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Do you guys like this type of drawings? (oekaki style)

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Fuck off Gabe

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fuck off gabe

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I need help please, how this artstyle is called?
Would you call that a Japanese or a western style? How many loomises you need to draw in order to draw like that?
And what makes a character design good?

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Fuck off gabe

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Why i even bother?

This board aint what it used to be.

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I do, I particularly like Yev san's work.

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Claudio Acciari does some fun stuff.

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Pure shit, asshole

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who asked you to do this

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Then post some YOU like, ya snidely bastard.

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I know it's board culture at this point, but you guys really dont hate Gabe, right?
I know he has his fair history of autism, but nowadays it's more you see anons being autistic over Gabe than Gabe being autistic on the board. Guy has improved both in skills and as a person, he is also stopping by less, and for the moments of autism he has, he only comes off as annoying at worst.

I dont know, I've dealt with board autists before and Gabe doesnt come even remotely close to the actual frustration, insanity, nightmarish hell of the likes of Esdeathfag, Mariel, Fred and Allbeatnik.

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this really is the anti-soul machine, isn't it?

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I think the OP is taking inspiration by the work of Isu, i dont blame him.

too bad the board and thread is filled with shitters sent by the junnies

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fuck off gabe

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You think you are so fucking funny TR?

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Just close the fucking thread, T. Rannie Jannies are having an orgasmic power fart abusing their position to ruin people's fun, and i cant help to feel that they have a raging vendetta against OP

I am risking it all just by pointing this out!

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Why does it look pixelated???

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Why would they?

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who teh fuck is gabe?

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Did Gabe stole the design of his glasses girl OC from Girl Genius?

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What makes you think this is jannies' doing? Im not aware of the situation, may you spoonfeed me?

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Seriously mate?

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There are something about those oeaki asses that makes them so good

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Seriously, mate.

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the shadow shade to hide vagoo?

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>can't tell gabe apart from mexican retro ass schizo

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OP pic is not oekaki though
You don't do dithering for oekaki, so i guess it's emulating retro art limitations

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I don't really get what's going on in this thread. I can understand the "fuck off gabe" thing, but is OP the same person? Was his art bad enough to warrant this reaction?
Is just seems like the anons in this thread are being extra massive assholes for no reason.

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>OP art is le bad

How and why?

As for you other question, it is what said here >>6798030, the moderators and janitors clearly manipulatin threads into discourage and mean insults as well as astroturfing, specially since they are onviously ideologically bias, its the same reason devent threads just go to waste with people just shitposting for the sake of doing so.

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He's great. Picrel is my favorite from him

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Art styles like that are my favorite. I used to be obsessed with heavily rendered drawings but as the years passed I've come to understand that only those with real skills can simplify art to the point that even a "lazy sketch" looks better than what most people out there can produce.

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is he posting random shit that's not oekaki on purpose to spite us
or does he think that oekaki is japanese for "woman with ass" or something

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Holy dunning kruger

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You art thief piece of shit.

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>How and why?
Oh I didn't find the art bad, but the whole gabe thing implies the other anons found the art bad, I was just confused given the quality of some of the other art posted on this board.

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I like this.
The other dude just draws asses in the void. Nice on a technical level, but boring

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neck broken? how is her head turned that far.

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by being a drawing and artistic license

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Why are you naming your favorite food followed by your favorite part on a man's body?

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i’ve been on here for around a year and heard all these names mentioned but have no clue who any of them are, any old men willing the help me out?

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>i’ve been on here for around a year and heard all these names mentioned but have no clue who any of them are, any old men willing the help me out?
I only know of albeatnik, to put it short He's a truly massive faggot that constantly spams how to build/get a recognizable art style threads that have his beg tier drawings accompanying them in a thinly veiled move to get people to see where there from and therefore boost his engagement and clout.

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No, c.uck.ed & cunt, mr ai thief.

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Fuck off gabe

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Who the hell is Gabe?

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Anon you're replying to here. I've seen the whole thing with Gabe and met him myself. Basically, Gabe is infamously known for asking the same questions about character designs, art styles, getting good at art in a short period of time, social media engagement, among other similar topis. What makes him special is the way he speaks about this topics, once you know him and his antics, you can kind of tell when he is the one asking a question.

However, he has toned down significantly recently, little by little he is doing better both as an artist and as a person, sure he is still being autistic, but at least it's not as bad as it used to.
More or less this, yeah. Although I dont think he does it for clout, considering how obvious he is, if he did it for clout, it would be even more obvious, kind of like Allbeatnik's antics.

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Fuck off Cris

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human bros, he can't keep getting away with it