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>Find new artist
>Check the media tab
>Full of irrelevant crap, memes and reaction images
>Have to scroll for minutes just to find some art
>Immediately unfollow
>Goes to timeline
>Artist I follows shares his unwanted opinion on the latest game released, latest news, latest drama.
>Immediately unfollow

Why are some people like this? Don't they understand that the reason most people follow them is for their art? What's difficult about not cluttering your feed?

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Twitter is not a gallery. They are using Twitter for its intended purpose. If you want to see their art go to their website/pixiv. If (you) try hard by only posting art on a twitter account then you’re missing the point.

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>Artist I follows shares his unwanted opinion on the latest game released, latest news, latest drama.
I'll agree with the rest, but they can't even shoot the shit with people? Just scroll past text only posts in your feed.

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Heh, couldn't be me

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I agree, fucking hate when people I follow post irrelevant stuff.
no, if you're an artist, and you're using a social media to build a following, which is art, not random memes, not political opinions. It would be like following someone for their posts about anthropology and randomly receiving furry porn on your timeline.

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Congrats, that’s the vast majority of jp or any asian artist. Not even western artist you shitters would bitch about would post this much irrelevant shit.

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I think you missed the part where I said Twitter is not a gallery.

Twitter is not a gallery.

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Don't bother with these try hard begers, they'll never succeed since they don't understand twiter/x

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So what? Doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't use it like that, nothing is stopping you to only post videos, nor are you forced to spew stupid opinions. The only reason artists use Twitter is cause it's the only big enough social that doesn't ban porn and compresses images too much. I only follow artists that only post their art, they never get into any drama, and are respectful to their followers, my timeline is clean, while still being able to find new artists through retweets or comments.

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You’re given a platform to shoot the shit and be personal while sharing any kind of shit doodle you want. And yet you try to make it clean like a baby’s rear end despite the other services providing this for you. You sound like a neutered individual, so you do you I guess.

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If that was its "intended purpose" why did they add an alghoritmic timeline that 90% only shows relevant content and not the random garbage they post? Because its "intended use" is to post content that drives engagement, which usually isn't that random picture you took at a restaurant, but art (or whatever type of content people follow you). If I wanted to see pics of food, I'd follow a food photographer, not an artist.

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Hundreds if not thousands of thematic accounts that only post relevant content and gain even millions of followers, but somehow I'm in the wrong for wanting consistency in my timeline.

Would you follow a meme account, or a game journalist, that randomly shares their opinion on Guatemalan politics, and retweets ranging from ancient aliens conspiracy to scat porn? Like I said, if you are trying to build a following, treat your followers with respect and don't litter their timeline using your business account as if it was your personal one.

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>find a good artist on twitter
>most of his pose are memes about eh FOTM or some irrelvant shit happening around him
>post his good art every millenium

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Retard. Timeline moves. Gallery doesn’t. Get it in your monkey brain. Last reply to this dumb thread.

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So you're telling me that journalists use Twitter as if it was a gallery because they only post relevant content? Oh nooo, so that means the majority of big accounts all do that, what a shame, almost as if that was the best way to use the platform and only unprofessional retards litter their "gallery" with irrelevant shit.

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I'll message every artist I follow to warn them that they are using Twitter wrong and should instead post whatever shit comes to their mind, and clutter their profile, even if it displeases their following. I wonder how they managed to grow their account until now...

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using xitter as intended is a major red flag that someone has high schooler brain damage he never grew out of; artists who can't control themselves and post more e-junk than work should be bookmarked and not followed

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By this reasoning it would be impossible to lose followers, why would there even be an unfollow button in the first place? If you see something you don't like, or you're not interested in your feed, (that you could easily avoid seeing again by unfollowing) just scroll past, it's not like you should have any agency over what type of content you want to see.

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>artist has a personality and hobbies outside of art
completely unacceptable. what the fuck were they thinking, being humans and not just art generators?

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you express your personality through your work, I don't give a fuck about whatever junk you post that is not art, and honestly, that type of behaviour is usually considered unacceptable on other types of account.

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If you don’t get a fuck then unfollow. Nobody should care what you want, it’s not your account.

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>I don't give a fuck about whatever junk you post that is not art
and I don't give a fuck about you following me. Cool how it works both ways, huh

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most people aren't social media whores like you whose every action is calculated to generate the most engagement possible

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OP struck a nerve on the ego driven "artists" in this shitty ass place. I knew your guys' egos were big, but I didn't know it was that bad.

You are not important and easily replaceable, now go and draw cute girls so I can like them and stop posting about your commie dreamland plans.

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>ego driven
>for posting things that aren't art
what does this even mean

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It means you soil the concept of art by putting your face and feelings in front of it. Instead of being a conduit to art, you are just using it to get attention.

There should be a hell for people like that.

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he fell for the social media meme

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>reeeeee let me consoom without knowing an actual human is behind my entertainment

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>by putting your face and feelings in front of it
so by knowing the artist, the art is now ruined?
you ironically sound like a twittard that can't separate art from artist.

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>so by knowing the artist, the art is now ruined?
Yes, because it will be a retard 99% of the time.

>you ironically sound like a twittard that can't separate art from artist

I can, but it still lead to situations like OP just said, where I can't appreciate the art because of 90 trillion lines of goop being spammed. It also turns this board from a place to learn and talk about art to the PYWfiesta that it is.

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if 99% of the people you interact with in some way are retarded, maybe it's actually you that's the retard?

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I am retarded, doesn't mean the other 99% are also not retarded. The difference between me and you is that I know I am an imbecile. I also know no one gives a fuck about my opinions, and that's why I only post on this garbage anonymous board, so I can just vent into the void with other retards.

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>The difference between me and you is that I know I am an imbecile
But I know you're an imbecile too.

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>don't spam irrelevant stuff to farm engagement
>don't spam memes on posts of others to show how based and funny and memepilled you are
>never grow because the people you want to attract that will support your art will do it because it supports you, as the internet persona you're portraying, not because of your art
Only other artist give a shit about the art, but artist aren't the ones who might potentially give you money.

If you see all the big accounts, they're not followed for their art, their art is secondary to whatever else they might do i.e.
>drama and circlejerking
Or alternatively just baiting random people to ratio them since the average cattle are so miserable and irl losers they need a win really, really fucking bad at the cost of making themselves a lolcow.
You can see this type of dynamic with irl streamers who will do anything for money and clout like the npc tiktokers; the point of those things are not the "entertainment" but the people being at the mercy and seeking the approval of the viewers who do not have the best intentions in mind.

Unless we're talking the anime fotm generic lewd slop where kids and coomers spam thirsty comments and with most followers being 3rd world chinese following every nsfw artist to steal their shit and print it on merch to sell it to unknowing normies or others who give even less of a shit.

tldr it's all fake and gay

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>Find an artist on twitter
>He tweets
>"Why are twitter users like this?"

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You're being autistic about this but I get it. To avoid this, just make sure your portfolio website is really good.

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I tend to agree, I follow a page for a certain type of content, and if it posts something else I'm often tempted to unfollow, this doesn't apply only to artist. It's the reason why a lot of people create "spam accounts" if they really need to spam unrelated content so much, and at least they avoid polluting their main account.