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So, CuteSexyRobutts.

How the fuck do you draw like him. He is like a modern day michelangelo. How do you get his style?

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I just want to draw thick anime girls in a void background... how long is it going to be before I can do it... Ive been drawing daily for nearly a year now

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Does he use reference? How does he know how to draw like this?

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>He is like a modern day michelangelo
coomers are fucking retarded

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a true assman wouldn't draw five girls and manage to hide all ten feet

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Years. Definitely more than one. Be patient and grind.

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He hides feet and nobody cares, but /beg/s hide feet and everyone loses their minds.

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do it NOW

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Because he's not hiding them because he can't draw them like you are. He has illustrations with feet.

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>He is like a modern day michelangelo
Honestly why do you fags even draw, do you really have no aspirations greater than this? I could find sub 10000 accounts like pennies in a mall fountain that mog the shit out of this trashy cum art. You're just punch-drunk off the algorithm, you've got Xitter's long dick up your pooper and you're seeing stars

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Maybe I'm getting old but kinda over booba drawings

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>I could find sub 10000 accounts like pennies in a mall fountain that mog the shit out of this trashy cum art.
so do it.
post some of them.

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>How the fuck do you draw like him. He is like a modern day michelangelo. How do you get his style?
Just use AI lol

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Fuck off gabe

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>like him
CuteSexyRobutts is not one person, it is a team of two people.

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Like... a modern age Michael Angelo!
Really, it's time we take the ultimate pill. All the greats from Zurbaran to Oda, have worked with assistants.

Going solo is retarded bs sold to us by people like Warhol who also had assistants and a marketing team but claimed to be gifted one-man-does-all generational talents.

It's time to team up.

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>CuteSexyRobutts is not one person, it is a team of two people.

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>th-they drew this one hand badly
>trash artist 0/10 my nephew is better and he's only 3
picrelated was done over 6 years ago
CSR mogs you and all your 10k follower artists and has done so for probably a decade.

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>muh ebic concept art with 1000 hours rendering
Looks like absolute shit. Cumbrains have no taste.

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his artstyle is so muddy looking that I'm not surprised that AI could replicate his work

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My balls in your mouth

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(Nta) It's ambitious beg, a sign he was gonna get gud, and it does look like trash too. nothing there is painted well.

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>coomer art

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I hate coomers with all my being but this one is not bad especially hydra. Soul, kinda...

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Reading comprehension, unironically.

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>ambitious beg
this might be the absolute worst board on 4chan.

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>(that drawing) looks like absolute shit. Cumbrains (who this art was made for) have no taste
implication is the art was made for coomers.

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You're only simping for this lame faggot because he draws thick anime bitches. If he was drawing hairy men he'd have 1/50th the follower count and you know it.

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Crop any element and share it in a rate thread, you'll get high beg/low int. The sum is a lot better than the parts in this pic. Please, if you disagree point out what you think is good about it specifically.

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anon, there are no "thick anime bitches" in that drawing.
other than the characters faces, nothing there strikes me as particularly bad.
you're actually on some extreme medical grade copium if you think that a beginner would make that.

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>concept art

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I think his artstyle is great. AI can copy pretty much any style nowadays, no matter how muddy it is.

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How are these hands not AI hands?

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>He is like a modern day Michelangelo
Top kek

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>/ic/ learns that bad hands predate AI art

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nice foreskin rendering, very sexy

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anon, that's ai...

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he's actually a chinese sweatshop of two people

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It's only copying his style, as you said

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I thought csr was a woman?

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>AI can copy pretty much any style nowadays
I haven't really seen it copy anything besides photo realistic, photo realistic with a filter, and anime (from the sheer size of the data set). For example, I've never seen it do something in the 'calarts' style, or the corporate memphis style.

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>think that a beginner would make that.
See >>6847800
As I said, ambitious beg, so, almost int. The drawing under the beg paint job is closer to int, the rendering really brings it down.

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>Nothing but ass and tit shots
>Modern day Michelangelo
This is your brain on coom.

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>look, this face is bad! Complete beginner!
this is literally you.

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It's called having good Composition. Amateur.

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Depends on how much you practice, 2 years of you draw 12 hours a day everyday

5-10 of you practice reasonably often

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9 more years, beg cutie

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Why do you hate Michelangelo?

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I was pointing out the rendering(I didn't crop that)

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there's no world where a beginner will ever render something like this.
This was over half a decade ago and they were already charging hundreds for commissions.

