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Why don't art galleries recognize quality work like pic related?

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Probably because they thought they couldn't sell it, or not sell it high enough, or that it wasn't profitable enough compared to other things they could be hanging on their wall instead.

It's a business: "why" is then often answered by a "because money."

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Haha why would anyone want to look at pointless meaningless junk like this?

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I genuinely can’t tell if this is bait

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Is he shitting?

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Ai is better than you op. That`s what happens when you don`t care about art.

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I'm not an expert in the field but as far as I understand galleries can even accept beginning artists as long as they have some practical experience and a clear commitment to being professionals. They won't hang paintings made by a guy who has a 9~5 job and paints after he gets home, unless he's good at hiding it from the public to look like a full-time artist (I'm not saying that's the case with this guy ). Basically, it seems like they want someone who already has an established production line and has already managed to attract the attention of buyers on their own.

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Is it a trick question, like "haha, there's no 'quality'"?

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That's indeed how it often works: either you're already well-known, or you have some "message" bullshit kind of vibe, like
> woo-ooh I'm an artistico FabrianoooBroooos dudes I'm painting the wave of existence flushing the disarray of modern society back to its primitive chaotic instinctive state

Yes, it's that kind of thread

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Galleries are ordered by globohomo to defame artists and promote AI shit.

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fell for the "anyone can make 'modern art'" meme

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>pajeet falseflagging
poo in the loo

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How embarrassing.
At the last gallery I went to, one guy's "art" was literal stock photos mounted on aluminum and partially painted over. If you can't beat that...

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>They won't hang paintings made by a guy who has a 9~5 job and paints after he gets home
Then how the fuck are they supposed to get their foot in the door? Sell paintings at the homeless shelter?

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This art is crap. I don't know why galleries won't hang it, as most of the galleries I've seen are full of crap.

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You're expected to have connections of some kind like working and/or fucking a rich person who's the friend of a galley owner or having a family member or friend who can refer you.

If you don't have that you need to be an influencer

If you don't have that, you need to be incredibly talented. If you are there's no point to going through a gallery in 2023 when they're gonna take 40-60% of the sale. You're better off hiring someone to handle your social media and selling direct.

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looks like something I made when I was 16 and six weeks into learning photoshop.

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suck dicks. suck rich pretentious people dicks. suck pretentious artist dicks.

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>shitty reproduction of an actual work of art
>but now with some shitty spray paint splatter

maybe if it was remotely decent, but holy fuck is this trash.

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this is what the average project in art high school looks like. Just boring

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A head with paint splashed next to it, give me a break.

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Networking, actually making good art and getting it noticed on that new fancy teenager things, the Onternet

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>copy of a sculpted head
>background made of color splashes
I understand that modern art kinda sucks, but this isn't better than the banana on the wall.

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It looks like the album cover for an edgy vaporwave album.

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Exactly what I thought.

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>no sense of composition
>boring subject
>blank background (splashing paint like an autist isn't a background)
>signature is that big for some reason

and the mustache looks like poop, he needs to relearn fundies and grow a chin

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Not to mention the lack of an actual concept. And the poor technical execution. It's cheap trickery to impress normies (or himself if he's delusional). These are the kind of people who cry about pretentiousness and gatekeeping in the arts.

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>statue head (painted inaccurately btw)... BUT WITH SPLASHES IN THE BACKGROUND

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Decent galleries won't accept anyone who doesn't have at least 30-40 works in a consistent style. That is the base level to get by as an artist with recognizable oeuvre. The painting in OP is quite shit, but if the artist had 50 similar ones lying around, I bet they could get a show.

>Then how the fuck are they supposed to get their foot in the door? Sell paintings at the homeless shelter?
It's less about having to be a full-time artists than it is about having enough work. To get there, there's a few ways to not starve or get some lines on your CV.
>Winning prices at art shows is a good start.
>Buying a stand at an art fair and selling stuff.
>Having an online presence.
>Decent schools will get you some group shows, possibly even solo shows.
>Vanity galleries won't care, but will charge you just to put up a show.
>You can also just rent up a vacant space and hold a pop-up gallery.
>Scholarship awards can fund you working full-time and look great on your resume.
>If you do realistic art, you can probably get portrait commissions etc.
>Public art, such as murals etc.

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galleries are more advanced. consignment shops are better for starting out, and will most will let you display a wider range of works from drawing to paintings and others.

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>it's not my fault I'm unpopular

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>mfw the gallery doesn't want my art

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I copypasted a greek statue head and threw some splatter next to it. Why won't the art people accept me bros?

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You want to know why that guy got rejected?
Because he went into that gallery wearing an ugly cap and a black t-shirt. Does he look like he can market the painting? Charm potential buyers? Hang out with celebrities and convince them he's part of a trendy cause? Give interesting anecdotes to art reporters?
Galleries are businesses, and they're selling the artist, not the art. Unless this guy lived in a mental institution for half his life or survived a school shooting, there is no angle to promote.

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Ai is better than anything in a gallery anyway.

Muh gallery

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looks like a GCSE art project, at best

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That painting just isn't very good, honestly

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that painting he's holding is actually annoying to look at, it makes me want to punch him...

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Kek I saw that shit on instagram not long ago and the comments were filled with people telling the guy it was bad/boring lmao

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why did he do it?

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I come to /ic/ just for shit like this, this board is consistently more hilarious than any other board. Must be because it's an 2D art board on a medium made for posting images.

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why are we doing this?

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This picture has gained more cultural relevance then a bunch of prestigious art that's locked away in a museum.

The Internet is the true gallery of the people, where art that speaks to the human race survive and propagate.

Also I always see a cat on the thumbnail because the hair strand closes the other side of the nose, making a square just like Serious Cat.

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>be sub 5 year int
>mostly know how to do fundy grind and old master copies
>don't even really like them but all the teachers suggest to study them
>lose all creativity
>realize it's lame
>get told constantly to "go beyond realism"
>doesn't realize it's a modernist trap to goad artists into modernist thinking about art
>see cesar santos videos on syncreticism and his lame academic studies
>add random modernist elements to the familiar studies
>think it's clever synthesis of new and old
>maybe the non technical abstract elements will highlight the technical skill involved with pseudo-traditional studies
>sink in hours for a tacky piece that gets rejected

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He’s clearly someone who’s never been around other actual artists who’d give him a real critique in his life. Always the “art kid” in his shitty mongrel public school
He’s smart enough to know what the dumb art hoes like is bullshit but still ignorant to the truth and at some point got black pulled into the muh talent belief, thinking he had it until he didn’t
He’s gonna spend the next few years, or maybe the rest of his life, only drawing for his friends and fall in the trap of wondering why he’s not improving no matter how long he’s been drawing and think everyone he knows saying he’s good actually means that
He will get really defensive when he’s called a beginner, and try to cope about it
He will see art from 16 year olds and will have a mental breakdown, maybe even want to kill himself
He probably also hates anime art and is confused why it’s popular on social media, another cope
He will go to art school but a shitty overpriced one he saw in a flyer and still not improve obviously
One day he’ll find the truth, but it’ll probably be to late for him to have the freedom to dedicate himself to learning the right way