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if I become a loli artist in the united states approximately what are the chances I'll get vanned just for drawing art

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>dat tummy
How does one achieve this power.

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starving yourself and swimming daily

if you mean the art, then also starving yourself but instead of swimming you draw for 16 hours a day instead

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As long as you support biden no one will trouble you

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Where is her penis?

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Unlikely, it's not illegal the supreme court has ruled but some states will still try to pull some obscenity bullshit if you catch their eye. Just don't plan on making any money off it.
The only guy I know of that made money while some of what he did was loli was Shadman, but he was known as the edgy guy not the loli guy.

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>Yet another lolichimp asking if he'll get in trouble for drawing his gross fetish
Assuming you even draw (doubtful), if you have to keep asking, maybe you should just not do it? Considered that?

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The honest answer is that the artist probably studied from child models.

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Most likely. Though that is not illegal. American for example has a ton of shit like child beauty pageants and beach pictures that are legal.

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That tummy is way too developed, this figure is in her prime.

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>American for example has a ton of shit like child beauty pageants and beach pictures that are legal.

Not any more. Try searching for them now, they've been scrubbed from the clearnet.

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This is false.

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Unlikely, you might be put on list and not be allowed to go near children, so that's about it.

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Also child models are employed by fashion brands and in stock photos. You also have old artbooks that details how to draw children as well. This idea that you must collect illegal immoral references to draw good loli is absurd.

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Jeff Macanoli and diathorn are also both high profile loli artists from the states and still kicking

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This thread is glowing.

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do they draw porn?

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How do they get paid though? Any money transferring service that finds out bans you outright.

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Diathorn is a full on hentai artist but Macanoli seems to be focusing on sfw art on his new alias
Both used pixiv's fanbox, last time I checked. In case of commissions, the only way the bank find out what you're drawing is if you send it to them yourself, right? The buyer could just say he's paying for an illustration from you if need be

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You just say its an illustration on the invoice. Because that is what it is.

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Japanese pedodophile intensifies op

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Hopefully North Korea in some nuclear test will miss the sea and hit Japan squarely

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It happened two times already anon, and there you have the results ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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there will be more nuclear tests by north korea targeting the sea of japan, in one of those it fails and hits it, so don't rule it out

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adorable pic anon, who's the artist?

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You retards do realise you're talking to a fucking fed, right

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>not knowing who the artist
I pity you anon. NGMI

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why do lolicons have a persecution complex

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Because they are kind of getting banned and persecuted in twatter. Not to forget that a lot of other websites don't allow shota and loli art like Newgrounds.

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On the contrary, they seem to have a weird taunting syndrome, they want to be caught. They know it's wrong, but they still lurk around it. I don't think they are even interested in "that" subject, but that's the ultimate "limit" left standing in a sick global society that has broken every single taboo already. So they go there, because that's were the "line" is now.

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A lot of it just pure contrarianism. You just want to provoke a reaction. Its like when people make gore of super mario or some other child icon.

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Is this satire
Pedohysteria and hatred of youth is one of the pillars of leftist globohomo

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lel it just drawing lmao

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sounds like porn addiction

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There is always a guy like you that makes this assumption with no proof despite the style not even being a realistic child. You could easily use an adult woman and tweak the proportions to get the same result, just look at the width of the hips, the size of the legs when compared to the upper body, those parts of the body are too developed to be a real child and it's clearly a stylized look.
I think I've seen a webm posted here on /ic/ that shows his process and nothing in it implies your accusation.

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banned from everywhere yet always in demand. Must be the duality of man.

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Why don't you stay in /lsg/, pedo scum?

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>Look at dogs to get better at drawing dogs
>Look at men to get better at drawing men
>Look at children to get better at drawing children

You are so deluded.

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I think that's what I'm saying. Part of it for sure.
Satire was not my intention, but I was describing what I see on this site. 99.9% are a bunch of assholes taunting the "glowies" because they just can't help it. Taunting the "law" or "authority" for them it's like something irresistible. It's not about the subject. It could be anything, but there's not much left aside from the loli shit. The next thing would be anti-semitism, wich actually it is the next big thing 4channers use to taunt the "normie system of authority". What's next, the nigger thing? And next, the troon memeing?
It's all a big psy-op used to destroy taboos. Elites need that, they need a moral reset on the masses, so the Epstein shit could be something laughable, so it can become just another meme. That's what guys like Elon, Bill, Donald and many others need. The public acceptance of this shit.
Glowies are running this site, and you'all know that. Let that sink in.

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There is literally nothing wrong with drawing children from photographs, you pearl clutching loon. I never said he drew from child porn.

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Memericans think 8yos look like high schoolers and high schoolers look 30, because that's what the t.v. tells them.

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Satan just want all the kids for himself.
Fucking faggot never learned to share, that's the whole reason he got kicked out of heaven.

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I have clothes catalogs from when I sold clothes door to door back in pre-history.
Loads and loads of pages of people of all ages posing in clear, full body and well lit pics.
It's excellent clothes reference and excellent kids, teens and old folks reference too.

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>to make pedo shit

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You don't have to, the accusation of using real children when drawing such content is a heavy accusation.