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Is this a western cartoon art style?

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Diana is my wife and fuck every yurifag tranny faggot who latched onto this

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Kill yourself westrash

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Based Westaboo Yoh Yoshinari making self-insertfags cope and seethe

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It is a sacred blend of east and west to produce a most masterful animated piece of cinema

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She's a bit old to be breastfeed IMO. She should try seafood. Like, oysters. Or sausages idk

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dont try to associate this with your western slop.

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very little about this is western, aside from the setting. Its literally just super deformed anime

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never watched the show but I already like that blonde girl with glasses

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>No, see! this art style is 1% jewish!
What is the point of this stupid binary division? What is the fetish with you fags turning every discussion into binary divisions? It's an art style from a japanese artist, no need to overcomplicate it.
No amount of this will save this thread from being another autistim west/east fight, but for the love of God, post more.

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>Diana is my wife and fuck every yurifag tranny faggot who latched onto this
The original Mangaka wanted Akko and Diana to end up a couple but his higher ups didn't let him. He's made yuri hentai of them, see >>6848033

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Westerners WISH

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how old is Akko supposed to be? Andrew and his friends all look like college students while she looks like a kid from primary school

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No. It's an anime so it's an anime art style. If anything it resembles french animation.

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It's not Western at all, but I'm drawing a blank when trying to reason why that is. On a technical level, what exactly separates the typical Japanese art style from the Western one? I think it has something to do with its structure having more basis in reality. In this picture, everything from the folds of the clothes to the curvature of the individual finger digits is given care. Japan seems to stylize with minimal sacrifice, if that makes sense.

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name a single western cartoon that looks like LWA made within the last 20 years

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yoshinari's bna sketches are full of soul

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Link me that fucking shit because I'm too lazy to search it, thanks.

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>Superior waifu

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Failed people seek out heredity as their last source of pride.

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That's nice. Except there's no "original mangaka" because it wasn't originally a manga you batshit insane tranny. Whoops! Kill yourself freak.

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More like western anime style

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beastars if it was good

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Yoh Yoshinari was the show's director and creator, not the mangaka.

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I'd say shin-chan and Panty & Stocking are closer to a more western style. Shin-chan more incidentally, and P&S more intentionally.

Honestly though, you could find pretty "anime" stuff in some old american/european comic books. The only thing that really makes "anime"... well, anime, is the stylistic eyes (and perhaps a couple of other small flourishes).

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The Japanese refer to both animation and comics as "Manga" therefore, I'm not wrong.

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much like anime, this is not art

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Is it flat?
Is it void of perspective and volume?
Is it made of basic geometric shapes?
Are the female characters hideous?
I doubt it's Toonshit at all.

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Shin-chan and P&S characters do resemble westshit but the backgrounds definitely give out what it really is, in cartoons the background is a statick flat asset, while in ANime characters are drawn in perspective respective to the background, is one of the many things that make it look more cinematic, cartoons are completely flat, usually trapped in 3/4th view or full front/back

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Why is this board so anti american so much?

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Who fucking cares?

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Because Americans are anti-beauty, anti-dignity, anti-freedom and anti-comfiness.

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>this board

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Because America spreads globohomo through its media

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Because American culture is a cancer to society

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It's a crime to set up American slop and European art next to each other. I also despise asian drawings but they are at least separated from European style in IC's average opinion.(even though they are heavily inspired by it)

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because it's mostly seething latinoids and other third worlders

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I am in love with little witches

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Because you burgers keep mutilating the genitals of your sons like it's a normal thing.

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This >>6850200
Is French.

Is not "European" or "american" is Toonshit, and looks nothing like Anime.

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France is in Europe I think

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>in cartoons the background is a statick flat asset
Never really thought about it, but I suppose you are correct. I'd need to watch more mature cartoons that aren't comedy to really see if this is a thing with western animation though - it's definitely a stylistic feature for children's (and therefore most) animation though.

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It's still anime my nigga

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why do you think?

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I love the Canadian/French/Italian/Californian style is so flat and geometric.

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oh good

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>mass brainwashing of children into degeneracy

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its not ugly so no

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but enough with tranime