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post your embarrassing art stories

>open some of my old art folders from 2019
>see the shitty prebeg redlines I did of people who were in actuality way better than me.
>This was all done on a public discord, posted under my full name
>some of those people are still following me several years later, liking my pics
kill me

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>Be proud beglet many years ago
>Show a co-worker a drawing I did pretending to have been commissioned
>It was anime furryshit, but very tame and she was wearing a bikini
>One day he brought something written in Japanese
>Oh because you like Japanese stuff I thought you might like it, you can keep it
>Realize now he was making fun of me

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How? Are you sure you are not overthinking it? That's a weirdly elaborate way to make fun of you. I think you're just a faggot desu

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>drawing a panty-shot pic, zoomed in on her crotch and I’m working on the outline of her labia.
>mom walks in to ask me something. I have headphones on so I don’t hear her.
>I turn around and she’s looking at me with the most disappointed look I’ve ever seen on her face.
>she silently turns around and walks out of the room.

I still have nightmares about this one…

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Are you a girl? Why would a mother be disappointment unless she has a daughter that is a raging homosexual?

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>why would a mother be disappointed to see her teenage son drawing porn

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Same but I was so autistic I actually proudly presented it to my mom on my own accord...

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>drawing at my uni's life drawing class
>professor comments that I made her breasts overly large

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You should of put him in his place by drawing his dick overly small. Then he wont bitch about you drawing things slightly larger.

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How big did you make ‘em?

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It was just a depiction of the nude female form. Or maybe the crotch in question was still covered by the panties. Either way, it’s not porn.

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should’ve told prof coombreath to keep his comments to himself and not bodyshame your lovely creation

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pic related
>15 years old
>liked drawing gay porn of my OCs but never drew their penises because I was "asexual" and grossed out by pps
>wrote on one of of my gay porn drawings "I'll never draw genitals they're so gross"
>mom drops me off at school one morning and as I climb out of the car she says "I saw your drawings, thanks for not drawing genitals"
>literally spent the entire school day shaking in anticipation of her bringing it up again after school
>she never brought it up again

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Am I the only one with non-puritan parents? I only draw pinups and generic naked women as opposed to outright fucking if anyone is watching, but my dad is usually based about it. Says stuff like "when will you draw me one of those girls?" or "nice ass". My mom just doesn't care.

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you definitely use Tumblr

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>liked drawing gay porn of my OCs but never drew their penises because I was "asexual" and grossed out by pps
>like gay porn
Just... what.

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Fujo logic

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because she knows that's all the pussy he'll ever get.

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Fucking based and gmi

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You can still delete those old posts before they remember.

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>showing one of my favorite artist ever my work at portfolio review at a workshop
>it was all good, but he sort of smile-grimaced when he got to a page where I'd taken pretty obvious influence/ref from his work in one of the faces of a character. I didn't directly copy anything but the influence was a bit strong on that one.

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bet he thought u were one of his rabid fans and nope the fuck outta there

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Years ago my boss caught me drawing one of the only raunchy things I’ve ever drawn

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sounds like an "accident"

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>be me
>go to some cafe for artists
>huge sheets of paper on the wall for customers to draw whatever they want on
>barge in alone under the effects of stimulants
>draw a massive ugly sonichu that takes up 70% of space on the most central of the paper sheets
>turn around to see if my dramatic act has caught attention
>nobody is watching me
>everybody looking at some random white girl making a portrait of a black dude
>they don't understand my pain
>draw muscular furry dudes all over the wall, with huge cocks and massive balls, f*cking each other
>still no attention, been drawing for about an hour and a half
>add balloons that say "Slava ukraini" for all the dudes
>look behind me, everybody is avoiding eye contact with me or with the bara furry gay dudes
>been drawing for about 1.5 hours now, still nobody talked to me

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I had just deluded myself into thinking I was gonna become a Patreon breast artist and did some nsfw drawings for a few days

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This was before social media. He didn't have rabid fans afaik

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>see the shitty prebeg redlines I did of people who were in actuality way better than me
they couldn't have been that bad
post em

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No, I wiped the foam off my mouth before meeting him.

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god you fucking retard deserve this

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>be me elementary school kid in 1999ish
>be at nice Christian private school before going to class
>copying Pokemon on computer paper out of game strategy guide without tracing
>accomplish garyados, most complicated yet and perfectly accurate
>fellow school kid wants it
>I try to give for free
>he insists on paying
>I tell him a quarter is fine
>first commission feels good man
>doesn't last long
>kids angry mom marches up to me with teacher grabbing me up by shirt
>demands the return of the quarter
>berate and shame me for taking quarter from rich kid who has 2x more than enough money for lunch that day
>berate and shame me for tracing

That was the beginning of a big realization that adults were retards and total fucking trash.

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kek very nice

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???? That sounds like a genuinely nice thing to do. You sound paranoid bro

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Wasn't that era the literal height of Pokémon panic among evangelicals? That it was brainwashing kids with evolution? That probably added an extra element of retarded bitch rage. I remember my parents saying I shouldn't watch it (did anyway) but one day they just forgot about it. Anyway that also was around the time I first realized being an adult doesn't make someone smart.

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The kid was probably even more embarrassed than you.

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>be me about 8
>see on tv what people call "art" now adays is abstract scribbling of color
>tfw I can do that!
>scribble some lines on an a4 piece of paper with crayons
>my mastepiece is done
>sign it and throw it out of the window in the hopes that one rich dude would find it and contact me to want more

I still cringe

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Heh damn now that I think back there was a great purge not long after because of the evolution thing.

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Good. A pathetic loser like you deserves to be ostracized and humiliated.

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ywn be a Jakovasaur.

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they just stupid shit, mine insisted I was drawing my parents

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I want to believe

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If it makes you feel better, 90% of the board’s idea of making it is doing the twitter equivalent of that

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>not having your desk at a commanding position in the room

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No, enough, this is too much! Immediately post your work!

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how can you even draw without music wtf

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how can you stand to not be blasting your mind with stimulus whenever you arent looking at your phone wtf?!?

people like you are the ones self diagnosing ADHD too jesus

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why are you chimping out instantly
never did any self-diagnosing, been working from home without music and was able to focus perfectly fine, but its pretty hard to focus on drawing in silence

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don't ask dumb questions and get surprised when people treat them like dumb questions works on my computer

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>be 14
>a bit popular from drawing
>stupid little shit me decides to literally copy and paste another drawing from another artist miles better than I was back then was a good idea
>gut feeling basically tells me this is a bad idea
>still post it on Facebook
>get likes and compliments
>get called out by my crush of all things on private
>delete the pic and never talk about it again
I still can't fucking believe I just went and did it for nothing but a scrap of recognition when I could've done another drawing by myself with more effort than the ones before, jesus christ

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mine is the opposite of yours

>be me
>draw for 6 years, trying to "git gud"
>little sister also wants to draw, and she practices in secret
>she finally shows me a pokemon that she drew from reference
>it was nearly perfect. The proportions were perfect, and all the shapes were great
>I get jealous and accuse her of tracing
>she gets mad and starts screaming back
>we both sulk for a while
>realize years later, that she had no way of tracing the pokemon
>I made her hate drawing and now she never does it anymore

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fuck, man

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you’re a retard

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I myself have 4 confirmed crabbenings, but it could be dozens based on my online effectiveness

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Thanks for making my chances to make it higher
God bless ur work.

