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Vega from street Fighter in her most... Feminine side

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>he uses the westoid names

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I grew up with the mainline versions of Street Fighter II where Bison is the final boss, Vega is the matador and Balrog is the boxer.

Not the other version where the names were swapped around with Vega being the final boss, Balrog being the matador and Bison being the boxer based on Mike Tyson.

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Breast area looks a little awk but nice FEETA. Glad you're hustling anon keep it up

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Any specific reasons why you think Vega has "nice feet"?

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This is a design you should definitely check out
Busted a couple good nuts to it, fem Vega barefoot is surprisingly fitting and lewd

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you need to work on your foreshortening more, but that's kinda hard for me as well.

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