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>T-the construction is in the artist's head, I swear! There's no way a good artist has drawn using contours and not blocks and heckin' cylinders!

Is construction a religion? You see the same thing among Christians where you are meant to believe something is there when there isn't a shred of proof. Curious!

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Ask the artists you like if they've studied construction at some point.

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You just have to let people be retarded, I've learned. This is the one sacred cow you're not permitted to challenge. People unironically do not want the truth.

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>construction a religion
I draw the cross on the face to align the eyes and mouth... the old rugged cross...

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How is it a sacred cow? Most (good) artists draw with an underdrawing.

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No they don't. Look at any good Japanese artist and they draw contours and lines, not boxes and spheres and other 'primitives'. Only Western artists need to use boxes and spheres to draw because they don't have the innate ability and training people in the East grow up with.

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It's not that complicated and it's only you people who are against any mention of construction that are complicating it

Construction is a tool for making accurate proportional and orientational decisions while drawing a figure.
Just like block ins, or plumb lines, or rulers, or grids etc.

If you draw a particular subject enough times, you no longer need tools to help draw it properly just like you don't need a protractor to draw a decent triangle.
You develop the intuitive ability to just know where lines should go from expirience
So if you look at people who have done nothing but draw the same anime girl every day for years, of course you won't see them using construction.

That doesn't mean you should skip construction all together just because ur favorite shitty Twitter anime pinup artist doesn't use it

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There is proof of artists using construction. But is it good? That's subjective. Constructoids will defend bad art that used construction over good art that didn't.

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You don't see it for the same reason you don't see a professional pianist playing his scales before a performance, you mouth breathing retard.

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lol stfu you're so dumb

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This is the truth, reject the western devils, embrace the Japanese way, the true way. Forget about the rigid primitives, be the line.

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>Pianists don't rehearse
Retarded cunt

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I accept your concession. Sorry you can't draw.

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Roughly 75% of drawfags don't use construction.
Atelierfags use measuring.
Feelfags use rhythms/gesture.
Designfags use sculpting/wireframes.

Construction is mostly used by illustrators and self-taughts who could only afford Loomis cause it's free.

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>tfw you use construction, rhythms and sculpting at the same time

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Any artwork that is built upon construction will be devoid of soul, rhythm, and emotion. This isn't even debatable, just look at western comics. Rigid and lifeless. Compare that with manga and anime and it's night and day. Construction has no place outside of architecture and mechanical drawings.

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construction is just a tool
but don't get mad if it's recommended when your drawings look ugly and flat

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Kek sorry you midwits were filtered so hard by simple geometry
Your muh style surely will prevail in the long run!

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It's literally the opposite. Construction makes your drawings look lifeless and rigid. Stay mad, cunt. Imagine being a westfag artist when anime is the most popular and noble of styles by far. Keep drawing manjawed fridge built trannies though, sweetie!

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>still convinced it's a workflow and not a practice method
lmfao get a load of this brainlet

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suuure... stay ignorant. and yes, your original premise is true. Good artists do use construction without explicitly putting down boxes and cylinders

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You can leave your concession here, kiddo. Now post yours.

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>I-it's in their head!
Imagine being so mindbroken by manga chads lmao

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Shadman uses construction. CSRB doesn't. Nuff said.

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How do I ask them about a concept that doesn't even exist in Japanese?

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>Imagine being a westfag artist when anime is the most popular and noble of styles by far
Based, anime is the epitome of beauty. it's hilarious how west fags try to defend their excrement of a style, pathetic.

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you two can't be the same person right? There is no way you think you have any right to talk on this matter. hahaha!

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>Watch Marc Brunet tutorial on full body construction
>Literally says 'Draw these boxes and spheres....then draw the rest of the character...DONE!'
If you want people to use your beg-tier methods at least teach them properly.

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Anime style

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Versus average westfag constructoid style. Lmao /ic/ will actually try to say these are equal.