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fuck you

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>make gay looking art that shows im a raging faggot
>post it on instagram
>people i know in my personal life somehow start following me
>turns out the phones sync our contact lists and recommend us to eachother on IG
>people in my real life know im a faggot

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>Be me
>Commission artist
>I get a commission through discord
>The guy wants me to draw some futa hyena or something
>I accept cuz ive drawn many of those in the past
>"Can i hope in a call with you while you draw it?"
>"Uh yeah i guess"
>Hope in call, do the sketches , the usual stuff
>Then i notice a weird sound coming from his mic
>Motherfucker is masturbating
>Since the motherfucker already payed, i can't drop the comm, and im almost finishing the drawing
>So i stay there, drawing a futa hyena, with the sound of soft mainly moans and a sound i can only describe like somebody slapping some ham for 20 minutes
>i finish the comm, he thanks me and tells me he will be back for another one in the next week
>block him
>just what the fuck, man

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How much did you get paid?

>> No.6681030

they already knew

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that would make me so happy, to know someone finds me that attractive

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I’d call you a liar, but I used to use my l33t art skillz to translate hentai and I had one would-be commissioner demanding I stream the process

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I didn't show my face, that would be dumb
He was (hopefully) jerking off looking at the drawing while i was doing it
Couldn't he have waited 20 more minutes? Apparently not

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I've had many in the past, but this one stuck with me for obvious reasons

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>13 biological girl
>drawing anime girls in my sketchbook
>popular girl comes up and asks what I'm drawing
>i hide my shit away from her, embarrassed because I'm drawing the best sexy anime girl I could manage
>she persists even more because she's curious
>grabs my sketchbook from me
>"OH MY GOD EWWWW! LOOK AT THIS!!" to her friends/everyone in the recess yard
>obligatory bullying
>all the mothers in my Girl Scout troop would not let me go around their daughters
>obligatory adult ostracization
Never escaped the lesbian rumors but i still draw sexy anime grills.

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>13 biological girl
stopped reading right there.

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were bob??

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>be me
>11 or 12 years old homeschooled autist
>draw the columbine shooters as furries
>proudly post on facebook

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Contact syncing should be turned off, but the last update out right removed that option on insta. Pray you didn’t give them your phone number

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Nice drawing but your 13/f/cali story is fake as fuck. Real girls are drawing yaoi pairings.

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>2011 first class, first day of art college
>drawing 101
>nervous as fuck cause im a turbo autist that doesnt know how to talk to people
>guy next to me spills his redbull on the floor
>he jokes to me about it to break the ice
>few minutes later for some reason i think someone else is next to me
>make a joke at the guys expense "looks like he pissed himself huh?"
>its still the same guy there i dont know why i thought someone else was there
>just kinda scoffs at me and goes "yeah..."
>never made a friend during college

ive done a lot of cringy shit as a kid cause i have 0 social skills but this one in particular really hurts for some reason

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i'm also like this, i have no explanation for it

>> No.6681281

jfc dude

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based af

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>be in a discord server full of edgelords
>one retard asks me to draw a girl with a giant cock cause he thinks it's funny
>got my new pc but broke my tablet, was fun getting into art again, even if drawing futa with a mouse
>almost finished, my dad walks into the room, we have a good talk
>forgot to close SAI, but he's focused on me so I thought he didn't notice
>a couple days pass, we're talking something about art,
>he says he likes my art, and that last "girl" drawing was well made too but he tells me to not draw things like this anymore with a little distaste on his face

I've explained to him it was for a friend. He knew when someone asked me to do dumb shit I did out of wanting to make friends so he was understanding, but I am still sad I made him a little dissapointed since he liked my normal pieces

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okay but did he find ur futa collection?

>> No.6681650

he suspects nothing.

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>drew a half-naked Hitler with a rifle sticking out of his panties in 2014 to impress my art gf at the time
>she liked it
funnily enough she was even half israeli kek

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So uhh i never really used reference untill art school, here's how it panned out for me in 2017.
I've got worse things to worry about in my life, but I'f we are talking art, this one is hard to beat.

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picrel is literally one day apart when It finally dawned on me to check the reference

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>be me
>senior year hs
>started being interested in drawing a couple months prior
>friends drag me to art club one day, they're doodling random shit on the whiteboard
make a random face
>"haha anon that face looks like its the beginning to some furry porn hahahah...."
>they erase it like a minute afterwords
>never go back

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you had rubedo components in your hands and chose to fear the damocles' sword

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Based principled anon.

>> No.6682088

i was drawing a hot naked man and the 6 yo daughter of my mom's friend came in and asked what was i drawing
i had zoomed the canvas so she couldnt see anything and i said "nothing haha i'm just deciding on colors" but the little shit touched my tablet screen and the canvas zoomed out to a naked man with his peepee free'd from his pants
she just said "ew" and left the room as i frantically took the tablet away from her

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got childed' lmao

>> No.6682111

lol, fuck privacy amirite?

>> No.6682129

>thanks for not drawing genitals
>you're welcome

>> No.6682131

i called someone using ai, it wasnt ai

>> No.6682220

based young enterpreneur
100% gmi

>> No.6682239

i used to draw mlp and dota lewds in mid-high school and many classmates saw the drawings
they were actually pretty chill about it because i wasnt an outcast loser, they even said that my drawings were good except the part that i was drawing stupid shit
crazy how shameless i was

>> No.6682244

do you still have it?
if so PLEASE post it

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ahh a singed connoisseur

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kill yourself

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similar tale (except without becoming social pariah).
pic related from my sketchbook was shown to someone and they turned their head away in complete disgust.

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Nice modesty blanket on sasukes ass

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completely justified reaction

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Back in 1999 I traced pokemon pictures from the red and blue strategy guide and tried to pass them off ass my own.
I think everyone knew I was full of shit but I felt like I had the world fooled.
Then there was the cringey comics I made that was crossovers of everything I was interested in at the time. (Tenchi muyo, pokemon, kirby, dragon ball, invader zim, etc.)
I’m glad not many people saw those

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What made you think it was?

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>6 or 7yo
>have a "fight" with my mom
>draw a heart with my dad's name and a cupid's arrow going through it, as fancy as my snot-eating hands can manage
>deliver the drawing to dad in a very attention-drawing way, to make mom jealous of it

They probably saw right through me and thought it was hilarious. If not, they just didn't think anything special of it. Failed either way.

