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They've made this tablet with the ability to be used via a usb-c to usb-c cord. This is helpful if you don't want to use the huge 3 in 1 cable provided. Only issue out of the 12 different cords I had, none worked. I had to buy a separate one mentioned by an amazon reviewer. They've pushed back the outlet so far into the tablet that your options for using anything other than what they've provided are extremely slim.

The dang pen SUCKS. I've had to recalibrate the frigging pen 10 times. It'll be accurate for 5 minutes and then just shift away. I don't understand it. All in all I'm not happy. Not happy at all.

My computer no longer recognizes the device now either. I have tried reinstalling the drivers and a number of other steps with no success.

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you needing to buy a high speed usb-c cable is not a fault of the device. it's you not understanding technology

if it no longer works, this is also possibly due to you randomly plugging in cables like a fucking idiot.

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The INCLUDED CABLE DOESN'T WORK you fucking idiot

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That is a separate concept/issue from you plugging in random cables. Do you understand that?

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this couldn't have gone in one of the generals because?

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>include a defective cable
Fuckin worthless moron.

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>you fucking idiot
>worthless moron
where have I seen someone post like this before?

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I understand, you destroyed the tablet by connecting your cables at random because the one that brought the tablet didn't work, the 3 in 1 didn't work???

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Aaron , you're not satisfied with your fucking Wacom tablets shit thread and you make another one throwing shit at Huion.
If what you describe were real, you are a retard who does not read the instructions, it is not the device's fault.

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>plug a different USB-C cable into a tablet's USB-C port
>this can destroy the tablet
>according to huion shills, this is normal and it is the customer's fault for trying this

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post a picture of the tablet

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He got mindbroken after that one anon posted a video of him deboonking his favorite anti-chink tablet webm.

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just admit you've lost idiot, move on and stop embarassing yourself.

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works for me just fine

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works on my machine

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This. I bought a Huion 1060 Plus in 2017 and it just always had issues and wasn't fun to draw on.

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a huion tablet raped my mother and killed my father.
who was there to pick up the pieces of my broken life? none other than wacom intuos 3. intuos 3 paid for the funeral, restored my mother's virginity, and gave me a blowjob. thank you wacom.

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Why is Huion so shit?

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wacumguzzler on sperg rage

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WaCUUM sux more got`cha bitch.

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USB-C cables have different qualities, some support video, some don't. And then you have to make sure that your USB-C port on your computer supports video.

The real sin is that they make the USB-C port so fucking slim and small that I had to sandpaper and rip off the metal case of the normal USB cables just to make them fit. The rest of the tablet is great and a much greater price than wacum.

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>guzzler made another thread
Something happened with his /dtg/ thread? I stopped visiting that thread since there's another tablet generals without him sperging around picking fight with Chang(s).

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>buy a huion
>plug it in
>smell burning
>think nothing of it, probably just new tabket smell
>try to calibrate pen
>47 calibration cycles later the tip of my pen is finally within 3 inches if the cursor
>open pirated krita
>draw a single wobbly fluctuating thickness line
>suddenly my computer explodes
>house catches fire
>entire house on fire with no way to exit
>fire burning too hot for fire department to put it out
posting this from hell (where I went for buying a huion)
don't be like me, buy Wacom instead. specifically an intuos 3.

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>guzzler got assblasted to oblivion again
>made this thread to avoid shame

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Nothing, he got raped again
He thought he would have an army to suck him and wacom, just to everyone tell him to fuck off kek

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Huion is awful

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does he genuinely believe there's some organized huion shill ring? why does he care so much?

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it could be... that the rat about brands are just really stupid anons that dont know how to use electronic devices and they fucked the warranty?
I actually have the 3 brands, an old bamboo wacom, it works but it's very worn over the years, an xp-pen screenless, worns a little over the years but works perfectly, and a huion screen tablet, the screen looks the same as the first day, i even have an galaxy note tablet from 2014 and the screen works perfect.

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t. Liu Zhao Bei

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off to your hugbox

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you're lucky we have the absolute most useless janiggers on 4chan.

