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I want to be like the artist in pic related where anyone can instantly tell who the artist is.

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Draw enough that people have seen enough of your artworks that they can identify a common trend or style throughout them and then be able to identify subsequent ones. aka, draw more

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Having an unique art style comes from two specific elements: Stylization and drawing habits.

I dont think I have to explain it, but stylization is when you take a different approach on the base concepts of fundamentals, it's an important aspect of art that you sometimes do without realizing, but once you realize, it can become a tool for your art style to develop, even if it's something as small as making mouths a certain way or drawing hands like this instead of like that. If you want to explore an art style, think outside the box in regards of your fundies, observe different artists and their ways of doing things, work in ways you find yourself comfortable in.

The other element is a bit less of your control, they're your drawing habits, which are essentially very small details in your technique and process that certify a work as yours, these are more easily noticeable when the art style itself isnt so unique or when you try different art styles, your technique will leak through any art style you work with unless you manually work it out.
>picrel (of all people...)
Actually, the only elements you can recognize him for are just the drawing habits, anime art styles are saturated and this one in particular isnt very unique per se, so the only thing we can latch onto are the very small drawing habits, like the way faces are drawn, the shading and tones.
>I want to be like the artist in pic related where anyone can instantly tell who the artist is.
First of all, dear god you dont want to be this guy lmao. Second, the only reason we (I?) recognize this guy is because of the drawing habits and because he has been the center of schizo drama for several threads, one still ongoing on this very day, so of course in the spam of his art, some are caught onto his drawing habits and the anime art style. Point being: Being able to recognize his art of all people is not a great achievement.

Also, please let us not derail this thread with madness...

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Omg this thread again. Lmao

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>how do i develop/achieve le style
Sure sign of a ngmi.

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Based crab feeding OP poison! He deserves it doe.

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Just b yourself lol. Seriously, i can instantly tell many people that draw similar subjects apart because maybe they don't use the same brush or they render things differently, small things like that.

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It's not a poison. The title is just clickbait.

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it's a fine video tbqh, nothing wrong with taking your favorite stuff from other artists

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Yeah how about we ask /asg/ about that...

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Don't mention /asg/, that general is an embarassment to this board.

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"originality is more concerned with sincerity than peculiarity" - Harold Speed

"You will find, if nature has granted you any imagination at all, that you will eventually acquire a style individual to yourself, and it cannot help being good; because your hand and your mind, being always accustomed to gather flowers, would ill know how to pluck thorns"
- Cennino Cennini

Read books, be diligent and sincere in your pursual of greater artistic and appreciation, really examine the things that appeal to you, not just what you think will make you popular on Twitter
You will naturally develop a unique style because nobody else is interested in the exact same set of influences as you are. You just need to get good enough to express that perspective

Also, read a book.

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I don't get it

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you sound like a nerd

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This, so much this. It pains me that so many budding artists will kneecap themselves over a particular gimmick or try to be the dollar store knockoff of their favorite artist, especially if it got them a little bit of attention.

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It might not be, but does ethan have his own style that anyone recognizes?

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Doesnt /asg/ just mindlessly copy anime in hope of getting *something* out of it? Studying art style choices from other artists is a completely different process than that, you copy and experiment for the sole purpose of grasping that style choice to use it on your works, same applies with other art choices from other artists until you have a whole. It's a common practice, one that does the job really well.
This, nothing beats knowledge being sincere about what you like and studying exactly that. Based nerd.

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>Studying art style choices from other artists is a completely different process than that, you copy and experiment for the sole purpose of grasping that style
You can learn how to draw by mindlessly copying other works. There are no rules. Go watch Vilppu's drawing fundamentals. One of the video where he reviews ancient books about old master copies. And old video where he without any construction and typical "modern study techniques" just coping line drawing to show you different way of studying.

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retarded post

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>You can learn how to draw by mindlessly copying other works.
I disagree, but I may be pointing at semantics here. I dont find right that you can gain something from simply copying something while putting aside your critical thinking over the same thing you're copying, AKA *mindlessly* copying. I understand copying is a great learning tool, but for it to work, you have to put your brain to work on the very thing you're doing, analyze it, comprehend it, grasp it... and you cant do that with a mindless approach.

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Speaking of getting recognized for your art style, how much do you think it truly means to be recognized by your art? I always say it's something every artist should strive for and, if you manage to get your art to be recognizable, you're on your way to make it.

