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This guy doesn't sign their artworks, doesn't add in patreon watermarks but literally anyone can tell its theirs.
How the fuck is this possible?
What makes your art yours?

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I'm not gonna post my work, but my commissioner shared my artwork to some discord servers and without stating my name, a bunch of people there figured out its similar to my artstyle. Heck, someone on reddit thought an artist traced my artwork due to the similarity to the pose / composition that I often do.

So how? Just fucking draw. That's how

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>but literally anyone can tell its theirs
Looks pretty basic high beg or maybe low int. Absolutely no clue who the fuck drew it

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nigger we just had this thread

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qrd on OP, he's a gigantic faggot who believes he's entitled retweets for drawing shit art. He's been spamming /ic/'s catalog with bait threads (like this one!) where he shills his own twitter.
Sage and report this thread or else it ends up like last ones all reaching bump limit:

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I don't have nearly as many followers as this faggot but I get double the amount of likes per post. And I don't even draw coom most of the time. Feels good.

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how do you seething malding faggots know the artist in the OP?

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Just buy a banner already nobody from here is gonna pay you that much to get a beg-tier polished turd my nigga

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There's no chance this is actually the artist, right? Probably some autistic client that got angry over a commission and is trying to get everyone here to hate him?

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Looks like its from someone who's genuinely impressed that the artist's artworks are so specific to the artist to the point the artist has their own style.

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>know the artist and how their art looks like
>haven’t seen this one before
>my radar 90% says it’s theirs
>check their art
>its theirs
Huh i guess you’re probably right

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>who the fuck is that guy
>was this other picture I saw two days ago drawn by the same person
are very different questions, most people can answer the second one easily even when you're /beg/ as fuck. for every person who knows my name there are ten who don't give a shit but still manage to figure out whether I drew something based on other things they saw.

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Yep, we totally did have this thread a few days ago >>6770679, and it most certain now that it's from the artist himself shilling his stuff in his usual attempt of larping as someone else.

That said, for those genuinely curious on the subject, Im going to repeat myself from the post on the prior thread.
>How do you recognize an artist?
By their unique stylization and drawing babits. Stylization comes from the artistic choices you pick for your style and works, while the drawing habits come from the unconscious small details in your performance and techniques that certify your art as yours.
There are other subjective factors I forgot to mention, such as the artist's actions in the communities they're in and also the things they draw.
>How do we know the artist in the OP
Mostly due to the drawing habits and his actions in this specific board, he's been acting up heavily, so some of us already caught up to the drawing habits behind his generic weeb coom trash. But aside from that, not many people know his works and it's not very recognizable to begin with. Also this pic is even less recognizable than the last one.


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if you actually recognize this artist youre a gooner and you need to be executed cartel style

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it is the same dude. stop replying to this thread and make another if you want to talk about the same thing

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Done. >>6778510

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Actually I have no idea who the fuck the artist is in the OP pic lol.

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literal who?

this style is generic as fuck. I have no idea who this artist is.

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Sauce on artist?

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>all this samefagging

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>all this seethe

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Meme words shouldn`t be allowd outside of /b. Holy shit.

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God made it.

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Define God.