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A chink raped him and broke his tablet

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got a link to that webm

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you want a type c which is capable of thunderbolt, I did this with mine, it has no type c to type c functionality, however I could get a type c male to female that is thunderbolt compatible to run the cable from pc to monitor.

though I bought a 22 inch and not their 12-14 inch that have the recessed usbc issues.

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lol, he must have bitched incessantly about that,

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there are 2(two) webms now debunking his bullshit

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my critique on the webm's is as follows

they don't show edge use, I want to say about 1/4th an inch on the right and left sides of my huion both don't track well and neither does the top or bottom area, but its not wildly off like the right and left, and while I can do a full circle for tilt, it needs to be far more center than I would like to track well, its a kind of a constant issue where I will lose tilt tracking when going to far away from center, also both straight lines need to be done very slow, every penable display has wobble, doesnt matter who makes it, but its if it effects normal lines that makes the difference, its clear that they dont effect lines made fast, but it will show if you go solow...

its more or less I have a 22 inch screen, about 20 inches is good for drawing and about 12 inches is perfect for everything... a bit frustrating but good enough I wouldn't consider a 2k wacom as a replacement given I paid I think 300 or 400 for it.

I would make a video but the effort needed to make a webm postable to 4chan just is not worth it to me.

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the webms directly debunk the one OP posts in every /dtg/ thread. They do the same 4 tests he shows and shows. they aren't meant to be extensive reviews.

As for what you're describing, that's present on wacom tablets as well. It's just an inherent flaw with EMR tablets.

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my understanding of wacoms is it has far better tracking than huion or xpen does, at least in terms of on display accuracy. the point I make is, sub 500$ or 2000+... wacom isnt worth the price unless it pays for itself.

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This, too bad the guzzler doesn't get it

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have you used a wacom and huion (or xp-pen) side by side? I think you're falling for some of the marketing, because they feel basically the same.

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Nah, Wacom is better, Wang Liu.

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the wacoms I have used were in schools, so kind of old by today's standards, but the whole screen was really accurate, along with tilt, my huion, while it will do those perfectly in a central 12 inch of the display, the outer 8 inches tilt is very hit or miss, this does come up quite often as im in the middle of drawing and the tilt hitches, I need to undo (I try not to do this, I try to do digitally a more traditional workflow for the end result I want) and reposition a piece usually zooming out a bit to continue, its not a major deal but like I said, this particular issue comes up alot, as for the outer area not tracking well, I do shit in 3d as well, there is no fucking way I am memoriseing all the hotkeys when a button is just to the left, and this is just a 1080p monitor so its not going to be the best. screen space to work with unless I make the ui small as hell. this sees me reaching for the mouse a fair bit of time instead of just using the pen.

as far as I remember, and no, I wont remember the model, the Wacom's tracked better/didn't hit these same issues nearly as much. wacom has their own horror stories, drivers where people had to fucking write their own because wacom would not fix bugs, while my huion experience has genuinely been fucking amazing as far as tech support was concerned.

would I like the accuracy I had on the wacom screens, yes, is it worth, if I remember the price of the bastards at the time, a 2000$ premium over my monitor... oh fuck no. drawing for me is a hobby, and I do FAR more irl than digital, maybe if I did more digital, but fuck no for what I do currently.

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It's like comparing real woman to sex doll. Both can get you off in the end. There are some differences. But doll is cheaper. Holy cope.

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You are the example of why ignorant people should not use technology without prior instruction, you are an idiot.

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It's you Aaron, you took the bait, if the moderator deletes this thread you fucking spammer, get a job damn idiot

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The jannies sucks Wacom dick,probably he won't get banned

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>My computer no longer recognizes the device now either
I had this issue with my Huion after driver updates for my GPU. I had to reinstall the huion drivers and it worked.

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py tablet
Jannies on /ic present not to moderate but to be pedos they are, lmao like this clowns even draw.

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Skill Issue
I've owned both wacom and huion, now only use huion.

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It's illegal to own Wacom in China?

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Yes, you will be buttfucked like op for it

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It's illegal to have a brain in your house, that's why you ask that question, Aaron.

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Sure thing, Zhang.

