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Hay 4chan it me I just want to know about some thing I know you guys love anime I draw of my anime characters of my own it vary old be I made it in high school and I really want to make a manga out of hit but I want to know what you like of it okay

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I am in shock that nobody replied sad

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would make a cool villain

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no he's my hero and childhood friend

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he helped me throughout my live and still dose today. he was my friend made from my childhood and was the best hero in my life and my health

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and he want help me for all the years since i was in a deeply dark place and always help me fight vary hard in my life. and still was the best friend I can have in life

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i think you know what is right in your heart and if you work hard every day you can give your best friend the very best story to live in that he deserves, and so that other kids can learn from what he has taught you. good luck anon

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Trust me, he is a hero because he stop something way more evil then the devil himself…!

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this guy fucking sacred me as a child anonymous

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this was a long time dark nightmare had in my dream and he isn't even beyond what other people's nightmare's ware

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that ninja shit again, orichimaru fucked the hokage and had a son???

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this is kinda cool

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no no Anonymous this Creature of thing is not a his father. he his a creatures that kill a living nonliving thing and kills evil creatures for sports

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his true name his vlore is is the true opposed of lore

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Update on the character artwork

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Update on the character artwork I made it with Bristol paper and Pencil.

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I posted two threads my bad but there more on this soon.

I still have to your on my art skill and character proportions, perspective. But I will still pose here more often. Thank you all on 4chan for liking my art

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This is Ziku real father

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And this his Ziku mother

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i am using Krita and a Wacom one i use a AI gen for this but here me out digital paint in procreate it for this purpose. i us it for reference or thumbnail if i get art block in my head. all of the other art are digital and traditional drawn-out by pencil or pen.

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i had to use ai be i get get some can find or afford to pay a artist for more on the art basically i am a one man band on this mange/ RPG Video game project.

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Is your character from Guatemala? Your character design looks pretty cool, I like the snake motif.

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the true lore of this story

Ziku is more powerful than meet the eyes as a young boy in his grandmother rice farm he world play around fin the flooded deep parts of the water fishing and diving into the water finding fish,reptile/amphibians,arthropods,shellfish's
gathering for his grandmother for food for the day goes bye.

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Mybe I’m not sure yet his world is more different then are world similar with a type of cultures in state but on a bigger scale. After all, this is in the universe I made the story still need work on I was the script on my iPad.

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I probably need a team help me with this are out there that are artists,programmers,writers hand had to work with many big companies I will be here.

This this project im working with going to be big I really don’t have the money but I stick around you can give me any ideas on be I I have the title of the comic done and I have some old drawings of the character I work on years ago in my middle to high school years I will show them here if your guys want to see them fill free ask or post art I love seeing my art being of my anime lovers. Thank you

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Sorry about that annoying I was using procreate for that doodle

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Lol I for to add the color in there

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Ok 4chan put your own eyes on this little guy and see if I like it make it adorable

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And I will see if I like it

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I re-draw him

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4chan if you want to learn more about the lore of Ziku let me explain Ziku is more interesting then you think he is Ziku is basically one of the most powerful characters development out there in all anime lore but his power down a vary vary long training traveling across the world meeting the most powerful trainers and fighting around the world. Teaching him and him self own his own about to survive, learning knowledge on his own, and to fight own his own and finding the true purpose of his life about why he was here why he was born why how he his life was so different and harsh on he life.

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fucking pick up loomis and vilppu figure drawing.

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ignore the crap AI, focus on the dynamic pose and camera position, that will make your character look better

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Ziku real story is about surviving the universal genocide station with the son of the antichrist helping to change his way of being evil to become good from the the most terrifying life form that ever existed that all almost annihilated the god and demons and other immortal life.

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Oh, don’t worry anonymous We are talking about female characters for Ziku in a WIP winking face

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thank you i'm drawing him know i will pose updates

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Plot the sons of the evil is a sympathetic villain witch make a deal with a more powerful evil villain that that want make all thing that are walk walk of life that are living and non living go extinct permanently think of it like Thanos bite but as a mustache willing anorexic Mr. burns waluigi that look like a mosquito that what this supreme villain is

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I wander what these scribbles mean

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The angles and demon a food

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He's literally me

Someone edit a Ryan gosling edit of this post

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Damn it I just woke up

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Wow I’m ken

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But in reality this story and character plot was really
Supposed to be a RPG video game.

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Ok anon i will draw it after work (6 hours later) but I'll make this character a cute and a bit sexy girl

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He’s male but ok

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Ziku is male

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>That ass
Ziku-sama... I kneel.

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oh yes he's a gigchad to his dark sprite of a spider wife

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Sorry anon it is shit but I promised myself earlier to try so here is your pretty pretty assassin (female)

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And because of results of the sketch I don’t want to finish that so it is the final version

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wow than anon i will use this character but not anaconda my be a another spirit like mangrove snake but maker look like mic between of the mai, azula, and ty lee a Dark spirit goth like

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Trust me 4chan I’m not going anywhere this thread on /ic/ will still be up I have a lot of thing to do in Real life working on a solution taking are of my family and friends and helping out with Aaron around the house. I have real life outside of the internet I love going outside seeing the sun shine and painting out doors with acrylic and oil paint I will still keep up the work thank you all for the support. I mean a lot for me.

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Art submission by bad I use the microphone for my word typing it easy for me to type faster

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Also Ziku is also royalty witch mean he’s a prince. And going to get married to a princess of the the royal northern koiapan continental island. Simple to Japan

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>that knife fraying her bikini

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Fun fact: vlore like has no gender or any orifice to use to mate he think mates are week and love is poison to there kind which means he can have you any grief towards other beans of life. So how do they multiply? My with no generals or orifices well they can just break their limbs off like a starfish but in the most disgusting way as there species are vlore come from the vloriana edge is one of the last and deep part of underworlds vlore is know not a thing you for feel sympathy for in fact. He wouldn’t even care. For your forgiveness. There could Vircrins

Vircins are immortal creatures that mostly feed if there grief,existence,mortality, love to make extinction to other universes vircins mostly us immortal creatures as their prey and live stock. this is because they have the essence of mortality’s as like that vircins are like viruses to immortal creatures and intelligent and model creatures like god and demon and that never went to the underworld of the Atherworld post of vircins are possibly dangerous towards immortal life. Because the fact they can be a risk towards the life and life nonliving life forms that past away or forgotten about.

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