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Is there any point to learning to draw if I will never good enough to publish my work?

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if your view on why making art is valuable to yourself is just clout, no, there's no point.
typically artists create because they enjoy creating something, though.

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And yet, the japanese one is the most relevant art shown in this pic

Everything from impressionism, to art nouveau to van gogh and later takes heavily from japanese woodcut prints

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t. Jap who can't help but feel to the need to be superior to Westerners

It depends *why* you're drawing in the first place. If it's because you find this a pleasant activity, who cares? If it's because you want to make a living out of it, you'd better find ways to become good enough

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The David piece is pretty well known. I forget the title its a major work of neoclassicism. Though since modernism took hold in the late 19th century, it has stilted awareness about it. Also japanese art became a sort of fetish in the late 19th century in conjunction with modernism starting with impressionism.
I not saying this to devalue japanese art I love it actually, along with the modernist art before the mid 20th century. But i have to say OP did pick some clunkers of western art. Also he fails to see that both art developed along different lines and I suspect he does not see the value the japanese work because its his interest in realistic representation. Not necessarily the fidelity to nature or visual impression but the simple "man, that looks so real" and fails to see the artistic value in non realistic representational art. OP seems to be a young artist (not necessarily in age but in development).

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If you don't like drawing DON'T FUCKING DRAW