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How is it possible that no one can replicate this type of art anymore, except David Finch who tries, but after the 90s they all fell into a bottomless pit, it's like everything is crap, but ending with crying, there are more tutorials for shade like this like Buscema

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>except David Finch who tries
Answered your own question.
Because nobody else is trying, everyone wants to do clean digital likes or muh epic lineless. Nobody wants to evoke silver age american comics.

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whats so hard about this? I've seen 13 year olds on twitter doing it.

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Yeah, I don't understand why they prefer the empty and generic work with clean lines and boring backgrounds, the comics of the silver age were way above what they do today, they had drama in the lines, there was movement.

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13-year-olds make shitty calarts, adults make shitty calarts, the industry is ruined, don't come here to fuck with your stupid irony

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it's just kinda tacky and the way they do lines is kind of formulaic. it's like artists develop a way of hatching and all the works of a particular artist look like to each other, which is good for consistency where you're doing sequential works or multi-piece projects, but it's also the result of being formulaic. there's also the association with these early iron age high ANE-admixed steppe nomads with modern steroid bodies.
there are much better shading using hatches in art throughout history that even less people are doing that modern "inkers" ignore.

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There's plenty
You just don't see them because:
1. No one gives a fuck about western comics anymore
2. Manga and webtoons which are produced on tight deadlines and shoe-string budgets are leagues more popular
3. Since there's no future in the market, especially in the high-quality low-output niche, there's no interest from the talent who are instead funneled into production art or if low quality webtoons and Marvel/DC comics/alt covers

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Pics are from Richard Friend's Blasterkid.

If there was more of a market he'd probably be working on it fulltime, but he's been working penciling oddjobs and art Patreon the past number of years just to support himself.

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Is this style good for making a graphic novel?

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Nobody does it anymore because it'a no appealing to look at and super tacky.
The reason so many drew like this pre 90s was because that was the norm, but now that no one likes this style anymore no sane artist is gonna submit themselves to churning out formulaic campy work like this.

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show me an example of something not vulgar and nice modern according to your

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Agree. Wally Wood set the gold standard for light & shadow and influenced a couple of generations.
Computer color where light & shadow is done digitally looks like literal ass.
>whats so hard about this? I've seen 13 year olds on twitter doing it.
post 'em

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Modern Comics with this style do well, it's just it offends the trannies on management because it takes longer and inspires instead of demoralizing the reader with ugly shit drawn by people with the skill of toddlers.

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What a fitting facial expression for that dialogue lmfao

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>nobody does it any more
>no one can replicate this type of art anymore
What the fuck are you retards smoking? The only reason it's not everywhere is because people mostly use nib pens instead of brushes for everything now, or aimed for thinner pen-like strokes with their brush (pic related). That's it. It isn't a lack of ability, it's just a shift in what people WANT to draw. Same reason nobody's really draw mickey mouse shit anymore.
If you're talking about the lighting specifically, that's just basic comicbook shading. It's still common. Read less bargain-bin garbage and you'll find it.

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>post 'em
I would if I had twitter and knew the name... I saw their work posted to ic earlier this year. could have been 16.

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are you the retard that keeps posting inking threads every week?
what do you get out of this?

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you're the retarded little yellow cock lover who posts anime shit, go to your thread

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rendering. not shading. rendering.

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This is garbage. Stop posting manga. He doesnt even draw the backgrounds. Just a simple character with shitty anatomy. Even the robe is all digital tones for the texture.

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That one has a small dick, this thread is for Westerners

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>make your light source come from above.
>add a simple crescent-shaped shadow to the bottom of each of your stupid bubble anatomy forms

the death of creativity

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I'm more of a bernie wrightson guy. I've tried to mimic his style of rendering but it's straight up impossible for me digitally

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Take your pills schizo, and stop making retarded ass threads you contribute nothing to. Guarantee you've never even tried to ink nor make a comic. you're a permabeg loser who rationalize his taste in art without having the knowledge or proficiency to do so.
Go talk about SOVL or muh lost esoteric 19th century knowledge with all the other brainlets.
you don't draw (or you just started yesterday) and it shows.

