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Do you like graffiti?

I like graffiti

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Graffiti is a bullshit

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I like graffiti, but only in so far as it's fun to look at, and isn't on people's private property.

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Be honest, how many times have you made this thread this year?

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I don't like it, it just shows that human garbage is infesting an area.

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I know how you feel. Vape shops and graffiti showing up on my side of town? Hide yo wife, hide yo kids.

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This is twice retard

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Hi twice retard, how it hanging? Bombed any funky jibs lately?

So it seems we have atleast 2 graffiti thread posters. I suspect more.

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If they are fun/have a fun art style
None of those street gang shit
Those things are soulless
>Verification not required

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no it usually looks like shit

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When it's well done and actually is art, yeah, it's great.

The average case isn't that, though, and is just shit like pic related - someone scrawling marker on a wall without regard to making their space shittier and fucking over whoever has to repaint to clean up their mess. Most of the time it's closer to spoiled toddlers drawing on walls

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>do you like vandalism

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If it’s already a ghetto, graffiti makes it look better, but now you got Paris looking like 8 mile.. Fuck, it’s so disrespectful and disgusting. Good bye French culture.

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no it's always thoughtless vandalism and usually just random letters stringed together

in my country there's one exception, "sane" being written literally everywhere on random trash bins and park benches across the entire country with the same style, that's some real dedication

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>Good bye French culture.
Retarded take. French culture is far from dying and it's certainly not threatened by graff. And Paris is not the whole country, putain de Parigot.

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I like it but its often just tags, prefer actual cool looking works or even commissioned stuff

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Do you guys have any stories about getting beaten up while doing your graffiti? Please share

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Lmao me and OP's pic related writer compliment each other's work a lot.
Yes I do write too of course but I also draw, hahahah I didn't expect to see his stuff here though.
hahahaha, that's so funny to me.
I mean, mostly normies are on here so discussing the philospohy of OG graffiti to normienators would be pointless but whatever.

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I never got beat up, but one time at a bridge I had to pay the troll toll.
Me and 3 other guys went to go paint on a highway wall.
The highway wall bordered a train track.
There was a small bridge we had to cross to get to the spot.
At the bridge was 3 people hanging out.
We greeted them and went on our way to paint.
After we returned to the bridge this big gangster shrek looking mofo stood at the bridge and said "You know what it is" and shook us down for some of our paint.
Had to pay the troll toll.

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Why are most graffiti artists either literal teens or drug addicts?

I was always interested in graffiti as in the process of painting letters using a paint can, I really like this, having a graffiti name and also adding a characters to the works, as I've seen some times done, really nice.

But when I go online to see other graffiti artists it's depressing, they either are literal teens in middle school or heavy weed users turbo life failures that larp as gangsters or at best rapper wannabees, why is this pattern so common?

I don't care about any of those desu I just want to paint because it looks cool

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You're a literal subhuman vandalizing property
Kindly kill yourself, waste of space

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that's whose out in the streets

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I kinda do and kinda don't. I can't reconcile my appreciation for spitting in the face of authority and society aspect of graffiti with my distaste for the "look at ME I put MY tag up and now you have pat attention to ME!" aspect of it.

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wwittwe baby is mad, wittwe baby is a wittwe slave and he is mad that I do as I please instead of "respecting" the bullshit system we live in, wittwe wittwe baby only got taught what to think now how to think, wittwweeeeee witttweeeeeeeee babeeeeeeeeeee

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It's disgusting and mostly non-white.

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>Do you like graffiti?
Nah. It's unnecessary vandalism most of the time.
Most of the time it also looks like garbage.

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Not him but this isn't about respecting the system or not (where I live): it's about respecting the people. They don't want to see squiggles everywhere, nor on their storefront, nor do they want to have to require public services to periodically repaint their walls.

That's a waste of taxpayers money.

Besides, some of the buildings here are old, were designed by architects, some doors displays beautiful craftsmanship: it's not disrespecting the system, but the people who erected those buildings and the artisans that cared for them.

If you really want to change the system, it's going to take much more than a few squiggles, which are turning the large majority of the population against you.

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I find it interesting to look at, especially if it's implemented as backdrops for fine art, etc.
Has to be creative though, not just some gay shit like >>6807587 mentioned

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The act of graffiti is almost always a criminal act, almost no one has actual permission.

It therefore selects for young people (AKA morons with insane risk tolerance as they have nothing to lose) and druggies (people already on the wrong side of the law such that drawing on some walls isn't a substantial risk compared to other shit they're doing).

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...some REAL GRAFF shit

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sometimes it has some interesting typography and colour combos, most of the time its just crap.

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Every graffiti thread is the same.

Some dude comes, thinking it's badass against the system. Other replies telling him: nah most of the time it's just garbage except once or twice. You've got a few venting anon shitting on the whole thing and calling OP some names.

And maybe one or two other graffiti fans (there must be like, literally 3 of them browsing the board once in a while) posting "sick graff, dude."

Until the thread slowly dies because too few people care about graffiti to keep a thread running, and Le People is happy to have had an occasion to tell "cowards" graffiti ""artists"" that they're essentially a nuisance and that nobody likes them.

I kid you not, the last 4, maybe 5 thread I've saw followed this exact same pattern.

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Hopefully the guy was wise enough to do this with chalk. Hopefully. The wisest option being to make it digitally buut.

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I told you. I frigging told you. p10, I'm not bumping you.