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ITT: art next to the reference

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I really like this but I think David Bowie is hot so maybe I'm biased.

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Saved. Your gestural flow is so lively, do you have a blog?

Love your whimsical rendering, blog?

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I will learn on how to render, i fucking swear.

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That's literally two tone shading, almost cel shading

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Those are lsewesl and Ramon_N90 on twitter

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Yet i get flitered by it and struggle on how to do it

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>tfw no wife to make you capes and film you doing retarded shit so you can draw yourself as Batman more accurately

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David Finch Aphrodite IX

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Milo Manara WWW

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the real image has to be shopped right

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Hnnng, there's something about women with that slight tummy pudge and thick thighs that get me drawing.

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probably because having wide child birthing hips and a womb are characteristics of fertility pregnant sex plap plap plap plap plap

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>Bokuman is a fraud that traces

No waaaaaaaaaaaay~~
lmao that was known since 2013

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the shitty coomslop on the left is in no way an homage to the masterpiece on the right

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Why did he draw the mouth like that?

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Eyes were key here, well done

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I actually don't get the purpose of this one.
With how simplistic the style is, you'd think the guy could have just busted out a sketch in a few minutes instead of going through the rigmarole of posing, lighting, and taking pictures of all this stuff then pasting it all together only to not even use half of it. I mean, look at it. Superman's musculature is extremely simplified, the hand/arm poses are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, the drapery is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT- seriously, he basically just ended up doing two of the most potentially difficult subjects in the composition completely by imagination anyways. The only thing that makes any sense whatsoever is using a car model as reference, everything else is either redundant (seriously, what comic artist worth their salt couldn't construct a simplified figure from memory???), or completely pointless because he didn't even follow the reference anyways.
>inb4 no roolz only toolz le client doesn't care if you photobash so long as the end result is good yadda yadda yadda
This guy legitimately put MORE EFFORT into being "lazy" than he would have if he had just slapped a sketch down and did it by hand and from imagination, except for the car probably. It's not like this guy was going for realism or needed a lot of detail, like that one guy who painted movie posters on commission using stills he cut from the movie for example. This shit is actually just retarded.

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Light and proportion reference dumbo

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Anon. He is a *comic book artist*. He draws the human figure more than anything else, and he can into construction. The proportions of the human figure are the first and most basic things you learn in figure drawing, I call bullshit on him needing reference to get it correct.
He ended up changing all of that shit in the final drawing anyways, if you didn't notice.
Yes, I'm sure the guy who did the drapery and lighting of the capes *completely by imagination* just absolutely needed to use a reference to get the lighting of Superman's abs and pecs correct.

>b-but it save time
For a draftsman of his caliber, with a style that's this streamlined and polished? He actually could do this faster without all of that mickey mouse bullshit.
I'm starting to think that this isn't how the guy really works but rather a hypothetical demonstration to show other artists how they could use reference in this situation, or something. Looking at this guy's work (Greg Smallwood) it's very apparent that he's a skilled and knowledgeable draftsman, not some xeroxnigger rendermonkey who never learned How2Loomis™ who has no choice but to collage a bunch of shit together and paint over it to get anything done at all.

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close enough

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Draw a hand I wanna confirm something...

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from the recent "female body inspo" thread

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game over IA pajeets

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Ramon you were good till all your shit went nft mode. At least you made money I guess

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sauce????????? i would love to study their soulful work

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fucking kek

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Gesture Drawing™

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Dave’s terrible at drawing women

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Needing all that reference for that.
Guess it's not just proko

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average vlippu reader

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I kneel

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thats actually really smart

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this guy is great

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He used to date a black tranny back in the day, for real.

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>This guy legitimately put MORE EFFORT into being "lazy" than he would have if he had just slapped a sketch down and did it by hand and from imagination
>For a draftsman of his caliber, with a style that's this streamlined and polished? He actually could do this faster without all of that mickey mouse bullshit.
Even a professional artist can learn something new from using references. You think that using references is being lazy? I think it's the opposite in this case. The only waste of time was setting them up in a photo collage.

