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The secret war between /ic/ and Discord? Every drama here someone mentions a discord server. Are furros behind everything?

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Women and trannies. You won't find this shit outside of twitter/discord/tumblr magnets like /cbsg/, OC threads, /crab/ threads etc.

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Ah I miss when tumblr was the ultimate containment site

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Delta-anon white-knighting for known /i/-schizo and throwing shit about other anons who won't draw his OC.

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Is he fred or that's another schizo?

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Different schizo. I'm guessing most of the people in here know the answer so I'm not going to go any further. Not my job to spread drama.

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Fair enough. I know there is a troll here who likes to shit on every thread so is probably him.

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Basado el compadre

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>stupid fat bitch get kicked from art server for doing gays ops on 4chan because no one coddles her
> stupid fat bitches cries to simp to attack everyone that was '''''mean'''''' to her
>faggot simp declared jihad on everyone from said server >stalked and harass random people from those threads for months
>attempts to derail several generals on a daily basis now that those people post in other threads
>faggot simp begins to hate everyone who called him a nodraw for derailing said threads
>stalks and harasses more people because he now hates them too
>shitcord message leaked eventually
>schizo'd out even more on shitcord while acting like he's not ass blasted on 4chan
The takeaway from this is that you should ignore retards who don't draw fucking draw and never EVER respond to schizos while posting your work.

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Stupid fat bitch is green btw.

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Oldfag here. The zoomzooms currently infesting this board aren’t built for it. Every time they get actual critique it’s an attack, they need to retaliate, because they have been so coddled their entire lives that even the suspicion of dissent sends the little broccolihead discord zoomies into a thrall of incomprehensible autism. I want nothing more than for summer to end so these kids can go back to high school and the adults can get back to drawing.

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No, literally green like an orc.

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holy buzzwords

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it’s your brain on /pol/

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anyone even mentions anything bad about you retards its always "hurr durr must be from /pol/"

typical twitter and discord tranny behavior

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There's nothing to explain. Just cringy onliners looking for attention because they never get it in reality. The band together to try and start shit but always ends up backfiring because they're in a hivemind and none of them can think for themselves. Ignore and move on unless you wanna waste your time being unproductive.

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I still dont understand the whole war this board has with that delta guy, but if we're talking about pointless dramas, Im honestly getting really sick of that one faggot that samefags hard to suck his own dick.

Is there anything you can do with people like this fag? Im getting tired of calling him out, it makes me feel bad that I can tell his posts among the other anons even when they are painfully obvious, I dont think Im supposed to tell. Should I just move on and ignore him or there's something that can be done to cast him away?

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Don't give credence to other people's dramas. Half this shit wouldn't happen if people stopped responding schizos and vendetta fags.
They don't even draw 90% of the time.

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Read the archive of this thread, the most recent thread about shadman/ belle delphine and the pervious OC thread to see how deep this autistic rabbit hole goes.

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Pretty much every board swears up and down there are swaths of dedicated discords filled with pedophile transgender women whose sole goal is to...? Shit the board up? I don't get it.
/a/ was the only board that did "board culture" right and I still mostly fucking hate that place. I miss 2009 era 4chan.

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When you've seen the leaks your realise that there is unironically an autistic group of jealous faggots that are gatekeeping several boards because they want to be only artist on 4chan to receive free art, attention, and get commissions here. It's so retarded.

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time to start dropping those Redpills

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It’s 4chan, why stress about people who don’t like you, you know everyone’s a piece of shit here anyway. There aren’t normal, sane people on 4chan. It’s a site for schizos, by schizos.

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no you don't

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I don't trust a single fucking thing I see on this website and neither should you.

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In due time. Trying to determine the difference between salty faggots who are just talking shit and salty faggots intentionally doing gay ops. Only care about the latter. This Delta fag is the focus so far because he tried to stalk and dox people he disliked on the multiple boards and is a unironicaly mentality ill pedophilic rapist with years of proof backing this up his schizo saga. He's a menace and the sooner he's permabanned the better.
It's 100% real anon.