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a single glance of your works, people call you out instantly
probably requires training of the masses

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>pic related where anyone can instantly tell who the artist is
but the art looks like a million generic anime.

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>pic related where anyone can instantly tell who the artist is
literally who the fuck

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As other anons said, it's something you pick up by sheer habits and subconscious preferences.
Genuine style is something that other people notice via those small quirks you might not even notice yourself.

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How come I know whos the artist in the op is?

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>that pic
literal who

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Funny, I explained that exact question here >>6770749, first greentext. And even funnier is that anons here >>6771231 >>6771222 >>6771364 are proving that point I made kek.

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am I supposed to recognize this beg shit?

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niggas really like the sound of their own voice

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The first artist that came to mind is gy. But dunno if it's actually him or not, looks like a cheap copy cat, unless it's one of his earlier works.

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Based and /lit/-pilled

"A man who thinks a great deal about himself will try to be many-sided, attempt a theatrical excellence at all points, will try to be an encyclopaedia of culture, and his own real personality will be lost in that false universalism. Thinking about himself will lead to trying to be the universe; trying to be the universe will lead to ceasing to be anything. If, on the other hand, a man is sensible enough to think only about the universe; he will think about it in his own individual way. He will keep virgin the secret of God; he will see the grass as no other man can see it, and look at a sun that no man has ever known."

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I can tell the salty retards pretending to not know who the artist is.
I'm going to wait until one of the shit eating jackasses had enough and mention their name out of sheethe

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Just draw

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I sincerely don't know. Is this the one that was charging 350 people were reeeing about?

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I know the artist in the OP and yes I agree that their art quality pretty much costs $340 even for a b/w lineart like that one.
Artists are being paid shit wages and super talented artists like in the OP should be paid more

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There is no such thing as a style. Even less like Unique Style™.

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I dunno whos the artist in the OP but theyre probably some random 100k follower art account judging by the art quality and how expensive it looks

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qrd on OP, he's a gigantic faggot who believes he's entitled retweets for drawing shit art. He's been spamming /ic/'s catalog with bait threads (like this one!) where he shills his own twitter.
Sage and report this thread or else it ends up like last ones all reaching bump limit:

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>no signature
>just generic anime
>somehow is instantly recognizable like Andy Warhol and Van gogh pieces

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The artist in the OP has like 200k followers or something

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I can't tell who tf that is desu.

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Through mastery, which is achieved by putting yourself in a constant state of vulnerability - open to critique and self doubt, yet maintaining a consistent work ethic.

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lovely art

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Yep, you got it, and now that he was mentioned he is already in the thread with his usual samefagging, not even going to point at those posts, you can tell.
If you want this nonsense to stop, best course of action is to ignore the guy whenever you see him and never reply to him. Proved, he replied to me way earlier for the post where I subtly explained about him, but nothing came out of it since it was subtle and I didnt reply to him. So let us ignore him for now, shall we?

Going back in track with the thread, I want to say there are plenty of artists in this board alone that you can recognize for their art styles and drawing habits. Name may not come right away, but once you see their works, you will most likely know them.
>Goodraws, who dedicates to the OC Redraw Threads
>That one anon delivering en masse at the Lewd OC Redraw thread (forgot his name, his blondie is called Rococo I know)
>Minty, the femanon that inspired the anger of half a board with her flaming take on lewding OCs
>That one bunny schizo that usually gives harsh critiques at the power level threads
>That blondie schizo anon that is always drawing his blonde OC
And those are just the ones that come to mind right now

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Kill yourself

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he's gonna reply to himself and bump this dumpster fire of a thread until some fucker comes in and takes the bait.
>blondie schizo

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>drama/community vendetta
kill yourself

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>it's not unhealthy, it's just wrapped in fecal matter!

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Does someone have the source of this? its good but kind of rare too

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not relevant enough for anyone to care

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More relevant than OP will ever be tho

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The artist in the OP is instantly recognizable explained by the extreme autistic seethe in the thread.
Nobody gives a shit about that shit doodle who the fuck ever his name made

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holy soul

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blind retard

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This actually looks like its worth $200 ngl

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Sorry, I thought this was the stupid questions thread

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everybody has there own unique artstyle it's kind of hard to explain but when a human learns something or takes insperation from another artist&nature they inavartadly ad there own spin on it because there own baises and prefrences infleunce the design process if this goes on for long enough you eventually develop a recognizabe routine of patterns that you are comfortable with and are unique to you which then forms your artstyle.

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Whats up with the retarded niggers seething at the op pic

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