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1) There is no one separation between planes (like the back of the cave get a bit higher value range and that's it). This makes the scene almost unreadable at first glance, the 2 humans barely separate from the background and the hydra.
2) The huge flaming breath of doom reflects in precisely 2 metal garments and that's it. These characters should be blasted with orange light but they aren't... Which doesn't help with point 1.
3) It's both under and over-rendered, tons of little jittery brush strokes with no real flow. Colors are both full saturation blues and oranges and also muddy. Everything is hard edges which make the picture very harsh on the eyes...Which doesn't help with point 1.
4) Composition is way too high and cramped horizontally for this scene which again does not helps with point 1.

The thumbnail looks like a brown mass, this is not good.

It's like the other anon said, it's ambitious (which is good) but it's sloppy (because he was a beginner at that time). The sketch probably looks way better than this rendered version.

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>He says while not posting the superior art

Sure sure

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It's easily the worst. The cope, mental gymnastics, and endless crabbing is out of control. Other boards don't really serve a purpose, they're just fye entertainment.
This board does the opposite of what it's supposed to do. It discourages newer artists and offers virtually no valuable critique

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You're onto it. others reactions shouldn't surprise me I guess, but I thought /ic/ had higher standards(it used to...)

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he wasn't a beginner at the time, and that's not the rendering of a beginner by any stretch of the imagination. It has noticeable flaws, but none so egregious that they reflect this is made by someone who just picked up a pencil for the first time a month ago. No one is making a piece like that in even the first year or two of drawing.

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>but none so egregious that they reflect this is made by someone who just picked up a pencil for the first time a month ago.
not an /ic/ native? /beg/ can last for years. He clearly could draw back then, int level, but his painting skills were beg. his power level was /beg/low int.

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wait actually? source?

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Vilppu and draw 10 hours a day

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This is honestly high beg tier if your striving to do work on illustrations. All the flaws are hidden in the fact it's a painting which is a common trick to use if your doing semi realistic paintings.
>CSR mogs you and all your 10k follower artists and has done so for probably a decade.
Your just dick riding at this point anon

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>being outside on a cloudy day

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Did you consider finishing reading the post?
>No one is making a piece like that in even the first year or two of drawing.

not op, I don't think CSR is in any way comparable obviously, but half the people here would look at Michelangelo's work and label him beg/int if he were a nobody, because part of 4chan culture is being as antagonist and hateful as possible, regardless of how good something actually is. People on /o/ will call a GTR a pigfat piece of shit, people on /k/ will call glocks unusable garbage, people on /yourboardofchoice/ will call [good thing] total shit just because that's the way things are done here.

That's why this board is absolute fucking garbage to judge how good of an artist you actually are. The "power levels" are meaningless drivel with no actual definition behind them, and 90% of the people here don't even draw.

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>No one is making a piece like that in even the first year or two of drawing.
Then they're incredibly slow and not learning properly.

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cool, post your work.

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How do you get the watercolor feel from digital?

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there's no hate my my calling his near decade old paintings skill level beg/low int, I don't really know his work aside from the odd mention on ic here and there. I help anons here regularly.

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You don't get it. Yes he was already drawing good, but his painting skill was very rough. He was a beginner painter, which is fine. Like I said, the sketch drawing of this piece probably looks way better.

>Michelangelo's work and label him beg/int if he were a nobody
The painting has massive flaws man. It's fine, he got better. Relax.

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>The painting has massive flaws man
so did michelangelo's. Guess it's confirmed he too was a beginner.

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Old value studies I did in 2016 when I first started digital painting.

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v-v-values?! masaka...

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based for posting your work, and good starting point of value studies

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looks horrible both as art and as porn. i don't know how people fap to this.

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>Honestly why do you fags even draw, do you really have no aspirations greater than this?
It's obvious these retards are only in it for the money
This is basically the line of thinking.
And of course anyone who dares point out these things must be jealous and seething or whatever the fuck, even though it's not a critique on this specific artist but rather on the delusional begs and nodraw tourists who get into art only for the money, which now a lot of people are doing and are only contributing to the oversaturation and polluting of this already retarded niche.
I saw that post on reddit with the op boasting about how he paid 600 or something for that

Kind of telling how he makes way more money and gets way more praise doing generic anime slop that with the ebin fanatasee epic conceptu art of the epic semi-realistic render

Any high beg can do that in about 20 hours and with all the references provided
Now pyw, bootlicker

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It's the epic boobies and booties semi-realistic rendered (just like a real photograph) of the women of the anime games. How can you not like it?
Stop asking questions and just consume.

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An anons incredible overreaction to an evaluation of painting skill is /thread? Big gulps huh? we'll, see ya later.

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Lol if CSRB was a modern day Michelangelo 60% of his TL would be drama and the rest would be 3D models. Most importantly his women wouldn't look remotely feminine.

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No, this honestly is the worst board on 4chan. It's a board that requires the posters dedicate years of their lives to the craft to offer anything of value, and most people aren't willing to do that, so almost no one here actually says anything useful ever. Instead, it's primarily failed artists that are salty and hope others fail as well to the point of even shitting on professionals to try to make themselves feel better. There are maybe 10 posters total here who's opinions matter.

