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Outside of anime and videogames they're mogging Japan on a world wide level regarding everything else

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Only because Japan is bent on destroying itself.

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If they get rid of their retarded laws about 2D porn they would easily dominate. That’s holding them back.

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the obsession with Korean entertainment in Japan has completely wiped out interest in western entertainment over there in the past 5 years. Western movies/entertainment used to be huge in Japan but now not even a single western film outside of the usual blockbuster can make it in their top 10 box office anymore.
Look at the Japanese music charts too, tons of kpop but only 1 western song in the entire top 100 when the Japanese top 100 used to be 40/50% western music like 10 years ago. Many young Japanese people, especially girls, probably wouldn't be able to name you a western actor anymore, whereas they know hundreds of Korean singers and actors and have their posters all over their walls.
That's not a Japan only problem either, most american mass entertainment lost relevance and connection with the world. In fact, right now it's insular and peripheral even in the US.
Enjoy all the k-manga adaptations coming in the next 10 or so years made by legit japanese studios.

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That’s not domination if Japan is making your shit for you. Domination is when they own the biggest slice of the pie and Japan still holds it and will keep holding it as long as Korean households want their kids to be samsung man/woman.

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wow this fag and his daedric sword looks so cool.

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very sad, Japan doesn't know what it's wasting

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No. Impossible
1. There is no real artistic freedom. Entertainment is literal mass produced spam endorsed by the ruling monopoly who pay their artists in a low and flat rate
2. Korean culture hold 0 regard towards spiritual and creative growth. They only care about shallow things like your university grades ,money and status
3. And lastly: they have the lowest fertility rate in teh world. If they don't go fucking literally right now, In 10 years time, the artists that you are shilling right now would have already suffered carpal syndrome and retired with none to replace them

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Pretty much this. Koreans are fucking good at grinding art skills and have pretty good aesthetic taste but the cultural value placed on perfectionism, status/value within society, and trend-chasing makes their stories soulless as fuck. Notice how all of the best "artistic" movies that come out of the country are all critiques of their society like Parasite and Squid Game. Korean dramas for how popular they are in Asia rarely reaches the cinematography of good TV in the states and all have fanfic-level plots.

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they already did

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they have a birth rate of 0.8
they're unironically going to disappear as a nation before the japanese do

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Only if they allow AI art in their production and doesn't follow the West laws

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I predict they will soon merge. Not a fan of Korean tastes but as the West continues to lose its cultural status there isn't really anything else for japs to turn to for inspiration. It's a shame but oh well.

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>Korean cars
The only thing they bested Japan in is in suicide rates

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My mom (korean) literally just got pissed off at me because the mother day present I gave her wasn’t good enough.

That’s what Korean women are like. There’s superficial and then there’s Korean.

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Korea has been desperately copying Japan forever, the only reason Japan has fallen behind is because they refused to appeal to foreigners while Korea did the opposite.

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>thousands of companies under one name
>each of these divisions mogging from small to largest Japanese companies
>they "only" have Samsung, bro

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>thousands of companies under one name
>each of these divisions mogging from smallest to largest Japanese companies
>they "only" have Samsung, bro

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In a surprise twist of events, China wins by turning Nigeria and other parts of Africa into their animation slavehouse to conquer the world except for the mainland. Produce the most degenerate stuff outside of China sounds like a Xi strategy and it'll still have Chinese characteristics.

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You should fuck your mom anon. That'd be a good mothers day present.

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Hey buddy, Samsung is not a Korean company. Korea is a Samsung subsidiary

Samsung holds a complete cyber-dystopian rule over the masses and has the government hostage for their benefit because if they were to fall, Korean people would suffer hard.
This means that much of Korean issues arise from how they sacrifice people for profit.
The extreme pressure for students to get good grades? That's so they can be hired by Samsung

Samsung produces great stuff but oh boy is their legacy doomed. In 10 years time, Korea would face the demographic collapse that is pestering China right now.

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Pretty much this. A lot of manga artists and people working in the 80s/90s anime industry all cited non-jap creators like Moebius and other euro/american artists alongside western movies/SF literature as major inspirations in their work and it showed. In Miyazaki's case, he was pals with him. They used to have a lot of non-japanese things worth being inspired by, definitely not now. Why the fuck would you want anime to be inspired by western media and it's sad current state at this point?

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Pretty sure there are still plenty of good western media but this place likes to focus on hate porn. We’re no different than the boomers on AOL threads who rant all day on headlines intentionally crafted to anger them. Yeah, western games are bad for example, but I’m sure there are also plenty of western games that are good if you go looking for it.

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Samsung developed a sentry gun used on the border of north and south korea.



