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Where do we post our art now?

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Then the alternative will rise, look at the Unity fiasco

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what alternative?
Threads is dead
Instagram is half dead outside of whores
Bluesky is still invite only and you can't even post videos
Deviantart is Deviantart

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>Then the alternative will rise, look at the Unity fiasco
Deus Vult!

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>You post art online

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I propose to systematically ban all threads title
> It's over

Always some randomly inflated random drama BS.
We really need a containment thread for women.

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what happened to "you are the product"?

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>Then the alternative will rise
10 to 5 years ago maybe but we are in a technological decline. Nothing is getting better

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Acquire sex.

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Every retard decision Elon said he would do, he went through with it.

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Enshittification of everything is real.

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Yeah yeah, for sure, and people have been saying
> It's over
about Twitter for about a year now. It's still up and running, and even if it were to fail, it would take a while. You people just react to everything Musk do without thinking twice, and while never you let the dust settled.

That's literally hysterical behavior, which used to be, in ye good ol' time, associated to women. It's still pretty much a woman's thing, just look at those blue hair "gyals", you don't see men behaving like this. But it's not PC to say it out loud anymore because
> muh my feelings matter u monster

Which we know is a very masculine way of behaving. So is abiding to such rules.

Not before wedding;you still in? I'm a dick btw, you're a vag, right?

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>Then the alternative will rise

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>Women women women
Fuck I think I recognize your posts.

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If it’s really been all bots up to now, then it was over already and perhaps paying a small fee to ensure your engagement is real would be an improvement?

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>Fuck I think I recognize your posts.
I unironically barely ever post things containing the word "women", so that's unlikely. You know, it's possible that there are MORE THAN ONE NIGGER holding a point of view stranger to yours.

So much diversity in the world, eh, who would have thought!

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nah you’re likely the same fago from the other thread ranting about women

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Twitter was still unprofitable.

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Yeah Something Awful was super great and it's still totally relevant and not dead.

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but is it worse than what we got?

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just make twitter the movie. easy money.

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*made by disney*

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How is tumblr these days?

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Surprisingly chill since the worst of the fags hopped over to Twitter, but it's pretty much dead, so don't expect much exposure.

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>In retrospect, elon musk being played by a black south african was the wrong move.

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>Deviantart is Deviantart
I dont understand why people shit on DA. It just works. Sure there is wave of ai slop and they "ban" porn, but it is the only "social" which actually does something for me.

kek, sure people will pay to read slop their favorite ecelebs said. LOLOLOLO

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Rostie cunt

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>wave of ai slop
There's your answer.

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they normified the homepage with a thot live streaming bar at the top and it’s always girls wearing tank tops with gamer lights in the background

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maybe “Tinderfied” is a better description. Something you’d see on a hookup app.

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DA algorithm is asssss

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And this is just to show that I use the platform, not a flex or anything impressive

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I'm most definitely not; I tend to avoid non-art related threads. The
> It's over
made me itchy, that's why I came.

But I'll be gone, like, right now

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You finally going out to feel the breeze touch your cheeks?

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I hope it dies for good. Sadly the only thing that I can imagine taking twitters spot is Discord if they implement social media features similar to twitter

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Pixiv is good

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The best part of twitter is that it's the only site full of things to attract a lot of normies that you can still post porn on. You're never going get anything like that from a site made today.

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That was me, actually. Am I a celeb now?

Anyways, I don't think that guy is right, he forgot fags and children exist, and they love to doompost.

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all me btw

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how unfortunate

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>Via leftoid clickbait article

Fuck off, no one is moving to misskey, no zuckaburg altwrnative cause he is totalitarian ID requiered bitch, and no onw is moving to baraag causw lolis.

Stay or fuck right off from the internet

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But the problem is, are most normies addicted to twitter and willingly pay to use it or not?

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You haven't been paying attention to the mass banning in DA recently do you?

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Idk anon the fujos actually draw. This has sad coomer written all over it

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never used discord before, too private, I want something accesible
are there public servers that don't require passwords where you can talk about art and other stuff, and how is the moderation?

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developers are more worried about making shit to spy on you than making their fucking product better and it shows so much

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>bots already pay for blue
>implying they won't pay to keep spamming
>implying no one saw this coming
Based Eron killing off X, formerly twitter, for good
>whats the alternative
Paywalled social media will become the new standard to "combat bots" so you either pay up to have little exposure to bots or you join whatever other free shithole and have to fight for relevancy against bots that spam 24/7

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You sound as convincing as AI fags
>it's over guys! Just 2 more weeks and it'll be over! Two more weeks and twotter is gone!