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>10 posters total here who's opinions matter
Show me who they are.

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the AI would have fused the two hands

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Most anons dont do that because it's honestly a waste of time since you're only going to get the usual brain dead provocative shitpost replies even if you post a good post or evaluation

Anything that isn't outright praise is considered shitting or crabbing and anyone who throws out hollow praise thinks they don't have to post their work

Much like your post here, everything is just shitposting and bait

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Spend some time in different generals and you'll see for yourself.

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I don't post my work in almost any of my posts because I'm not looking for critique.

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>He is like a modern day michelangelo.
You clearly created this thread to get people to hate on a popular person because you're an envious faggot. What a pathetic piece of shit you are.

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I agree with what you said, except the reaction to "ambitious beg" with "worst board" is certainly an overreaction, that image really encapsulates that, since the painting skill is low, but the ambition is high(spending 30+ hours building it up with 1million brush strokes). ambitious beg wasn't the insult/crab, saying it looked like shit was(which may depend on the viewer).

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If you demand those who ""shit on artist"" to post their work to legitimize their opinions and prove their worth you also post your work when you praise to make sure you're not some easily impressed beginner who also desperately wants to be rich and famous thus praising anything those above him shit out.

Objectivity isn't dependent by social or financial status.

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Michelangelo? He isn't even a modern-day Simon Bisley.

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Literally fucking who?

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>Literally fucking who?
Gonna be the reaction when someone says "Cutesexyrobutts" in ten years.

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>>Honestly why do you fags even draw, do you really have no aspirations greater than this?
>It's obvious these retards are only in it for the money
>This is basically the line of thinking.
basically all this
thats it, you can close /ic/ now, anons here acting like the code bootcampers i see around me but even more retarded and less employable

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>Lol if CSRB was a modern day Michelangelo 60% of his TL would be drama and the rest would be 3D models. Most importantly his women wouldn't look remotely feminine.
based closet fag sculpter so skilled people just accept his faggyness like good little boys eager to suck daddy michaels cock

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Simon Bisley? He isn't even a past day Franz Stuck

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This looks like mid-tier deviantart work. Every artist who has ever been on a MtG card is better than that.

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What even are these values? The composition is indecipherable.

>> No.6848719

*this came out wrong, I mean Bisley isn't even(not buttz) and /s

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Hey, not everyone can be Franz Stuck.

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Thread has almost a hundred replies full of permabeg crabs and ai fags yet no one answered the question.
How do you paint like csr, once again anons prove to be top class in their problem solving skills.
The easy answer is to copy his work, do color studies and try to get the look down on the canvas. What color schemes work best, brushstrokes, compositions what kind of lights is he using soft, diffused light or hard edge like sunlight. He once said to have followed Bob Ross tutorials, so you might just wanna do that.
Besides you can see there are plenty of csr clones already, shexyo, aranee and I don’t know how many others are filling the niche. Besides there are the AI bums saturating the market.
There is no point in copying him? Then why are you burning your cpu to generate csr-looking art?
Let’s make a point clear, the man is making 10k a month painting hentai while the average crab on this thread can only redraw furry porn on b threads to satisfy his attention whore system.
Last advice, chances are you probably struggle painting simple stuff too so try alongside your studies to paint simpler things like apples, still lives or a landscape also you might want to study from other artists you admire too to avoid becoming another clone, being able to paint in his style is good and all but being able to paint ONLY in csr style may be a problem.
Once saw a sinix vid, guy painted himself in 10 different styles and among them was Sakimichan’s style(before csr, she was the leading art style). What I mean to say is that with the proper skills emulating someone’s style is not that hard, we are all dealing with the same basic things, values, shapes, edges and colors. How you apply them is where you find the 10000 styles.

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Modern day Thomas Kinkade. Paint the prevailing popular thing to appeal to mass-market, get really good at that single subject, and render it with a lot of pastel pinks, teals, rusts, and pale yellows creeping into points of contrast to make up for the lack of value contrast.

Also, he has a good internal sense for physics, so there's a lot of weight to the anatomy and the exaggerated proportions seem believable.

But man this guy has no eye for composition or illustrative design. And neither did Thomas Kinkade. Still made a fortune though.

>> No.6848793

good post. I'm salty because he makes so much money meanwhile artists who are better but don't draw coom make a lot less. (not real salt at him, rather the state of the art scene/world)

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Just go watch one youtube art tutorial about classical painting and go from there for the render.
Make the same small mouth and big anime eyes for every character but change the hair so your average cattle can tell from which videogaymeanime it is.
Always draw the new anime videogame stuff the instant it comes out.
Also keep a bunch of poses pre-drawn and pre-rendered so that you only need to swap out the anime head.
Lineart doesn't need to be clean.
There is no super secret sauce recipe.
>waaah crab 10k a month waaaah muh style copy his work muh copycat niche ai muh style
Literally just go draw.
If you want money that badly, get a job or sell ass.

