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You have been offered the opportunity to study in the Rhode Island School of Design, all expenses paid. Would you do it? Why or why not?

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all educational institutes have been captured and zombified for the purpose of disseminating wokeshit

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>all expenses paid.
food and housing incl? hell yeah I would do it.

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the value of art school isn't the teachers you get, its being able to spend a few years just thinking about art. you get into art school as much as you're willing to put into it

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I used to live in middletown am still have all my friends there 20 years later
Not relevant to your thread I just like rhode island :)

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Uhhhh if you have $500k to drop on a college education and the value is “thinking about art” why can’t you just do that in your mansion

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um that's not what a school is for no


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>accept offer
>just take shit on canvas to amaze my teachers or something
>meanwhile get a job as a cashier or some other low-skilled bullshit
>save everything up
>go back to my shithole country
>I'm now a zillionaire

I'm GMI boys!

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You don’t get it. You go to art school for networking, but mostly for your parents to network with the other kids parents. Nobody here knows because nobody here is actually wealthy enough for this to be important to their existence.

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Nothing else I had going on is worth as much money as free college, so yes.

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I already went to RISD, with everything except books paid by my parents. But if I could do it all over again, I would since I didn't network enough like >>6848670 said

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You can do it anon

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You go for networking.

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You're welcome.

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Yes because I'm 30 and already very strong at academic drawing, so this would just be a great opportunity to network with cute arthoes. I'd start a figure drawing club & be its king.

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Well, one thing for sure, you belong there cause neither them or you give a fuck about real art. Now gtfo from /ic

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yes, art hoes

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would you like an all paid study expense to learn the Cal Arts style anon