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How do I learn to erase any sign I am not japanese in my anime girls?

Is pic related good enough to trick retards?

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no it still looks Japanese to me

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>Is pic related good enough to trick retards?

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It doesn't matter if I said it does and doesn't, that's the point of this thread.

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fuck off cris

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It isn't like your drawing doesn't "not" look like it isn't drawn by someone who isn't Japanese.

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it looks ok right now. post a finish piece if possible for further consideration

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its decent. I've seen Jap artists before and after art posts with a similar style and skill level at the beginning, so just keep working, studying and observing from jap artists you like.

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it looks anime but i think there are way too many lines in there. especially the hair

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Fuck off cris you faggot

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looks a little retro. you know like angular. i mean i like it. but if your so concerned with blending in with the japs then it would serve you well to draw the faces a bit rounder and modern.
but i wouldnt. looks good to me. probably looks good to any jap too. probably

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this. the only problem is that retro anime styles are also tied to shitty western how to draw anime books. all you gotta do is improve on your linework and design choices.
did what >>6836252 recommend with the hair and it looks cleaner and more readable

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I hate bugmen worship so much it's unreal

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No it doesn't look Japanese, stop drawing noses and chin dimples

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the character needs to be facing left,

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why do you wanna larp as a jap?

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why the fuck do I want to larp as american or european?

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>larp american or european?
There is no larping if thats what you are you fucking retard. Jesus christ, imagine wanting to assimilate so hard you have no originality or self in your art and only want to present as a faceless japanese person.

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I'm not a dirty gringo or a faggot sissy eurocuck.

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Go get beheaded in the streets, pablo

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>he doesnt know what larping means
NTA, but you're an idiot.

You do realize there are artists out there that are not asian that pass as asian and actual asian artists that dont pass as asian? It doesnt matter how it looks because there is no such thing that makes your art look like a specific from one region. Nobody cares about what your art looks like region-wise as long as it's good. Also why would you care about how your art looks region-wise? Why would you larp as an asian?
This whole nonsense is borderline /pol/ trash.

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I want to look authentic and not like the art of a dirty gaijin weeb manchildren.

I hate those davido kun fat neckbears that smell like dry semen.

why not instead worry about your country going soon to war, instead of my safety?

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>I want to look authentic
aside from the fact there is no such thing as "authenticity" when it comes to visual arts and region, the fact you need to fake it already makes it an imitation. You want your art to look like anime trash, not asian, so go and study anime trash.
>and not like the art of a dirty gaijin weeb manchildren.
But you are, and the fact you are in need to fake it further proves it.

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he hates the fact he's not jap. And because he's not jap, it fuels his weeb obsessions to become one with the ningen no nippon rather than focusing his non-jap strengths (presumably latino). No matter what he does, he'll still be a non-jap by pretense alone. Sure, you can fake it till you make it, but at this point, who are you really fooling?

>gaijin weeb manchildren

look at the mirror for 30 secs then come back.

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I'm not a weeb.

I don't woship nips.

I hate them and their mediocrity.
99.9% of anime is garbage, and they seem unable to write anything good.
I just don't want to look like cheap imitation like american how to draw books from when I was a teen.

I don't care about japan, nor I give a shit about them.

But I still want some level of recognition in comiket.

>but comiket is in japan, you're a weeb
Maybe americans and Europeans should make an anime industry and start having something similar to comiket.

There's nothing in america and europe I need to appeal to.
I don't care about Buggisoft and EA styles and I don't care about american styles beyond maybe a love for /aco/ AI porn general.

I would appreciate more american styles if they made something more interesting than my little barney children garbage.

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Your retarded spic ass will never be successful in japan. You lack the talent, and no, aishit will never help you.

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you seem to imply I want to live in a country with such xenophobic culture, their population is shrinking, right?

Do you want me to start mentioning all the issues of their autistic society with herbivore men?

