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How do you actually use these things?

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you don't.

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Read Loomis. He has a page on it

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I've never seen anyone that's actually good at drawing every say anything about loomis. The first time I'd even heard of the faggot was on here. I'm entirely convinced this is just a really awful meme people here throw around to trap beginners into never progressing.

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Loomis is everywhere outside of this board, anon. Just because you're totally ignorant doesn't mean everyone else is

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>I'm entirely convinced this is just a really awful meme people here throw around to trap beginners into never progressing.
I've taken art classes at multiple levels and have never even heard his name before.

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that sucks for you bro, because everyone else has

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>i took an academic course to learn x
>why did they not mention the online resource anyone can use to learn x

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>the online resource

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do you know the book in which he mentions it? I'm happy to find the exact part myself.

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what do you mean?

you pose it and use it as a reference when your spatial skills aren't developed enough

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Use? I thought we all just used them as desk decoration, how else will people will know you're an artist?

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By throwing it away and studying from real human anatomy.

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the mannequin isn't about anatomical features but instead about getting the spatial aspects of your pose down as well as the general proportions like how a simplified skeleton would, the parts in the skeleton don't contract or expand, they're rigid so they exist as the scaffolding for everything on top of them

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You get naked, squat and shove it in your twink butthole.

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Don’t quote me on this but I’ve heard this thing is mainly for fashion designers not fine artists or illustrators.

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David Finch recommends Loomis. There you go, now you've seen one and you can change your tune.

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Loomis died before the internet even existed.

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You are tremendously ignorant, that's why you haven't heard of Loomis before.

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Holy bot thread.

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You dont.

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Put it in the trash.

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you're ngmi, and its not because you didnt follow loomis

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Pyw, I bet anything mine is better :)

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Buy and ad Stan

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That should be the new official /ic/ motto.

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They're a scam

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i talk to mine. he gives me valuable art advice

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Those stiff wooden ones are awful, you can get much better ones for posing. But really you can just pose a 3D model nowdays for reference so they are obsolete

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posing a 3d model is more pain in the ass if you just want a quick reference. You might've just posed the 3d model and trace over it instead. Posing yourself in the mirror is more useful in many cases

On other hand that 3d dolls is pretty handy. I've had body-kun and used him often to double check where the limbs should go if the angles are tilted higher/lower and such