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Anime style by a westoid. Not as good as a pure Japanese style, but infinitely more appealing that every other westoid style ever.

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>Marc brunnete
Please don't.

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>Let's defend muh animus with a picture.
>picks a literal coombrained ass pic.
I bet the venn diagram of permabegs, animuposters and anti-construction fags is a circle.

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>No they don't. Look at any good Japanese artist and they draw contours and lines
But that's still construction. Why do you think most of them still sketch in the eye line?

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>he's back

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Ask me how I know you're an American prude. Ultra violence is okay but God forbid you see a woman's ass lmao

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And he's dead now so what does that tell you

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>wow, he isn't beating his meat constantly like me, he must be a prude.
Try again, coombrain. You seem to be forgetting, or knowing you, never knew at all that western comics were infamous for their statuesque, hot women.

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Stay mad kid, you already lost. Go grind some more boxes at Church

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why are half of the threads in this board always bait or trolls? Do people really find entertainment in here?

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>a sketch is construction
>a banana is construction
If you purposefully define it too broadly like that, then yeah, it stops looking so dumb. I'm talking about the bizarre practice of starting every drawing with a series of interlinked primitive solids.
To clarify, this is also not equivalent to the occasional crossline or complete shape drawn in the sketch face. I'm talking about the Hampton shit that is only appropriate for studying.

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Yes. I like to crab and recommend draw a box to begs after a nice constructionless drawing session

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Construction is just perspective, which is just tracking x, y, and z coordinates. Literally anyone that has drawn anything requiring a 3d illusion does this to one extent or another. When I draw a circle or any other shape, I'm thinking of it's orientation in space even if I haven't put down any cross-contours. This thread is giga ass and you should all get back to drawing

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hey mikufag
post your work again
I want everybody to laugh at you

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It isn't a broad definition. Blocking in the 3-dimensional forms with lines is literally construction.

>I'm talking about the Hampton shit that is only appropriate for studying.
But the "Hampton shit" is still the basis for what most artists are doing. Even Kim Jung Gi, the master of direct drawing, does it, so why do you keep making these idiotic threads?

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>he thinks I'm OP
Why is that Hampton's never made a single drawing worth a damn, only his shitty blocky studies? Why does KJG teach one thing, and do another? Why in fact do most artists observably go straight to contour drawing, when given the chance to draw publicly (le "they're just so used to it now!!!one")?
You ever think about any of this?

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Reminder that these are the people telling you that you're ngmi if you use tools that are known for improving your craft.

This place truly is hilarious.

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Shut up, retard.

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>Why in fact do most artists observably go straight to contour drawing
I don't understand what alternative you are trying to convey, just going in blind and hoping it turns out alright? I mean, kinda based i guess... I feel uncomfortable hearing of someone drawing without any sense of dimensionality but perhaps there's some use case for it.

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That anon wasn't me, he was probably the guy I was arguing with samefagging to make me look bad. Here's my actual work, no construction used. Fuck off.

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>Christians where you are meant to believe something is there when there isn't a shred of proof Curious!

Ateist shit

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3d tracer spotted

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Ngmi asshole, fuck off

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fuck you bitch
It's the tards who construct literally every detail of the drawing with no intuition or feeling or flexibility in thinking, that I'm criticizing. It's the Hampton approach misapplied or overapplied. Sketching is fine and is not =/= construction.

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old masters didnt use construction, that's why their works didn't look artificial

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Shut up, retard.

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you are stupid right??? Construction is supposed to be a mental step visualization of primary shapes to achieve complex shapes. It is a guide, if you don't use it you will end up drawing everything crooked and you will break the sheet or tablet in frustration thinking it is a fucking lie to draw, like when the Atheists become ultra-skeptical and begin to doubt their own existence and decide to commit suicide to escape reality, thinking that everything is a lie.

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/beg/ seethe

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Shut up, retard.

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>You HAVE to use it
Japanese artists don't
>It's in their head! The lines are invisible to us!
No it isn't.