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Twitter will still be the best option considering most people pay the what? 12 bucks a month for blue?. Can earn that in 15 minutes of work.

Only one I any users mention is bluesky but that shit is literally ran by the same trannies as X before elon bought it out.

Peoples dislike for someone richer than them blinds them to how twitter was like before elon. Unless your on the side of trannys then have fun at bluesky, stay in your corner this time.

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Unity doesnt have alternatives. Those are just other game engines with different strengths and weaknesses. Unity will still be used for anyone wanting 2D. Unreal for 3D. And godot if you wanna feel special by limiting yourself like a retard.

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If Elon asked for a saliva sample as a DNA record to fight bots you’d comply.

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You mean debunked, deBOONkd its for the nay$0¥ers of the stablishment

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make your own website, lazy bones.

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Where do you think you are.jpg

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>most people pay the what? 12 bucks a month for blue?. Can earn that in 15 minutes of work.
1. No, most people do not waste $12 a month on a free website.
2. No, most do not make $48/hr. Even if they did, they wouldn't waste $12 on a free website.

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>Niggers, Jews, pajeets, women, trannies and less white males
I wonder why

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he'd bend over and let elon pound his bussy with his strapon.

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There is no normies, you're addicted to number go up from fucking bots.
Your "engagement" is 100% fake and you'd get the exact same number of human eyes looking at your shit if you made your own website and added a random number generator called "daily views tracker" on the corner.

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holy fuck!!! you niggers will fall for any dumbfuck memes no matter what

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theres PLENTY of easily accessible servers out there who have almost little to no moderation unless obviously needed
but it just sucks as something like X, since its just used for messaging

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Is Musk the new Orange Man Bad?
Tards literally believe anything negative they read about him without question.

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>Is Musk the new Orange Man Bad?
There are libtards who have derangement syndrome over him (which is weird because he was a lib until 5 minutes ago).
Then there's people like me who looked forward to him making Twitter a more open platform, but facepalming as he continues to step on his own dick. He only had one job.

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He's reddit incarnate, I hate him regardless

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no but it would be hilarious if he got close to one of these.

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t. Unity employee

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Pixiv would've been perfect if not for all the ai garbage and if japan got rid of their dumb censorship laws.

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it's so fun seeing him destroy his own reputation so fast
that's why he banned the account sharing his "assassination coordinates"

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Does anyone know of a Portfolio site like artstation where you dont have to pay to have hidden projects? I need to apply for a job but I'm not interested in sharing my art publicly anymore.

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The amount of hate he gets is pretty retarded considering the only thing he's ruining is his reputation, his income and his credit score.

He's legit not damaging anyone but himself and still terminally online retards act like he's some slave driving tyrant.

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unity has been garbage for its entire history and only has a downward trajectory. sucks they captured as much market as they did while being alive

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I wonder if people feel embarrassed when they look back at their social media posts from when Trump was president. So many took their cues from corporate media, which in turn did the bidding of the CIA and other elements of the permanent ruling class. The hysteria, hyperbole and outright lies were constants, day in and day out, for four years straight. And yet, looked at objectively, Trump's presidency was unremarkable in most respects, and he actually did less harm than Clinton, Bush and Obama, by not starting any new wars or implementing any new massive illegal surveillance programs. And who led the charge against Trump? People like Brennan and Clapper, who illegally spied on Americans, lied about it without consequence, and became "analysts" on CNN, MSNBC, etc. The same people who fell for this massive psyop are the ones who now think Musk is the devil. They are NPCs, lemmings, supporters of the latest thing, useful idiots.

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its called google drive dipshit
retarded cocksuckers

>> No.6849616

Why not just make your own site?

>> No.6849624

isn't it weird to just share a pdf to an employer?
I only apply to jobs once every few years so I'm not interested in paying hundreds of dollars a year to keep one up, I also no longer have any interest in having a public presence beyond when I'm looking for a new job so a custom website seems like overkill.

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I love how you Twitter loving niggers have bent over backwards justifying every single thing by this steaming dug turd platform to not switch to self hosting or fediverse instances and you cant do anything but let techbros shit on your stupid shit eating faces

You deserve nfts, ai and this for being a group that couldnt fathom moving away from goysloprolefeed platforms

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>retarded cocksuckers
Post your social media so we can see your based takes anon

>> No.6849657

I just opened deviantart and its filled with AI

>> No.6849672

>retarded cocksuckers
Sore topic for the #resistance?

>> No.6849681

nta, but yeah you're actually deeply retarded, like someone needs to hold your hand when you cross the street level of retarded.