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mogged by some random furry on the internet, kek

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https://www.artstation.com/artwork/28ObOg lmao even

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>ree why doesn't anyone still draw my homoerotic Frazetta inspired bare chested men ree
1. You're gay
2. crosshatching is tacky and gimmicky
3. No one cares about your personal taste

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>I need A LOT of lines to make my statement
Designed simplicity will never be beat, OP

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Is there cross hatching tho?
I only see hatching lines

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semantics, literally nobody cares

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>>I need A LOT of lines to make my statement
He says mockingly... using words composed of many lines. Ngmi.

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you're so pathetic it's sad

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I am? I think there's a time and place for all styles. Why limit yourself?

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crosshatching/hatching is only gimmicky when it's done by inkcels who mostly know hatching from 1900s illustrators and comics. because they view it as a gimmick and don't even realize it.

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this guy?

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Fuck you, you loser who tries to draw stupid shit by Asian pedophiles, you useless

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Please, faggot go to your anime pedophile shit thread

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lol it was him but turns out I didn't read and thought the cover was his. it's David finch. I didn't look close, I'm not particularly into this sort of art.

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Why so mad? Inkwork is inkwork, doesn't matter which side of the pacific it was done on.

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I don't see the appeal, the lines just make the woman look like a hairy monkey

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>make the woman look like a hairy monkey
you say that like it's a bad thing

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It is not ink, it is pre-designed textures, the Japanese do not render shadows with ink.

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The anime is full of errors like, shitty anatomy, unreproducible head in 3D, rubbery and oily shadows and shines impossible in reality and you don't find any errors? Tell yourself another story asianfag.

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cool to see an 18 year old pick up that 90s extreme style. hope it makes a comeback, it's better than the watered down animu & tumblr shit most people that age are into.

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It's ink done entirely in trad and any further denial is pure undiluted delusion.
Here's another random dude I remembered.

Quit being so mad. East and west, it's all the same shit.

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You will say anything and everything but at the end of the day what your gay ass likes and what my based ass likes are different and that's all. Now eat shit granny fucker

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This. Variety is the spice if life, gay faggots that want to control what you can like and create should kill themselves.


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That your ass likes things gives you away, stop using faggot analogies that you sink alone, go try to draw yellow shit.

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This is frig**n amazeballs..

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Holy fucking hell did Richard Friend draw that? I thought he was just an inker

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mogged by some spanish dude

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probably because there’s no point sweating over inks that no one will ever see since marvel will hire a 3 dollar an hour colorist to shit all over your work with paint by the numbers pillow shading

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On it

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Well Iberia is the true cradle of European excellence.
The blood of Rome, Germania, Galia and Persia. Unblemished by Anglo filth.

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>I thought he was just an inker
It takes drawing skill to be an inker, it's why they're sometimes called finishers (some of the best inkers in comic history also did their own pencils and inked others, like Wally Wood).
Also Richard Friend has a great channel, love how he covers so many artists.

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Weekly botted old inkers thread.
I guess it's this or AI slop...

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Since when? All I see on here is east v. west, aphantasia, ADHD, AI, "too old to draw", and anime threads.
I'd take a weekly inker's thread because it actually has to do with, you know, drawing.
>Weekly BOTTLED old inkers thread

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>'d take a weekly inker's thread because it actually has to do with, you know, drawing.

Has nothing to do with drawing just another "muh taste" retards wasting everybody's time, nobody here has posted original artworks, just retards larping with skills they don't have.
Also to disprove your point this has literally become an east v. west thread.

Again bullshit recycled weekly botted content. Same thread was here last week and it went nowhere, prob same schizo that doesn't draw.

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but the anime shit doesn't bother you, go to your fucking asian pedophile thread

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Asian pedophile vs homosexual bare chested men enjoyer
A meeting of the minds

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Homosexual and pedophiles draw animu

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gays love futanari and yaoi, go to your animu asian micro cock board

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its fine just be fast with the pages

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More reasons why future repetitive threads like these should be deleted immediately.

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everything about art in iberia is just some sloppier version of southern italy. iberia is not even the cradle of its own artistic culture.

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southern italy is literally albania

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Parentless, unemployed behaviour.