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Fuck off to your general guzzler

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You could at least try to make your wacom shilling less obvious cross threads, but I guess you're too cripplingly autistic for that.

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Sure thing, Aaron.

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Ok Zhang.

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yeah ur definitely chinese

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XP Pen sucks too

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Ok Zhang.

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Wow, this sounds awful. I'm never buying huion now. Guess I'll stick to genuine, good quality tablets from Japanese company.

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also pyw

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Why do Wacom imitations still have that really cheap build quality?

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I use a huion 610, works fine
Can't speak about their graphic tabs

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the sex doll is probably more capable of careing for and about you than an average woman.

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I spent all day yesterday and today drawing on my huion tablet
The art I made on my huion tablet was very pleasing. I really love my huion, it works so well.

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>ITT no one draws
Holy crap!

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I just told you I spent all day drawing on my huion tablet, purchased direct from huion? Why would I lie about using my huion to draw, and the outstanding performance of my huion branded tablet?

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I don't have a Huion screen tablet but I have a screenless one

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we will send all marketing department to this thread, boss. he will not defeat us

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I won a kamvas 13 through a contest and this thing is a mess. Goes apeshit if any 3rd party program like steam is active, and the tip is always slightly off center. Had to move my wifi usb key from the back to the front of the case be ause ot caused the tablet "interference".
I mean I got it for free so I'll use it but I'd never spend money on this thing

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5000 year old Chinese civilization at work. Lmao

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Getting desperate, retard?

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Don't forget to count the bongs,fag.

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You've lost the argument you fucking idiot, stop talking.

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>stop talking
Are you ok?

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Why is Huion still so far behind Wacom and Apple?

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I'm drawing on my display tablet huion right now as a non display tablet. Both sides may now seethe how I'm winning.

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XP Pen sucks too

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It's a Chinese knockoff. You get what you paid for.

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>IP man

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isn't it really weird how this thread and schizo general are always bumped by "new" posters one after the other? Must just be a wild coincidence!

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You're retarded, move on already.

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Definitely it's not a butthurt samefag, just a concerned artist...

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Ah yes, especially that for every
>huion bad
posts there are at least 3
>nooo huion good

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Huion is trash.

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Nooooo huion is very good

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ur mom

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This honestly. Mine had the most god awful colors I've ever seen. Why don't they precalibrate this shit?

Refunded it and just bought an iPad.

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Huion had better colors than wacuck unless you want to pay 2k lmao

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Noooooo huion very good.

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Why would anyone care what chinese people like you have to say?

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>Why would anyone care what Chin-ACK

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Nihao. Tablet very good. Please don't mind small details.

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>Tranny can't calibrate a tablet
lol, lmao even.

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Who cares about coverage if it's not calibrated properly you fucking idiot?

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The joke is it was calibrated properly. On a video. In a video review that is on first page of Google search for this tablet.
To even make this Chinese toy working, reviewer needed to calibrate it INCORRECTLY by GUESSING where to click during calibration, because clicking displayed dots gave shitty results.
But hey, at least it's cheap.

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Proper calibration requires a calibrator, and the good ones cost a shitload of money you mong.
Any art device should be pre-calibrated in the factory. All Wacom tablets are pre-calibrated for this exact reason.

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>Majority have no problem, some faggot who doesn't even own one cries on 4channel
Sounds like a (You) problem

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jesus christ it's even worse than I thought.

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>Majority have no problem
Where'd you get that figure from you fucking idiot? You can find a shitload of unhappy customers in Amazon reviews.
Even if most people didn't care about accurate colors, it doesn't change the fact that they are still inaccurate colors, and could be a significant problem for people doing color work, especially for print.

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You can find a shit ton of unhappy customers on wacoms reddit too. Not an argument

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>ching chong still too stupid to realize this thread simply being visible at the top of the catalog is damaging for huion and Chinese imitation brands
You can damage control all you like, but you're just making it worse.

OP is right anyway. Huion sucks.

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Go back, moron. Most of them are likely marketing chinks like you.

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>These people's grievances d-don't count
I accept your concession, cumguzzler