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>I'm not a weeb.
>I don't woship nips.
Yet you use weeb terms and are looking for your art to look like weeb shit. See the contradiction?
Your ramble about japan and anime being trash doesnt hide the fact you want a piece of them and want to blend in, which already makes you a weeb that worships the nips. Otherwise you would be looking for your own way of doing things.
>but muh westoids!!
Then why are you sticking to defaults and trash generalizations instead of harvesting a style of your own? You being blinded by the retarded westoid x eastoid war and not looking beyond it is your problem.

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Ironic, because all my education comes from american and european teachers.

Ironic also that I'm literally reading baroco and rococo from the hardbrace history of art, in a fucking PDF, right now.

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No, I know your ass will never move out of your mom's basement, but you will never achieve the recognition you want.

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I only need to reach the skill level I want.

I don't care if some faggot on the internet think I am god or some magical talented word zoomers use now.

I want to be seen as equal by the artist I admire on pixiv, not by the general public.

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>I only need to reach the skill level I want.
You can't. If you actually could you would already have reached the skill you want a decade ago, but you have no talent.

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why do you think I always mention my ideal is to be like rock lee.

>but rock lee was actually talented

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Rock lee worked hard. You don't work hard. You need to spend at least 12 hours drawing every single day to compensate for your lack of talent. You won't get good wasting your time reading dozens of useless books or working on your videogames that won't go anywhere.

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Amount of hours is not what delivers the results of the old masters.

It took me 19 years to learn that.

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What does that have anything to do with any of what you or I said? For all I care you can study art from the Woodcrawlers of the "planet" Iris, that doesnt change the fact you are a weeb that is obsessed with weeb trash and want to be a weeb trash wannabee.
>I want my art to look asian
>Im currently studying european artists
You absolute FAGGOT.

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Sorry, cris, but old masters had talent. Trying to achieve what they did makes no sense for you

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Ok, call me when american and French start making some 2D industry that isn't asterix and obelix and tintin and cartoon network about black magical obese girls.

Until then, maybe try to ask your studios to make good shit.

Europeans haven't made anything good since fucking Wagner and maybe chopin and Monet.
An useless continent in the last 80 years, whose only created the garbage bahaus school of shit tier buildings my continent is filled with such brutalism garbage.

Europeans haven't been more relevant to me after Vangogh, except for the checz porn you make.

Americans have taught me more by modern teachers than any faggot eurocuck loser.

I don't think is a talent issue.

It's closer to the fact old masters spend weeks doing preproduction and studies of every fucking element in the piece.

It's closer to making an engineering marvel than what 99.9% of modern fags draw.

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>It's closer to the fact old masters spend weeks doing preproduction and studies of every fucking element in the piece.
Then go do that instead of wasting time asking pointless questions here. You will never get good otherwise.

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Why do you guys always get baited by the anti-japanese racist? The guy himself larps like he’s the saviour of the white man’s comic legacy but he just posts cats and images from 40 years ago

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>calling people racist on 4chan

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do you want to police censor my speech, like any other commie fag?

I study and practice literally every day at least 4-5 hours.

I will reach the skill level needed to do that, at some point.

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The more this faggot post the more it sounds like he doesn't even enjoy art or actually explore art outside of anime porn. The fact that he wants to imitate people he hates than being himself and gets off to AI porn, JUST LMAO

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>but muh westoid bad
To another faggot with that bullshit, in nowhere I am arguing about the retarded westoid vs eastoid war, so fuck off and dont deflect the topic.
The current state of the art/entertaintmen industry worldwide doesnt excuse you from being a weeb that wants to larp as a japanese artist and cant see beyond the autistic westoid/eastoid generalization.

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No wonder everyone above int leaves this shithole behind when faggots like OP aren't banned on the spot
dead board

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I love fags making wild claims when I've read more art books than then, lmao.

No, I don't care about autismo 4chan wars.

I think japs are dog shit, but are less dog shit than west scum.

I literally said that I am right now reading books about baroque masters, lmao.

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if you actually cared about the art you supposedly looked at, you wouldn't be such an autistic faggot over appearing "japanese".
>tatsuyuki tanaka
>ayami kojima
>kentaro muira
so many japanese artist with unique styles that look nothing like generic anime or feel "japanese" yet here you are chasing it instead of just making shit that feels natural

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that's ironic, because my biggest influence is urushihara.

not westerboos.