Did you ever talk about it after growing up?
We make dumb shit as kids, but it's never late to let someone know how you felt. Maybe she's forgotten it long ago and you can let it go after talking. Maybe she didn't forget, but knowing you regret it will heal her instead.
I know statistically she's an insufferable turbo thot and that this might not be that important, but she's your sister, go for it.

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This reminds me of an old deviantart user who drew the Columbine duo as dinosaurs, she had an Invader-Zim-like comic about how school sucks with original characters, but for some reason the two were part of the cast as minor characters.

From what I could tell using translation tools back then, she's autistic, so there's that.

>> No.6682920

When people talk about diversity, these are the people they should be celebrating

>> No.6683232

if he wanted to make fun of you he would have called child protective services

>> No.6683328

Actually hurt my rib a little bit

>> No.6683343

I've seen your shit before! I love it; blog?

>> No.6684309

son i am dissapoint

are newfags this newfaggy these days? does this guy know what dubs are?

>> No.6684313

birth of a new ic meme?

>> No.6684314

Pretty good honestly

>> No.6684316

posting this is your most cringe /ic/ experience lol dumbass

>> No.6684322

can you post a pic of the work he commissioned? simply for curiosity.

also, if you're that good, maybe do an onlyfans for the perverts and geek virgins with money out there

>> No.6684323

>a coomer
Many such cases

>> No.6684333

>be me
>sr year of highschool back in 2008
>in graphics/design class
>google is in the early phase of development and doing that goofy thing where they change their logo on a whim for random stuff, not just for national holidays
>google opens a challenge for kids to 'design the new logo' for a day
>graphics design teacher encourages us to design logos and vote to submit the best one to the class
>come up with design to represent written language over time
>g = "caveman" looking ass font, e = 21st century typeface
>stylize the shit out of it and win my highschool competetion
>art teachers print and post top three designs out in the common areas
>walk by one day and hear two little juniors pointing at my design and talking about how gay it was

literally not the worst point in my life, but definitely a low point in displaying any work publicly.

>> No.6684367

>google opens a challenge for kids to 'design the new logo' for a day
I remember this, our art teacher forced all of us to come up with designs and at the end of the day she said everyone's work was shit and we worked for nothing.

>> No.6684379

This is gonna be one of the most embarrassing ones for sure.
>Be student in highschool that draws in the free time
>Chick I was interested in walks towards me while I was drawing a pirate ship
>She asks me If I like drawing
>Tell her is the only thing I do since I was 4
>She asks me to draw her
>I then realize that I've only drawn monsters and vehicles my whole life
>Accept either way because I already said I've been doing it all my life
>I take 10 minutes to try and do it right
>End up drawing the most hideous human face ever known to man
>She looks the final result

>disgust in her face
And I never talked with her again.

>> No.6684382

based art teacher

>> No.6684387

Did the same but was worse.
>brother looks up to me when we were younger
>I didn't realize and just looked at him as an equal, but I also was a moron
>I was always drawing
>He starts drawing too
>I say all his drawings are shit
He never drew again

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My brother confessed to me today that he found my NSFW art twitter like 2 years ago. He probably saw all the Gay furry shit my porn OC's and horrible fanart. He must think I'm fucking gay now.

>> No.6684440

>He must think I'm fucking gay now.
now? he's been thinking it for 2 years, and he's right.

>> No.6684449

tattle on him for looking at gay porn.

>> No.6684462

Post some of it, we’ll be the judge of that.

>> No.6684971

I was going to post it, but i saw my 4chan post on a discord server im in, those guys will know who am i if i do

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>anatomy lab AKA visual memorization: the class
>doodle structures to help me remember what they look like
>draw pic related during down time with sketchy motions
>girl across the bench notices
>”Wow anon, you’re so good at drawing!”
>can’t decide between “Thanks” or “Oh, it’s nothing” or “Yeah I’ve been trying to learn for a while”
>just stare at her like I’m considering my dialogue options in Fallout
>enough time passes that she apologizes for saying anything
>other girl tries to make things better by complimenting another doodle
>poorly drawn chiseled face next to the word “sigmoid”
Not very interesting, but it’s not
>sister walks in on me drawing Kermit slapping shimapan anime butt

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This has happened to all of us. The whole world worships and reveres artists, but nobody realizes that we're all actually a bunch of stinky losers who can't talk to people.

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>be me
>drawing in the living room in my niece ipad while talking with my mom
>one of her friends came home
>they start talking about stupid shit
>mom goes tot he kitchen to make coffee for them
>i know if i leave the woman will make fun of me cuz she is the kind of flirty annyoing old woman
>she gets close to me
>"oh what you drawing anon"
>i can feel her body against my arm as she tries to see the tablet
>my dick so hard i pierce a rock
>"thats a cute sailor moon" refering to the anime girl im drawing
>"oh i have an idea anon, you should draw me, but i want something special, like dicaprio on the titanic"
>i tell her she can come home any time for that
>she just smile at me everytime we cross eyes
>everytime she comes home i tell her we can do it
>she dosnt reply and just smile back
>one day my mom said she had to tell me something
>"anon i know you like my friend but this is really innapropiate, besides, she is too old for you, please stop asking her weird shit, is really embarassing"
>i told my mom she is crazy
>everytime this woman came home i avoid her
>"oh anon dont be shy, just ask me"
>every woman on that room (sometimes 5) laugh at me

i didnt understand until years later when i decided to watch the movie and realized dicaprio painted rose naked and then had sex. this woman left the country years ago and my mom sometimes say she prob will come this christmas to see her family and i get excited but she never comes. my mom still do that coffee reunion with her friends and time to time they remember me how i tried to fuck an older woman by asking directly in front of my mom. but somehow i now want to, i even find myself doing 1 or even 2 more reps in my gym sessions when i think "just for her"

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>> No.6685141
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aww yiss some /ss/ action in the making.

>> No.6685143

Naruto is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and characterization that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive shipping faggotry and DARKNESS. The normal anon can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad.
However, these very aspects that try to smear over the shit of its core make it a breeding ground for aspie, unsociable underageb& faggots who engage in every kind of faggotry both online and in the real world. The superpowered characters all trying their hardest to look cool, the jutsus, peculiar, colorful clothes, the whole ninja faggotry and everything about the Naruto world fuels their escapist fantasies, while the pity-party character backgrounds, emphasis on revenge, and overall preachiness of the series make it fit just right with the mary-sueish drives of your average preteen and his sense of unwarranted self-importance towards the world. Exactly the kind of shit that makes little kiddies and underageb& retards eat this shit right the fuck up.
Naruto is basically THE series to attract the most hated anime fanbase known to /a/, which is why, regardless of individual opinions, it is the responsibility of every anon to troll the fuck out of this show and everyone who likes it, and ensure that no Naruto threads ever encourage the newfriends to show their faces here.