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Which part of it is supposed to be shopped?

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He does look weird enough.

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Who is he?

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Its things like this that made me realize that knowing how to use references is a skill within itself.

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Still haven't found who this is and would like to know.

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love pinterest, simple as

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Is that inked traditionally?

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pretty cool

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heres my stuff. i feel like i've mastered anatomy, or at least am coming CLOSE to it for sure.

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Hi Noah

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who tf is Noah? (im OP)

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Sure thing Noah ;)

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Oh, now im 100% sure you're Noah ;)

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im actually being deadass rn tho. im not Noah.

people actually call me Marc (bc ig people in this board think my art style is smiliar to Marc Brunets, idk)

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good eye, yes.
Digital is just boring to me. Everyone looks alike too.

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3dpd looks better for once

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destroyed this.

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fucking deep. Artist made the ghetto romantic.

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Anatomically, it looks solid. And there's some motion and verve there, but it actually feels somewhat less lively than the original and I say that because the legs don't curve as much as the model's does. I get that the main point of your study was to capture the anatomy, but you should try and push the gesture you see just a little more, always a little more than you think is accurate, because when you add the forms and musculature on top, it'll dampen those original lines.

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Very soulful, reminds me of the art direction of the Iron giant

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i love your chest anatomy, can you share some tips?

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I'm going to vomit

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Happy pride month fag

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>life drawing

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this is my ideology. Improving women through art. (cuz in rweality they ugly, hairy, and not even women anymore.)

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best thing i can say is to not draw every detail whith a straight line. if you look at the collar bone tips just below the neck, you see i used cross hatching to convey the roundness of the shape. also i simplify it by not drawing every muscle. most of the chest is just blank, and thats bc the chest is being stretched by the arms. and since its being stretched, the volume disperses. you see at the bottom of the chest, i didnt draw the line to convey the muscle. it just looks more appealing when you leave things blank. the viewer knows enough about the human body to fill in the gaps. also one last thing: when you draw the split in between the chest, try ti break the lines up. it makes it look more realistic AND appealing.

im probbly rambling and repeating myself, but thats all i have to share.

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it's the artist herself

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yes, but designing an appealing shape language is still the most important and essential part of rendering, so it is impressive to see it done well :)

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Were else to put them then? No chapeau to the basher, it's pretty close to the original, I'd say.
Was this left one possibly the ref to the rendered one? Any info? So we're guessing...

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Can you post the reference? Good drawing but I don't really like your take on it.

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OP is lying, this is who Bokuman actually drew. The other woman's hand was subtly shooped to make that gesture.

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The thread is still up

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based right brain thinker

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the left one is reference for the final, yeah. i don't know why it would be the other way around. if you google "greg smallwood batman superman" the thread where the image comes from is like the first result, hopefully that will lead to less guessing on your guys' part: https://twitter.com/SavageSmallwood/status/1376563954550460424

looks like he started with the sketch, then moved onto the ref collage, and used that as a sketch to ink over (i suspect there was more sketching in between that isn't shown in the thread).

i'm impressed with how much reference goes into a piece like this. def leads to higher quality results. makes me want to use more ref in my drawings

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love rivera's work

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remove the pride flag and youve got yourself a nice cold war propaganda poster

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How is it done? What's your method?

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rinotuna but soulless

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I've picked up drawing again recently after couple of years

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literally fucked up the one biggest feature, the eyes being crossed

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It's not cross eyed you dumb fuck she's looking at something close to her. That's how eyeballs work.

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Horrible, face is traced realistically while body is made too thin, especially considering the original is already photoshopped to have unrealistic proportions. Give some shading or detail in the face and fix the body, or slap on some giant anime eyes.

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Nodraw here. I have the same problem. Can you elaborate?