It's also ironic you call his style to be "generic anime"

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>AI slop
opinions discarded

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This looks like it was done by a fat weeb, the forms are too round, westerner esthetic instincts. I can tell you haven't grow up with anime,and if you did, it probably was dbz, I can tell you're latinx anon

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I think I should start doing master studies of urushihara, rather than asking fags here some underage opinion.

how is that AI slop?

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maybe I need to spend a month doing imitation studies of urushihara.

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generating AI slop of your fav artist isn't studying

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>"No, I don't care about autismo 4chan wars."
>He says as he deflected a topic into your standard 4chan "westoid vs eastoid" war.
>"I-im not a weeb! see?! I hate japanese and I am studying europeans, which I also hate!! Why isnt my art japanese yet?!"
You know what I think? I think you're too deep into your own stupidity to understand how backwards your mindsets and strategies are. You're the living embodiment of everything wrong with this board and that is never going to change as long as you keep being a schizo.
Now fuck off, Chris.

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I got these from google.

you seem to have some weird ideas about me.

There's nothing weird about wanting to be as authentic to the style conventions of artists like urushihara while also not being a dirty manchildren that has a figurine collection and dreams of going to japan to pickup teenagers while also having obesity and speech issues and social anxiety.

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well your eyes aren't trained enough yet to see ai yet cause that is ai

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Why are western artists so obsessed with angry eyes + smile expressions? I see this all the time whenever westerners are trying to draw anime style, especially americans.

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Ok, so a machine that learns his style can't teach me his style because it gets wrong some details?


Here, a dan booru picture of him.

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>Is pic related good enough to trick retards
>trick retards
If you think this is good enough, then you may have answered your own question.

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Looks very 90s, it's not that it doesn't look Japanese but nobody draws with that style anymore in Japan

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I'm not sure desu. I know Madoka isn't in this style, but it looks questionable outside of that as well. The arms look very rounded and the hands don't mesh with the rest of the design imo. The "anime" look is often about simplicity of designs, sharp corners and exaggerated features that can still visually work in a specific scene.
The hair and face style is heavily reminding me of extreme designs that were common in 90s and 00s naime. It's not bad, but I think some fundies (yes, in the western sense of the word) could help with the base. Line quality and economy would help you a long way and also help you figure out how to make it look more jp. Not going crazy with the amount of lines is somehing used in both anime and manga.
I don't really follow jp artists much, but there's like a million variations to the style and the influx of chinese and koreans today is only making the idea of "animeesque" more extensive. It really depends.

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You suck, why do you want to be a fucking yellow short cock??? You will never be Asian and your pedophile drawings stink.

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back the fuck off to /3/ cris
you will never gmi

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This can be seen as either the work of an oldschool Jap (90s/early 00s) or a Westoid who has superficial knowledge and mainstream taste in "deep" anime.

This one is absolutely Westoid, no attention to cuteness, lost in unpleasant details.
A beg Jap will draw shittily but always thinking about balance.

World of Snark, look it up. Americans are uncomfortable when nobody has cracked a joke in the last 30 seconds and will do everything they can to break up silence spanning more than 5 seconds.

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gave up on AI already?

>> No.6836979

>a machine that learns his style can't teach me his style
No it can't. You have to draw, not the machine.

>> No.6837056

Why on earth would you want to be LESS unique? Focus more on making your idiosyncrasies work for you rather than fighting them.

>> No.6837068

God damn it, it's you again.

>> No.6837132

>learn to draw western style

>> No.6837226

please post video game again

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>How do I learn to erase any sign I am not japanese in my anime girls?
I have no idea what race or nationality you are based on your image.
>Is pic related good enough to trick retards?
You're better off learning Japanese and being polite online, rather than posting something like "I want to trick retards."

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>AI slop

>> No.6837880

No. Accept you got btfo by a random anon, talentless spic.