>> No.6685177

W rizz, based and gmi

>> No.6685183
File: 37 KB, 658x451, IMG_7449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6686389
File: 255 KB, 722x1009, 754734634388.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be end of the year
>go to bootcamp and end my 1 year long neetdom as a suicidal 18yr old
>have tons of beg art of horrendous traces of naked women and anime like the incellieous infren that I am
>have been living locked in my basement for a whole fucking year coping with my drawings and realizing i have to hide my shit from my mom and her boyfriend now so they cant find out how much of a failiure i am
>fucking hate them
>get all my artwork together, steal moms boyfriends car, drive 140mph across the highway to find a place to hide my art
>fucking engine explodes cause fuck korean cars
>car starts dripping oil and catches on fucking fire
>art goes to flame with the car and proceed to lie to cops that all this happend at random
>firefighters couldnt find anything in the car
>go to bootcamp with no regrets and clear mind
>3 months later
>mom comes up to me, like she's seeing a new person
>talks about her new tattoos that she got
>talks about "i didnt know you can draw anon"
>proceeds to tell me that she admires my "figure drawings" and that i should draw something for her next tattoo

>> No.6686401

the things i would do for someone to jerk off during my presence of drawing

>> No.6686429
File: 200 KB, 691x647, icanon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6686438

fuck you

>> No.6686597

should have just muted him and took the money

>> No.6686602


>> No.6686622
File: 84 KB, 415x375, 1668631563580547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never drew coomer tier shit when I was in highschool but I did draw nude poses quite a bit and thankfully my mother understood the difference between that and porn. The embarrassing part was when she would tell friends and family who were over at the house about my art and ask for me to show them. My mom understood but not everyone did. That shit is embarrassing to even think about now in my mid 20s but you get to certain level of fuck it where I don't give a shit who sees what I draw. My little sister found my nsfw twitter com account and I just stopped caring. She's an artist too so whatever.

>> No.6686623

Too late. Now we hate each other

>> No.6686628

>show friend sketchbook
>she immediately flips to the porn

>> No.6686640

based degenerate

>> No.6686694

asking for science, but is that entire image OC? every reverse image search turns up nothing

>> No.6688043

The worst part is that I've seen this before

>> No.6688057
File: 18 KB, 319x326, 1589390669117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sitting in cafeteria drawing as usual
>doodling cubes, chairs, geometrical nothings, shapes, whatever etc.
>guy walks up behind me, peers over my shoulder and announces;
>"why are you drawing dicks?"
>everyone at the table looks over
>face goes beet red, trying to find aforementioned dingdong on the page while mumbling autistically
same guy, I think:
>in hallway to next class
>telling me about how he draws dark stuff, people getting killed
>I know this guy doesn't make art, just trying to elicit reaction from me like I'm a psycho
>hit him with the bewildered autistic stare, silent
I know I looked autistic/disturbed in HS but leave me the fuck alone. also:
>in class
>flipping through sketchbook, showing buddy some art
>his face pales suddenly, mood changes
>"oh, that's lewd"
>confused, figure I misheard or he misread a drawing, I think nothing of it
>get home, flip through sketchbook again
>find WIP self-indulgent fetish art from months ago on the back of a page
>a really raunchy sketch
>panic text buddy, said I didn't know who drew it, and not to bring it up again
>still buddies
still makes me lol. I wanna ask him about it

>> No.6688066

It's ok anon onee has a lewd fujo account too

>> No.6688207

I thought about that too, but between the moans and the slaps, there were changes he wanted me to do
Change the size of this, make this bigger, make the hair longer, etc
If i muted him, the mf would talk and get no response, it was risky

>> No.6688235


>> No.6688236

Don't really have any stories because I started drawing when I was already self aware.

>> No.6688250

>was in a school artist retreat
>random senior dude starts challenging me about art trying to act like he's much better than me
>I get annoyed and tell him I'm good at art actually. I already know everything he's talking about
>He gets taken aback and tries to challenge me further asking "OH REALLY NOW THEN CAN YOU DRAW A HUMAN IN ANY POSE?"
>Me: Yes. That stunned him and that made him leave me alone
I cringe because I was actually a shit artist and that lie still haunts me to this day. It's why I practice so that lie would become true. Not sorry to lie so he would shut up though. He was fucking annoying.

>> No.6688412

Feels more like they were trying to be nice, just weren't familiar with anime probably

>> No.6689122

>that fetish one
he definitely knows now but hopefully he never mentions it again. this happened to me too but now i think he also has the fetish, which makes me want to bring it up again even less

>> No.6689127

I think he was trying to be friends with you buddy

>> No.6689139

I took the furry commission meme pill and now I need to draw zoophilia daily to make any money and want to kill myself

>> No.6690081

>year 2004, was a naive 11 year old autistic kid
>get a best friend whose in my school year and also an artist and we draw and share art with each other every lunch time
>add each other on MSN messenger and share more art we drew/art we like
>end up sending each other our deviantart account usernames, etc.
>they draw themself as an oddly round/orb-like anthropomorphic rabbit creature
>have no idea what that means
>end up unknowingly drawing them multiple pieces of inflation fetish art for their birthday that year
>have no idea why they're so surprised and embarrassed that i drew their character
>don't realize it's a fetish thing until years later

We're still good friends and talk regularly, but every-time I think about that I break out on a cold sweat. Not because I drew inflation art, I don't care about that, but because I didn't realize it was a fetish thing and had no idea why they were so embarrassed about it.

>> No.6690323

Wholesome and real

>> No.6690353

I remember her, that's Iguana-teteia/Freakyraptor and that dinosaur is Vodk.
Can confirm that she is autistic.

>> No.6690359

based dad

>> No.6690362

>taking a figure drawing class in my senior year of college
>shocked that the nude model we would be drawing is a girl that I had tried to go out with 2 years earlier
>she was 22 looked like a early 20s Taylor Swift with darker hair
>I start sweating and hope she doesnt notice me as she poses
>seeing her nude gives me a massive boner, she has perky torpedo tits with puffy nipples and a shaved vagina
>I draw her as detailed and accurate as possible because they will be the next best thing to actual nudes of her
>during her 10 minute break to relax and get some water, she wanders around the class to look at peoples drawings
>I start sweating again and try to walk out of the class till the next pose starts
>too late, she sees me and says hi and we have small talk
>she looks at my drawings, and sees my detailed drawings of her nipples and vagina
>she gets quiet and does not saying anything
>she walks away to look at another students art
I felt like the biggest pervert coomslug ever.

>> No.6690368
File: 22 KB, 500x500, 626c27dfb896c7e5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guess she dodged a bullet

>> No.6690377
File: 111 KB, 906x605, FxLhGbRaUAImFlw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be stupid teen
>start drawing because of a girl i was crushing on
>make multiple shitty drawings of us together
>clearly makes her uncomfortable but still keep doing it
at least now im a good artist and she showed me her ass. thank you for that.

>> No.6690379

forgot to mention, she also liked drawing.

