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Does anyone know where blackwhiplash lives in order to draw stuff like this and get away with it?

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America? Drawings of fictional children isn't prosecuted here.

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That's trashy garbage, so just go anywhere leftists hang out.

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America. and she makes over 100k a year without taking comms. :)

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>another shitty artist shill thread

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Proof that she makes that much?

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Wait get away with what? Was i not supposed to jerk off to an animation of Nezuko getting anally raped?

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>Draws underage characters with inflated hips and thighs
>"all characters are depicted as adults"
>"loli shota isn't allowed in the discord server"
There is your answer
I really hate how these shadman ripoffs are the biggest pussies on the planet
Also did you know that a lot of this artists fans are antis that go around harassing lolishota artists
I wonder why that is

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Back then no one complained about Loli on this board now everyone does what happened?

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>Draw on model child
>Simply put a ginormous ass on them
>All characters are 18+
Is it really THAT easy?

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It it

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it really is

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american pedo moral panic infecting even online spaces now

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>100k a year

Boom. It's that easy. What are you waiting for /ic/?

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Its not moral panic when so many of these fags are unironic child grooming pedophiles.

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>Its not moral panic when so many of these fags are unironic child grooming pedophiles.
want to know something funny? most rabid antidfags are actually pedo's themselves it's pure projection to deal with there guilty mind.

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damn shit nezuko from kimetsu no yaiba and the other crap from makima from chaw sa whatever the hell it's called, those soporific animes, you have to gore with those characters being tortured.


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[citation needed]

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Everybody look at the underhanded tactics and disingenuous arguments this pedophile is using to subvert attention away from the fact he’s a pedophile. Kek, piece of human trash.

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Are the faggot grooming pedophiles in the room with us right now, anon?

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*taps the sign*

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Get fucked, degenerate kek

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How much is your soul worth?

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>just realizing that Twitter and hell even Patreon are full of hypocritical faggots