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The variable missing here is that Koreans are huge westaboos. In a way, japs would be getting western media secondhand through them. If there's any western property that gets acclaim from westerners online, there's plenty of korean fanart to come with it.

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there will be no koreans in 2050

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Was there anything made in the past 5 or so years from the west that got popular in Japan outside of Apex and probably some indie games? The last massive non-jap thing over there was Undertale and that thing is almost 10 years old in a couple of years.

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>thinking Africans have the intelligence or patience to sit down and draw things correctly


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Contrary to /pol/ memes, Nigerians are incredibly smart people. They’re the fraud capital of the world, extremely literate, and have many talented artists. African ethic is not like in America.

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That’s one way to out yourself, /beg/boy.

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It doesn’t matter, because china will absorb both japan and korea in the future. Their scene mogs both of them

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With…..what exactly? Hoyoverse and what else? Surprised the CCP didn’t “crack down” on them since they’re a tech company that got big which can only tell you they’re neatly in bed with them.

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I’l add to what I just said, that’s one reason why China can’t really absorb anything. In order for them to beat Korea and Japan they would have to do operations outside of China. They censor their own games but uncensor it globally. All 3 countries them seem to be shooting themselves in the foot intentionally.

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I guess it’s just the matter on which one will last the longest and considering japan on thin ice…

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Don't get me wrong I never said western stuff would ever be massive there again. Just that our influence wouldn't completely disappear even if they turned to korea because koreans are westaboos. They're heavily Americanized and you can see it in the superficial materialistic power fantasy approach they have to stories. Hell you can see it in their frankenstein abomination America style street food.

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>Being the eldest child
I pity you

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Good, western media is trash. Woke and full of niggers

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>ghetto photo realistic art
>can spam with out remorse
>extremely literate (compared to the rest of africa)
Is this how we're going to cope with the rise of the african population.

Maybe this is a good thing, How influenced is korea by the rest of the world?

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How many mom do you think are pissed off but hide it? You think hiding it is better?

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They're too smart for their own good. No one cares about their country and so nigeria remains one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world

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Sorry to hear that anon. From what I hear and personal experience, mental illness is rampant in koreans.

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>Do you think korean artists will overtake japanese ones
When they choose to finally fucking move beyond kpop shit. They've got the talent but my god all they make is fucking pretty boy garbage.

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Korean webtoons are the most soulless shit I've ever seen

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A lot of them not only look the same but almost all of them are “demon king level up 9000 overgeraed Chang and a bullet cannot phase me??” with MCs that look exactly like the OP or “villainess escapes death” stories.

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is it because they are fuckable?
I don't get it.

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>everyone talks about how solo leveling is THE shit
>start reading it
>It's a high schoolers power and social fantasy
>start checking out more non-jap mangas
>it's all high schoolers power and social fantasies
>"i was a fat/poor loser but now im magically rich and famous and everyone loves me, all women want my dick and the haeters r just jelly. MC is the perfect being."
Even Mashle's MC has this flaw to an extent.
>they're mogging japon
Korean webtoons are literally the lowest bottom of the barrel only actual kids unironically enjoy.
>Many young Japanese people
>especially girls
And there you have the driving demographic. It's always girls, no matter the market.
Kpop would have been unknown to the west if it wasn't for aggressive marketing in form of online stans, both fake and genuine.
>Enjoy all the k-manga adaptations coming in the next 10 or so years made by legit japanese studios.
Ultimately, if it sells, it sells and companies are going to follow the money.
Just like manga outsould and outdid comics and capeshit in the west with the younger demographics, worst korea managa adaptations might be done by jap studios.
Hell, jap manga adaptations have been outsourced to other asian animation studios for years now.
>most american mass entertainment lost relevance and connection with the world.
Thank fucking god for that.

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They're more self indulgent than anime ever was. Power fantasy wish fulfillment in the most materialistic superficial ways. And yet it seems japan is warming up to them and we'll probably see more animes based on them soon. Imagine a world in 50 years where you have to pay top dollar at a japanese specialty shop to get your hands on a soulful oldschool trad manga with a "classic" story, made by some old geezer like you who still dedicates his life to the craft of old manga. And kids will scoff about it like they do at people who collect dusty old magazines from the 70's.

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anime does this already, with their isekai and high shit harem. Literally no difference

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Hence why I said in 50 years you'll be paying out the ass to get good manga which will be a fucking bitch to even find.