>> No.6690697

Now personally, I would kill myself. U do u tho.

>> No.6691691

Praying for you anon

>> No.6691712
File: 309 KB, 500x453, 1614345502514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>like 14ish years old, early high school
>start getting kinda into furry stuff, still completely shit but full of cool character ideas and settings
>even though it's 2006(?) and I'm basically still a fetus who can barely use the internet, I still know it's kinda cringe
>only thing I really want to draw though
>later that year, art class
>teacher tells us to sketch something simple, an object or a figure, and bring it in later
>so I draw a couple of furry OCs after school that I'd been working on
>day comes to submit it, i hope she'll just see them as cool animal characters and not some internet fetish shit
>bring it to art teachers desk, I rush over after most of the class has left like I'm carrying drugs
>put on my most confident face, stammer at the teacher "h-hey miss have you ever heard of anthropology??"
>give her the drawings
>"anon, this isn't anthropology, i think you mean anthropomorphic."
>i steam in place for a few minutes while she grades it
>take them afterwards

i actually got a pretty good grade on it iirc, i hope it wasn't out of pity or something. Might have been because I was in the minority of high school art class that actually enjoyed making art instead of just using art class as a free ride and excuse to goof around.
I'm long since over it but it burns me to so confidently reveal my powerlevel to a stranger and then say wrong things like that

>> No.6691765

based autist anon hypershitting on Naruto

>> No.6691806

>uhmmmmm how is an exploration of humanity’s widespread adoration of the anthropomorphic form not anthropology, you fat whore?

>> No.6691814

How? that anon is just a silly idiot in love with the female figure
That is as harmless as you can get as a man, unless you think that men being attracted to women is a bad thing somehow?

>> No.6691815

this, I always draw the foreskin in detail, it’s normal

>> No.6691842
File: 1.12 MB, 1117x844, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>notebook full of Naruto and Sonic chicken scratches
>lots of Rasengans and Sonic balls, full of black circles like pic related
>mom catches me drawing more circles one day after coming home from being bullied at school
>she says "drawing more black circles so you can jump into them and run away?"
>feel like shit
>throw all my notebooks in the garbage

>> No.6691951

>Dear compagny I love your games and those from Tencent your parent compagny...
>Actual parent compagny was Netgease
>Lemonface people are all different. Recruiters don't read the letter. Lemonface people are all different. Recruiters don't read the letter. Lemonface people are all different. Recruiters don't read the letter.

>> No.6692039

Does anybody have the screenshots of the anon who drew a catgirl slave loli oc with added text and tried to run away from home after the parents found out

>> No.6692044 [DELETED] 

Based autistic confidence.
How did they react?

>> No.6692048

Based autistic confidence.
How did she react?

>> No.6692074

sauce for pic?

>> No.6692111

found it, @melkteeth

>> No.6692112

I can't believe there is literal explicit hardcore porn on Twitter. Disgusting.

>> No.6692270
File: 88 KB, 866x866, Batman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>16yo turboautist in highschool
>always drawing in front of the school after classes would end
>this time I was drawing Batman while a friend hung out with me
>cute chick in hot pants greets us
>the kind of girl who'd hang around jocks
>she says my drawing looked really awesome
>she's hovering around watching me draw in silence
>she breaks the ice and asks me to draw her
>I tell her that I'm not skilled enough (yet)
>"you can start practicing with me then"
>she asks me if she can have my drawing instead
>tell her no
>I continue drawing Batman's cowl
>she grabs the drawing under my hands
>calmly playing along, I politely ask her to give it back
>"if you want it back, you'll have to catch me anon"
>she heads off, gleefully skipping with the drawing in hand
>2 meters
>5 meters
>10 meters
>she's not joking
>friend asks me if he should get it back for me
>I say yeah
>he runs off and snags the drawing away from her, returning it to me
>that was the last time she ever spoke to me even though I still see her around
Genuinely asking was I being dense? Looking back I still can't tell if she was trying to scam me or if she was actually flirting with me.

>> No.6692282

>headmaster of college says proudly that 95% of people finish on his/our college
>tell my mother's partner that they must be very easy on students
>don't finish college

2) >get asked to do an album cover
>drawing gets a face in pain photoshopped into an erotic face without my knowledge
>they don't fix a too long arm that's on the cover
>be forever in public with a messed up arm

3) >same cover
>get told that I won't get paid
>yell and run away like a monkey

4)>mess up a drawing for a good Ukrainian musician

>> No.6692287
File: 232 KB, 1200x1200, 71pdyJJEXCL._SL1200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6692294
File: 1.76 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6692300
File: 272 KB, 2731x1031, 12711018_1161958707150246_3046647998148637713_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6692308
File: 343 KB, 991x1061, 1610756668023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds like she was flirting with you. Something similar happened to me: I splashed some water on this girl in science class and she said "Oh Anon, you make me wet!" and everyone laughed. I didn't get it at all and no one would explain why it was funny.

>> No.6692309

saw his show, he went to his hotel with a sports car and I just stood outside in the cold watching him leave

>> No.6692313

Random story: I once tripped into a guy and he pretended to accidentally trip into me after that and he gave me his number on this occasion. He is still a hero

>> No.6692316

this was in art college. Later on I tripped over someone's project and trash it, it was sort of embarrassing, too.

>> No.6692331

The thing is, I was pretty proud of the drawing and it's why I got anxious when she took it. In hindsight, it's just another Batman drawing in a sea of Batman drawings and I can't help but wonder how things would've panned out if I humored her.

>> No.6692407
File: 28 KB, 605x451, IMG_4622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but i already posted all my haunting and embarrassing tard moments all over this board though

>> No.6692663

Send her a message.

>> No.6692846
File: 58 KB, 729x707, IMG_20230607_091434_168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's one of those things you only realize after writing it down
Girls like us when we're good at things but our defense mechanisms and low self esteem makes us think that it's impossible for anyone to like us

>> No.6692962

I remembered making up way too much of some horror story in my head but never actually going through with drawing them circa 2012 era when some japanese RPG Maker horror games were kinda taking off like Ib and Mad Father. There's a few artwork for the now cringy protagonist and heroine for the 'horror game' that I was planning to make.

On the plus side, nowadays I just draw my niche smut fetish, and also gets paid for it sometimes lmao. Funnily enough, the OC involved with the smut world ended up getting more developed than whatever the 'horror game' I wanted to make few years back.

>> No.6693561

AHAHAAHAHA oh my god i just love the mental image of someone realising what characters these are

>> No.6693858

I'm disgusted by you right now

>> No.6694113

>I want to be friends with that guy
>ok, let's do it by trying to mog the shit out of him!
I thought we are autists.

