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How do you get the motivation to actually draw instead of fucking around in vidya or something, when you have free time?

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How do you have discipline? Same way you go to work every day. You don’t get motivated you just commit and show up and do it.

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Use ideas you have for winning vidya for art instead. A lot of guys will take strategies for work and apply it to getting women and dating instead. “Dating strategy” type guys. Unfortunately most success strategies are broadly applicable, so if you always waste your good ideas on vaginas or the gym you’ll never apply them to things that can actually make you money like work or play. Honestly just cut out women and your physical appearance from your interests, and apply all of that mindspace to more important things (money and self sufficiency).

The great irony of mens lives. If you focus on women you have no money, if you focus on money you have no time for women.

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You have to have a routine. I was the same way when I started working out. In fact working out and drawing are very similar. At first it sucks, its painful, embarrassing, but you're glad you did it, and after a while you LIKE doing it and some days it will be
>I can't wait to work on this thing!
Some will be
>I don't want to work on this, but I should
And unfortunately some will be
>I wanna work on this but I need rest.
After enough time you'll reach a point where you can't go a day without drawing.

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I guess I should make myself a schedule then. Thanks for the advice

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Most entertainment sucks ass.
Series last 12 episodes, 3 of them are good, 2 are tolerable, 7 are terrible and you just watch in case some better one comes next.

Watching anime is a waste of time, read the manga and check out the few scenes you liked to see if they didn't fuck it up. You could read most of one piece in a week but if you watched the anime you'd still be at the crocodile arc like a cuck.

Video games are all engagement optimised GaaS bullshit now, there's 3 of them worth playing a year and only one is worth buying.

By just refusing to engage with dogshit content instead of waiting for it to get to the good part you can earn up to 10 hours a week. Use 3 to exercise or make friends and 7 to draw degenerate Loli hentai

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So your advice to this guy that doesn’t draw is to spend his time not drawing on better video games? Nigger are you retarded

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Multitask if you can

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do some scheduled boredom, you take it better than your monkey brain

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I hope I don't become miserable like you.

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You're already here so it's to late now

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Learn to make a goddamn schedule, stupid bitch

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Everytime I have the motivation to draw I check out latest development of generative AI and suddenly I can play vidya just fine.

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>thinks AI can replace drawing
checks out

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if you're serious banish video games from your life. It'll be the best thing you've ever done.
I've seen grown men in their 30s and 40s destroy their lives over that shit (much worse than porn).

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your root problem is that you torture yourself over not doing something you don't like. think about something you enjoy doing and ask yourself "do i have to build strength to go do that thing"? the answer obviously is no.
you build strength for things you consider to be chores, in other words things you don't enjoy doing but have to do.
in your case , you're sad over missing doing something you don't enjoy and don't have to do.

so you're in a vicious cycle of " i FEEL like i want to do this thing but i don't ACTUALLY want to do it because it is unpleasant to me thus i will avoid doing that thing by doing something i ACTUALLY enjoy instead BUT now i feel remorse since i missed on doing the thing i FELT i had to do"

there is obviously a knot that needs to be untied here

you have to ask yourself the question "why do i put myself in such a conflicting situation and how to get out of it"

only you can answer this question, you have to find out for yourself.
this is my answer

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My parents stopped paying my rent after I graduated, and since I couldn't find a full-time art job, I'm now stuck working a shitty part-time job to support myself.
So my hatred of my job motivates me to draw on my off days, because the sooner I get good enough to work as an artist full-time, the sooner I can quit.

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Don’t allow yourself to day dream
Don’t allow yourself to dwell on hypotheticals
Don’t let yourself use your phone or any form of entertainment
And then wait until your brain realizes that you’ll let it be bored for as long as it takes to become interested in drawing
It doesn’t matter if you waste one day because there’ll be thousands more, but to your brain it’ll think, “my god I wasted a whole day because I was playing a game of chicken with my interests”

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Just curious, mind sharing some stories of what you've seen? I think I've seen similar things, and struggled myself when I was in grad school. Had to retake a few classes because I was using games to cope with some shit.