Cope, seethe, dilate, and then head back to /beg/.

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looks like shit

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>Atheists become ultra-skeptical and begin to doubt their own existence and decide to commit suicide to escape reality, thinking that everything is a lie.
So they get halfway there but get filtered because they can't comprehend anything that goes against their view of the material 3-D world.

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Better than 90% of /ic/ but whatever. Now post your AI render.

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You're retarded. Manga artists talking about how to learn art reference Loomis. Git gud you fucking loser.

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who is this whore?

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Construction is an underlying property of a drawing. You would have to have drawn only some unintelligible randomness to have never constructed something.
You would need to convey no information in your drawing whatsoever.

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you btfo'd that constructard real good lmao

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Nice T-Rex arms!

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Biggest cope I've ever seen, cry more westoid, keep shilling for your dying industry

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The neck, the fat crab claw in place of the palm, the elbow and the shoulder need more work to say lightly. I bet there is a reason you chose to show a close up instead of a full pose, your work is very stiff. Coloring and the head are only decent things here. My opinion is you don't get to shit on construction or any other methods of learning yet, git gud first.

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No try, only do

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I legitamately can't tell if this isn't a troll anymore. How do you denounce the simplest way of learning/adding things into your visual library in some sort of perceived culture war. Its not even that hard to lurk through someone's twitter or where ever and see their sketches of them learning something

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post your work

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I like to imagine the figure in contours of light and dark. Sort of like a topological map.

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Why are weebs so retarded? No wonder they end up becoming another mikufag

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who is she?

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Show me asnigle good figure drawing which wasn‘t made with construction
You can‘t

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I thin people generalize a bit too much on this board, assuming because most artists say or do things necessarily all artists do the same.
Do many or maybe even most character illustrators and mangaka use construction? Yes.
Are there some who don‘t? Yes.
In the end if you like drawing but dislike using construction is pretty dumb and will just make art less enjoyable for you, but if it works for you use it.
People only really care about your finished drawing anyway so how you get there is up to you.

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yes they did retard

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>some jap artists use it
>that means all of them use it

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This desu

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Can I use this thread to ask why people use specifically boxes to construct the human body?
Sure it makes it easy to see planes and such but compared to spherical forms they are quite a bit further removed from what the body actually looks like and seem kinda unnecessary
Like drawing an oval and then adding a centerline and indicating the ribs describes the ribcage pretty well already so using a box instead just seems like busywork

>> No.6845677

because boxes are just 3D squares and rectangles, the same shape as your typical canvas. its the introduction to a whole new dimension. spheres emphasize curves but cubes help emphasize the planes and angles of figures.

>> No.6845684

The box isn't meant to give you the exact form, but to act as a boundary to keep your more complex shapes in the correct scale, and in proper perspective as the box already shows the three axes. Boxes have other properties such as making it easy to find the correct midline in perspective, or divide your subject into proper ratios.

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I kneel

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And since OP seems to like talking about anime, here is a rough animatic from Sword of the Stranger. The rough pass uses boxy-ish forms, because it is better at making orientation clear.

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>doubting the supreme importance of construction
Bet you didn‘t even finish your 2500 boxes yet

>> No.6845727

That's not construction, that's contouring.
We're once again having an autistic shit fit because words don't mean shit anymore.

As pointed above, you can plot a drawing through:
>Rhythm lines
>Geometric construction

If you think rhythm lines or measuring are a form of construction you're right, but you're not having the same conversation OP is having.

Geometric construction can be stifling and it's telling that most Japanese artists and western painters don't use it, opting instead for contouring and blocking respectively.

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Western artists don't actually draw all that stuff either when constructing an image. They do it when training artists, so they understand how things fit together in 3-dimensional space, but nobody draws a full mannequin of simple shapes before drawing the final image. You do understand that, right? Right?