>> No.6694117

I don't know any good Ukrainian bands

>> No.6694122
File: 13 KB, 229x220, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy based

>> No.6695874


>> No.6696100

can you finish this and post it to /cbsg/? thanks

>> No.6696110
File: 60 KB, 974x798, ddd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>In rehab for abuse of otc substances
>Decide to draw qt in our "morning share group"
>She has tig ol biddies
>Do a fairly decent drawing
>Give it to her, after making a photocopy for myself
>her "boyfriend" in the rehab group sees it
>Said boyfriend is my roommate as well
>eventually approaches me on it
>borderline tries to fight me
>some other guy stops him
>Talk to counselor about it
>She's on my side
>"Anon do you have the drawing, perchance?"
>Show her the photocopied drawing I still have
>"W-well, I can see why he might have been upset..."

The lesson here anons is don't draw your coworkers or anyone who you can't immediately leave the situation should shit hit the fan. Random strangers fit this category nicely because worst case scenario if you approach them saying "Hello, miss? I drew you!" they can just politely accept the drawing and fuck off.

>> No.6696151

>>barge in alone under the effects of stimulants
bro had a sip of coffee

>> No.6696161
File: 7 KB, 240x320, 1684794838637975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>known at work as a drawer
>get asked to paint something on the wall in the smoke room
>only get 15mins to do it since they dont want me to take my time off the clock and have to work
>its shit and stays up there for months

that was one of the dumbest things ive ever done.

>> No.6696404

>give bad painting to a friend
>beg him later on to be allowed to repaint it
>he says no
>no longer friends
>we share partner tattoos

>got three partner tattoos
>none of them a partner anymore

>> No.6698327

I went to art school

>> No.6698333

Yes. Don't question it. Embrace it

>> No.6698768

>be me
>9 years old
>love using the family printer to print stuff out
>print out a picture of link
>show it to my sister who's 4 years younger than me
>tell her that i drew it
>my sister is jealous and wants to draw

>more than a decade passes
>my sister is now an incredibly talented artist who is able to draw realistic paintings
>ive only started learning a few months ago and i still cant figure out how to do good lines

>> No.6698769
File: 67 KB, 989x1003, 1682444517980455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wholesome story

>> No.6698771

kinda but i wish the roles were reversed and i started drawing at a really young age...

>> No.6698778
File: 516 KB, 720x724, 1681150856795548.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Smh, he doesn't sabotage his family in art bruh.

>> No.6698807

ask your sister to teach you

>> No.6698864
File: 64 KB, 638x641, 1636125134152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why are you such a fucking wuss anon. own up to your works and live with it. ffs even your mom accepts you. you need to work on yourself bruv and git gud

>> No.6698870

Ask your sister to fuck you

>> No.6698871

Wait, how did she find out you can draw? I thought you burned it all

>> No.6698875

Dude, she's literally there to be drawn naked, you're SUPPOSED to draw her naked body, what's the problem?

>> No.6699625
File: 1.57 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you like it? it's very generous

>> No.6699661

>draw my mary sue OC with my animu waifu
>the whole thing, kisssing, having seggs
>granted it's really well drawn and some still like it but it makes me cuh-riiiiiiiiiiiiinge now

>> No.6699753

>only get 15mins to do it since they dont want me to take my time off the clock and have to work
wouldnt have done shit then

>> No.6701886

holy fuck you are retarded

>> No.6702163

To be fair, he did say he was a turbo autist

>> No.6702371

my entire life from birth until now is one long embarrassing story

>> No.6702448
File: 59 KB, 300x279, Nervous Yotsu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm probably going to have one sooner or later, I just got an art tablet and have been using it to entirely draw furry so far. And Mom's been getting pretty impatient with the door knocks, and it takes a lot longer to put away a fat desk-hogging tablet than it does to just close the laptop screen...

>> No.6702697

Just show her some normie drawings so that you only have to hide the program or something, or does she not even know that you started drawing?

>> No.6702707
File: 57 KB, 500x674, squidwerd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6702731

It happened way before that

>> No.6702733

The most normie drawing I have using my "skill" is a fully clothed anthro giving a pretty seductive look. I'm going to try to draw a funny birthday card for my brother so maybe that will avert her suspicion, at least for now.

>> No.6702811

Just tell her straight to her face that you draw furry smut

>> No.6703426
File: 530 KB, 567x812, image_2023-06-16_135248035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 13
>i want to be an artist but obviously i'm a retarded 13 year old
>used to go on this adventure time rule 34 artists livestream every day possible and talk to him
>i liked adventure time and boobs so it made sense
>try to imitate his art in loose pieces of paper
>not the worst but im 13 so it sucks regardless
>later in the week, can't find them
>never hear anything about it again

then a few month's later

>need a flash drive to just transfer some school papers
>take my older brother's flash drive, idc
>there are only folders and subfolders of the artist i used to to talk to
>all the livestreamer's adventure time hentai art and comics
>only his art and nothing else
>get disgusted and never go back
>never turned in my school assignment

livestreamer was pretty cool though, he made me want to do art professionally which in retrospect fucked my life up even more than knowing that my brother probably stole my adventure time porn and used his

>> No.6703466

>fucked my life up even more
How come?

>> No.6703665

doing art or finding out my brother whacks it to futa marceline?

if art, i love drawing but putting my time into trying to do it as a job is just really horrible for my brain i think. i did commissions a lot of my teenage years (i somehow made money even though my art was dogshit then) but it still made me depressed nonetheless. i wish i had more ambition for practically useful things other than art

>> No.6703673

are you a dude or chick

>> No.6703684

Does your tablet not have it's own on/off button? maybe you could drape something over it

>> No.6703692

This could have been your chance anon, if you'd done something artistic instead of coom addled she might have had a change of heart about you and let you draw her in private too.

>> No.6703739

oh, i thought you meant your brother had been that live-streamer you hung out with all along, then maybe found out it was you ages ago and stopped going to the pchat, but never said anything.
i was thinking based brother.

my nightmare is always that on art sites where you need to attach your real name, my exes will look me up, find everything, and stalk me. my very religious extended family, too. i know my immediate family would. i’m always scared to post anything, but the more walls i put up from regularly viewing users, the more i’m shooting myself in the foot, as to the purpose behind posting my shit in the first place, speaking of people you know finding you out unbeknownst to you, through the net.

>> No.6703809

> drawing with headphones
> blasting music
> didnt hear mom open the door
> she sees this big tittied bunny girl sketch
> leaves
its over isnt it bros

>> No.6703870

he'd probably get off to that t.bh.

>> No.6703874


unironically this is the kind of insane shit the artworld needs. its actually fucking hilarious just how completely bonkers it is.

also there's even some pretty decent stylework going on here. hope they continue having this much fun with their art. im jealous.

>> No.6703889

Is the fact that you got no responses to this tepid post your new most embarrassing story now?

>> No.6704135

Same. And not just zoophilia but so much fetish shit that has made me unable to look at cartoons the same way ever again. Inflation makes me nauseous now. But hey at least I can pay rent.