>> No.6837883

>retarded fag thinks a random loser on this board will have the 0.00001% skill to produce such ink work, that happens to look like the ink work that AI makes
>also this anon magically copied my proportions and measures as well (AKA tracing like an AI)

>> No.6837885

>retarded fag can't tell AI apart from real art
>retarded fag thinks there aren't skilled people here
>retarded fag doesn't know drawing over the original drawing is very common for redlines here
fuck off retarded spic

>> No.6837886

>magically copies my facial proportions (AKA tracing)
>also magically traces ink like IA

A human wouldn't have drawn the same proportions, perfectly.

look at the cheek.

A real human wouldn't copy it so perfeclty.

>> No.6837892

also, a human wouldn't spent 2 hours to BTFO me with such detailed redline.

And he would overlay the original picture with a red ink overlay.

lmao, newfag.

>> No.6837896

>look at the cheek. A real human wouldn't copy it so perfeclty.
That part wasn't even copied, retard. Your cheek was utter shit and the guy fixed it. No wonder you're so shit at drawing. You have no eyes.
>2 hours
Just because you're a talenless retard that takes a million hours to do anything it doesn't mean people take as long. That looks like a 20 minute job at most, but sure, keep coping and keep getting btfo'd like the dumbass you are, lol

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see pic rel

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>come to this board from /agdg/ to see how bad the shitposting is now
>see Cris in the wild, again
Cris truly is a blight on all of 4chan

fuck off cris

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that's 0.62 noise strenght in img2img.

do you even know how to use AI?

>> No.6838001

Cope. Not AI, retarded spic.

>> No.6838005

Draw it now in front view.

>> No.6838016

he also commonly shits up /3/

>> No.6838019

How do I learn to ink like that?

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I had to draw with my mouse so it looks different than my other work but you get the idea, just admit you were wrong.

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I love how AI fag can't do something as basic as turn a 3/4 into a front view using a mouse on paint.

>> No.6838046

he uses an AI

>> No.6838057

Turn off opacity pressure. Turn on size pressure. Make long strokes, but don't be afraid to reshape lines later with more strokes and erasing.
Embrace, but not abuse, line stabilization. What you gain in smoothness, you relinquish an equal amount in control and character.

>> No.6839816

>I can tell you're latinx anon
redpill me on art styles and race

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>> No.6842542

nice bump, retarded piece of latinx shit.

>> No.6845098

this is fine, if sketched in an uncharacteristic way for a nip, but the make or break point is at rendering.
this is not "anime style", this could only be passed for a japanese art if you're aware of the deviantard fetishist style of the east.

>> No.6845101

see >>6842542

>> No.6845109

it's a fun premise. and also that guy was right, no matter how hard you try, ywnbj, weebs will always know something is up and be repulsed.

>> No.6845313

You can tell it's western from the hatching.

>> No.6845343

What about the hatching

>> No.6845365

it's western.

>> No.6845392

You’re from the west. Cease this self-demoralizing at once. We occupy Japan for God sakes.

>> No.6845409

>How do I learn to erase any sign I am not japanese in my anime girls?
go to an actual convention to show off your not-japanese art
that'll get the word out real quick

>> No.6845500

If it looks decent, nobody cares if you're a nipponjin. Only retarded weebs with care about the skin color of the artist

>> No.6845504

Yeah that's the thing I dont get with people pretending to be Japanese when they're clearly not. You're not Japanese, you will never be Japanse. If you can speak/read/write Japanese, that's great and an advantage. If you like Japanese aesthetics or pop culture, that's fine too because pop culture references crosses culture. But trying to be a Japanese person is cringe, like a tranny trying hard to be a woman.

>> No.6848352

the art isn't horrible anon but i see you as a fat mexican girl in high school who wears a fairy tale backpack with demon slayer pins on it and you talk about cartoons with people who don't care

so take that as you will i guess

>> No.6848404

>2006 scholastic How To Draw Manga 101
Tier. Sorry bud it's over for you.

>> No.6851925

Weeb out Cris or Gabe
>you're already NGMI

>> No.6852457

Too many black lines

>> No.6852462

pyw- oh right, you don't draw.

>> No.6855168

why do you care