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Korean stuff is always irremediable escapist self-insert dogshit, but this is also why I hate Contemporary anime and why have lost all hope for the future of japanese animation.
As soon as you attempt to have rational discourse about why moe loli oppai ecchi harem fantasy anime is subjectively shit, the coomer primates start seething.
What I've noticed about anime recently is that the japanese care more about concepts, ideas and marketability then storytelling, or crafting a proper piece of work. It's why anime adapted from proper novels or classic literature are often masterpiece level.
You see this shit when every new anime character is some fucking spin or variant of an established archetype. Often accompanied by a shoehorned in background, and a one-dimensional world view lens. (Just look at the isekai frenzy) The way nips use arcs is also very hair tearing. 'The arc' is a very in the moment thing, and many times becomes disconnected from the central theme or plot. It's why I hate Jujutsu Kaisen's pacing (and most shounen shit). It's a hobbling mess. And damn, this shit has infected western novels as well.
Anime writers depiction of character behaviour always strikes a nerve, they strattle about like robots, regurgitate sentences and dialogue to appeal to their shitty audience. Character development is treated like equipment in an RPG game.
>Suddenly! "Something happens to the protagonist so now they have act a certain way."
>"Oh this person has a dead family, that's why they suddenly have to brood."
Anime would be better if the authors/script writers received actual criticism.
But the average anime consumer is content with what they get, it's always binary.
Yaaaaay! or Reeeee!

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>attempting to have a rational discourse about a consumer product no-life orcneetweebs gain their dopamine from
>on the internet
>in the current year
I've started to watch the
show and it is incredibly bad.
Everything you shouldn't write if you want to make a good story, it's in there, but the people fucking love it because
Or the fucking smartphone isekai getting a second season for reasons no one can even conceive of.

The average consumer loves this slop and of course they will die on that hill when anyone dares to point out what witless escapist garbage they are.
It's exactly like when you call nsfw artwork for what it is; porn.

The shonen genre is stale and bland because it has been oversaturated due to being the most marketed genre to teens, since it's mostly just cool shit that is easy to follow for teens and they will unquestionably consume that.
Characters don't need to be well written, because nuances go over teens heads and just confuse them.
Example being one piece. It's a shit story with tear-jerking moments for the sake of being tear-jerking, but it has action, whacky characters and superpowers and everyone thinks its the best thing ever because companies have also capitalized on it and marketed op to hell and back and with the series still not ending anytime soon.
The author found a formula that works and keeps consumers interested and companies add merch and shit unto it because that is the actual point of keeping the manga going. At its core, shonen is a business, than a genre.

Anyone who isn't a teenager and unironically likes/watches shonen, aren't worth talking to.

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>Barely have any animation studio worth talking about in recent years
The only good one is the one who animated Korra and even then they still couldn't produce anything that would catch people's attention. I tried watching lookism but it's shit. I also hear a lot of praise about chinese animation but it's also shit.

China and Korea are permanerfed by their censorship. That's the only reason why they can't surpass Japan. Once the nerf is removed Japan would die quietly. People told them to be more open to tech and globalization but they refused to. Now they get the death they deserve.

I still hope Japan would start making more kids (esp since korea beat them in low pop numbers now) so there's that. I hope they redeem themselves though. Their animators need to be paid.

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Japan is superior simply because of Nintendo and Fromsoftware. Yes not animation or manga companies blah blah but what they make is actually good and will go down in history of media as one of the best. Korea has a spew of kdramas and kpop bands that only a selected 1% will even be remembered before another one of the copy paste bands inject themselves into the mind of the masses. It's a loop that, true to the Koreans, sees people as products and only there to make money. Kpop idols go through the same dogshit conditions as animators and even the concept of idols and kdrama is polished and built upon on Japan's initial wave of popularity. Webtoons is largely inspired by manga and western comics and have little to no panelling/composition forte that manga have. The media that just screams creativity comes from Japan. Korea and China takes a look at it, copies it and polish it into a more refined version for the masses yet on their own they are a dried out well in terms of innovation and creativity. Even Samsung, their biggest brand did not invent the Android. If you want to look at a company that treats their entire population as a logistics factory, then you have Korea. Japan do that to a certain extent but does go out of their way to encourage creativity and creators there do make it a point to do something not done before. A lot of the popular creators actually do look towards America movies and what the west creates for inspiration. The same goes for America despite the shitstorm it represents, they do care about being innovative. The two countries, despite their flaws, do have people that genuinely believe creativity and innovation is key. You can not say the same for Korea.

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Literally this. Japan nuked themselves by not putting in effort in globalization and putting english translations/sums in their media. They're trying to catch up now but they're 15 years too late. Meanwhile S.korea started shilling their webtoon format ever since Iphones became a thing. Early adapters always win. Japan's complacency hit their industries hard and the only thing stopping S.K from dominating are the censorship laws and limited animation studios. In a way, Japan should be grateful that S.Koreans have shit taste and would rather watch live action because if they demanded animation over live dramas Japan's animation would be overshadowed within a few years.

