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Copy twice

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Pointless. It's better to apply his concepts to your own drawings.

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You don't even draw

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why not both?

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What happened to the "Sage" post saying
> Why not both


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It was me, wtf just happened?

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vilppu doesn't want you to copy blindly like atelierfaggots do
watching his vids, like the latest live stream or that NMA figure drawing ones both on YouTube, its pretty funny seeing him shit on "classically trained" retards every chance he has

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What happened bro?

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tos. announcing sage is forbidden.

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i used in another thread, forgot to remove it

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Vilppu approves of master copies, my uninitiated fellow Vilppu-disciple.

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I've resurrected your idea, everything is under control, don't worry. It's all gonna be okay. "sage" is enough in the "Options" field, no need to ragefill it everywhere it fits

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Redpill me on sight size. If it's a misinterpretation of the artistic traditiion then why is it so widely practiced? I was going to do some Bargue studies and I think people even here were talking about how important it is you need to use sight size and be 1000% accurate, what for? If you're not trying to become a photocopier then you should use comparative measurement instead, right?

Video related

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vilppu is no master but a perma low int with no good finished work on the horizon.


an embarrassment to the art world

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Vilppu is a grandmaster. He paints better than Michelangelo.

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> pic unrelated

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I want to see the art of any person that's actually done this

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ever notice how people saying this don't draw?

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have you done it?

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I have heard of copying Bridgman but this is new

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bridgman too good for you?

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Vilppu has a book that he explicitly designed to be copied. It's called Figure Drawing Demonstrations Step by Step.

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studies =! copying, dipshit. look at the neck.
Legitimately low-IQ post. Show skin color now. No white man can be THIS stupid.

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Its called "DEMONSTRATION", moron.
Copyfags truly are subhuman.

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>A good way to use this book is to copy the drawings step by step.

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We don't copy, we analyze.

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>t. watched Vilppu once
Your understanding of drawing is surface level at best

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That was fun, I'm all warmed-up now. Your turn

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I don't know why you would upload a troll image, I thought you legitimately hated Vilppu. I guess we're on the same side, I guess?

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> I don't know why you would upload a troll image
You fanboys inspire me, I can't help it. It's fun to do too.

> I thought you legitimately hated Vilppu
No:he's an okay teacher, too woobly to my taste, but he's a perfectly good option for beginners. But as an artist, he's not fantastic;most of what he does are doodles, sketches and demonstration.

IIRC on >>6848275 he was working from imagination, which is nice, but the way he handles lights is lacking. By comparison with the punch of Leonardo's draperies for example

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Copy Vanderpoel twice

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>Redpill me on sight size.
It's a method that can be traced back to 18th century British painting, but has similarities to much earlier, 17th, and even 16th century approaches to getting a similarity.
>If it's a misinterpretation of the artistic traditiion then why is it so widely practiced?
There's no misinterpretation because there is no one single Tradition that everyone went by. Over the course of centuries, the tools used by artists to create a likeness have changed.
>I was going to do some Bargue studies and I think people even here were talking about how important it is you need to use sight size and be 1000% accurate, what for?
So that you practice accurately judging placement of points and lines. Training methods are meant to enable you to get better, not to make pieces in your everyday practice.
>If you're not trying to become a photocopier then you should use comparative measurement instead, right?
I can't even begin to imagine how you came to the conclusion that a rational scaling of what you see somehow changes the copyist nature of what you're doing. What do you think happens when you set the comparative ratio to 1?

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Atelier shareholder spotted. But seriously, consider the article.

Addressing your last two points, the reason Vilppu says to analyze but not copy, and Krenz says to reach 80% accuracy, and Finch tells you to copy bridgman twice (from observation then memory, and definitely not using sight size), and /ic/ tells you to be able to draw boxes at any angle is that these methods have you learn how to draw naturally. The notion is to approach a level of skill where you can apply your fundies: anatomy, proportions, perspective using the knowledge you've learned while relying less on guides, measurements, and reference. If you follow the atelier method of using exclusively sight-size then you become le kangourou a la proko, and picture related. Like the article says, the old masters drew forms with geometry and perspective in mind, not by copying shapes of light and shadow. This is the /ic/ anthology. Correct me if I'm wrong

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Also from the article:
>The difference between traditional approach and sight-size method is very important. In order to draw, the student needs to develop the ability to measure proportions visually: every part must have the same relationship to other parts in size as it is on the model. For example, the vase is so much bigger than the cup, or the head is so much smaller than the ribcage, etc. The ability to see each part in relationship to the whole and therefore keep all of the parts in the same scale, is not easy to attain and takes years of constant practice. After years of practice, one can draw or paint in any scale they like. This is the essential aspect of drawing, and is the biggest reason why academies had exams and would not accept students who did not develop this ability. Some professors at the nineteenth century Russian academy demonstrated the level of virtuosity by drawing, for example, the statue of Laocoon starting from the small toe all the way to the head in perfect proportions; or drawing parts of the model on separate pieces of paper, mentally keeping them in the same scale, and then, when they put them together, all of the parts fit together perfectly to the astonishment of the students.
>The sight-size tracing method bypasses the need for proportional measurement and directly traces the points from the model to the surface, evading a serious and lengthy study of proportion and form. If the student does not quit this practice fast enough, he or she will end up lacking proportional measurement skills and with a severe dependency on this mechanical method.

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why do racists have low IQ?

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My process of studying Vilppu is seeing him draw, repeating after him and trying to incorporate his workflow into my next figures.

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>itt permabegs trying to shit on the best art teacher
What a sight to behold

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They have low and extremely high IQ. It's the 100 IQ midwits who are anti racists goy cattle.

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explain why "sneed" and "chuck" from the picture depicting the farming provisions shop known as "sneeds feed and seed" are referred to as "sneed" and "chuck" even though the old man at the cash register is much more likely to be the current owner of the establishment known as "sneed" on behalf of his age and access to the cash register. "chuck" could be a deceased or incapacitated family member or sibling. and the two men out on the porch are just two hillbilly workers on break that are paid a wage to transport and stock boxes of feed , seed , and gummy bears around the shop.

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The pic is somehow retarded. Those are different, yet overlapping skills. We could do the same kind of comparison with Vilppu's >>6848275 and a fine academy; He would unironically benefit, probably greatly, from doing some careful academical studies.

If you never train to draw without a model, you will suck at drawing without a model.
If you never train to draw directly with ink without a model, you will suck at drawing directly with ink without a model.
If you never train to meticulously render the figure from a model, you will suck at rendering the figure from a model.


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what's this?

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I saw your pic as the dude facing forward making this face, and now I can’t unsee it

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Loomis but good

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Everytime i come back to this shithole i get more disappointed
I thank god i left this place and didnt listen to your "just draw" retards advice, apparently is "just copy" now lol
Anyways, time to fuck off

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based fucking retard the real way to draw is to not draw at all

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wait, you guys don't copy every drawing in a manual you're reading?