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god damn i hate that style. the face especially, the eye height is way too high up & the forehead is tiny. it looks wrong as fuck & makes the character look like it has downs syndrome.

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>i feel like i've mastered anatomy

You have a long way to go. You need to work on the proportions & sharpen your observational skills. the fundamental proportions are off all over the drawing.

The models left leg in the drawing (the leg with the the foot on the floor) is significantly shorter than the right leg. the distance from the knee to the foot needs to be longer, you start the calf muscle way too far up the leg to compensate compounding the problem. The foreshortening of the thigh on the leg in the air is off, the thigh is much too bulky & the thigh muscles themselves look like they are twisted to the left too far as well. The trunk & the torso are too wide and if you look at where you have positioned the collarbone, the neck is not centered on the torso but a couple of inches too far left. The head itself is slightly too big (the distance from the chin to the top of the head is way too long / stretched) if you compare it to the model. The height of the eyes are positioned too high on the face especially in relation to the ears, look at the photo, the ears are positioned significantly higher than the eye line but in your drawing they are the same height.

it doesnt matter how well you can render details over the top, if the proportions are wrong the drawing will look amateur.

Thinking you have mastered a technique or skill won't aid your development & makes you more complacent, genuinely good artists are the ones who realize there is always something to learn or improve.

godspeed anon.

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it's not a problem it's a gift
if you draw like that then keep going, you're doing it right

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Referencing photos limits one's malleability, it is better to create a scene with puppets and props and then repaint it as one envisions it.

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-being autistically anal about dumb things that don’t matter to consumers
Yet another reason why IC will never make it.

>> No.6711818

>being autistically anal about dumb things that don’t matter to consumers

You let hypothetical consumers in your head restrict you from improving. Bro you lost before you even started.

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Lol why was the second sentence necessary
fucking rude nigger

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Wtf is that pudge anyway, I don't understand female anatomy at all

>> No.6712065

That bump is created by the womb (i think)
girls are weird

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the state of this board

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that's where the womb is! i wasn't that far off c'mon.

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censorship, intolerance, crime, despotism, exploitation, is he shielding himself????

these woke and their infinite hypocrisy

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Did this take you five whole days to edit?

>> No.6713975

15 seconds the same as it takes your awakened ideology to contradict itself, bye

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>a Pride-spangled, warning-coloration signaling, Captain America (they/them) defends China by dissuading it from embracing baizuo cultural and political norms through his ostentatious display of alternative lifestyle
powerful and brave, +1000 social credit

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tan with a ten huehuehue less stress!!

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Do you have this in a not dogshit quality?

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truly Gauguin reborn

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Based of based

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Correction: captain woke defending China from a fag position not accepted in China, shitting on his own freedom for believing himself to be a revolutionary with an ideology planned by old oligarchs of the open society, while holding the shield of mental illness and avoiding being assassinated by the reason and conscience, with the symbol of pedophilia on the chest and waist.

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>pencil sketch
inking a pencil sketch is the most honest hack free media that exists.

>> No.6714498

Using reference like this makes the actual drawing a ton easier, lets you pretty much skip the sketch phase and drop straight into clean lines/color over the reference while changing up anything you dont like

A pro should probably be able to do this by hand but making this reference probably took like 20 minutes compared to i dont know how long it wouldve taken him to get the general feeling of the drawing right in the sketch

>> No.6714520


hes right tho, you made it kinda weird looking
left leg is weird because the knee should be lower than the right one and the leg should forshorten more
and the legs are weirdly thin at the knees and ankles
belly line is too pronounced and dark
Head is pretty nice

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nice reference, ugly drawing

>> No.6714547

> barbieface.jpg

Whatever: got him to work, and produce something okay

Why is she smiling.

Who ate the apple

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Very based bro

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Pictures like this always make me afraid that my art style might end up looking queer, like I'm only a few wrong decisions from drawing stuff like this.
I'm glad that I discovered this artist. He improved on his reference in every way.