>> No.6704144

To this day I regret thinking my ideas and interests were cringe as a kid so I never made anything. Now I'm 20 years old with not a single game, story, comic or animation to my name, and my skills are dogshit. Doing 'cringey' shit would've at least got the ball rolling.

>> No.6704214

Yes, I meant the art part
Wait, doing art makes you miserable?? Anon, I think you're doing it wrong, art should be fun, not make you depressed or anything.
And what practically useful things ither than art would you have liked to do instead?

>> No.6704216

Ask her what she thought of the drawing lol, be unapologetic about it too.

>> No.6704236

I don't get it, you got disgusted because your brother saves the artworks of the same livestreamer that you used to follow?

>> No.6704244

>20 years old
It's not too late.

>> No.6704341

google kitty tan and you'll feel better about yourself

>> No.6704353

>be fatty in school
>draw shitty homestuck anime girls
>some stacy comes to my desk, entire class looking at us
> "anon is that your girlfriend haha"
> whole class giggles
>star drawing ripped warriors and barbarians because it seems more manly
>retard comes over, whole class looking at us
>"anon is that what you think you look like haha"
>whole class giggling
> so insecure that I only draw dragons and monsters for 6 years and burn out because it isn't that fun, No draw for 4 years
>skinny now, finally muster up courage to draw anime again
>drawing finally fun again, post anime on ic with sloppy dragon doodle on the side
>crabs have a huge meltdown because I "sold out"

>> No.6704360

How did you sell out?
And you shouldn't let them get to you like that, Jesus, they were only joking. Get therapy

>> No.6704463

>4th grade
>drawing raunchy shit on Valentine's cards with another kid
>try to one-up him by drawing a stickwoman with huge tits
>didn't realize pussies were a thing
>female teacher saw over my shoulder and demanded to see my futa stickgirl
>sent to the principal's office and had to explain to my mom what happened

>> No.6704476

Based, though nowadays you would have been praised like a saint by your lefty teachers for drawing trannies lmao

>> No.6704502


>> No.6704526

>2020, senior year
>in yearbook committee, im the lead editor
>all my peers there were normies who didn't really do anything other than shoot pictures, so we got only like 30 pages done when it was due in like two months
>coronachan happens, everyone in committee jumps ship except me and the teacher
>throughout the entire summer up to 4 hours a day editing, gathering photos, designing a ~250 page yearbook mostly by myself
>actually enjoyed putting my heart and soul into something so important to our class, everyone counting on me
>book comes out, I'm fucking hype
>"this sucks, why aren't there more pictures/activities/XYZ?"
>kill me

We didn't get a prom, senior trip, and corona hit before we could send out any student body questionnaires so I did my best with what I had, but to this day I am ashamed it wasn't good enough for my class.

>> No.6704722

What can I say? He literally drew a girl with a penis

>> No.6704723

Fuck those normies, it was still a ton of effort and they must have noticed at least that

>> No.6704773

Now I'm curious...

>> No.6704810

>mother’s partner
you never had a chance

>> No.6704826

gonna say great job anyway, back then, because you did your class proud. (approval ratings of 100% don’t exist anyway,) you created the thing they’ll all use as a direct medium as old fogeys (and maybe showing their kids/the next generation) for holding on to a whole year’s worth of memories and the faces of the people they knew as a kid.
based as hell, you made something cherished for a mass of your classmates.

>> No.6704863

in 5 years you will see a classmate on the street and panic you look like a worn out bum too

>> No.6704904
File: 2.41 MB, 200x160, 1658527174271365.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me in high school
>struggling to find a good method to learn to draw
>taking an art class where the teacher doesnt really teach anything, but asks to see something weekly
>figure out my monitor tilts high enough to trace on
>start tracing shit i find on /mlp/
>leads to me explaining to the art teacher what the fuck bronies and shit are like a sperg
thankfully he was a cool dude and we shared a laugh, but man i wish i just fucking drew instead of all that other shit. same art teacher showed me a commission of a bdsm amazonian nazi woman with a gas mask he was doing, so maybe we weren't so different in the end.

>> No.6704924

You never interact that much with normal people dont you?

>> No.6705023

>draw dicks and vagoo in class
>classmates saw it and have a laugh
>laughs along with them, ending up making more detailed dick pics in my notebooks along with animu faces.
I dont know why you guys got made fun off/reprimanded for such.

>> No.6705029

Wow. Literally me.

>> No.6705118

putting the art you're passionate about out there makes zou feel pretty vulnerable, but I guess you would need to make some to understand that. having it come from the kids who relentlessly bully you also doesnt help, but knowing what your dad did to your anus, that probably doesnt faze you a lot.

>> No.6705122
File: 1.04 MB, 1868x2624, 7e1e7d_5728072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6705127

I got caught drawing on my notebook in middle school, English teacher scolded me then proceeded to flip through it and found some hentai. She called my parents later that day.

>> No.6705128

>be me, 7-8, go to catholic elementary school
>mom always has to come in because Im a sperg and always gets concerned talks from my teachers because I keep drawing guns and tanks
>mom always defends me and tells teacher I would never shoot up the school
>goes through my drawers one day and finds one filled with drawings of decapitated heads and soldiers tearing limbs off their enemies
>rips up all of them and goes into a meltdown for a week
kinda funny looking back. wouldnt wanna be my mom in that situation though.

>> No.6705580

>but I guess you would need to make some to understand that
I do understand that it makes me vulnerable because I also do it, but it doesn't matter. You still have to do it. That doesn't mean you "sold out", or whatever that means to you.
And I've also been relentlessly bullied in high school, but for different reasons. Funnily enough, the fatty bullied me the most because he was jealous of me. They mostly ignored my drawings jf they evem saw them, because they were too good to dizz on amyway. And no, my father didn't anally fuck me either, you delusional fuck.
I'm sorry you feel that way.

>> No.6705582

Too based for her

>> No.6705585

this >>6679682
even as a stupid child i always made sure to have my desk facing the door so nobody can sneak up behind me. common sense

>> No.6705586

I never did art

>> No.6705656

I know who you are now kek.

>> No.6705788

This is so retarded. Unless you have a massively huge room, it's not very practical to do that

>> No.6705943

nono anon, reread, i like drawing, but as a profession. honestly just thinking about it as a profession sucks to be honest. 90% of people who have money for commissions just want the weirdest/dumbest things

as for practical things, i had to stop going to school in middle school, so i guess something in those math, science, engineering school fields would've been nice for money

>> No.6705995

>90% of people who have money for commissions just want the weirdest/dumbest things
Source? But yeah there are people who still like to request fetish stuff, even after AI happened
It's never too late to still go to a STEM school! Wait, what are you doing now then? Some odd-jobs?

