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Hi! I never really drawed shadow, light and rendering.

Light always seemed like a mystery to me, and I only have very basic understanding of it.

My whole life, I only did lineart.

Did you simply saw light and textures as something intuitive? Is there something that really helped you to understand how it works in a nice way?

Even tutorials never really made much sense to me.

It doesnt really have to be a quick "how-to" or anything of the sort. Just share your experiences.

I also dont plan on working with art, this is just something I enjoy, and since I got a good understanding of anatomy and proportion, now I want to try something new.

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Painting and light never made sense to me until I attended a traditional atelier where I was taught to do very long studies of casts and models in graphite.

Avoid naoki saito tier sources at all costs, or at least hold off on them until you actually know how to paint/render. Those are just gimmicks that will make it harder for you to learn proper painting/rendering in the long run.

Value is such a complex subject that you really have no quick options, good painting is the culmination of thousands of aha moments built up over the years, subtle things that are nearly impossible to put into words.

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post your work and I'll help you.