>> No.6716556

That's called being a healthy, heterosexual man.

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Source for the girl?

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>my art style might end up looking queer,
I mean, I get what you mean but I don't at the same time. On one hand, yes the color rendering in the One piece fanart is similar to some gay porn and """woke""" artists out on twitter, but on the other hand, people make assumptions on people's lifestyle choices through their art a lot online. We've had threads where you post a drawing and people try to determine your age, sex, and lifestyle choices. What I'm trying to say is, don't worry about how people might judge your lifestyle choices based on your art choices

>> No.6718016

Kek how do you fuck up this bad? why is everything so wrinkly and haggard looking, and what's with the pencil-thin neck?

>> No.6718095

The heavy line details on the body worsens the appearance of the figure. You are adding litterally too much weight to an otherwise acceptable body to fudge.

>> No.6718097

The unrealistic waist size did not add any more appeal to the drawing. The only folks that would eat this up is Asians, but that's only if you correct the fact the body doesn't flow together from the waist to the hips at all. It looks like a bad edit.
I give it a D for effort.

>> No.6718116

Asians dont care for fat asses and hips. The more waifish, the better.

>> No.6718365

Less talking, more posting work. Chop chop, my little internet slaves.

>> No.6719200

I do this sometimes lol, it looks dumb but it actually works

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Whats this line from on the side of the butt? is it the divide from gluteus maximus and gluteus medius? Or is it just fat interacting with one of those two?
I've seen like divots on side of leg before but it's usually not a big curve like that

>> No.6721176

omo that outfit....

>> No.6721221

Femur. Namely the ball joint.
shes putting her weight on it while relaxing her other leg to make her butt look big.

>> No.6721226

damn i didn't realize the femur was that far back, but i guess when shifting it for that angle the top of the thighs look at lot closer. thanks

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yeah, look at this. you can see her waist-hip bone lining up with her belly button.
the ball joint is a little lower.

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so that small indent where her jeans start is between the hip bone and the greater trochanter

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is it like this or lower then?

>> No.6721279

yeah, close, i want to say the trochanter is a little lower slightly lined up with her pockets., but you got the general idea.

>> No.6721291

>not fat
>makes them fat
such is life

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>> No.6725276


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and funny

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In my opinion it is like this

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I don't normally draw on the computer and this is rough and dirty, but here you go.

R.A. Rectus Abdominis
E.O. External Oblique
G.M. Gluteus Medius
T.F.L. Tensor Fascia Lata
V.L. Vastus Lateralis
R.F. Rectus Femoris (has a groove down the middle)
S Sartorius
AD Adductors
A.S.I.S. Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (pelvic point)
G.T. Greater Trochanter of the Femur

In a standing pose, the navel is usually at or near the level of the top of the pelvis (so the back of the iliac crest).

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Dumb nodraw beg

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>> No.6725572

yeah, these are far more accurate.

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Pretty gay ideology.

>> No.6726544

Legit better than the winning submission that didn’t even look like the same dog.

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Why did you make it look like a fucking retard

>> No.6727361

Nice style and lines. Ass is a bit saggy tho.

>> No.6727593

Eyes are my biggest struggle rn

>> No.6727681

ty ill keep that in mind

>> No.6727861

who's the artist?

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>I actually don't get the purpose of this one.

You don't get it because you're a /beg/ crablet that will never make it.
Paolo Rivera is way better than everyone in this dump, myself included.
>what comic artist worth their salt couldn't construct a simplified figure from memory?
He's a painter and sculptor that do comic book covers, not a comic book artist that do interior art and need to draw from memory instead of observation.

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>> No.6730472

>pointless change: the pic

>> No.6730479


>> No.6730484

Microcorrecting a photo's pose that was perfectly fine is for fucking know-it-all losers
If anything, it tells that your original pose wasn't capturing the picture's intent

>> No.6732008

What is the difference between this and using AI as a reference?

why don't you trace if all you're doing is copying a reference?