>> No.6849723

You are that anon, and we can all see you're deeply butthurt.

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>instagram sucks
>deviantart sucks
>tumblr sucks
>twitter is slowly dying
Worst fucking time to try and build a brand. It seems like everything just went to shit after 2015

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People can willingly go back to forums and make their own websites. Perhaps the generation after zoomers will take on this trend.

>> No.6849746

Just keep drawing, there will be something eventually.

>> No.6849787

Look at xer crying xiz eyes out

Xwz cant even right now

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>isn't it weird to just share a pdf to an employer?
Just keep loose labelled image files in a gdrive folder why the fuck would you go through the effort of putting everything in a pdf pdf is a dogass format anyways
unlike other retards i don't use social media as my blog or a soapbox except for using cabbage pickling forums to call faggots retarded
have you drawn at all today or have you wasted all your free time today pwning the commies that live in your walls?

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Newgrounds, duh

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Unity has been becoming more of a buggy, broken, unfinished mess since like 2018 and even back then, it wasn't great.

Godot is shit too yea, but it's not because it's """limiting""" (whatever that fucking means). It's still better than Unity for 2D.

>> No.6849842

>have you drawn at all today or have you wasted all your free time today pwning the commies that live in your walls?
There are no commies in my walls, but there are most definitely Russians. The #resistance told me so.

>> No.6849851

right so would you like to explain why you're on the drawing board if you don't draw? is it because you're just that much of a lazy piece of shit or are you so mentally disabled your handler doesn't let you hold a pencil?

>> No.6849852

Do you draw, anon? By your own logic, you can't possibly draw and still post on this board, so...

>> No.6849859

i asked you if you drew, and you dodged the question. why did you dodge the question if you have an easy answer? you could have bigdick chadposted your epic art and then blown me the fuck out by demanding i post work. instead you're doing this faggy limp-wristed ad hom bullshit and posting zero pieces

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Unity was never good.

>> No.6849933

I didn't dodge the question. The question has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of this thread, in which nobody, including you, has posted art. Furthermore, you complaining about "ad hom" is rich, considering you instigated this exchange by responding to decidedly non-ad hom posts >>6849558 and >>6849474 by calling anons "retarded cocksuckers," which suggests you were too triggered (because the posts hit too close to home) to either formulate a coherent response or just stay quiet.

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Second post mentioned should be >>6849598

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most bots are verified lmao
how fucking dumb is musk?

>> No.6850119

They feel no embarrassment because they're trained to live in a permanent state of cognitive dissonance

>> No.6850275

1st what >>6848258 said
2nd it died when eclipse was released only turning into a fetish dump site
which it might not be even that come a few months cause they're getting stricter apparently

>> No.6850319

I guess I'll just fuck off from the internet and go back to doing art in real life.
Why bother when no one wants to compete because they know the jews will just buy them out.
Either outright delete the internet by virus or just abandon it. If everyone just stopped carrying about the internet if it was that easy, the evil kikes couldn't do a damn thing about it.

>> No.6850670

Pixiv and DA. They already bring me more engagement and commissions

>> No.6850696

ah all the filtered beglets that keep crying in here. If you can't even get a 10K account in a couple of months with your art, you will absolutely never make it, not online or offline. It just means you lack the basic capabilities to be a normal human being.
Keep coping and dilating on message boards for the social mongoloids that you are.

>> No.6850698

What about Deviant Art position on AI? You know that your art will be feed into an AI right?

>> No.6850731

All art will be fed to the poo god. Because developers have no idea how to block scrappers with anything but easily sidelined tags.
We're being scrapped right here right now. And making the AI worse for it lol.

>> No.6850746

Their AI slop is so shit that the base SD model could come up with something more coherent.

Here's the problem with all these "muh AI" glorification bragging how big their dataset is. The more noise you capture, the more meaningless data you retain, and the more garbage your models are.

>> No.6850917

>what alternative?
To where everyone ends up going. Twitter only became the artist hub because tumblr shit itself and then proceeded to roll around in said shit. Honestly, twitter sucks, and continues to suck.
Its galleries are shit - I can just look at people's art and have to go through all their media posts.
Their timeline sucks - I often find that it somehow slows down my browser and I'll end up click on art that I scrolled past ages ago somehow.
The Culture is fucking ass - this doesn't need to elaborated on.

What's there to mourn, besides it being the 'current' hub, that is?

>> No.6850947

We'll end up on the next cool social media, that's all there is to know. For now, it's kind of a shitty timing because Twitter is going out of fade and no "new cool platform growing" anywhere.
We just have to wait.

