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An AI thread died for this

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good riddance

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a tragedy, we should make an east vs west thread to compensate

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>Teaches the basic of stylization
>It forces you to actually draw
>Filters crabs and permabegs
>Makes everyone here seethe
Unfathomably based

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I like it, quite helpful.

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I liked it. But for me, it's picrel.

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Outdated meme book that’s only pushed by trolls and no draws.

You don’t have to deal with this kids. Take the Preston Blair pill instead of this garbage. Marvel way also objectively mogs it.

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>Suffering with a Pencil
>Why Nobody Can Ever Learn to Draw

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>mindbreaks 90% of iseethe

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What I didn't understand as a /beg/ that this book is for people curious about drawing who already (((just draw))) stuff. It didn't make sense at first but once I gave up on books and focused on just drawing random stuff around the house and random characters, I picked it up and it made sense. This book makes absolutely no sense to nodraws. You have to take the fun pill first.

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