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Why does Islamic anime have so much soul?

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Much better than Eastern and Western art.

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This actually emulates anime far better than most western artists. Interesting.

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Taking fire, need assistance.

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Keked Based indonesian

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>tfw muslim anime has even more sovl

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الموت للرسوم الكاريكاتورية الغربية

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fuck off rakesh

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I mean bro he had the entirety of detective Conan in his hard drive

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Nuh uh it's all indonesians and malayasians making this. Look at the fabric, it's seamless with the animu girl

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It's just one Indonesian artist.
This is another well known Indonesian artist btw

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who knows.. btw it's Nayzak or something.

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drawing is haram

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Japanese soldiers left behind some Asian jeans in Indonesia/Malaysia during WW2

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A friend of mine used to tell me that
Was super religious
I wasn't that religious but had similar knowledge on religion (prayers,verses,etc)
He'd rip off the doodles I made in class saying it was blasphemous and I'll be damned to hell (I'd just shrug it off and made more)
I made many references to weird shit that happened in said class with caricatures and familiar signs and he just smudged ink all over them (still shrugged it off)
We're both in different uni and different subject as well
I can finally draw shit and it won't get destroyed by him lol

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Post more of the DBZ ones

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so much fucking sovl.........

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How do you emulate such soul?

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islamic woman who loves Jesus??? i'm missing something

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lmao what a massive cunt
ironically how you acted is Islamic behavior (peaceful) he sins (violence+divine judgment to hell)

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Mohamed Proselytizing Thread


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of course, if alien without hemisphere

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Jesus is a prophet

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lol. lmao even

something behead kuffar something something

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All of the Asian genes, with none of the typical chinkgooknipbug soullessness

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A son of god???

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Muslim women look like THIS?

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most religions promote the culling of outsiders

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The reason why her clothes are so long and loose

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>islamic woman who loves Jesus??? i'm missing something

muslims consider jesus to be an important prophet of god, and they think he'll come back at the end times, but they dont see him as a son of god.

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>drawing is haram
Fundamentalist seething

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why are muslims so peaceful?

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Yes? Muslims consider Jesus extremely important. They just dont see him as the son of God.

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For you everything is haram, for Christians everything is a sin, for the Jews everything is jata, but for everyone making weapons and killing people is fine, it seems to me that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have mixed feelings, oh true they are 3 Abrahamic religions that love themselves more than their absolute deity.

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These are actually amazing. Samir is fucking Based.

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Because the artists tends to be girls who grew up watching anime like Sailormoon or CC Sakura.

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They're literally Asian.

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Jesus Christ is the son of God, in fact he warned that in the future his followers would be persecuted and killed by the followers of a false anti-Christian prophet, i cannot guess who it is.

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that ranks and maps the worst countries for Christians to live

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So what are you doing here???

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You just wanna to play martyr so bad

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I am not protected by progressive anti-Christian woke laws, while others are protected with phrases like Islamophobia, homophobia, but you know what? I understand it, because the life of Christ was persecution and crucifixion, we will follow his path, we are cared for by his father, his God, not by men and the world governed by corruption and the evil one.

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Holy sexo.

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Now enough about religion
Post more DBZ fanarts

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Why do they whine about intolerance when they come to live in our countries?

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I'm not a slime thank fuck. I'm just stating that these inbred sand niggers believe that drawing anything that even remotely resembles something that their magic sky daddy supposedly willed into existence isn't allowed.

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because when limited to only show a personality through face and body, your skills to draw character and personality pop :D

youd be suprised how much of a characters life/personality gets taken away without hair showing. Very talented for those who can show a lot of their characters through not drawing it.

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>characters life/personality
thats the haram part
drawing life is haram

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I saved many such artworks in the past because I thought it was hilarious, but you know what? It's kinda endearing when I think about it.

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>Drawing people is haram because... because it just is, okay?!

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Muslim scholars also permit the drawing of plants which is also life so what is it then? Then are inanimate but they are alive. It's either an all or nothing deal.

If the main goal is to prevent idolatry then anyone stupid enough to shirk Allah over an image has the fault lie on the them. Perhaps an argument can be made about artists idealizing the creations of Allah could be interpreted as being disrespectful but how can you prove that vs the artists creating to celebrate Allah's creation?

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didnt say it wasnt stupid lol
art is worthless to them no one cares
photography was haram but because of its popularity they changed it to halal lol
> artists creating to celebrate Allah's creation?
exactly. the only reason its haram because past statues got worshiped. art is haram only with worship