>> No.6705999

Thats why I fucking lock my door I hate that people just walk into my room

>> No.6706027

you sound like a faggot and thats not because you draw bara

>> No.6706065
File: 2 KB, 160x147, yyyy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be drawfag of the friendgroup
>still pretty beg but people that dont draw think youre amazing
>friend tells me that a girl that joined the group is really fucking good maybe she can teach you something
>be a little worried that my drawings will look like shit compared to her now
>end up meeting them sometime eventually the art topic comes up
>oh show him what you draw girl
>its some meh looking yaoi that lets me forget about my fear of being worse than her
>akwardly say its alright because I dont want to lie and praise it but also dont want to be rude

>> No.6706080

>show him
fake and gay

>> No.6706088

Normal if you ever want to be as good as syuro

>> No.6706413

honestly his livestreams only consisted of like 3 regulars including me, i would go as far to say he was a friend

so in that context, it was pretty weird, yeah

>> No.6706454

Oh damn I remember you, those dragons did look fucking good tho
Just keep at drawing anime if thats what you really care about but those dragons had genuinely interesting designs and made me jealous

>> No.6706586

Based. I wonder what he's up to today

>> No.6706590

Who? Didn't find him, only references of him drawing "hypergay stuff"

>> No.6706598

Dude just press windows key + D and force to desktop

You won't lost progress and it looks like youre just turned on the pc definitely less compromising than "draping something over it"

>> No.6706634

>few months ago
>in a draw thread where I’m known
>made a semi OC trying to predict what a upcoming DLC character would look with almost surprising accuracy
>it was a half girl cyborg thing, doesn’t matter point is people really liked her
>generally have rule against making NSFW at the time because I thought it would look weird in my style
>months later someone asks me to draw NSFW of this OC I made in a draw thread and I cave in
>had no idea what I was doing
>traced over some other persons nsfw for “reference”
>still came out weird
>still posted it
>got a couple “SEXO?!?!” Replies but I never felt more empty

I like to think I improved since then as both an artist and person but I still can’t help but feel embarrassed about it

>> No.6706637

Dude same, I hate doing NSFW for others despite there being a goldmine, presumably

>> No.6706640
File: 325 KB, 828x1323, IMG_9248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do it occasionally now, but I don’t want it to be something I too often because
>If I do it to much I’ll just be a creep
>People will only want NSFW
>im not that good at art
For reference this was the last and probably only good but of NSFW I’ve made

>> No.6706680

I see! I mean, it won't necessarily make you a creep, but I agree that the coomers will commission you more, which means you'll draw more NSFW, which makes them want to come back, etc., it's a perpetual cycle.
That's why I say upfront that I'm SFW only, even if I like to draw cleavages and curves, and even if I might not get as many coomer clients. I still stayed true to myself. But that's just me.

>> No.6706681

I think it's still cute though

>> No.6706715
File: 1.22 MB, 3024x4032, 20230520_101226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lets see if this shows up right side up....

>> No.6706815

feels. at least you never stopped drawing

>> No.6706959
File: 46 KB, 679x450, goog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hypergay stuff
thats pretty much it
How can you not find him though hes big enough to show up in a google search without adding artist to the search

>Lets see if this shows up right side up....
lmao I had the same problem, photos from your phone never come out right

>> No.6707058
File: 558 KB, 1080x2265, Screenshot_20230619_194914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You tell me, Anon

>> No.6707107

>the perfect women doesn't exis-

>> No.6707456

the girls didnt look bad its just that the dragon was very cool you could get very good at drawing anime too

>> No.6707539

>purple link
oh no no no no
google adjusts results based on your history

>> No.6707793

Probably in a home, doped up to the eyeballs and just smiling at nothing, sitting in a rocking chair.

>> No.6707816


>> No.6708154
File: 22 KB, 600x600, ULTRAFUCKMYSHITUP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>closeted faggot in a conservative christian family
>known as the ""artist"" in my family
>rejected from every art school i apply to
>live at home with parents at 20 and sit in my room all day drawing
>get really horny one day at like 4 in the morning and start painting a frame from a porno i was watching
>mom walks in
"hey anon, i think i heard something outsi--"
>i look over
>her face is frozen in dismay
"is that...?"
>the face in the painting looks exactly like my older brother's
>"i-i'm sorry"
>she leaves

i got a real job and then moved out a few months later. we never talked about it again. i still can't look my mother in the eyes when i'm around her

>> No.6708176

thanks bros. people liking my dragons more didn't bother me, it was motivating. some of you gave me some good ideas and im happy people liked the dragons. What those crabs were seething about was ironic though.
you dont have to tell me, I can already tell why you were bullied m8. I dont understand how you expect me to care about your life and your naruto tier background story after the way you reacted to mine. you probably need therapy much more urgently.

>> No.6708181

Tell her she has an attractive son

>> No.6708183

>, I can already tell why you were bullied m8
What do you think was the reason?

>> No.6708184

>after the way you reacted to mine
How did I react? Im not denying needing therapy

>> No.6708244

>go to artschool to make art-friends and possibly an art career
>almost everyone is a loser and are only chilling instead of drawing all the time
>everyone dislikes my anime art
>it's actually a school for modern art
>pay 3000 bucks for 5 months
>get a normal job, draw in free-time
At least now I can say that I've been to art school

>> No.6708253

if it's sexualised it's porn
it was definitely sexualised

you have brainrot. no normal woman approves of porn.

>> No.6708318

>it's actually a school for modern art
was there no way for you to check beforehand?

>At least now I can say that I've been to art school
already got further in art than hitler atleast

>> No.6708322

>was there no way for you to check beforehand?
Yes, but it was still the only artschool around that I could afford to get in. I hate being poor.
>already got further in art than hitler atleast
Kek, true :)

>> No.6708665

>doesn't understand sarcasm
>says the other anon has brain rot

>> No.6708674
File: 693 KB, 720x720, IMG_20220114_180547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>browsing /ic/ instead of drawing
>in that phase where I had confidence in what I've learnt so I thought of myself as not /beg/
>see /int/ thread
>"Finally a Thread for more advanced people"
the drawing:

Thinking Back I feel so embarassed

>> No.6708919

okay this is just bait at this point. have fun with your therapist. and your dad.

>> No.6709039

I don’t get it, we’re you watching porn of a guy who looks like your brother, change the face to your brother’s, or just accidentally paint your brother’s face?

>> No.6709193

No I just want to know lmao, and leave my dad out of this and I'll leave yours of the basement

>> No.6709220

Post the full drawing...please?

>> No.6709398

>embarrassing art stories
do not be embarrassed of the past
be proud of of present and your improvements

>> No.6709499


>> No.6709506

>do not be embarrassed of the past
be embarrassed of the future

>> No.6709509

>be embarrassed of the future
kek that's not what i meant

>> No.6709571

Defeatist loser crab detected

>> No.6711382
File: 784 KB, 844x964, 34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6711409

He should have owned it instead of running with his tail between his legs

>> No.6711419

Idk man, humans are weird. It's like how a kid would call a girl ugly yet secretly like her, or how two people hate each other in public, but are good friends in private. People are retarded like that.