That being said I don't like S.korea's style and goofy ass language. I'd hate them to be the dominant animation house in asia.

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dogshit long post without paragraphing but tldr basically is if you want a world that looks good but is shallow and where creativity halts and everything is the same for decades then yes by all means let koreans led because they are good at appealing to the masses and grew up with an instructional manual. But by now we all know the masses are worth jackshit in terms of creativity and execution.

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also this.
the mindset between the two countries is similar but vastly different. The Koreans can only see fun and enjoyment after the process where they are rewarded with money. That's fair, it is the universal language we all love. But the Japanese see the fun and enjoyment even during the process and if we look at their sushi chefs, are willing to dedicate their entire life to hone the craft because there is meaning to it. This is the same reason why even if it is encouraged, Japanese do not need to go to college if they know what they want to do in life (and that is prioritized by the Japs over a degree). It is also not uncommon to see white collar workers high up in corporate to give the same level of respect to chefs and craftsman despite earning 10x their salary. The koreans will shit on them without a single thought, basing it all on monetary value.

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There's nothing more shittier than a k-manga with their usual 100.000 super evil dragon emperor God born from the flames of the world that is a high schooler and the MC that is "badass".

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I don’t know what the fuck happened after 2016/17 for anime because it wasn’t like this. Early 10s was great.

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Oh wait a minute, no. I’d take the high school stuff over isekai any day.

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No Japan has more people so I highly doubt it

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Korean and China already overtake Japan

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anime/manga is garbage
the only good shit was made at least 20 years ago and it was copied wholesale from western comics of that time or earlier, which were in turn shit compared to other western culture of the same periods
anime is the regurgitated second serving of western culture, except worse, because the Japanese had terrible literature until Westerners graced them with some culture but they failed to understand how to write good shit.
Weebs are literally worshiping a badly translated bootleg of Star Wars with crack whores and burned out salarymen as actors. It's possibly the most pathetic form of entertainment in existence to this day, and it's such a failure at being a failed form of entertainment that it's rapidly progressing into pornography which, paradoxically, in its being the absolute bottom of the barrel manages to be something less half assed than goddamn, fucking anime.

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>their usual 100.000 super evil dragon emperor God born from the flames of the world that is a high schooler
name 5

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And in America you can do the same for law/murder/cop stories
‘And in Latin America you can do the same for soap operas

And in etc etc

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Stfu bitch. I just prove my point so start sucking like the whore you are

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You proved nothing. Isekai sells. Who killed the Girlfriend/Boyfriend (it’s the bf/gf) sells. Jose leaving his wife too soon as Maria cries every 40 seconds sells.

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>name 5
I proved my point retard.

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And my point is every country has its slop on repeat.

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Holy cope anon are you korean yourself? take the loss

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Cope, shitter. You got btfo

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Chinese stuff is all style and no substance, and the style is often wasted on goofy shit anyway. Korean art is garbage compared to manga, and, they rip off what's popular in Japanese anime/manga.
Pic-related: Me reading a chapter of Solo-Leveling, the best and popular manwha the gooks have to offer and the vanguard of Japan's overthrow.
There is maybe an argument for the West. Castlevania before it went to shit showed that, when effort is put in, Western studios can ape "serious" anime well enough. However, the west will never produce CGDCT, or SoL anime in general. Period. They will continue aping 'serious' toonami-core anime that, on their part, aped western media. It's just a circlejerk. Additionally, a lot Western TV execs think anime is profitable, but they still don't have faith that domestically-produced shows are capable of competing with the real deal.
Also worth noting that there has yet to be a true pre-CGI 2D era Disney successor. If the West was poised to overtake Japan, you would think we'd be seeing more of those type of productions rather than CalArts slop.

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>Me reading a chapter of Solo-Leveling

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>a lot Western TV execs think anime is profitable, but they still don't have faith that domestically-produced shows are capable of competing with the real deal
Because they can't. Even if you made something that faithfully recreated anime perfectly there's a huge chunk of that audience market that will not watch it for the sole reason that it's not japanese. Weebs are just like that for some reason. Those that would give it a chance despite it not being Japanese, would have been just as likely to watch it if it didn't faithfully recreate anime. So why spend all that money and effort to ape japan's exploitational model if weebs won't watch it and non weebs wouldnt care that you went the extra mile? We still wouldn't be able to match the Japanese in culture even if we perfectly copied their technical practices. Half of why anime fans like anime is because they love to romanticize a foreign culture. It's completely futile to try and chase it. At absolute best, we might be able to make something that can compete, using the lessons anime can teach us about appeal. But don't count on it with the creative bankruptcy we're going through and the spite that many western creators feel toward anime and weebs.