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Shit's about to get real.

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You cannot tell me with a straight face that this board does not have a discord tranny/zoomer problem. Containment in shitty generals does not fucking work.

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meds now

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Projecting much

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I would say it has a schizo problem but tomato tomato right

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People who make art have egos, egos clash.

Different person,he's a /i/ fag that white knights this chick called green. He also stalks people on alts lol

This, guy is somehow worse than me, and I'm a mega schizo nigger t bh

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And you cannot tell me that with a straight face that you aren't way too worried with discord gay ops

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if you deny it you are the problem

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No one is denying it, in fact, everyone here is pissed with all of this gay ops and shitcord clique bullshit. They are attention whores, the best way of counter this is the good hide, sage and report

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yes, if all else fails just derail the thread until it gets jannied
most anons here do this

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>im a mega schizo nigger faggot random1!! wafflez!

you're just dumb and attention hungry. youre on this board and you dont even try to draw well or improve you're just lonely and annoying.

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After seeing many people I call friends get harassed by these faggots? I'm sorry, but reporting doesn't seem to be enough anymore. Jannies would rather take down the screenshots than to act against this behavior.

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Weren't you going to retire from 4chan, permanently? Going back on your word?

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>i kept telling them but they didn't want to listen
>They disregarded the warnings as "schizo" rambling
>a board being shitposted 24/7 is the result
I can tell you the magic formula on how to get rid of them:
Just write more words and engage in honest discourse.
They hate reading, they hate truth and they are intellectual abominations.

Whenever someone replies with the usual snark and overused one word ad hominem, just don't reply.
Only reply to good posts.

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Fuck off delta

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Secret? You've been fooled by vagueposting faggots.
You see hate on discord here because people join servers, act like complete faggot sperglords then get kicked and bash whatever server they fell out with whenever they see mention of it. Same with any community. There's no secret here, though I suppose to newfaggots it might seem like some kind of community us vs them shit. Something you gotta realize is that most of /ic/ uses discord. Statistically speaking. The demographics are a perfect match.

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I dunno about a war but some faggots are talking a ton of shit about trying to doxx and harass anons off various boards.

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>my feud
Jesus Christ those people have brain damage

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Delta happened to be the louddest faggot in the room, full of the lamest /ic/fags.

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>Filtered by Fred
Ok I love Fred now

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They also brag a lot about targeting other people on Twitter and shit. This incident got this "maro" guy report bombed by Koreans. He also started a ton of shit with on a lot of /ic/ servers.

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Here's delta again complaining about the OC threads.

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More bitching.

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>It's another beg shitter pedophile angry people drew better than him episode

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>targeting Twitter fags
What a bunch of fucking losers, do these retards even draw?

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Rethorical question

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The OC threads were a mistake, as soon as these OC general threads started to crop up we have had an influx of discord bullshit and that is no coincidence. You faggots would much rather prefer having boardwide catfights with each other instead of allowing Ai posters to provide the board with actual content. /ic/ is at its new all time low and the bottom is still nowhere near in sight, get fucked.

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Anon they can generate garbage faster than you can generate quality. Surely you can see the problem.

What I don't see is a solution

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Some do but the ones that do there are all /begs

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Every single time.

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Fake drama fueled by a 15 year old shit-skinned attention whore. Threads like this wouldn't exist if you guys just shut up and draw.

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>faggots are suddenly above the drama whenever a real shitshow gets exposed
You really hate to see it.

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Ai pajeets are still lazy faggots
Whine elsewhere

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>mocks ESL
>misspells refrigerator in same sentence

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imagine being the biggest loser in the loser den.

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Discorders divert traffic to their little clubhouses where they can control dissent. The whole point of 4chan is to get away from these places, not find new ones

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>people who make art have egos, egos clash

This is literally the reason. Artists hate other artists (me included)

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Fridge is common here in bongland, while I've never heard anyone use refrigerator in almost 30 years of living here. If they did use it, they would spell it refridgerator thinking it's how it would be spelled in bongland.