No one respects a copycat and you should honestly feel ashamed of yourself if copying someone elses work is your art goal because of shallow shit like money and imaginary social media numbers.
If you want shit that bad and with no effort, the ultimate solution is to break laws and go steal shit.
But no, you also want to be worshipped as an artist, am i right?

Good god, the absolute state of effeminate zoomers.

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This anon gets it

>> No.6848831

Based and burglarypilled.

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Michelangelo that shit???

>> No.6849351

You're clearly in school for this tho, that's cheating

>> No.6849355

>He is like a modern day michelangelo
actually kill yourself

>> No.6849846

thomas kinkade's art looks like made to be used in jigsaws

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Hahaha true. Another similarity.

>> No.6850331

I'm just fucking done with people calling shitters "peak artists" like your shit tastes is the only tastes allowed to be accepted
Shut the fuck up. If you're just going to shill, go back to fucking reddit.

>> No.6850720

Jealous crab.

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>> No.6850916

>He is like a modern day michelangelo
Tell me you are a complete beginner without telling me you are a complete beginner.
You beglets are so easily impressionable kek.

>> No.6850923

His style is not really unique, he just draw a lot of times to reach that level. So if you want to be like him, draw a lot and dont forget to pyw

>> No.6850926

Looks like Ghost in the Shell (manga) worship mixed with some big jug tropes from today.

Really fucking good shit right here though. No denying it.

>> No.6850928


>> No.6850929

It's literally just bargain bin anime coomer art
I feel like /ic/ is so pointless to use when it comes to art discussion

>> No.6851514

Fuck off, footfag

>> No.6852837

Absolutely ngmi

>> No.6853510

>No one respects a copycat

Its not like the style is unique. Its literally just regular painting. Sketch, lay down base colors, then refine it with values.

>> No.6853513


>> No.6855611

>modern day michelangelo
that made me more upset than anything I've read today

>> No.6855648

learn anatomy and then exagerate the parts you find hot, how are you guys so stupid

>> No.6855858

>that hand
i'm wondering did he feed his coomslop into a bot image generator to boosts his output?
if so how many lazy degenerate's would this sytle of "working smarter" appeal to?

>> No.6856146

Coomers have low standards anon. Their brain is warped.

>> No.6856151

>Bad hands = AI slop
Come on now, bad hands were a thing way before image generators existed.

>> No.6856700

>Does he use reference?
Almost certainly. 99% of artists do. Whether to use reference or not isn't even a question. It's an absolute necessity for the vast, vast majority of artists.

>> No.6856795



1. No expression, you will use only a small line for the mouth and nose. Do not stray from this.

2. Use low saturation colors. Color pick their colors, they were color picked from other asian artists.

3. Do not clean your lineart. Faggots think it's aesthetic and coomers dont care.

4. Find some asian brush packs from photoshop to emulate that flowy blocky hair ribbon aesthetic.

5. Bodies use 3D models from clip or daz. If faggots ask for proof, ignore them. Coomers dont care.

6. Most importantly, do it as fast and loosely as possible. Do not change the body type. Find as athletic 3D model, bonus with an anime face, and stick to it.

Eventually repeating the same faces and bodies will make you quicker. Then just do little things like change the eye color or make the ass a little fatter.

Just be consistent and do it like a job and normies will say its "work ethic" and other retarded praises even though you work like max 4 hours every other day.

Can even do a grip of them for a week and just post throughout the month. Your call.

Good luck!

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File: 246 KB, 1920x1080, 9192cf2d36460cc111799a83dc879970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based reverse engineering anon

I always wonder why so many are such porn addicts now but can never see any similarities and it's always the one who know nothing to be quick to deny such claims
99% of the nsfw art sphere is based on reskinning or "cheating"

>> No.6856830

>leddit spacing
Your trying way too hard to fit in

>> No.6857654

But this "tool" shouldn't be struggling at them if it's so perfect and have trillions of stolen data to cherrypick the good references to generate from.

>> No.6857663

I've been at it for 9 years now and I still can't do it

>> No.6857669

>Calling it leddit
>Calling out the Reddit spacing meme like it means something
Who's the one really trying to fit in here?

>> No.6858138

Any specific recommendations for those "asian brush packs"?

>> No.6858195

That's not your work, though.
You copied somebody's pictures in black and white. Now post your work.

>> No.6858460

That is not that impressive... I'm not saying I'm better, but this guy is not a "modern Michelangelo" by any stretch.