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I wanna fuck her mouth and cum down her throat gdi

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>Only Western artists need to use boxes and spheres to draw

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its over

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>Biggest cope I've ever seen

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Read >>6845741

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> Like, I could masturbate to her?!

Still not bored from making this thread? Always without ever defining "construction", because otherwise we could have reasonable discussions, which obviously isn't the correct way to interact with humans.

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>but nobody draws a full mannequin of simple shapes before drawing the final image

>> No.6845779

>geometric construction is for learning and teaching

Functionally illiterate, or baiting.

In fact anyone who keeps posting after this is an asswarts aids baiting dick sucking faggot.

>> No.6845831

explain what he's doing with the red pencil, retard

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Shut up, retard.

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You all fucking retards, anyone who joined /ic past 2015 is a fucking retard.

>> No.6845866

You're shitting yourself, go to the bathroom!

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>but nobody draws a full mannequin of simple shapes before drawing the final image. You do understand that, right? Right?
>everybody does the same thing even though I have absolutely no proof for my statement
absolutely braindead

>> No.6845969

>it‘s contouring not construction
Absolute brainlet

>> No.6845979

What sort of hip construction is that?
Doesn‘t look half as autistic as that box shit

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imagine being completely buck broken by simple boxes KEK

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>That's not construction, that's contouring.
If it were just contouring, you wouldn't see such distinct shapes and broken lines. Contouring doesn't mean the sole presence of contours, which one can achieve by erasing construction lines after the fact. It refers to drawing only contours in largely unbroken strokes.
>If you think rhythm lines or measuring are a form of construction you're right, but you're not having the same conversation OP is having.
I'm not, that wasn't a reply to your original question in the OP. It was in response to a question about using boxes/boxy forms. This is a clear example of it. Stop moving goalposts.
>Geometric construction can be stifling and it's telling that most Japanese artists and western painters don't use it
If anything, Japanese artists use more construction because most of the work they do is rooted in animation.
In any case, you're rationalizing away mountains of examples and playing word games. Don't mind, don't care, have your fun. For everyone else who have legitimate questions and actually want to see examples of Japanese artists of all skill levels doing construction, just go to Pixiv and search アタリ.

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Why not just use the loomis head or anything similar instead?

>> No.6846124

muh akshually everyting is construction

>> No.6846126

there is no boxy forms retard

>> No.6846134

Shut up, retard.

>> No.6846141

>b-but construction is only boxes and cylinders! If a more complex shape is used it's not construction anymore!

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>> No.6846338

I like how he adds that angle to the box to make that trademark tranime dogface weebs love so much

>> No.6846589

>I've only seen a few Japanese artists use it.
>So no one in Japan uses it.

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Japanese people do use construction.

>> No.6847071

i love this response. Its like telling someone who criticizes a movie to post their own movie.

>> No.6847076

why does it look our POV is looking down on her? its inconsistent with everything else. Like why is her right boob sticking out to the side? why isnt her hair falling towards gravity? why are the sweat beads all running in the same direction?

>> No.6847146

In a forum of film makers, that would be a fine response, no?
here we are in a forum of drawers...

>> No.6847164

It's more like asking someone who tells you what lifting program to use to post their body.

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Just to be true to your preachings, I tried to use as little construction as I could, so any errors I have made aside from mocking you are just another argument in favour of using construction.

>> No.6847339

Sarina banks the fat shit

>> No.6847397

>every good artist uses construction
>no good artists use construction
Surely /ic/ is smart enough to realize that both statements can be false right?

>> No.6847404

thanks. definitely going in my fap rotation.

>> No.6847587

Wouldn't be surprised if this looks more dynamic and fun than your regular art.

>> No.6847601

>3/4 view, void
Where's the magic?

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>> No.6848302

the fallacy is disregarding legitimate criticism or advice as completely invalid merely because they aren't a master at something. Like you're only allowed to jump into a discussion if you're better than anyone else already talking. Its immature really

>> No.6848320

>disregarding legitimate criticism or advice
hol up. the point of that "pyw" is because the "advice" is not legit, it's bullshit(just bait). so pyw puts them on the backfoot because they know they can't back up their claims.
nobody is critiquing art here, but art methods, which changes everything about this conversation.