>> No.6850966

Average /ic/ user doesn't have a job lol, lmao even.

>nooo I'm not paying HECKIN Elon nooo muh morals much principles

Coming from porn addicted anime faggots that's so funny

>> No.6851029

So the alternative will be shit in it's own ways, but there will be an alternative as there always will.

>> No.6851137

I'm convinced y'all would stay on twitter even if there was a great alternative. You crave the whining.

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Do you get that much from twitterblue as an artist tho?

>> No.6851662

No one cares, they have Musk derangement syndrome.

>> No.6851715

it's filled to the fucking brim with AI slop and they scalp artwork for AI generators, are you stupid?

>> No.6851747

I never used “social media” so good riddance.
Stop thinking about followers and likes for a second. What do you want to MAKE? Make that, and distribute it where things such as that are normally distributed. Who gives a shit about “followers”.

>> No.6851909

I don't
I have my account since 2010
I haven't posted a single drawing

>> No.6851941

a white male is in charge of twitter.
the problem is less the race and more that autistic techbros that should have been bullied are the CEOs now.

>> No.6851947

Retard, I left months ago when you were all laughing saying nothing changed when everyone's engagement was already fucked beyond repair but you were too blind to see what was right in front of you.

>> No.6851953

He also claimed to be the president of the United States

>> No.6851963

Narcissists without a spine. They crave numbers that mean nothing but a quick dopamine fix while pretending that people actually give a shit about them.

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>Unity doesn't have alternatives.
It sucks man... I took so long getting into Unity out of fear of C#, then not even like 3 months in it just clicks and I was a happy camper with Unity
Then not even 2 years into Unity this shit happens. All because some faggot jew can't just fuck off and now I have to use blueprints for Unreal which literally tells me it's less optimized than coding but coding is nye impossible because it's written like a schizo did it, and Godot is a fucking meme.

>> No.6852302

> It seems like everything just went to shit after 2015
Hmm, I wonder why?

>> No.6852303

Obama and the appeal of the Smith Mundt legalization act which legalized the usage of military grade domestic propaganda on the American people.
Also the rise of smart phones and social media, also under Obama.

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>It just works. Sure there is wave of ai slop and they "ban" porn
>I just opened deviantart and its filled with AI
has it really gotten that bad? DA was always a shitty garbage dump but at least it had character and a sense of community back when i used it in 2016 now these fags can't even be bothered to post there own work anymore.

>> No.6852428

Muskrat is barely white or male

>> No.6852439

Is musk going to be the new Trump? Not just for the left but here too where anons constantly defend him

>> No.6852461

the public opinions is starting to move against him (rightly so, he's a fucking lunatic) so of course 4channers have to defend him now

>> No.6852478

>the public opinions is starting to move against him (rightly so, he's a fucking lunatic)
Public opinion has been against him for ages. Hell, before he even bought twitter people hated him and were praying it would bankrupt him, or fail to buy it.

I'm not even sure what he's done to earn such scorn, besides being cringe and liking crypto?

>> No.6852518

probably. yes.

>> No.6853458

Depends on what you mean with "ages", but you're right that it started before he bought twitter.
At some point he probably fired his pr team thinking he could manage everything by himself, and the mask fell off, and god, the list of things he did that made people hate him/pity him/lose respect of him is long. Most of the stories are him acting like a baby because someone stole the spotlight, being a hypocrite, a narcissist with god-saviour complex and with an extremely fragile ego, constantly needing to bathe himself in his echo chamber made of desperate fanboys and asslickers, usual rich guy stuff with molesting women, and now he completely shifted from being a liberal icon to fully supporting Trump and acting like a russian agent. If you don't try to clean your image, things pile up and people start hating you

>> No.6853487

>have to go to a free public toilet at the station
>it's fucking smeared with shit and piss, unusable
>hold my piss until I'm at home
>they make new toilets
>$1 toll
>they're fucking resplendent, toilet paper is there, clean
>use them without worry
You know what, I'll play devil's advocate. Yes it's cucked to pay for social media, but the internet has taught me (especially through 4chan) that free things always end up to shit. How much would that be/year? If it's like $10 a year it would be worth it just to be free of all the 3rd worlders and bots.

>> No.6853490

All of them ended up being good in the end so far (intentionally or otherwise) this one looks like a dud tho

>> No.6853498

>All of them ended up being good in the end so far.


>> No.6853500

Just use the urinal????

>> No.6853512

I wish this was true, but just looking at how the average blue checkmark account is disproves this theory