for "lazy" or "unmotivated".
ding ding ding! we have a winner!

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I'm doing a college-for-adults thing and most of the mid/late 20s people like me are finding it a slog whereas the people in their 40s are in some sort of midlife crisis boomer grindset and are just fucking blazing through the classes.