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>Its immature really
No it isn't, I simply do not want a nodraw to be pissing in the well of information I drink from. Your feedback is only as good as your drawings, simple as.

>> No.6848327

>Its immature
Guess should listen to the facebook mum about health instead of a doctor, medical professional, etc

>> No.6848389

a good artist who can sketch out a drawing from imagination is one who has mastered the fundamentals and principals
to better learn fundamentals you don't learn them all at once, you synthesize the information into its main components to learn it more clearly and easier. that pretty much goes with learning anything. studies are focused, not all over the place
construction is fundamental, the mannequin is that information laser-focused so you can learn it more clearly. there's several ways to learn how to draw humans and they're all valid to reach your end goal.
Did you think people painted bowls of fruit because they thought there was some artsy meaning there and never thought about making cool illustrations? fuck no, they're learning how colors work. you learn better when things are focused but i wouldn't expect an adhd ridden zoomer to understand that

>> No.6848429

I know a guy who thinks something similar, its just semantics thats why the trolling is so effective.

All artists simplify, doesn't matter if you call it construction or something else

>> No.6848554

It's not about disregarding criticism, it's about approaching advice with skepticism. Have you never had some skinnyfat boomer try to "correct" your form at the gym because they don't understand what a low-bar squat is?

>> No.6848797

>the fallacy is disregarding legitimate criticism or advice as completely invalid merely because they aren't a master at something
Asking to see work is not a fallacy.
When someone gives you advice face to face, you immediately decide for yourself how much weight to give that advice. Everyone does this. No one is obligated to take all advice, especially when so much of it is contradictory.
It is absolutely fine to ask to see work in an online art discussion, just as one may be asked to cite their source when making a claim. It is of course your prerogative not to comply, just as it is the other person's right to disregard you.
Obviously, not all people who say "PYW" do so with sincerity. But to demand your opinion be taken at face value is absurd.

>> No.6848807

Construction is to form an understanding of the body/object
Contours are to get an attractive flow.
You need both, but you need construction first because otherwise it looks fucking retarded because you don't know shit about anatomy or proportions.
Now fucking draw

>> No.6849090

That's been pointed out before, at least three time, itt.
These faggots don't want to draw, they just want to bitch about drawing.

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File: 3.88 MB, 320x320, 1671095099098808.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People argue about this because they don't want to learn how to draw with and without. It's a debate centered around laziness.

learn both or ngmi.

>> No.6850475

Arm and hands look fucked up. The human body is a collection of primitive 3d geometery, to say its simply squares and circles AND YOUR HORRIBLE ART proves 1. YOU ARE STUPID AS FUCK and 2. Construction is pretty useful

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>> No.6850642

Do you have that book in pdf?

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File: 346 KB, 676x518, 1692191503273531.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you think constructoids can't draw anything without construction forms... then how do people draw the construction forms without constructing them first?

Checkmate, marvel at my witchcraft.

>> No.6850646

Is it some new mental retardation fad that people think construction is literally and only drawing that jointed ball mannequin, with exact cylinders, boxes, etc. before drawing on top of it? Where did this brand of mental retardation come from?

>> No.6850656

It all has construction. Some just use less because they have a better eye in their mind. Some people like to build out drawings.

It is a preference thing and you see both philosophies in action in professionals.

>> No.6850659


>> No.6850666

Only the english version I'm afraid. https://files.catbox.moe/cfxozb.pdf

>> No.6850671

Huh, that doesn't seem to work for some reason. https://www.docdroid.net/CDiGQ0l/andrew-loomis-figure-drawing-for-all-its-worth-pdf

>> No.6850792

You forgot the long neck.

>> No.6850806

/ic/ can't even agree that dynamic and soul drawings can even exist. In their eyes, the picture with the most construction is the better picture every time. Like coutning how many calories are in a meal and ignoring the taste.

>> No.6851234

reminder, this dude went to fine arts school

>> No.6851316

the reason modern art sucks and has no soul is the box construction bullshit

reminder: YOU will NEVER be a real artist

>> No.6851317

>The human body is a collection of primitive 3d geometery
no good artist has every belived this btw, you will never make it.

>> No.6851558
File: 129 KB, 491x700, Luca_Cambiaso_-_Fighting_Figures_1527-1585_-_(MeisterDrucke-710104).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6851602
File: 715 KB, 623x956, Manben.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6851619

nta but if you actually watched manben you'd see pretty much no one there is using construction, including Urusawa

>> No.6851624 [DELETED] 

See >>6845752
Of course most of them don't because each of them have 20-30 and more years of experience.

>> No.6851626

See >>6845752
Of course most of them don't because each of them has 20-30 and more years of experience.

>> No.6851627

Takao Saito(RIP) used it.

>> No.6851628

yet the oldest and most experienced of them >>6851627
used it.

>> No.6851788

There is ALWAYS some kind of "construction" happening. Either on paper (less experienced artists) or in your head (artists with a lot of mileage).
Even just using contours requires an understanding of the relation between different proportions of the body.
At the end of the day it's just a matter of one's personal preference and habits.

t.Experienced artist that used a lot of construction on paper, but nowadays uses almost none.

>> No.6851895

This, care to pyw?

>> No.6851936


>> No.6851967

>experienced artist
>no background
Pick one.

>> No.6851988
File: 1.54 MB, 800x1200, vero001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can draw backgrounds, but I don't have much experience with them, because they are time consuming and I prefer to create more stuff to always have something to showcase on my twitter.
If you ever start living off your art, you will understand what I mean.
Here's a background I drew in the past.

>> No.6852003

Do more sceneries.

>> No.6852018

I just explained why that's not an option. Maybe once I retire I'll pick up traditional mediums and do that.
Until then it's booba and peepees.
Honestly I also have more fun with character/figure drawing.

>> No.6852047
File: 801 KB, 751x720, 1604987220864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't have much experience with drawing backgrounds
>Okay, do more sceneries
>That's not an option, I want to remain confined to my conform zone which is full of dicks and I have a lot of experience.
I'm done, last reply you'll get out of me and if somebody else wants to join in his circular arguments be my fucking guest.

>> No.6852121

>Purposefully misinterprets other people's words.
>"I'm done"
oh no, now he will never make it. oh wait.

A beginner trying to give advice to a more experienced artist while also sounding obnoxious as fuck. The absolute state of ic kek.

>> No.6852124

>I'm done, last reply you'll get out of me
and nothing of value was lost lmao.

>> No.6852133

>the construction is in the artist's head
Literally is. Stay mad

>> No.6852150

>>That's not an option, I want to remain confined to my conform zone which is full of dicks and I have a lot of experience.
Nice way of putting words in my mouth.
I draw primarily to make a living. I don't intend to reduce my income for something that is pretty irrelevant to what I draw on a daily basis.
What's so hard to understand here?

The point of the debate was that I have experience with drawing and construction. You then went on a tangent about backgrounds that has nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

What's wrong with you, seriously?

>> No.6852187

This is nice,anti construction fags will never be able to get gud

>> No.6852933

OP is a nodraw faggot and so is everyone who agrees with him.

>> No.6853407

A pros rehearsal is different from the begs.

>> No.6853409

All good artists believe this btw, you WILL make it

>> No.6853572

>manga-style skull
that's just what asian women's skulls look like, he just drew the eyes bigger

>> No.6853584

So what I'm picking up here is that people who use construction will be great but die quickly

>> No.6853585
File: 152 KB, 303x380, 1669371599873774.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do you know what an asian womans skull looks like?

>> No.6853594

This is amazing. I kneel.